1. Peter Bell

    I'm sure that being a musician meant a lot of time way from home when Wolfie was a child., But it's obvious that Eddie loved being a dad, and loved his son.

  2. louverdudski Sean mcmahon


  3. a bad opinion

    I'm not crying your crying

  4. Prousto

    Beautiful tribute. RIP, EVH.

  5. Acydik 5thReign


  6. MrJermeyp

    591 people have no taste

  7. Dee Dee

    🌻🌻 great job, love the song. And yes I can relate.

  8. wayne logan

    Absolutely beautiful tribute I love it and your dad wolf he will surely be missed God bless you and your family and your dad's memory ❤️

  9. Amy Nix

    So touching, break's my heart

  10. Anthony Williams

    3 Million hits!! Wow! I think I’ve watched at least 2 million times ! Great Song . RIP Eddie x x

  11. Showbox

    Very emotional tune and video, all my respect. Besides that, I am sure You can do something else than 14 repeated verses, maybe a further or post version of this pure and original expression

  12. ruth patton

    ❤️❤️❤️ Powerful. Made more so because of the video. So much love between father and son. People are people. Rich, poor, famous or unknown. We all want that kind of connection.

  13. slurve44

    I lost my pop in '06 and it was a huge loss. I don't think the sense of loss ever leaves us. How could it? We just go on. Thumbs up Wolfgang on a great song and a beautiful tribute to your pop.

  14. Cody Jugarie

    It makes me feel kind of weird, but obviously the Man Upstairs gave me something and it touches people, and I'm just so blessed. - Eddie 👍 ... My favorite shredder that walked this EARTH 🎸

  15. Jack Momma

    I would guess that all of those who felt it be necessary to leave him hateful comments over Twitter and Instagram... if they have even the slightest ounce of a human soul, then they're eating their words. This is THEE best revenge for Wolfe here, with the upcoming full album and all. But more importantly a sense of closure for his father, or as best of a sense of closure as one could possibly have. You never fully recover from losing a parent that you love

  16. Stueckler Tabatha

    This is beautiful <3

  17. Candace Waldrop

    Oh this is beautiful!!

  18. FabulousAt40 Beauty

    Anyone else cry

  19. Greg Easter

    Thank you Wolf , this song and video is timeless,it says so very much. What DNA man, wow... And thank you Eddie

  20. Kyle Hartman

    I lost my dad back in september. and the pain still there. this song helps. thanks wolfgang. my heart goes out to you and family.

  21. Victor Gasior

    Even if you didn’t like the song, how could you dislike the message of this video. A kid who loved his dad and a dad who loved his kid. Bunch of soulless motherfuckers on this planet.

  22. Tevor Orr

    im so sorry for your loss he was amazing

  23. Marco Gutierrez


  24. Christopher Staley

    WVH -- Awesome!!!

  25. alex smith

    A Son who pays tribute to his Father. Enough said.

  26. Виктор Петросов


  27. Christopher Pineau

    Oof. Right in the feels. So heartfelt! Good job, Wolfgang, looking forward to hearing more from you!


    Wow; that ending's a tear jerker for sure.

  29. Denise Jacobsma

    Excellent 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  30. Noelle Seipel

    I always thought Valerie was EVH's Greatest Love...turns out it was Wolfie🥰🙏🏽

  31. Forrest Trump

    For those that may not know.. MAMMOTH was Van Halens original band name back in the day.. Great song Wolf... all the best.. Very impressed with you as a man whenever I hear you speak.. Your dad must be absolutely thrilled to see who you've become.


    Beautiful! All the best on your way

  33. David Leitch

    Just from listening to this one song Wolfgang Van Halen is a very talented young man. In addition to all instruments he is playing, he really can sing! He was doing the lead and back up vocals on this song and he has that other gear in his voice where he can project and sing loud in tune and very passionately. Wolf you wrote a really good song. I hope that working on your own career brings some comfort to you and those who love you. Stay focused and I hope you will spend time Mike, Sammy, Dave and Gary they all shared life with you and your dad and as fellow musicians they will be your biggest fans.

  34. Jen D

    Wolfie, you are an amazing person. Thank you so much for this song, but mostly, thank you for being you.

  35. The Loedown

    Some reason I can't stop watching it!!!


    beautiful tribute Wolf ... his father was a super father, he always made a point of showing how much love and happiness he had in being with his family. I love your father since I was 12 years old (today I am 46) and I know the size of your pain, this week will be a year since I lost my dad, to this damn cancer ... mine was not a super star, but I had immense love, just like yours. Now I carry 2 pains, caused by this damn disease, my father and yours ... your music is beautiful ... :( I’m still cryin’ Don’t want this place A world without you

  37. drh 7777

    Respect to you Wolf....your Pops is proud of you

  38. Alcor moog

    Son of a legend.

  39. knotval

    I’ve watched 50 times and counting and it just gets more beautiful. It’s a gorgeous reflection of both Eddie’s heart and Wolfgang’s. Clearly Wolf inherited more than musical talent from his pop. ❤️

  40. Walter Evans

    Other than this beautiful video ....10 REASONS WHY THE WORLD KNOWS ED LOVED HIS SON MORE THAN LIFE ITSELF (that an outside person can know from interviews & film/TV footage down the years).......1/ He Named his Guitar after Wolf ....2/In guitar player interviews Ed would always endearingly segway from talking about guitar components to proudly talking about his SON ('If I exceed at the speed of sound HE exceeds at the speed of LIGHT') .....3/ When Ed would take Wolf to parent teachers meetings as a boy he would find the teachers shocked to find that he (ED) was the ONLY parent present among all the Because in 2004 during his solo onstage Ed would invite Wolf to walk out onstage playing for himself & when Wolf had finished playing 316 Ed would say to the audience into the microphone - 'THE FUTURE' while holding back the tears.....5/ Because there was no generation gap between Father and Son. Dad wasn't a distant aloof authoritarian type Father , he was Wolf's BEST PAL ......6/ Because ED avoided pressuring Wolf to do music like Ed's mother had pressured him....He let Wolf find it for himself and protected Wolf from the mistakes Ed's Mother had made on him....7/ He let Wolf modify the music with his own contributions to it (Listen to Wolf drop Eds intro technique for Romeo Delight an octave while Ed improvised harmonics over it,,,also the fantastic bassline groove Wolf plays on Beats Workin') .....8/ Because after Ed and Valerie separated Ed remained good pals with Valerie because he put the well being of his son before ex marriage politics.....9/Well, just watch the old footage of Ed, Val & Wolf on the Arseno show (Although poor Wolf is probably embarrassed by 10/ Well, just watch all the hundreds of bootleg DVD footage of our two compatriots on stage jamming & going head to head in solos, going round each other in circles, jumping off drum risers together,,, talking ( in each others ears during the volume and laughing together.......During these moments the audience weren't looking at DAVE believe

  41. Cynthia Rose

    This song Distance is so beautiful. Eddie Van Halen is looking down from heaven so proud of his son just as he was in real life in Van Halen. RIP Eddie! VAN HALEN ROCKS FOREVER !

  42. Michael Harrigan

    Thank you for Sharing, Very Beautiful. Such awesome memories to share with the world.

  43. Victoria Sinatra

    Awww. Thanks. So sorry Eddie had left this void...but he's only a thought away! Much love to you all....

  44. aspenridgeranch

    🤧😭💕❤❤❤❤powerful and beautiful song and the videos are so sweet.

  45. Heather Wright

    One of the most moving songs ever! Fucking well done!!!

  46. Matthew Fisher

    This is for Wolfgang. Just like you I recently lost my dad and I miss him every single day. Thank you for writing this amazing heart felt song. The 1st time I listened to your tribute to your dad I broke down. Our dad's were our best friends and your song evoked so many memories. Again thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  47. Tami Abrahamson

    I have Chills ... What a great song Wolfgang . Your a real good son. Because you had a Real good dad . Very Blessed

  48. Beverly Watkins

    I absolutely LOVE this!! Thank you Wolf for sharing your dad with us!!

  49. John Crafton

    Dude, nice song. Sad that its release had to coincide with recent events. It sure would've been lovely for your dad to have been around for it. Both the song and the video reinforce my desire to be more heavily involved in the lives of my children. Thank you for that.

  50. Adam Cooke

    What a lucky kid to have such a great father. RIP Eddie. Sorry for your loss Wolfgang.

  51. Lorca Hart

    so cute!!!!!!!!!! so sad. about eddie.

  52. Erik Wolf

    Thank you for this immensely powerful, emotional, and intimate glimpse into such a personal part of your life. Your music brings healing... not just for yourself, but for everyone with the heart to listen. Thank you for sharing such a powerful gift.

  53. Duane Lee Russell

    You're talented. You definitely had a blessing in your family.

  54. TG Gonzales

    Thanks for sharing your life with us Wolfie. It’s heartwarming to see your dad was something more important than a superhuman guitar player.

  55. Steve K.

    Rest Well Eddie


    AMAZING. ❤️

  57. Karen Frehner

    Listened to this a few times....really a great song...

  58. 1Wade9

    I can't upvote this enough! Very touching song and video. Your dad's music had such a huge impact on me through literally decades of my life. I'm so sorry for your loss. I'll miss him too.

  59. suzNcali 67Sprkz

    Let's get this to a Billion views!!!

  60. Charles Coker

    very touching and well done

  61. Robin Lukenbaugh

    Wolfie has a good vice. Makes me cry.

  62. DJ OMEGA

    How could anyone have the heart to watch this and hit the dislike button? What the hell is wrong with this world today?

  63. Jedislayer

    as a slayer i am crying :(

  64. Brian Konrad

    Great song and you're voice sounds amazing Wolf.

  65. WickedSharp 001

    3MILLION VIEWS IN A WEEK. Eat that Soundscan

  66. Leiza

    Eddy was such a great dad. He will be missed by many :(

  67. Sandra Stefani

    You are an incredible talent. Thank goodness you were born in the right family. The voicemail at the end makes me cry every time.

  68. JT 5150

    Right at 3:25, that little bend at the end of the solo; it’s subtle but you can hear the “Eddie” in the way Wolf does that bend

  69. Mar Sauce

    While millions mourn the musical genius that was Eddie Van Halen, this poor kid is just missing his father. :(

  70. Joanna Stergiou

    What a great song! It made me cry. Wolfe your father will always be with you.

  71. Dawna Adams

    Wow, this is amazing ♥️♥️♥️

  72. Alec David Bauer

    Great song... be yourself and write the music you want to write. Your dad will always be with you. Like your dad said keep rocking don’t stop

  73. Stephen Calderan

    A beautiful song on every level. Love and blessings to everyone touched by this incredible tribute to a father's love. RIP EVH.

  74. Victoria Green

    So Beautiful!

  75. Stephen Hasty

    This awesome man, much love from Nc ✌️

  76. supermantra

    Hi Wolfgang .. Im Clark Ive found a friend of your grandfathers here in BC where i live She played accordion with Jan Van Halen for a decade She is 90 years old and her son is from Holland too hes 66 he always has pride his momma played with Edward and Alex's father and he told me when Edward passed on to the stratosphere and i was .. well humbled . He also plays guitar and wrote me a song when my dearest friend passed in January and we spoke of his mother . Today i cried when i heard your song Its beautiful as are you family's music indeed . I kept me up till 4 am on piano and i wanted to reach out to find a way to get you or your uncle to speak with this lady . Shes 90 but seems sharp and i hope you see this message she has memories that only she can tell you . I wrote WISHING when my buddy died and that keeps him alive with me too . Bless you kind man . Lastly your father inspired my to put the drums and piano and guitar into one single instrument and magically i did . I want you onl;y to see what i made Actually On Dec 5th 2007 you and your wonderous father inspired me to make the thing I even have a 12 minute film of you both that i on;ly wanted you to see first . Let me know and please take calm careful ki9ndness in thgis life You are a brilliant musician Peace WVH and love I saw edward in concert in 1982 my father took me your film made his memory come so close i had tears i adore this song Thank you .

  77. john davis

    Wow! He amazes me on how much he really loved you, and found the time. Just cherish it 🐺!

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  79. Holly Berenson

    Wolfie look in the mirror he's in u

  80. Biwesh Rai

    too powerful Sorry For Ur Loss Man But The Music Has Passed On & The Legacy continues✊🏼