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  1. George Carlier

    What about a video titled ‘top 20 song silenced’ like ones that use negative space very well. No 1 will be money for nothing intro

  2. Corey S

    Wasn't a fan at the time, but some of it has grown on me. I grew up on the likes of the Stones, Abba, CCR, Boney M, The Beatles, Olivia Newton-John.

  3. danteyoutu

    You do a great job Rick! For me, the main problem is that all the voices sound the same, soft, very pop. “Drums” always sound the same, same background chorus, etc. After so many years of almost only this kind of music on the radio it’s tiring.

  4. Alex Sanzo

    this is so great. thanks rick!

  5. ozzie444

    Killing In The Name..akshully...drums make or break any band.

  6. akult isgod

    chords dont belong to anyone.

  7. steverok67

    Gibson jumbo acoustic does the job for me. Cheers !

  8. Arthur Karlsson

    I often agree with Rick but that Dagny song is for me the better song (they are the same songs but different arrangement).

  9. Michael Brenchley

    Talking Heads' Remain in Light, third track "The Great Curve": Adrian Belew's solos at (1:54 and 5:29). 40 (!) years old and still unquestionably my favourite guitar solo of all time. A face-melter in the middle of (and at the end of) an Afro-influenced dance track...crazy! P.S. Thanks for the videos!

  10. Veronica Riccomini

    Top 5 with 2 of my favorite singers ever <3

  11. Godly

    i'm in love with this song

  12. Star Child

    How many hours was that again, Rick?....

  13. Schoovaerts Simon

    that Sean Mendez kick drum is the best thing in the whole list. very impressive hear and music theory.

  14. Dan Seymour

    "I Will Always Love You" - Whitney Houston????

  15. Javi del Val

    dude you remind me so much of al pacino

  16. keefos66

    My daughter turns me on to new stuff, and I think things are most definitely improving. Most of it is really low-energy, though. Sometimes I wish these kids would just rock out a bit.

  17. Javi del Val

    OASIS! although i gotta admit they didn't have much to offer guitar wise tbh

  18. rossco robert

    I cant imagine life or the music industry without classic rock/blues, kinda a scary thing. That whole analogy of tape is 100 CORRECT, think before do, because of editing time and high freq loss

  19. Cory Barnes

    I've always felt that Charles Mingus doesn't get his due as a jazz innovator. Cumbia Jazz Fusion is one of the most incredible pieces of music I've ever heard.

  20. ilejovcevski79

    Well compared on the source of identity and uniqueness in the bands back then. Something that almost seams dead nowadays....

  21. Doug Evans

    Thanks for breaking these tunes down Rick...It’s refreshing to hear such fair commentary about each song

  22. Glenn J Shuttleworth

    Killing in The Name Of - Like - what can you say about that social comment. Great darts players.


    91 is like yesterday to me too...Even though i was so far away only to rely on the us military radio and had no internet and social media, I definitely felt another Paradigm Shift of music! I remember I even purchased past albums, bootlegs and EPs of those musicians only to find out about them seriously.. I think I wasn’t just a fan. I had a respect toward the artists then..

  24. Glenn J Shuttleworth

    46&2 It has all been done.

  25. Kevin Moore

    Always thought the vocals sounded forced and contrived. Still do

  26. KzukiOdenTheChad

    That “Goosebumps” Song is Originally by an Artist by the Name of Travis Scott

  27. Alien Paragon

    If I could freeze myself in time, it would be that era. The music, friends, innocence of the world. It was the best of times.

  28. Sukhbir Sekhon

    All sound the same to me. #4 not bad but nothing new. All pretty depressing songs which I suppose reflects the spirit of our time at the moment.

  29. Ixa Media

    This is very informative and fun!

  30. Militum Christi

    Number 1 should be STEEL PANTHER, F**K 2020

  31. Dylan Ingram

    Ads literally every 2 - 3 minutes. You're killing us here Rick!

  32. FearItself Pinball

    I like what you notice in the song Driver's license. I think I caught and gravitated towards similar aspects of the song. The vocal delivery though is really special: just very, very emotionally open and vulnerable. When I was in High School I bought Jewel's Pieces of You. She doesn't sing like Jewel but there's that capacity to sing on the verge of tears or something... I agree about the #4 etc., But it's also a breakthrough because of this vulnerable not-autotuned-out emotionally open quality.

  33. Vojtech Nosek

    Maybe that is due to the fact I'm from Central Europe, but I have seen a few conductors throwing stuff at students. Usually a piece of chalk...

  34. Erik Schaefer

    I know Rick focuses on Rock music, but 1991 was also a really good time for Rap music. The year in general was just an explosion of creativity on all fronts with new genres created. It was like a massive supernova just exploding in all directions.

  35. Hassan Chávez

    I'm 32 and mexican... Should I identify as boomer??, I don't know..

  36. Aaron Kobilis

    AKA "Rick Listens to the Spotify Top 10 So You Don't Have To"

  37. Mike Hoff

    That reminds me of my grade school music teacher 😆

  38. akult isgod

    no travis barker?

  39. Trevor Crosby

    I’ve never been so hyped on jazz before!

  40. leafspring

    Ah, so that's where the discount code came from... :D I went to the shop after watching an older livestream on harmonies and stumbled upon the code while browsing around, wondering why it's there. Anyhow, got me the bundle (finally) and so far it's very interesting as well as a bit confusing for someone like me who's just beginning with all the theory. You music people have way too many symbols and names and ways to write stuff. :P Either way, good stuff. :)

  41. Tudorinc

    No Queen ??

  42. NorDick

    you asked for it .. it sucks.. slightly less, sure. its like, would you rather have your pinky finger, or pinky toe cut off? Or, you could just listen to good music instead.

  43. Glenn J Shuttleworth

    Lovely smart person, thanks for sharing Rick, condolences on our loss.

  44. david zornes

    WOW !

  45. Matt O'Connor

    I love the outro from the breakdown in this song it just gets heavier

    1. Matt O'Connor

      or chunking section as you describe it.

  46. John Diggs

    First song I learned, “Fire and Rain” by James Taylor... Almost 50 years later, still playing it in my acoustic cover show.

  47. canyon pascal

    There are a few elements. One that was mentionned was the lack of inspiration by metal/hair metal bands that was obvious, copy of copys. I remember listening Operation Mindcrime for 1 000 000 times and wishing for new music to come out and then boom! There it was. Maybe there was a generation change too, new youth ready to rock n roll. Maybe luck and magic. Great vid. Thank you.

  48. Tomtenisse Powercool

    Ok, so I am wholly surprised "Take a chance on me" by abba isn't on the list. Not saying it is by any means better than any one of these songs, because that isn't for me to say, but when I ask my group of friends, it was the first ones we thought of.

  49. chief 10beers

    ...and justice was such a better record

  50. chief 10beers

    Imho, MBV, swervedriver and the pumpkins were far superior to almost anyone you feature...just saying

  51. maril s

    Well, that was profound. I almost want to cry.

  52. chief 10beers

    I got nevermind in late August in the form of an unmarked cassette from a friend at subpop...

  53. Aaron Wilcox

    Was listening to this song yesterday and man its like that cello wws full.and distinct thanksnto your breakdown. Certain elements just come thru and im not even a music person nor understand music. Thanks for the work

  54. Sean Bennett

    Either (BOTH!) solos from Canada's The Headpins' "People" or "Breaking Down" - both solos full of feel and a blend of moods/styles; start light and slow and build and build to full-on getoutofmywayandholdontoyerhat burners, courtesy of the talented (late) Brian 'Too Loud' MacLeod.

  55. Jimmy Kusters

    Great live stream (watching the recording I suppose)! Being born in '78, I was 12/13, first year in high school (Europe style), when alllllll those albums landed. I made a hard left at that point, coming into my own, moving from my dad's influences (Thanks dad!!! Stil love them!!) Santana, Genesis, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, into Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Soundgarden, RHCP, Guns 'n' Roses, Metallica. The latter got me into metal (as I listened to their older albums as well). Good music since then has been few and far between, pop music is dead to me. I've always said (well, since being 14 or so) that I was born 20 years to late. I would have killed to have experienced the 70s live... Only problem is that I wouldn't have met my wife (Even more so as she would have liked to have seen Woodstock, LoL)...

  56. Javi del Val

    i fuckin agree COMPLETELY it's fuckin ridiculous, this ain't a fuckin boxing movie for fuck sake stop tryna make JAZZ so fuckin intense wtf

  57. Michael Getz

    wow ... this was my senior year of high school ... being fortunate enough to grow up 10 miles from WOXY, i was into this stuff way before the rest of the world as well. 120 minutes - hit record when it started and let it run as i went to sleep, spent monday afternoon after school every week ... this might be the best video yet, and it was a live stream. f'in amazing ...

  58. John Diggs

    Saw Joe open for Peter Frampton in SF around 2005ish.... 2 1/2 hours of great guitar work!

  59. Wayne Coville

    Thank you so much Rick. I've recently discovered how great 70s prog was! Such great musicianship. I feel like bands today who try to be prog kinda missed the mark but just filling every empty space with a note without really focusing on the notes being used. I'm definitely more interested now is the older stuff. If you get an chance please analyse Magnum Opus. Thank you.

  60. Kevin Singleton

    Drop D. Underrated.

  61. David

    Noiseworks..- Take Me Back-

  62. Dimitris Avramidis

    Gregg Rolie was a Hammond master in Santana's "Abraxas" and "Third Album". Oye Como Va (intro, solo, set the sound for the band), Black Magic Woman, Samba Pa Ti, Everybody's Everything... and many more.

  63. Vincent Morel

    I learn to play guitar on those records!

  64. Dr. Doolittle

    Angus would not approve

  65. Toolman22364

    Firefall Cinderella

  66. LSB

    Homey used "tantamount" wrong after going off on language and then sprinkling a handful of 10 dollar words in after doing so...

  67. Mark J

    Rick: "Hey, this classic song is great and here's why..." The Boomer Machine: BLOCKED. Rick: ...Classic Rock is IRRELEVANT and will die with boomers. ...LOVE. IT! All the comments I'm seeing are quick to hop on the anti-PT/pro-"soul" (sloppy mistakes) bitch-wagon, but seem to miss the whole point of the video. This video isn't about the good old days of recording. It's about greedy industry gatekeepers preventing youngins from hearing the classics, which will leave all those classic recordings effectively dead in the past, largely unknown to future generations of musicians.

  68. BarneyAndCoco

    Now I get it.

  69. Adrian Bray

    Rick Beato is a godsend! Absolutely love your work.. A superb musician. Intelegent and hugely knowledgeable. Could watch for hours on end. Love it!!

  70. Peter Kroll

    What is the big difference to before? There is mostly one piece after the other, mainly woven in the same or at least in a pretty similar pattern. Just the dye used to colour the fabric may be somewhat different (the tone or mood). All are kind of well played but at the same time relatively simple, often repetitive structures that live mostly from their high level production. Some have a bit of Swarovski glitter on top, such as a good female voice. I just can't really follow your comments, Rick, and I am not sure if you are serious.

  71. blinddog58

    Tony’s tuning to C# is critical.

  72. the penny mob

    Looking at the cover picture I've noticed who my cat reminds me of....Billy's resting bitch face😛

  73. Pressured Speech

    Your channel is one of the best Rick. Cool to see how you break down songs and just have an overall authentic passion for music.

  74. Joe Kowaleski

    99x! I lived in Macon Georgia in the late 90's and was able to, with a little antenna magic, get enough signal to listen to that station. Was a fantastic station back in the day!

  75. Dominic Waghorn

    Made my day!

  76. Ynherag

    Listening to Rick telling Rock history it's like reading about the end of cosmology 😁

  77. Brian Conlon

    In 1991 I was 20 years old, I joined the Army in november 1990, I was stationed in Germany in March 91, on 12 August 91 MetallicA's Black album came out , I bought it That Day ! In September MetallicA played on Monsters of Rock in Mainz Germany, AC/DC was the Headliner, This show was about 2 weeks Before MetallicA played the Famous Moscow Russia Show to well over a million people ! Being in the Army, I went to the Army airfield in Mainz the night before, got on the base, and partied all night with some Army buddies in the Barracks. The next day we went to the Show on That base. This was the first time I got to see MetallicA LIVE ! I remember the rush of Excitement as they hit the Stage, MetallicA were Way better live than I imagined ! The crowd went Crazy ! This was the Last tour were MetallicA would NOT be headlining. I went on to see MetallicA again in 1992 at Frankfurt Festhalle , I still have photo's of that show to this Day! I saw them a third time in Mannheim Germany in 1993, this time on the Front row of the stage ! During "Seek and Destroy" James Hetfield would come down in between the Stage and the barricade and sing with the fans, "Searching....." and the fan would sing "Seek and Destroy !!" I got to Sing it With Him !! Best show of my Life !! As for 1991, hands down the Best year in Rock music Ever !! All the bands Rick mentioned I remember, and love, what I time that was !

  78. EL F

    Ha, we're the same age! Just incredible even all these years later. 1am is the perfect time to pick up my guitar and play this. :)

  79. Atreus

    This is the most interesting comments section I've seen in a channel

  80. Riffer81

    7 mins in and youtube have decided its time for a third round of ads. Has put me off keeping tuned in. :(