I'm Smooth McGroove and I make acapella arrangements of video game songs.

My cat's name? He's Charl :3

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  1. JRayV20

    The way he sings the crescendo in this song is so inspiring my god.

  2. Male Chara Dreemurr

    I’m literally just a 10-year-old and I still can’t get past the stupid fish and now it’s thanks to the game fish are my least favorite animal now

  3. Noah Martin

    I've never played this game, and never heard this song before, but I already know your version is better. It's great to see you back making music.


    the hiro de one punch man

  5. Eric Bishop

    Dynamite Headdy! Let's Gooooo

  6. Soren Daein

    Think we can get an Acapella of Stardust Speedway Good Future from the JP/EU release of Sonic CD?

  7. Jared Mejia

    ya entendí quieres papas

  8. Fefek1

    * The sound of Jesus singing the song of the sbahgetti man fills you with happiness

  9. Jencarlo Poblete

    Pov: you got captions

  10. Fefek1

    Me when I'm alone and bored for longer than 30 minutes: 1:32

  11. Kaan3D

    Can't wait for more!

  12. ᄏ쿡키


  13. Sandro Francis Miranda

    Please cover a song from Friday Night Funkin'

  14. Maycon Leal

    8 jesus cantando essa msc, minha vida está completada.

  15. Áries Armor

    Extraordinary job , congratulations ...from brazil

  16. Zygarde

    When in a fight: Oh its on! When im hyper:

  17. Zygarde

    My in any major fight: Oh its on! When I get pissed:

  18. Kokegames

    Me playing super Mario bup bup bup

  19. Lenz Freeman

    the cat XD

  20. Vosthex _

    Freaking love you man! So glad you feel better!

  21. Evolight

    1 MIO for that song!

  22. bakaman


  23. Ren Amamiya

    you have a great voice and an even better beard keep it up dude

  24. cps verdegaal

    good thing that we have the ability to enable the subtitles here 🤣 Nicely done 👏🏽

  25. DaBunne

    dam catchy tune

  26. SuccubusLuver

    Glad to have more music from this channel again and that you are doing better

  27. Francer Weber

    The ones with green caps when no singing is my nightmares.

  28. BrenSmith

    just realized the pet is in a muffin wrapper literally cries cuz its the muffet fight and muffin sounds so similar to muffin


    5 years later..... I'm still playing the game 👀.

  30. Steven Nixon

    Flying Battery zone next?


    12k dislikes are the people that are jealous they can't create stuff like this

  32. ジョージトルーパー隊長


  33. Frenzbot_123

    Can you create a Q&A video? I have already have 1 question. Q: Are you a muslim?

    1. Frenzbot_123

      BTW, I love your undertale Acapella videos!! 😃

  34. VyrasVargrPK

    Love your sounds? How did you do the high hat? Was that it in the bottom middle right?

  35. eryn •

    it took me so long to realize the parts that go "kch kch kch kch" on the bottom right were edited clips of him going pah

  36. lukkanibossk

    games that have marked my life even though I am 13 years old.

  37. Boofy

    Better than the orchestra.

  38. Hazzah !

    Fuh da puh puh.

  39. Dagamon357

    how is this somehow better than the original?!?!

  40. Kwispey

    This is extremely upbeat. Even more so than the original song. Love it and glad to see you are back!

  41. Noxxu_ yt

    bumm bummmmmmmmm bummmmm bummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm bum bum bummmm bummmmmm bumm

  42. Snake

    How does this video have more likes than the actual song from the Toby Fox - Topic channel?!

  43. ralphyman

    So good to have you back, man!

  44. Shreyas Master Music

    This.... This is beautiful, people of culture

  45. Diogenes Da Cynic

    Hell yeah!

  46. Yuguhtrrh

    It would be amazing to have this in a concert, and then all together, starting to bababababababa

  47. Mobey Taguire

    not the physically impossible clav 💀

  48. 64 Animation

    Reject megalovania, return to spooder dance.

  49. Al

    7 M 7 Years Perfectly Equality

  50. Kuro kun

    I watched you in my childhood

  51. れぶる

    全然わからない!!! でもまた声聴けるの嬉しい!!!☺️

  52. TheABCD3912

    please do national park theme from pokemon gold

  53. Cleuci Tavares

    A chara

  54. TheABCD3912

    i love this song so much

  55. Furiousteddybear Gaming

    I love how the top left is just him playing with his Kit-Cat

  56. Ryan MineBloxy

    Pão pão pão pão pão pão pão 🍞😂

  57. Ryan MineBloxy

    Pão pão pão 🍞 😂

  58. TheAwesomeGN

    I'm very glad to hear you're feeling better! Also, I WANT TO SEE C A T

  59. Jean-Maxime Dubé

    Hi Smooth, love your videos and im glad to see you back. I have Two ideas for you. 1- Magmoor Cavern from Metroid Prime 2- Mecha Robo Corps Charge! From Blue Dragon Have a great day

  60. Renato Villa


  61. thundermorphine

    Good that I'm not the only one who had to deal with health problems this year, corona aside.

  62. Carter Ok

    The return of the king

  63. ALD 2005

    At doom's gate please

  64. Juan Nicolas


  65. hirschlord

    He must life in a cold part of the world 🤣

  66. A-B.Music, 【V好き.初心者】

    Very cool!!!

  67. James Nnabuihe

    I owe Barry so much money.

  68. Ayesha Sha Sha!

    I'm so glad you're OK, your a capella stuff is just incredible. Get those health hearts!!!

  69. Li Stardust

    Soooo good to see you again!

  70. Anon Ymous

    This one probably took forever to even arrange because of all the parts involved for the instrumental and then the choir on top of that. Lots of respect to you, Mr. McGroove. Well done.


    Please do 13th dillema. My fave boss music in KH2

  72. DogosBeLit

    Pog they back

  73. ICHAusrufezeichen

    Your hair is as silky and smooth as ever

  74. Egg bo.

    His beard is as scary as a gangster, but his voice is as beautiful as an angel :')

  75. kittycoder 78

    Lungs of STEEL

  76. •Kimie_Funkin•

    When your father ignores you

  77. O Mochi

    I missed you bro!

  78. 落とし神P otoshigamiP


  79. ZeraOra42

    I want Ruby Route 104 next.