What's going on USfilm, this is I Talk *insert meme here* here, and in today's video we have a brand new video.

This is my Fortnite USfilm channel! Here, I make a wide variety of videos ALL pertaining to Fortnite! I love to discuss unpopular opinions, leaks, rumors, teasers, and theories!

I like to throw my hat into the ring and have open discussions about everything Fortnite. I like to start a conversation. I like to hear a lot of differing opinions. I feel like my USfilm channel is something different, because something I've noticed with a lot of Fortnite USfilmrs, a lot of them clickbait, and mislead with their titles and thumbnails. That is something that I don't stand for and it's something that I want to change.

I hope you guys enjoy my content! I try to read every single comment. I really do care about you guys, and I cannot thank you guys enough for the endless support you guys give me. Thank you once again for giving me a chance.

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  1. Carson Lucey

    Yeeesss, your using my baby (Slurpentine)🥺😇

  2. Leah Hummert

    Eh, not a fan of the marigold skin, Midas was already cool enough for me.

  3. Sarah Galindo

    Me: see’s skin Me: ima just ask me mum if i can buy it Me purchasing it: REEEEEEEEEEEEE

  4. Alexander Randolph

    i think it sorta crappy


    What so the female Midas pack a fake

  6. HITROON 69

    For me, the worts emotes

  7. The Shrok

    “Ewwww u know where buying it. I’m never using it.”

  8. TheGameTrainz HD

    I Talk doesn’t own = rare af

  9. Chubby Noir

    Hey I talk do you think the other collab skins are coming back. I rlly want the street fighter set but i had no vbucks

  10. JustcallmeJay208

    Btw this is Midas daughter in Greek mythology Midas daughter is called marigold

  11. amongthieves26

    Did anyone notice Italk is still using code Lazar? Good man.

  12. Undead Tyrant1992

    I don’t know if I should get Marigold. I already have Midas but never really use him. The 1500 vbucks sounds nice but I originally had plans to buy vbucks anyway. And Mothmando is cool and all but I’m waiting for Plague to come back (whenever that is).

  13. Kaxzin

    @kitsunexcaptures on Instagram yall!!

  14. Noobmaster 69

    Why can’t I see the marigold bundle in the itemshop?

  15. Tristan Mireles

    Sucks I have to play for female Midas and honestly why do u buy stuff like gliders if u never gonna use it

  16. Davonte

    why is it that the one day i miss the item shop theres something new i want

  17. Star Saturn

    Holy crap, Lois. It's female Midas!

  18. Maddox Henkel

    Can you do a locker tour

  19. JaylenFTWシ

    Go ahead start shopping caught me off guard☠️

  20. Kao

    never had brilliant striker, I've had so much you don't have

  21. Temptations On YT

    can you talk about the lawsuit for fortnite and rocket league?

  22. Napkins

    i love the sidewinder skin. i still run it even today, but the glider, pickaxe, and back bling in her set are just eh

  23. The Duct Tape Clover

    When will Epic learn that there are people like me who don't have the time to crank 90's and practice 3 hours a day and will just get demolished everytime there is a tournament?

  24. NasTy Life

    Why Mottmando come back nooooo🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

  25. Steven Elvin

    I talk:eww one more time Me:you just said ew what

  26. SplxshFN

    I love all your videos keep it up

  27. bleu eggos

    When italk is crossing off his list it's a great item shop


    Called omen fate

  29. Us Umong

    You Know Rolex Is Not A Tic tok Emote

  30. Brayden_Mp3

    My og skin is back 😔

  31. Fortnite2.0

    I thought it was a legendary skin ?🤔

  32. LIL EX0TIC

    plz dont bring back renegade raider

  33. DaGumzBoi22

    It's not every day I Talk buys 4 separate things from the shop

  34. LOL Animates

    The only item shop youtuber that *does* have a soul

  35. Cartoon Michael

    Finally it's here the butter barn hoedown lobby music I buy it

  36. bri

    please respond!! do you know if the marigold pack will be here on friday!!? or will it only be here today

  37. adli igos

    You're so rich

  38. I Love Trash

    This was the one season I never played and I kinda regret not playing it because the skins are dope.

  39. Alexander Bowles

    2 items IT didn’t have? Wtf

  40. Vibez_snow

    Game play?

    1. PokéMaster

      Watch PIZO for gameplay.

  41. Dominic Hilario

    If the female mides was 10$ I would got it

  42. yoConn

    I talk look how good she looks me uhh she not single she got her boy Midas lol

  43. Wehrmacht

    New sub.

  44. Dood Gay

    Shitty it’s only an epic should be a legendary like midas

  45. Khalil Washington

    Is the Ehhh stop doing that for me

  46. Sparkydino Boi

    Plz explain why the last laugh bundle had almost been here for two seasons

    1. Sparkydino Boi

      Had ment has lol

  47. Dylan

    The skin looked better in the concepts, now that I pay close attention to her, her hair seems a bit bushy, Fortnite didn't do a good job putting that concept to life. Congrats Kitsune!

  48. Unhappypotato

    Both Mando hasn’t been an item shop for a year I’ve been waiting for that skin and now I have them yes


    You used code lazer lol first time I see a youTuber use someone else code lamo

  50. Mikeyz

    Guys what should i do save my 1,050 vbucks or buy Gangnam style 😭

  51. Xx_mrman_xX

    Anyone know when Marigold is leaving the shop?

  52. ἄñτηøñφッ

    I haded the brilliant skin I hate this game

    1. PokéMaster

      Stay mad Wildcat kid 😈😈😈

  53. Chad Mcbryar

    Did you know that music said a badword in the name of it hoe in it

  54. Fake

    I feel like epic is gonna add og stuff to the iteamshop than make the game better

  55. Cosmic Bread

    I want mothmando so badly dude

  56. GOHST_RIDER 349

    I be you when I grow up just like you 😀

  57. hotshot2457 XD

    Bro ngl, this was POG shop

  58. Bruh moment films

    I like how he’s not even using his code

  59. Paul Stauffer

    He’s using code Lazar lol 😂

  60. 1% Bey


  61. Jameson Daly

    Seeing Italk buying something that is not new to the item shop is rare 😂

  62. Willow-Skye Smith


  63. Ravindra S 919

    Mothman's glider will be perfect for Ant-Man

  64. jarvis Khattri

    i just realised he is using code lkaser

  65. Khaosllama

    I’m scared about the new Midas girl skin and Gangnam style being in the same idem shop and u can’t judge me for being honest I don’t feel safe at all any more especially party Royale

  66. Sckaterr

    Why would they bring back out brilliant striker😢

  67. Whiterun Guard

    I feel like we just had the moth skin tf

  68. Morin Duo

    I wish I could get that

  69. Arpik kauki

    I’m 1$ off for the new gold skin 😀

  70. Sir Parker

    This may just be the best shop in existence other than holiday occasions

  71. Tiktok Vyzor

    One of the best item shops we’ve had in a while

  72. Alloy Mrbot

    Where is the female Midas because she is not there for me

  73. TomatoMovies

    Who came back in 2021?

  74. Justin Melendez

    I just bought the IO Attack music but after hearing butter barn I might have to cop that one too!

  75. Cítricus Runád

    Hey some moths are cute

  76. Dev King

    There’s no freaking way that Gangams style first came out 37 days ago.

  77. riyw

    1:20 going be buy that rn now

  78. avstrowrld

    no one gonna mention how he said 43th in the description

  79. Keesan207 123

    Lazerbeam finna get rich

  80. indexxx13

    I hope they bring brilliant striker back out one more time in a month then goes extinct