1. rikku

    Kenzz! Omg iloveyou so much this is literally a bop😭💖

  2. Gracie Palmer

    Kenzie, I love you so much! I am so proud of you for your AWESOME new song!

  3. MakenaM

    why r people sleeping on this song? it’s a vibe

  4. Malu Faé

    “ i love dancing, but i dont wanna go on broadway, all i wanna do is, stay jome and eat chips” 😍😍😍

  5. Fatima Faridul

    Yo is it just me or like how is this feat yung bae just like did he write it orrr

  6. GiaNina's Galaxy

    ngl the set is stranger things vibes


    Wow!! So great! Who loves this song as much as I do!! 👇 Love it!!

  8. Jaeden Gillette

    Why does it say feat yung bae but doesn't have him in it?

  9. Melanie RIDING

    Donuts 😋 is my favorite song from Mackenzie Ziegler!! 💓😘😊😋

  10. pep pop

    You're so beautiful Kenzie

  11. pep pop

    I love this so much

  12. pep pop

    I never knew Kenzie sang but I love it and I'm 30 seconds in :)

  13. Em b

    This is soo good! She has more subs then maddie now

  14. olivia reams

    mega flop

  15. Aya Oulhaj

    You are my favorite dancer and singer i love you so so so much

  16. bella jones

    Who else remebers when ricegum dissed mackenzie

  17. Veronica Puche

    This is a BANGER and so UNDERRATED’

  18. Lily-Mai Hendrick

    0:33 is when teachers tell me to write something down

  19. Razi Mahmud

    I just wanna say:... This Song Is Truly Amazing And Something I Can M Jam to

  20. Lathifa Gansony

    This song is so good love you kenzie

  21. screwgravity100

    Apparently autotune is the only music genre she can do...

  22. Kavya_pro1

    Me giving her video Five hundred views, Ads: Oh no you don’t

  23. Alayna Wheat

    I am the biggest kenzie fan in the world who else

  24. Ella Price

    your so pretty in this music video

  25. Ella Price

    omg kenzie i love you so much your my favourite youtuber in the world

  26. ARMY Forever

    JAJAJA se fijaron que tenia una dona de chocolate y de la nada era blanca

  27. Hanane Nammour

    Me eating chips in bed Me also ……start dancing on bed Mom: what are u DOING!

    1. Marvielys Peguero

      Lol MOOD

  28. charlese caple

    this is like amazing i listen to it every night🤪

  29. Ivonete Barreto


  30. Genesis Rivera

    i am obsessed with this song!

  31. Micaela ;;


  32. Yohaira Morales

    ik im not the only one who was tryna recreate her outfits



  34. Savannah Robles

    For a girl who is sixteen, you sure are showing a lot there...

  35. Alesia Dhivra

    Wooow!!!! I missed her

  36. Carly CHAPPELL

    🍩Your such a good singer🍩!!!!!

  37. kat puryear

    Hi! It Kat Puryear! Im so proud of your work and your a really good singer. If you dont know who I am im the cowboys cheerleader. And this is my favorite song now thanks to you! Love this song.

  38. Carly CHAPPELL

    Your such a good singer!!!!!!!!


    This is actually a bop 👌😃

  40. Janely Hernandez

    I LOVE YOU kenzie 💕

  41. Nadine사랑

    Kenzie is sweet like donuts

  42. rianna Wilson

    wow just wow

  43. Nadine사랑

    I cant believe i missed this song :(

  44. James Kirk

    The music sucks be she is BANGIN!!!!

  45. Sabs Lucna

    No se por qué pensé que era Jungkook en la portada ._.XD

  46. Lisa Li

    Kenzie : All I want to do is stay at home at eat chips. Also Kenzie : I just wanna stay at home and eat donuts.

  47. Eliana D.

    Kenzie is the new everyone's favorite😍

  48. Sam Sawdon

    great song love it

  49. Ducksare Cool

    Like what the song is really good and she looks absolutely stunning !!!

  50. twelve11

    Amazing song, but the double chorus kills it that by the time you've reached the bridge, its overstayed its welcome.

  51. Elle & Ehm

    When you have watched this so many times and you are still wondering where is maddie? It would be so good if they would be together.

  52. Mon Big

    Amooo esta canción,vamos chicxs sigan haciendo str34m,saludos desde Chileee

  53. Michaella Giorini

    Lov youu so much 🥥🥺

  54. Mon Big

    Vamos por ese 1M!!!!!! amooo esta canción,Kenzie prueba diferentes géneros y ritmos y le sale perfecto,tanto a Kenzie como Yung Bae

  55. nesh

    THIS VIDEO WOOOOW. i wish i lived in america

  56. nesh

    this song - wow

  57. liskook ships

    Kenzie pls do a collab with johnny. If you all agree and want kenzie to collab with johnny pls like the comment

  58. Casper

    I thought of Charlie dukin donuts drink

  59. Casper

    Jhony lost her

  60. Absar Hajiri

    Feeling Unstappable??

  61. Mia Barriskill

    this is kinda off topic but does anyone else feel like they are unloveable. Im super curvy and definitely don't have a flat stomach. I feel like no one will want to br with me

  62. CupcakeQTGG

    I THINK I SAW ZENDAYA 0:34 I screenshoted and IT IS ZENDAYA

    1. Julia Azalea T

      I’m pretty sure it’s Dylan Conrique Kenzie best friend and idk who the girl on the right is

  63. Shun Lae Lae Maung

    Oh yeah

  64. Diana Chiriac


  65. Laiba Rehan

    idk if this is just me but does anyone else want kenzie 2 collab with Dylan

  66. Laiba Rehan

    whos here before 1 mil

  67. ᄋᄒ

    한국 팬 입니다 너무 너무 예쁘고 사랑스럽고 노래 너무 좋아요ㅠㅠ ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  68. Cheyenne Paxton

    I love the theme of the music video

  69. Ella F

    Nice filter.

  70. Ella F


  71. Jasmine Ferrer

    ur boyfriend kinda looks like shawn mendes

  72. XxhannahxX

    Nice song Kenzie

  73. Gauri Baxi

    Why kenz is soo underrated 😥


    I am 14 hours late... like what!!!

  75. Danyelle Humphrey

    Love this song ❤️💙💜 you go girl

  76. ליאור


  77. Natalia J Prashanth

    go kenzie !! :)

  78. Aastha Saxena

    Wait is young bae and tacoda the same person?

  79. Sophia Sanchez

    Ok, i loved this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥺😁😁

  80. Nadia B

    Before I watched this video, I was a fan. Now I’m a air conditioning.