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  1. vSibby

    Fact: you can’t speak out loud whilst you’re smiling Now carry on smiling because it suits you n I’m sorry for whatever someone has done to you

  2. ChaoticGamesVG

    This is why I love listening to your music. You are an amazing person and have an amazing heart. You put your heart and soul in your music and to take a fans lyrics because it inspired you just show how much you truly care about your fans. I listen to you music everyday. Only your music. Keep up your work.

  3. He Dope

    This dude better than EM's

  4. Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!

    NF and Lil peep are literally so underrated.😔

  5. Benjamin Van eeckelen

    Love this song♥️💯

  6. Mr. Obvious

    When will the full version come out

  7. Kassidy Garcia

    nf makes me happy and sad at the same time

  8. Glitzxy

    Whos watching at 3am

  9. Robert White

    I was excited to see nf put out a new song because I thought it is probably like a warning that his next album likely titled lost will come out very soon I like the song but I hope he will put out another album because it has literally been a year keep rapping nf your amazing!

  10. Your Pillow

    I really wanna know if your ok.

  11. HatzBatz System

    OMG more more more YAZ love it. Just as demo?? Can't wait for full version!🤓🖤🦇⚡

  12. A Lonely Clikkie

    “It wants love but I reject it” I want to be happy but I can’t remember what it’s like to be happy. Anxiety and depression control my life but I always put that “brave” face on to hide how I truly feel. I want to feel better but I don’t know how.

  13. I don’t care Anymore

    I actually try to find songs of NF which I don’t like but I haven’t been successful yet

  14. Eva 01

    Ayee we're my 2020 gang still loving NF

  15. David Tereshchuk

    Suicide doesnt end the pain, it just passes it on to someone else...

  16. Summer Durham


  17. Jay Dwyer

    Can y'all just shut the fxck up n enjoy the music

  18. Dan The Man

    Nate, my own family doesn't really support me as a voice actor or even wanna come to my lives.. just want to give up on my dream. Can barely provide for them as it is.. just want to go away. What can I do?

  19. Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie

    It's a cold world out there kiddies grab your coats...

    1. Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie

      Better grab your balloons and invite your friends.

  20. Evelyn Gribbin

    I'm 13 and this song hit way to close to home I think the same things everyday of my life there's a lot going on

  21. Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie

    My license plate is you. I utilize it to fuel my dreams. I will forever keep it. No matter the whip I latch it to. Thank you bro.

    1. Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie

      I just wanna pay my bills.. (This comment is all for me to push myself).

    2. Squigglenuts Fo'Sheegie

      The car pulling into drive thru but it's green. 🤪😁😁😁

  22. Mekhi Jones

    Old Man:Sorry that I let you down Drowning man: Help me

  23. Jay Dwyer

    Nathan was legit crying the lyrics can tell

  24. Lucas Bacchella

    Do you have free loyalty? Cause i love ur music and rn i cant play it when im streaming

  25. Corey

    i love how this is NF anger coming out. even being a metal boy. this is painting an angry picture of frustration.

  26. Can I Get 1 sub?

    Out of thousands of comments, You find mine, Guess Im lucky! ❤️

  27. Can I Get 1 sub?

    Found him by accident, Best accident so far.

  28. Can I Get 1 sub?

    2 minute of silence to those who hadn't watch this.

  29. LoSt_LoRd_2468

    NFrealmusic and Neffex 🔥🔥

  30. Gedong's Family

    I think her most succses songs is When i grow up, THe search, Lie, Let you down, Time

  31. ŤhëFøřğoťțəňFłæměBœý

    When u think about your online friends that youve never met but they didnt know u died but they...that would rlly hurt them...but they could know that your in peace now and hoping ur in heaven rn they will never forget why they were ur friends.

  32. Enchanted Ice

    This makes me feel calm

  33. shizuka sensei daisuki

    Good thing, we don't have those infamous commenters here.

  34. Nuha Chowdhury

    This song deserves to hit the billion club!

  35. Hacker_x_anonimous

    I feel any girl that gets with me will end up getting her heart broken realizing I'm a rlly bad bf a ask to video call, I message to much I sometimes get jealous if she says shes messaging her ex.. Yeah ik ima dick but I can't help it it's in my blood to be a dick

  36. Anderson Le

    Where can I get an NF hoodie or hat?

  37. Airebella-OceanWaves

  38. Joanna Garcia

    Omg I looooove u NF!!!

  39. Isaiah Kilpatrick

    if you dislike this vid your litterly the fattest L.

  40. Dan The Man

    forget you Nate. I need to feed my family and I can't make it so F you and God too!

  41. SMART

    Кто от яши?

    1. neDIPLOMAT

      Ya ahahaja

  42. Brad Shoback

    Who here in 2020

  43. Jacob Colson

    not trying to hate on eminem but he might be the next rap god👀🙅🧢

  44. Juan José Serafín Rivera

    I am cry

  45. Blade Kick

    This actually made me ball my eyes out I'm that mom in dad form.

  46. Vincent Roper

    Bro I’ve been listening to your music since you dropped mansions and your music has helped me understand my stress and helped me find away to let it out with out being depressed or feelin lower than I have been I thank you NF for your hard work and dedication to bring people like me your amazing music.

  47. John Snow

    Am I the only one who is reminded of Eminem's house in "The Way I am"? (also the cover of MMLP)

  48. Mourad Zahi

    Greetings from Morocco ❤ You're the man !

  49. DB33

    I only have one face tho bro

  50. Vincent Fanase

    I’m listening to NF for seven years

  51. stacey dyer

    M and m is better

  52. Reaper Gaming

    lesson. dont spend your life doing dumb stuff use it with your family and friends because when they leave earth before you you will think to yourself did they get the life they deserve but please dont spend your life doing bad stuff do better things or you will let people down. By Camryn Lambert.

  53. Real Default Default

    I am currently just sad. I mean, this fucking guy saved me. His music isn't violent, it's just real. If you don't like the real shit then don't listen to it. I mean, he is our voice when we can't speak up.

  54. AvaSaidHeyyy

    Some of these lyrics really hit hard because I’m always depressed and don’t know what to do

  55. Charlie Freeman

    He should study law and use that ocd

  56. Melissa Faught

    Reading these beautiful amazing comments while listening to his music is literal happiness. ❤

  57. Chick-_ l


  58. Mhackys Ignacio

    Anyone got ptsd and depresion and wanna die?

  59. Diddy Seward

    Nate has kept me from falling off the deep end of so many situations!! Your a inspiration man! Keep doing your thing😎

  60. Meltless

    I come here for no reason and when the song starts i start thinking of things to make me cry😔but most times u dont always get reason why to do such thing.

  61. Michele Birdsall

    Well yhea duuu lil pump a mumble raper and ng is not so of course 🤔

  62. Yliannah Roman

    i dont need a picture of my mom i need the real thing.., felt that

  63. Evan Phart

    Ngl this is probably his best song

  64. Nemesix Cash

    NF is my new religion

    1. Trevor Black

      Nemesix Cash Hey, I made a music video for the song “Change” by NF. You might enjoy it. The support and feedback would be helpful!

  65. Laura O'Donoghue

    I have to be honest I’m late but this is brilliant.

  66. Mary josephine Kakekayash

    I miss my mom

  67. Jennifer Calvert

    i almost threw up from crying from this song.. This is so relatable..

  68. Roy Rogers

    Its liek you pulled this out of my mind. I had no way to express how i felt because i was so confused amd this is it. I just bawled when i heard this amd listened to it three times just to get it all out. Thank you

  69. I SUCK

    Look I don't know who u are but PLEASE!!!!!!!!! Come to me with your problems PLEASE!!!!! YES U U RIGHT THERE U WHO ARE SOFFORING THAT KNOW ONE KNOWS ABOUT U

    1. William McPherson

      How are you

    2. I SUCK

      And Pease don't ask me how I am cause I am not that good but don't ask me what's wrong cause I don't want drag u down to:'(/:)

  70. NicholasBrownMusic

    *This should have 1B views*

  71. Nita Nuroctavia Suryani

    I think it's just me, opened Google and typing key words "I hate myself" with tears. And this song popped up on top. but a lot of people do it like me haha.

  72. Jennifer Calvert

    My mom is a addict right now, so this song has helped me since it came out..!

  73. Sandra Cooper

    The ROAME/8dhd

  74. Big boy Joe

    Don't want to be that guy but when is a hard beat song coming or like a fast pace?

  75. Kuhio V

    Yo this song is DEEP!!!! This song speaks to those people that are lost, looking for that CHANGE !!!

  76. Anonymous Kid

    my girlfriend was a gold digger this makes me rember her

  77. •Dynz• ?

    Quote. Courage isn’t having the strength to go on it is going on when you have no strength

  78. Curtis Straus


  79. Justin Nguyen

    Post any song with effort ill be there to support it, your songs are the only real place i have to go when im all alone and scared.=)

  80. Emma Leigh