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  1. Gilbert Martinez

    Sammy of Aew does it better

  2. YGs Life

    Rumble sounds promising this year, Orton will look to win and be sabotaged by Fiend, you’ll have AJ Styles shenanigans with Omos, the Hurt business teaming up, and not to mention anyone of the guys mentioned above could win it all along with guys like Bryan, Cesaro, Big E, Keith Lee, Matt Riddle, etc. could all be options too 🤯

  3. Gabriel Clark

    Anyone else notice Billy Gunn looks like John Cena’s older brother? 🤔

  4. Juan Díaz


  5. Rajesh Iyer

    Watch it in 2x speed, you're welcome!

  6. BlocboySavon2 Thompson

    The most underrated gay show ever ever

  7. ItzJordan19

    Goldberg gonna ein

  8. Andrew Selfridge

    Thats in my top 10 best tombstones

  9. Gilbert Martinez

    Yeah, Sammy G does it way better

  10. Ale Rodriguez


  11. Adnan Sherifi

    Bro was this really 9 Years agooo? Time flyyyyy so fast John Cena was the reason That i watch WWE !!!


    Honestly I would feel the same way

  13. How To

    One of the best themes in WWE 🙌

  14. JPElite21


  15. G Frank

    The Legent it's great to see them in the ring

  16. Juanee Pretorius

    Gallus is a joke

  17. lumani perez

    Im suprised it didnt go black and white

  18. Multi.Digital. Coder

    @@@Hahah who else thought it was the face of Ben Stiller with blonde hair on the thumbnail? X'D Hahaha @@@

  19. Carlos Carbajal

    Cuando era chico a los luchadores los separaba en buenos y malos para mi Cena y Rey misterio eran de los buenos, junto con Batista y La roca

  20. Lucca Veras

    1:43 yeah

  21. 郭先生誠信茶園


  22. Cecil Harmon

    Completely awesome

  23. Tsuki The anime Robot

    John Cena is still wearing his green shirt for over 5 years and never change

  24. Hola Huawei

    Chon maicol


    Dude at 5:52 his reaction 🤣🤣🤣

  26. xeno avivv

    The other side of the car:👁👄👁💧

  27. The Chris Mercer Show

    Who know that triple h would need a weave

  28. Alijah Coley

    Look who brings up the "bruh"

  29. Manoj Chawariya

    Roman Reigns

  30. Bro Bh

    I NXT is awesome to Watch

  31. Bukugou is the best Bitch

    Who is ricoshet ohhhhhhhh I forgot he was still in WWE

  32. Di Lucas

    TH2 of wwe??

  33. Navneet Pandey

    They're acting... lmao i thought this is real but it's PR

  34. Jether Estolas

    You know how to speak chinese

  35. arif khan

    Both are good players in his time

  36. matthew garcia

    Oh I love scripted bloopers

  37. Zagad

    Братцы конечно красавчики ,но такое сложно смотреть )

  38. Salvador Nelly

    This will be awesome.

    1. Salvador Nelly

      @Kelly Clark Absolutely, l totally agree with you.

    2. Kelly Clark

      Having different streams of Income that doesn't depend on the government or family to bring in money especially in this time of uncertainty will be a very wise decision.

  39. Keifer Gunn

    We need all 3 women’s royal rumbles and Becky vs Asuka for the raw women’s championship

  40. Alejandro Perez

    He is ridiculous

  41. clean pussybanger

    you set me up lady

  42. Kim Thayna Silva Army

    0:29 that rude with the fan saw

  43. Erick R

    Incredible promo 😎

  44. FeJi Inikori

    Lol @ 3:32 Corey talks about Brock not breaking his stare at Roman while Brock proceeds to not even look at him 😂

  45. 권종국

    안녕하세요 구독 좋아요 안하명종국이요

  46. Djacc Productions

    Randy Orton =masked man

  47. Navneet Pandey

    WHy it's feel like PR i mean who talk all this stuff infront of Camera ?... it's not like real one to me.

  48. Diego Barberio

    Me best womans is Dana Brooke Ember Moon and Naomi and Ember Moon is sow scary im love scary

  49. Rafa Insani

    The icon of cruiser vs the next eddie guerrero

  50. Supreme Heh

    Use Jeff Hardy’s theme song again

  51. Queen B

    Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg Omgomgomg Omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg omgomgomg

  52. Lin Squad Playz

    This is so stupid I hate it and I hope all Seth Rollins and Murphy win videos got deleted!!!

  53. Baked N Confused

    Steph in those glasses giving off some Sarah Palin vibes 🤤

  54. Kezy Da Gamer yt_

    That was nice of cena to lend HHH his hair 😂

  55. Missa Raga

    La risa de Sasha da mil años de vida ♥️

  56. Milan Hassebroek

    Gratefull for him coming to the ring in a wwe house show all the way in the netherlands.

  57. MVG mobile gaming

    I wanna see royal rumble 2014

  58. Kori Meyers

    Ambrose music should've hit!

  59. Lin Squad Playz

    Murphy and Seth Rollins sucks so much!!!

  60. Mag H Plays

    Who like gts

  61. CautionGames&Stuff

    R.I.P Jon ):

  62. James Thurston

    Or sting

  63. Kim Thayna Silva Army

    Congratulations sasha is Bayley I love you so much

  64. Thomas Princiotto

    Im here because of JRE

  65. Jorge Duenas

    Can we all agree that Stephanie looked absolutely gorgeous in that HHH entrance....🥵

  66. Muhamed Koni

    Lesnar is the best

  67. the smark

    will ospreay >>>> roman regins

  68. Theknight2 Gibson

    AJ why did not AJ Styles

  69. James Thurston

    He should of done one of the spirit squad members 🤣🤣

  70. Joel The Slasher

    How can you hate John Cena for that loyalty and speech to wwe and the millions if not than billions of fans wwe real homie and og. And I ain't even a fan of Cena.

  71. Kaan Özdemir

    Ringde değilde cami avlusunda daha çok sarıyordu

  72. Bintang Ardian Nor Fauzi

    Oh no my favorite "Ultimate Warrior

  73. Dish Washers

    I hope they do more! Random question, any reason why Cena's parts were alittle blurry/not as HD as everyone else? And no I swear this isn't a "you can't see me" joke ha.

  74. Gff Ggvv

    Fast furious

  75. Aiden Horton

    Jey only been in the company 10 years how his beard already greying 💀