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  1. GamingwithAJ

    Welcome back jinder

  2. Protein Monster

    The Riptide into the Codebreaker was a thing of beauty.

  3. Cherubim Covers

    This match is pretty fun to watch, despite that we know they’re both jobbers.

  4. James Daniels

    Rhea Ripley better still be Raw women's champion

  5. Darion Drayton

    Is Rhea a face or heel? 😂

  6. Toti Portocarrero

    Jeff is one of the greatest and you treat him like this...

  7. J23 Record Music

    Mandy Rose & Dana Brooke vs Tamina & Natalya vs Nia Jax & Shayna Baszler for the WWE Women's Tag-Team Championships at Wrestlemania BackLash this Sunday. Asuka vs Charlotte vs Rhea Ripley for the Raw Women's Championship at Wrestlemania BackLash this Sunday.

  8. Tesaika 7

    They should make Jeff a heel like in TNA instead of burying him

  9. Oliver Spratt

    How on earth do you make Damien priest so dull and unimportant

  10. 808FBI

    He must eat her peach 🍑 all the time

  11. Jaheim Williams

    I can't wait to see this match at backlash

  12. Connor Beck

    Can we all appreciate Kevin’s Super Dragon shirt 😍


    The Android Queen has arrived. And it seems her Voice Audio Firmware hasn’t been updated🤖

  14. Omari Aaron

    The ultimate test. If Rhea can survive the Omni Flair then there is no doubt she will be booked correctly.

  15. Tanner Gard

    Jeff deserves the best this is horrible

  16. Anish 318

    I'm glad Asuka is being seriously taken as the best/2nd best woman on the roster.

  17. Echo Balagulan


  18. Mamta Verma

    I just dont like the man in suit who is always behind brock Lesnar 😡😡😡

  19. James Daniels

    Damian Priest is the future of WWE

  20. Al ad


  21. FireBall Hamlin

    Damian Priest is my pick to win the Money In The Bank contract this year

  22. lonestarfriend

    Yeah! What a stupid question! 🙂

  23. Rajakumar Loganathan

    I like how Jinder who used to be a jobber, is always used to bring upcoming Indian wrestlers into exposure.

  24. Nooby King


    1. glowy in real life

      No you was not

  25. Carlos Nava

    I wanna see him vs Roman one day and bury Roman

  26. Tei'Zhan McFall

    Angel is the future 🇺🇲 CHAMPION'S.

  27. Ash Minabi

    Okay. Damien still looking good on the main roster. 👌

  28. Samir Abdusattorov


  29. Julie Cermeno

    A Lumberjack Match Is Perfect For Them!

  30. Shakya Jayaweera

    Brock Lesnar John Cena Roman Reigns Karrion Kross ( You know what I mean)

  31. Michael Dash

    Karrion and Scarlett vs The Fiend and Sister Abigail 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. James Daniels

    Rhea Ripley better be still Raw women's champion and if not we Riot

  33. Mirek

    Polska Gurom

  34. Hussein Ali

    I don’t blame Asuka for losing at all she’s already competed in a 6 person tag match she must’ve been pretty tired

  35. Savion Irving

    Riddle: How we going to have any friends if you keep doing stuff like this lol

  36. Mr.Sumit Kumar


  37. Chris Mendoza

    Damn this was such a great segment between these 2. MVP delivered a great dialogue to get into Braun's mind

  38. Shola Bolaji

    Jinder looks fresh

  39. UGO

    First time I've seen AJ used a spinebuster

  40. Wrestling 3:16

    Hope Humberto gets checked out, that landing from the top rope looked nasty....also adding the fact that Sheamus landed on his entire left knee

  41. Grisna official

    Damian need next partner After first Team up bad bunny

  42. Riguito

    No one's ready for Rhea Ripley

  43. Dav Dav

    Been a while now..Where's the lumber check?

  44. Chan Francisco

    Alexa is the reason why shayne injured during match

  45. The System

    “Hey Randy” 😂😂😂😂

  46. Tom Aster


  47. nxndribbler

    1:09 charlotte is like who cares

  48. James Daniels

    John Morrison will turn on The Miz and start their rivalry

  49. Kenny Shaw

    Morrison face turn a Backlash?

  50. Austin Dickerson

    This Sunday, Rhea Ripley REMAINS the Raw Women’s Champion and The Nightmare will continue after this Sunday!

  51. Grisna official


  52. aDemonReborn

    I'm not watching anymore if rkbro breaks up. Litterally my favorite thing in wwe in so long

  53. crazypeligro

    Charlotte flair wrestling with men .. oh boy

  54. Richlay Sylverain

    Rhea Ripley wins

  55. mrmcgee

    Wwe you can literally make raw better making Jeff win and head to win a titrl , but no it has to go to jinder Mahal, no offense to his fans

  56. Jamari Johnson

    DAMIAN WITH A HUGE W can’t wait To see what’s in the future for him Maybe Championship I hope 🔥

  57. TASHIAN _


  58. Gustavo Rodriguez

    Cuanta baba no le abra caído ala chica

  59. Iseebwoii_V3

    Damn Samir and Sunil Singh got huge!

  60. LCWrestle Figs

    You know what, since they are not doing nothing with Jeff and they are also not doing nothing with The Fiend this is the perfect time for Jeff Hardy to debut as Willow the Wisp it’s the only way out of jobbing.


    This match is happening again and again Storyline getting way too boring after bad bunny left

  62. eric boui

    Orton and riddle is like kane and Daniel bryan.

  63. Daniel Turiman

    Awww, love it the host

  64. Tre-Dupree Webster

    I'm starting to wonder if Alexa Bliss will attack Charlotte or not after appearing on that 6 women tag team match

  65. Drake Ashton Montefalco

    One of the greatest GM'S Smackdown Live had

  66. Pix OMG

    Cedrick looks like RAW’s Jey Uso

  67. Grisna official


  68. Ninja Turtle

    Shamus doesn't know how to land. he is all offense

  69. Bishan Poudel

    Oh Thank God i thought they went to Raw 😅

  70. Messi Goat

    I'm so excited for tomorrow's NXT

  71. Dwayne Morrison

    WWE 💯💯🔥🔥


    Damn this was nasty spot I hope both men are ok but im almost certain humerto is injured n Sheamus already have spinal issues in the past were retirement was teased

  73. Temar Wallen

    DP character is amazing, no more escape for the miz

  74. Riguito

    Charlotte Flair gets whatever she wants it's like Sonya DeVille is working for her

  75. Alväro Montes

    Que raro, usualmente los faces están del otro lado del esquinero y viceversa con los heels.

  76. It’s Boss Time

    Alexa vs Asuka vs Charlotte vs Rhea Would be interesting to watch😍