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  1. Shiloh Saves

    Happy for the Girls.. BUT 1/21/21 Will be a Rude Awaking for a Lot of people. GOOD for Some Bad for others. Timber is coming and the Storm is here

  2. Arron Smith

    Addul-Samad is an amazing leader, we are lucky to have his voice representing us!

  3. Jakcie Jannsen

    Some iowa don't have the vac. Why

  4. K.M. davenport

    🤣😂🤣 Chy-na Joe will love it

  5. Law Reesho

    We care family’s and children’s and hospitals and church’s and schools All they wanna to for something can be great for Iowa we care too

  6. Law Reesho

    When Iowa pay for me whatever I want I will take care Iowa and will support more my Iowa real gangsters and I will make Iowa money coming back and we need to protect Iowa bank with The guns and we can protect Iowa polices too when they care and they believe if they don’t I wanna thank you do by yourself when you wanna to

  7. CR1545

    i always love kcci they do not censor me ever...lol

  8. CR1545

    Asop Rock I was at the Gates - usfilm.info/fire/jLSHbWqdjNKE2b4/video.html

  9. Bri 033

    Makes me embarrassed that I’m from Iowa

  10. CR1545

    no proof covid exists it has not been isolated. it exists mainly in your mind they have hypnotized you to belive in they're false reality. usfilm.info/fire/i7CIkISgn8Slo6o/video.html

  11. CR1545

    the lady who cuts my hair said her best friend is an American National she is a black lady and she got American National License plates on her car. The expiration tag say's NEVER. i want to meet her! right here in DesMoines she puts around town no cop has pulled her over her husband is military that's how she found out about it i guess. i need more information.

  12. CR1545

    oh that. they are going to arrest govenors and polaticians and trump will be the 19th President of The United States of America on March 4rth. They are repealing the act of 1871 or whatever it is and return us to a contitutional republic. Pence Pelosi and Biden are going to be arrested. thats the rumor i heard. don't know if it is true. use yerr own judgement and wait and see. www.bitchute.com/video/VkFSOdHYiwdf/

  13. CR1545

    mysterious birth has this woman thinking she may be a hybrid alien being - ever seen an alien? i have lol - usfilm.info/fire/fNOJo4KQjrBpw9w/video.html

  14. Ascanius

    You presstitutes are really showing your true colours

  15. Joshua Trotter

    What's crackin Norm Davis lol...ayeee...glad to be a part of it...💯❤🤫😁

  16. Sawyer's Girl

    Lies! I still have not gotten mine. Last time it went fine. I had not changed nothing.

  17. P Wilson

    Happy to hear that inmates come before Iowans who obey our laws and pay taxes. Remember at the voting booth.

  18. Joe Cunningham

    Yes it’s a game with the irs noting

  19. Lyle Madison

    Youthful offender, the courts ain't gonna do a GD thing to him & the victim's medical (what isn't covered) expenses will be on her.

  20. Rebecca - lass uns einander kennenlernen

    0:46 hervorragend

  21. Brooke Skylar Shields

    well duuuuuh

  22. Ghost Notes

    Another Trump emboldened moron who fancies himself a patriot.

  23. Sue Montgomery

    Hope these people and their leader gets a lot of prison time.

  24. Rudy J

    Black girl. Racism at its best

  25. Rudy J

    They will not say 15 year black girl unarmed .

  26. Patricia Martinez

    $600 is more than I had last month and its given to us 🇺🇸 I can't complain thank you for the help, God Bless you 🙏

  27. Terell Jackson

    Doug Jensen Will forever be known as a TRAITOR

  28. Jakcie Jannsen


  29. TED ALIX

    Iowa will be the greatest in 2025

  30. Vampiric Dust

    Imagine how all those angry people going to feel when they found out they have been scammed by a con man. I am sure good old trusty denial will blame everything on Biden now they cannot punch their Obama's fault panic button.

  31. Preethi Jayaram

    Cats.... Don't just die.....

  32. Lady Tempest

    Celebrate Taylor?! Geez there's gotta be better role models.

  33. Steffane Rodriguez

    But their not gone!!! You just can't see them.

  34. Steffane Rodriguez


  35. Nels SCHWAB

    All Carp Big Time !

  36. Shiloh Saves

    They are men and woman...Just like us.. Treat them like you want to be treated... With Respect.

  37. dolita windo

    Fire 🔥

  38. Will B

    Its "Behavioral Sink" , if you dont know what that is look it up. Its pretty interesting

  39. Shane

    Happy Chocolate Milk Day

  40. Ndubuisi Mbano

    How did they get so far inside the 🏢 building?

  41. Carlos Wylie

    Arrested for a traffic violation.

  42. Aswal Tan

    Unisex !!!!???🤔

  43. Stefan Cseve

    Checks were mailed out on jan.6th..its the17th still no check . They are now saying 4 weeks for delivery. Why so long

  44. Robert Manship

    This is awesome!!!

  45. Brian Nave

    Amazing how the left and BLM has been rioting, burning and killing all year and they didn’t think that was a problem.

  46. Shiloh Saves

    Love it.

  47. Geoffrey B

    Looks like they grabbed him after a hard night of drinking.

  48. Lady Tempest

    Patriots know what the left is trying to pull. We've seen the garbage circulating online (go figure that doesn't get censored) We're staying home so go ahead and arrest anyone who shows up.

  49. Shiloh Saves

    People knew to stay Home. All is well

  50. Odessa Wadford

    Meanwhile antifa and BLM weren’t hunted down by the media..... this is why there will be war

    1. Terell Jackson

      Fake white guy account. They didn't attack The Capital you traitor. You did.

  51. DogDaze66

    He should be on America’s Got Talent! Really good voice and playing. 5 stars.

  52. Hjc Ceril

    We got 1 in. S E. Texas!!! 😒😕not good at all , hope yous better

  53. Renee Lemke

    What she all the sudden know how to act right because Trump lost I won't listen to her. Thnx

  54. Shauka Hodan

    Ironic that these are the same people that chanted "lock them up" of political opponents and now they are being locked up.

    1. dolita windo

      I wonder if Qanon is going to pay his legal bills, or visit him in prison...

  55. K.M. davenport

    Charles Darwin axing " believe me now?"

  56. ed white

    How can you track the stimulus check without a tracking number

    1. Mary Ann Mobley

      Thats what I was asking as well?

  57. Shane

    EQUALITY... Now it's time to fire all the other politicians who did the exact same thing by encouraging people to protest across the country for almost a year. Pelosi, Biden, Harris... etc. They did the exact same thing as Trump, only they called for nationwide riots, instead of just one location.

  58. Shane

    More media BS propaganda. There are more unarmed white people mistreated by the police than any other race. Yet, y'all claim racial profiling, but not in regards to all the white people who get mistreated by the police. It is not a racial issue. It is simply an issue about certain cops who are just on a power trip.

  59. Duke Rainbow I

    Winter In IWOA

  60. Lady Tempest

    Bill the teachers for those. They're fighting to stay home from work. BTW you can buy a desk for about$20 but you also have to have space for it. Nice idea that solves nothing.

    1. Arron Smith

      @Lady Tempest again.. pandemic... record numbers of dead in the US just this week, and if you've been following the trends, Iowa has lagged behind the coastal regions by a few weeks. Iowa isn't doing great right now, and if we get hit by the Christmas/New Years surge gripping the nation then your bitching about a few desks is going to seem pretty petty. Then again you seem comfortable with being a petty person. 🤷🏻‍♂️

    2. Lady Tempest

      @Arron Smith Seems like more students would be better served by going back to school. Buy hey if only a few get some desks without chairs ..guess that'll do.

    3. Arron Smith

      @Lady Tempest You keep ignoring my question and asking a bunch of irrelevant ones. What is your problem with people working together to provide something useful to the youth of this community?

    4. Lady Tempest

      @Arron Smith I learned a while ago nothing is as it seems. Is this a tax exempt organization? Are donations tax deductible? What's the criteria for receiving a desk. Do you know?

    5. Duke Rainbow I

      Have you ever heard of this game. usfilm.info/fire/ZNOdrYiCq66iq8g/video.html

  61. Buttafly 2014

    Paid off the last bit of credit card debt I owed🙌🏾🙌🏾 my tax return is for what ever I want now!!!! Jk its going to pay off my car loan 🤑🤑

  62. higuysimHerono

    Ewe gullible Americans

  63. Arron Smith

    It would have been nice to have leadership who cared enough to step off the golf course and do their job during this pandemic.... maybe this could have been avoided or at least reduce the confusion

    1. Arron Smith

      @Fred Ingebritson and what is in this that has you so upset about it?

    2. Fred Ingebritson

      @Arron Smith The Paris Climate Accord.

    3. Arron Smith

      @Fred Ingebritson what is the PCA

    4. Fred Ingebritson

      @Arron Smith I get that, but the PCA is not the way to go because I am not putting your message backwards, however, your message is backwards to the PCA. It's just another means for the rich to siphon off the gullible.

    5. Arron Smith

      @Fred Ingebritson you literally have my message backwards. I advocate for corporations to be held accountable by legislative measures. Full stop.

  64. Arron Smith

    Stay safe out there.

  65. conquerer

    where's that tough arrogant face now. How did u think this was going to go ? lets see- Jail time ( for sure ) Loss of job ( for sure ) A criminal record ( for sure ) not being able to own a gun ( forget about it ) getting raped ( most likely )

  66. bilishu aliss

    This is the unfortunate result of borderline brainwashing. Less than mentally competent people end up committing stupid actions.

  67. Only Jesus Can Save Us

    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. Romans 6:23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord. Romans 10:9 That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. Amen!!! Repent and turn from sin!! Follow God's sacred 10 Commandments! Time is running out!!

  68. Red Wine

    Its some fraud going on somewhere i was suppose to been har my money.. family of 5

    1. Harriet Brown

      I agree

  69. Red Wine

    None of my bank account info changed and i still havent recieved my 2nd stimulus check

  70. S G Assisted Living

    Arrest them all. Black, white, orange and blue. Noone is above the law. Oh ye faithful servants, I hope Trump clears up your background!

  71. Kristin Inscoe

    I haven’t got mine 🤔

  72. Arron Smith

    Re: the anti bias policing policy Any and all policies that aren't enforced are useless. Most bias actions are implicit and the person engaging in these actions are fully unaware they are doing so. The only way to enforce an anti bias policy is to actively monitor, record, analyze and share data that targets inequalities of any kind. This action will also have the knock on effect of working to earn back the respect and consent of the community.

  73. alan smlth

    I received my $ 600 Dollar Check. What a joke. $ 600 Dollars while the Government pockets Millions.

    1. Jean Hubley

      Where u live I'm pa no check mailed the 6th

  74. Danny Dougin

    They made a choice...

  75. Usman The highlight machine

    Who else got it mailed jan 6 and still don't have it

    1. Donnie Cales

      @Harriet Brown we still have about 2 weeks until we should be worried friend they said it could take upto 4 weeks to get it but i feel ur struggle buddy

    2. Harriet Brown

      Mine said mail the 6th yet here it is the 18th and I still haven't gotten it so I guess it will be filed when I do my taxes

    3. Donnie Cales

      Me Virginia

    4. Jean Hubley

      Me pennsylvania

  76. George Reyes

    I'm still waiting for my 2nd stimulus money Direct Deposit. Never moved. I got the 1st no issues and so why am I not getting my money like others what gives????

  77. George Reyes

    Who didnt get their 2nd stimulus money Direct Deposit ????

    1. Jenifer Castillo

      Same here

    2. George Reyes

      @Paul Navarro did it tells u a Date by any chance , lile when it was ship or shpuld be arriving . I try to get on the get my payment but it doesn't let me nd some other in it'll help us

    3. Paul Navarro

      @Kristin Inscoe same for me. I did check the irs.gov website and said I would get the check in the mail. Which is weird because I have been doing direct deposit for at least 8 years.

    4. Kristin Inscoe

      I got my first one Direct deposit but haven’t got my second one. 🤔

  78. George Reyes

    Waste of time we know why we didn't get our money. It's because Mitch McConnell blocked it twice and with that error until the 4th we could been having it two weeks ago guarantee . This clip is frustrating to even watch it's like the dozen clip saying same thing .

  79. Rick Olvera

    I hope this estupid people call his friend and ask him for help 😂😂😂