Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is an innovative technology company dedicated to collaborating with customers and partners to ignite the next generation of computing and graphics solutions at work, home, and play.

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  1. Sane

    What's the cost of making one Ryzen 5 5600x?

  2. Maks shapovalov

    Don't work Machine Learning denoiser in 3ds Max plugin, please fix it!

  3. Battle galaxy Pro

    Far better than INTEL I have i7 and it's not there power of ryzen 5 2500u or ryzen 5 3500 RYZEN ALWAYS POWERFUL HOPE THEY R THE NUMBER 1 AND THEY R ALREADY NUMBER 1 KEEP IT UP ❤️

  4. Hazard 1nc

    I've always been a fan since back when I bought my first and phenom and my visontek 5770 oc graphics card, I paid so much money for that computer lol, but it was worth it, I never seen such amazing WoW graphics and guild wars water was absolutely amazing to look at!

  5. Iliililiii iiliilii

    I don't even care about the CPU but how do you draw in space?????

  6. fan shenq chan

    YY ur’s English........tue tue?

  7. anonymouse

    Amd: "Here our new CEO Lisa Su" Intel: *Why do I hear boss music?*

  8. Henry Bole

    Finally AMD is winning againt Intel. Well done Lisa Su and AMD

  9. cheena z.

    I thought the thumbnail was harry styles performing lmfao

  10. Brentwood House

    All I am asking of AMD is not to become another Intel.

  11. druidof thefang

    This was a top of the line cpu, yes? with 16 cores. the new i9 5950x has 16 cores i think? which is for "normal" "people". nice deveopment!

  12. Joerg Scheding


  13. Earthworm Chewer

    Jesus Christ loves you

  14. بسام502 بسام

    Now Iam big fan of AMD 😂♥️ Keep going from KSA 🇸🇦👋🏻

  15. symbolsandsystems

    why is she yelling?

  16. // REDACT3D

    costs less then a video card in 2021

  17. Pooptater

    This card is a monster for a cheap price

  18. OmarDoesGamez


  19. seeni gzty

    Lisa is so inspirational for young women

  20. Zenur Duzgen

    Where are 6000 series if anyone see them let me know please

  21. Sr Frederick

    19:53 is that linus tech tips studio on the back in premiere pro?



  23. GelTiiX

    So here are the better drivers everyone expected I guess

  24. yildi {04ELY}

    Listening Lenovo CEO was a little bit hard tho. ;d

  25. Toydotgam

    It makes me sad that I basically _have_ to use an Intel Core 2 Duo. Both because I have Socket P, which AMD doesn't support; and even if they did, any AMD chips for this PC would be pretty bad. Intel overtook AMD as the lead CPU manufacturer in 2006, and AMD showed fierce competition since 2017, and I was really happy to see them brutally destroy Intel once more in 2020 - all for me to watch, but never to join in. :( One day, I shall become better. One day, I'll build a PC that has an AMD CPU and GPU. Only then, will I be complete.

  26. XBnPC

    I wish I could buy more of your products.. Lol Super blessed to have picked up an Xbox Series X on day 1 and THANK YOU!!! I ABSOLUTELY FREAKING LOVE IT!!! 🥳💯 (No offense 3950x PC and 4800HS laptop of mine 😅). Keep it going baby!!!

  27. brucethen

    The future is when stock is available.

  28. 天HeavenlyAnime

    So who also clicked on this randomly?

  29. Maks shapovalov

    Don't work machine learning denoiser in 3ds Max please AMD fix it.

  30. No job no money no girlfriend and no problems

    Why does this USfilm video not have a translation button? I don't understand English I've been using amd graphics cards all along and I want to understand what they say.

  31. NickBoi

    Intel be watching this like: 👁👄👁

    1. seeni gzty

      they will work for cheap income you can Google it to get the result even I need to design the CPU which it should creat a future in our world my dream is to bring the future

  32. ThatHandsomeDevil08

    I am not excited because I can't buy any of this technology as there is never enough stock. AMD please fix this.

    1. Amanuel Elhanan

      yeah thats right, but I think she have mentioned that some of it will be available in market in February if I heard her correctly

  33. Nick Bartel


  34. C123B Thunderpig

    What an entry, I'm snowed , pant suit and all. Does she even know what a CPU IS, MOORES LAW? I CAN'T LISTEN TO PROPOGANDA, IT LEAVES RINGING IN MY EARS. DIDN'T GET PAST 4:15, NO NEED TO. WHO EVER REMEMBERS NUMBER TWO ANYWAY.

  35. AlphaCentauri24

    Thank you Dr. Lisa & AMD - All PC Lovers ❤❤❤❤

  36. bon2yan88

    3:12 that's gwyneth paltrow

  37. Stacey Waite


  38. sokin jon


  39. Trini N1ck

    It’s 🔥


    where out of stock begins

  41. Darwin Collao

    Amd are improving every year keep up the good work, we appreciate that you listen to your consumers intel beware. I like when you keep comments open while intels dont👏👏

  42. Reinhold Schmidt

    Happy new Year

  43. Jorge Nascimento

    Well nothing competitive about last 4 month. Many promises and no stocks. Why release something you can't deliver at announced prices.... Paper launches from amd and Nvidia. But I ain't complain I own 2000 shares of amd and my father another 2000! Bought then when polaris (1.98 each) was a rumor and zen was a work in progress by Jim Keller the god of cpu arquitecture.

  44. SlightlyOutOfPhase

    This doesn't even look as good as, say, Fire Strike, which has been around since 2013

  45. Rong

    2021 already and Intel has been beaten badly by AMD🥇

  46. Nikshay Meghwal

    Yup ....It can also work as a heater!!!

  47. K vlogs

    So tasty recipe appu yummy

    1. sokin jon


  48. RG

    AMD and NVDA are no longer serving the gamer, directly. They are instead builiding cloud based environments. Game streaming server farms and blockchain bid / lease. Starving GPU's out of gamers' hands will promote success of these efforts.

  49. `

    Finally, a GPU that will allow me to play Roblox on 32k resolution at 500 fps.

  50. Den Hood

    I use RPR v.3.0.8, even though I have activated the transparent setting, the hdri image still appears in the rendered result so that the background image I took from the sequence image is overwritten by the ibl image. Previously I used to use cycle, but this time on Radeon Prorender, I failed. I like RPR, the rendering process is very fast. But it looks like it needs to be developed to make it better.

    1. Den Hood

      And AMD has to be extra harsh in this environment, I have a lot of problems in the blender when I use the AMD RX570 GPU. Like freeze, when switching from cycle to radeon prorender or other activities.

  51. Absolute Zero

    would you imagine that 13 years ago everybody was talking about AMDs bankrupcy?

  52. Absolute Zero

    you are just writing as you see it, and then you do a vertical flip of the whole video, this way you avoid writing it flipped on your side. You are writing it with your right hand, but we see it as you would be writing with left hand , after the flip

  53. mili12367

    AMD got R3 5 7 9 good CPUs but everything is out of stock.

  54. mojo uk

    where's the stock!

  55. Scooby-doo Afterlife

    This is like apple but it's actually good

  56. Aswin Ram

    Lisa I know that the manufacturing of chips is very slow and out of stock you can get more cheap labour in India here there are more engineer students with well creative mind they will work for cheap income you can Google it to get the result even I need to design the CPU which it should creat a future in our world my dream is to bring the future

  57. SSG Gaming

    15:48 the best placement for Ad everr...

  58. sailorbob74133

    Based on AMD's comparison of their 8 core 5000 series to Intel's 4 core Tiger Lake it looks like there will be very stiff competition when the 8 core Tiger Lake comes out. 8 core TL has a good chance of coming out ahead it looks like.

  59. GetLost Explorer

    is she become Intel’s new CEO?

    1. Desert Choclo

      It will be cool.

  60. Piotr szymanski

    she needs to lie less

  61. jiabin li

    Bad drive I can't work in a substancepainter

  62. TheDeb1712


  63. Pinki Devi

    Intel and Ea=Money Money and Money 💰 Amd and Rockstar=Make details more detailistic and Maintain interest between people.

  64. B Ntagkas

    amd doesnt try to beat intel and nvidia, its trying to become them, and they have started to show their true colors now they are almost there...mark my words

  65. Jonno 4422

    I wish I had it. I’m stuck with a laggy i5 that cannot even play a game of GTA V

  66. Knowledge With Sailor

    Control Indian prise first after launch this:

  67. Ilire Mustafaj


  68. Flame

    i am watching this video with a amd processor and radeon graphics

  69. aola wili

    Lisa killed Intel at the end of last year. Now she's just exhuming the body for further mutilation

  70. Adrian

    Can it corrupt my data??

  71. chorogalaxiaXD

    para los que hablan español, estos ryzen 5000h solo estaran en ultrabooks o tambien en notebooks?

  72. alriyamial


  73. Hugo Miguel

    I hope that later this year processors will arrive with Pluton! come on!

  74. Ritotoso _

    preferio intel

  75. Gea Sih

    Dear AMD, it's time to shift to HBM2 memory for Zen 4

  76. Carl the electrician

    Ah yes a 40 minute ad

  77. RGB Mass

    I see it funny how they presented Lisa su

    1. RGB Mass

      @aola wili sorry what did you say ik it's Russian but what did you say

    2. aola wili

      Обещали, что НЕ будет дефицита видеокарт!

  78. kostas vlaxos

    Lisa ann saved us when puberty hit and girls were gold diggers Lisa su is still saving us from gold diggers

  79. G R

    Cmon send more Ryzen9 5900X and 5950X to UK all out of stock atm :c

  80. Junqi Ma

    Truly inspiring!