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  1. HvK ReApEr

    "and be come the slayer of demons" the doom slayer liked that.

  2. jeretron0

    Game looks good as in its Gorgeous but definitely not for me...

  3. cesardavid59

    Really nice and straight forward interview, this developer is serious and knows what is talking about and is being really sincere. The only thing that breaks really hard my heart, is that they are not adding the sixth archstone, i think they should have tried to make it. If everything is as nice and polished as he claims and we have seen, it would be a good experience overall, if they would have created the sixth archstone and, as he says, didn't stick with the original vision of the game, it would not have mather because the rest of the game would be great, and could treat the archstone as a plus, a try, an effort to add something completely new to the game.

  4. Daniel Zertuche

    Ur kinda late buddy i already watched like 50 ps5 unboxing video so here is my dislike

  5. Noah J Kinzley

    this is lore

  6. Johan Titulaer

    I will literally buy this game frame one.

  7. Bruce

    Thank fuck, every game should have a photo mode. If they ever remaster Bloodborne I hope it gets one, I'd probably spend as much time taking pictures as playing


    0% people know the payload heals them. So your saying I’m that %0.000004 people

  9. lambo2655

    While this game is amazing developers need to address “accessibility” more in their games and this involves difficulty. Too many companies are still ignoring a segment of the gaming community when it comes to this issue. I used to relish playing games on the hardest settings but after surgery on both hands that resulted from over 30 years at work, not from gaming, at 55 I can no longer play games like this that require lightning fast reflexes & reactions. I’m still in a better place than many people with more serious physical hurdles but would it really hurt to include an easier setting, make the reaction window longer, I’m sure we can satisfy both camps, the series traditionalists who enjoy the gruelling challenge of the default difficulty but also “can” the selfish attitude and include an “easier” less taxing option. You can even block earning trophies or rewards if you opt to play on an easier setting. Those things are less important to me than actually being able to play and get through a game without quitting in frustration. I’m not trying to make excuses and please keep the “get gud” BS out of this, discussion but I know games like this need to be enjoyed by all not just a segmented niche of gamers.

  10. Ferdi

    el gato hizo que el juego valiera más la pena

  11. Azerty

    Magic still OP? Yikes. It's pretty disappointing that they did not increase the difficulty nor improved the balance. They at least could have buffed the weak weapons a little bit.

  12. Steallar The fox

    This was cool

  13. JoeySmokes

    You should’ve went into more detail

  14. Nick D

    They ruined the music

  15. Robert Lawrence

    So awesome! Players are ready to cuss and buy extra Dualsense controllers after breaking them from stress. 😂 I really wish all other games after Demon's Souls kept the Demon's Souls name. It sounds more serious than Dark Souls.

  16. chris burke

    Great interview. Thanks game informer.

  17. Dong Luc

    bought ps5 solely for this game

  18. Ben Pineo

    i dont think i want the swinging to become tighter as you progress. i think it looks really great and different as is

  19. L3mar

    Waaait THATS BEN 10!!!!

  20. blood flowa

    We must protect this man with our life’s, like if you agree This comment is sponsored by RAID SHADOW LEGENDS

  21. Matt768

    Why did I get an xbox advert.......oh and thank you Gavin moore ( hope I spelled that right) you are a legend thanks for doing this game, it's been far to long and to get to play this again is amazing.

  22. Stefan Bossmann

    I hope they fixed th e dupe glitch so you have to farm like a mothertrucker for that plat. :D

  23. Ju

    I did not sign up for this level of horse torture

  24. john lavvas

    "I know what's in there. But, I'm not gonna tell you." I love this guy so much lmao

  25. MAX

    Coundt u send this guy to Tryarch, their guns look like toys in cold war.

  26. Nathan Paxton

    Sometimes y’all really suck at answering questions. A person took the time to write in a thorough, well thought out question about VR, and you just started joking around and COMPLETELY derailed into other topics for at least four minutes while offering maybe 30 seconds or so of an actual answer, and part of that was a stupid joke about “smell-o-vision.” What kind of bull shit is that? I would be so annoyed if I had wasted my time writing in to you guys for that.

  27. Grendel Gundam

    Anyone else see the swastika? Hehehe

  28. Robert Adams

    Great interview and discussion on the game. You can hear and see how much the team loves and cares for this game. Staying as true as possible to the original release while bringing it up to modern standards 11 years later. Hope to see more interviews like this going forward.

    1. BB O

      Interview was so good, short informative questions, and always to the point in his reply.

  29. amazoner0cks

    Why there's no new arch-stone content?!! So many who gonna buy this game have already played it so many times on PS3 and would really want a new content even if it's gonna be 30 minutes or 1 hour long. This game would be for 70$, to justify paying that much at launch for old players, you need to add anything new apart from new graphics, visuals and frame rate.

  30. Lcfcgraylivedthedream

    Awesome cannot wait to unbox this beauty on launch day

  31. KurtsWorld96

    Why did you never heal cmon man 😂

  32. Alexole Eya

    The game is amazing but it is really sad and disappointing that there is no 6th Archstone....the giants world.All the funs wanted this....i would have more reason to play this game again if it was a 6th Archstone.Really disappointing......

  33. MarkyBo 1204


  34. Zoz

    Looks nice. Gameplay not for everyone though. Which is a shame. It would get more saturation just for the sake of an option. Nevermind.

  35. carmelo delia

    He froze when they mentioned e fino di God

  36. KubaBooba

    lol! Native 4K @ 30FPS....HAHAHAHAHA! Another win for the PS Fail.

  37. Liton Prodhan


  38. I'm Lazy

    They keep dropping videos I can’t keep up wether it’s Xbox or PS5❤️💚💙

  39. Telikott

    The detail in this game makes it so entertaining!

  40. Nate D

    This has to be a bot review. This game is worth maybe $40.

  41. HN Rizumu

    the attention to detail with miles having less fluidity in his movements really shows the inexperience Miles has in being Spider-Man.👌🏽

  42. ChaoticStarFish

    Wtf they didn't even talk about the most important part of the remake: *The halberd critical attacks*

  43. Timothy Christie


  44. Brian M

    What about crystal lizards? If you fail to kill them are they gone or do they respawn?

  45. Dukefazon

    1:16:28 - Okay, this was pretty epic! I wish the stream was in Liara's perspective, she had much more fun stuff happen to her.

  46. 7Jfigo

    Ginger stop making bad jokes. You aren't the host for a reason

    1. Blake Hester

      I think I had some solid jokes

  47. KindaFunny IGuess

    This is the best game ever made since monster hunter world. You want to know why? Cat.

  48. zunnik _

    This game is way better than i thought. I just wanted to fill the gap until ac valhalla releases, but i was pleasantly surprised by how much fun this game is. Of course some of the usual ubisoft flaws coming with it , like horrible pc performance , a little bland side content and repeating gameplay etc. But nonetheless its really fun and if youre able to play it on highest settings london looks absolutely amazing. Especially at night .

  49. Shronk The Gay

    wait, didn't cat get super ultra hurt by the shock?

  50. Adam Stubbings

    Lianas screeching laugh/giggle has already worn out its welcome

  51. Luke McCann

    So is Miles gonna have a different superhero name are there just gonna be 2 spider-men

  52. billieamos1

    How people can be on your team?

  53. joe jackson

    I remember reading about demon souls before it released, and it blew my mind. Then when I played it I knew I was playing something "gamechanging". With that said I never beat it and is the only souls game I haven't beat. I basically forgot prolly 70% of what I played. I can't wait. This is a system seller for me. I remember a big ass knight with a shield, a blob with swords, a fire breathing dragon on a bridge, gargoyles kicking my ass. Hearing about an old monk and thats about it

  54. TwójKochanyHater

    dammm good interview THX u all

  55. Doogs

    I'm not a Soul's Genre fan, but I agree with comments, this guy seems uber-passionate about this project. I hope you all enjoy the game when it comes out.

  56. ongaku

    hobo with a shotgun

  57. Dart Devious

    Oh no, remove World Tendency. Just make uniform drops. Don't make the game easier.

    1. xXXx

      They are just doing a remake, no big changes. Bugs are taken out of the game obviously.

    2. Dart Devious

      "No new archstones" I mean, you say you don't have the right, but you're also the only people who can do a thing about it at this point. In our world of DLC, often times we do enjoy just having more game to play with.

  58. Cropod

    15:00 T_T ...

  59. Dart Devious

    Good, I can take off the Arkham camera.

  60. d6thegamer

    To EA: stop recycling FIFA every year instead give the Dead Space series an another try !

  61. d6thegamer

    I like all the works done by Bluepoint Games ! Respect !!

  62. Charlie Burrows

    Why oh why are we still seeing performance modes on PS5...?? I thought we were past 30 fps at 4k...? I figured PS5 was so powerful that we'd be looking at 4k 60fps as standard? But no...this is disappointing. I'm looking forward to the game, no doubt but just frustrated that we are still stuck with variable framerate restricted when at 4K....why is this?

    1. xXXx

      Dude even the best PCs struggle to do 4k 60 fps. This console costs 500 dollars.

  63. Ahmad Syazwan

    Dark Souls 4 not DS Remake stupid cash grab!😠

  64. 淆青青

    My choice is FF7, but i am pretty sure the goty would be Last of Us 2. Because the mainstream media and 'fans" love it, thinking it a masterpiece.

  65. Lincoln Prestes

    No one questioned about the rolling directions? Wtf!?

  66. Santosh P.S.S.

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  67. hanzand franz

    This is the first game I've preordered since the first watch dogs.

    1. hanzand franz

      I'm so excited

  68. Peter Parker

    #bringbackbubniak or give us choise betwen two faces at least that what we need

  69. Peter Parker

    #bringbackbubniak or give us choise betwen two faces at least that what we need

  70. Peter Parker

    #bringbackbubniak or give us choise betwen two faces at least that what we need

  71. RadDiamond _

    I be too poor to buy dis stuff. I'm jealous! Enjoy ur ps5!! 😁

  72. serious pain


  73. BrianJ720

    They havent changed any core gameplay right? i hope they changed the Dragon God boss fight, because the trailer showed the dragon god boss on top of a building with the full moon and lightning in the background.

    1. xXXx

      @BrianJ720 They didn't really change much. The core gameplay speed is the same. From Software made a trash game, and Bluepoint is trying to save this trash game, but they also can't change much. Before this remake, most people didn't even know this game existed, even souls fans were clueless. This game was just bad.

    2. BrianJ720

      @xXXx then what about the dragon god in the trailer?

    3. xXXx

      This is a remake that has to be respectful to the original. They didn't change the core gameplay.

  74. Oijosuke helpme

    0:16 Deformed Kim Jong Un

  75. Justin Post

    Is this Kevin Purjer

  76. Wretched Specter

    Bluepoint should remake killzone next, I know fps probably isn't their strong point but if they're remaking beloved games, I personally loved the first killzone. If not killzone then they should do red faction.

  77. Steyr Acrx

    I cant see how you can add weight to the Health Herbs and be true to the original, it throws the very core of the game out of balance.. Having almost limitless health in Demon Souls and ""Bloodbourne"" was one of the reasons I liked them games over the Dark Souls Games. The games were balanced in other ways to make it hard. Having that health gave you the security and confidence to more forward and explore, and not get tied to going back to bank souls and restock health and ending up in a tiring grind wheel like I found myself in constantly in the Dark Souls games. Also balancing weight was already a chore in Demon Souls , now its going to be even more so. The Demon Souls Health system was not a mistake , its how they wanted it, they basically used it again in Bloodbourne and if they messed with that it makes me wonder just how much of the OG Demon Souls is actually in this game. The camera is different , but that could just be for the Trailers.

    1. xXXx

      Demons souls is not hard you idiot that's why they had to limit the health options. The original was pure trash and easy. From Software basically made demon's souls and just let it die. Bluepoint literally revived demon's souls. This game wasn't that known, even under the souls fans.


    Am I the only one that sees a swastika mural of some kind? Nah...he wouldn't do that. Right??

  79. Yamin Ali

    Thats how u get alot of views spider cat

  80. Robert Schäffer

    Why is it an issue that they called it booby trap? And you could do this literally to any AAA game. And laugh how much these companies fuck us up and lied to the consumers how the game will look like. And than what we got. :D