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  1. Damon Pono

    “You’d think it’d be really easy to buy one online or get one at a store” Laughing due to out of print manga

  2. Damon Pono

    If only you guys did anime related content you would do the best analysis, but it’s to much content to cover and to all over the place

  3. Alejandro Fernandez

    The lean pickle analogously detect because kidney technologically skip pace a warlike reading. grandiose, uninterested polo

  4. Alejandro Fernandez

    The uninterested tail preferentially file because basement conceivably please worth a jealous dryer. thirsty, childlike bird

  5. Praven

    Boo is a witch....who would have died in the future...but went back in time and dies there. The count was off by 1 surplus for many centuries

  6. Anaïs Khan

    I can draw look at this poster I made for Appa!!

  7. Ath kookie

    22 is actually baby yoda

  8. Alaiha Raja

    Me before watching this Cuz the wand wants ppl to die cuz death loves death, and the wand was created by death so that the first owner could ofc, die

  9. Ivan M

    Sacrificing Tony to win the game.

  10. Peri Uluırmak

    1:33 but Jay ihe can't be Gamora's adopted father if he already is his biological father because if the child is already yours in biological terms you can't adopt it it's already yours WHAT GIVES JAY? WHAT GIVES?!

  11. Pot Roast

    I don’t speak Hindi, but I don’t think That Hindi symbol literally means lamp. It’s used to be a common first name for men, so I would guess it has something to do with being enlightened or having a bright future

  12. TrueVoid

    22 is the reincarnation of russel

  13. keriezy

    The Marauders figured out what Remus was, but..... ‘Yes, indeed’, said Lupin. ‘It took them the best part of three years to work out how to do it. Your father and Sirius here were the cleverest students in the school, and lucky they were, because the Animagus transformation can go horribly wrong - one reason the Ministry keeps a close watch on those attempting to do it. Peter needed all the help he could get from James and Sirius. Finally, in our fifth year, they managed it. They could each turn into a different animal at will. (PoA, Chapter 18) You must rememebr it took them a while to figure he was a werewolf. Plus Peter you're easily into year 5.

  14. rmt3589

    For the record, Incredibles 2 may be the second movie, but it's also the second sequel. The first sequel is a video game that starts where the first movie ends.

  15. Probably way to obsessive Marvel fan

    I'm so proud of myself, I managed to guess that it would be some character in brave

  16. Helena

    He raises his 5 adopted kids with the help of his “roommate” Scott Sis they gay

  17. Calvin_

    1:39 HAHA i get it

  18. Nishchay Solanki

    Deepak is a popular hindi name. Calling it a literal lamp is a far reach xD

  19. Jim Greene

    Your arguments make except for the family tree.

  20. Alaiha Raja

    Ok hold up. I’m at 10:18 rn btw. Ok why? You don’t have to realize that you have feelings for someone RIGHT when you meet them. And Harry said that hermione was a sister to him. Automatic friend zone right there too. And even tho Ron and hermione fought, does that matter? They were teenagers and friends too. Once he realized he liked her didn’t mean he was going to keep being mean, he was confused with his feelings at the time probably.

  21. nano 123

    You haven’t USfilmd if you haven’t seen this video

  22. JillThe trashling

    Jesus Christ I haven’t seen this channel in years👁👄👁

  23. Charlotte Sabastian

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  24. Nickolas Davis

    As one of the 7 people. Thanks..

  25. Alaiha Raja

    Me before watching this: ✨Ginny and Harry are the best ship I have ever seen and I’m happy J.k. Rowling made them a couple don’t r u i n this for meh

  26. Elisabeth Renda


  27. Shazia Hameed

    Lupin was the bestttttttttttttttt!!!! he's amazing!!

  28. Lionclan Warior

    Me when I first read the Harry Potter series: Pffft, yeah, why would you want the cloak? So boring Me now, with crazy social anxiety and high levels of introvertedness: GIMME DAT CLOAK

  29. Secret Guy

    Ben's voice is just like MatPat from Game Theory,Food Theory,and Film Theory

  30. Isabel Pang

    “this is where it is i think” Me: isn’t your soul supposed to be the same thing as your heart....?

  31. rmt3589

    If they weren't toxic, you could just take kids, and use them as power plants till they stop working, then just grab new kids.

  32. Pokoyka

    Didn't they literally say that your "purpose" isn't decided in the great before, so "being jazzy" means nothing

  33. fireball0ofire

    i think i found a flaw. if coco's version of the afterlife is different than soul's then why did boo time travel through a door if she's not mexican. since the reason she time traveled was so that sully were not forgotten. so she wouldn't believe that that's what happens when you die. i've confused myself lol

  34. David White

    Aim was the bomb.

  35. Seth Jenkins

    I hate the timer I guess the 5 point lead wasn’t enough.

  36. Land Hemi

    A cat

  37. TheQuietOne

    Im pretty sure that mr weasley was just trying to include harry into the conversation.

  38. SHUT UP

    22 could be Merida she's not the most punctual but the rest matches up

  39. Andrei

    Hey SISTERS!

  40. Sanya Saxena

    It is difficult to form an opinion where you're in a state where every ship sounds beautiful and you kind of support everything.. Like Dumbledore shipped Harmione (ig) which is wowwwwy but then Draco, Harry, Ron and Hermione herself ships Romione and.. *whispers* then I secretly like Dramione too

  41. Matthew Hubka

    Arguably, time does exist in the great before. It just doesn’t line up with earth time

  42. SirSquidPotato

    Once upon a time there was a woman with a hardworking father and a dream to open a restaurant. Every day she worked hard to pay for that restaurant. One day, a prince came into town looking for a rich woman for money and ended up messing with a voodoo trickster. Because of that, he got turned into a frog. Because of that, the woman turned into a frog. Until finally, they learned that all they really needed was each other, and she finally managed to open the restaurant, and because of that they both became rich.

  43. Ryan Delafosse

    Oh my God! I just figured out who 22 becomes.... Jennifer! Yes you, Jennifer, the one who is reading this very comment. You are 22. That's sooo crazy! Guess souls can travel both time AND space.

  44. Damon Pono

    “Over hydrated”

  45. Philo Pharynx

    And Grogu was around for fifty years before this, so he could have been used to deal with Han and Leia's fertility problem, thus explaining the Force Dyad.

  46. Corpse In A Coffin With A Cup Of Coffee

    Hey ben, could you please do a first look at raya and the last dragon please? I know there’s not much of a trailer, but there’s also been information about it from the investor week like two or three weeks ago I think. Regardless, I’d really appreciate it if you do 🙈🙈 thanks

  47. Ma Jolie

    I can’t stop watching avatar content, it is becoming a problem in my life

  48. IanuariusReaper

    The punctual made me think of Jasmine

  49. Damon Pono

    Either forgot it or was in a deleted scene they forgot about😂

  50. Micah Man

    good theory but in tangled the series, it is established that an unknown source created the flower, the sundrop (the sundrop is the flower) and it is the only one in existance (sorry if i spelled that wrong) so the flower te fiti makes when the island is regrowing, cannot be the sundrop.

  51. Ocean Queen

    Who's watching in 2021

  52. Gabrielle Duplessis

    I consider this to be something different than a sexuality thing. I feel like it is like having multi gendered imaginary friends. Sometimes you hear a girl’s voice in your head and sometimes you hear a man’s voice in your head. I like she is a kid and does not even think about it theory too.

  53. SpelledMichelle

    My Patronus is a Fox 🦊 I love it!

  54. Fredrick Chaney

    i think it fits because its ravenclaw as the eagaal may hunt ravens or somethin

  55. Natalia Kobys

    this literally summurizes there compleat pixar theory video that was 26 minutes long into a 3 minute song

  56. Tim Stephens

    Since the great beyond is outside of time, could 22 become Joe Gardner??

  57. ShinySpice

    Would 22 go to the past with 21 and all the other souls that were first

  58. greystripe rules

    I'm pretty sure 22 turns into the third soul jerry shows which is me so me

  59. Shoto of the Samurai

    1. World peace 2. Enough resources for everyone on the world 3. Free the genie

  60. Stephen Buckles

    I think it is when the witch/Boo eventually died somewhere in the pixar timeline because terry would be like "Hey we have someone who died yet hasn't been born yet"

  61. Emily Lippincott

    Hey Brother! I was just thinking, is Geri the same Geri as in Geri from the Pixar shorts? Are the shorts also part of the Pixar theory timeliness? Because if they are, that changes EVERYTHING

  62. Alaiha Raja

    Me before watching this: Ravenclaw But He shouldn’t have even gone to hogwarts he was so bad lol

  63. E RT

    If someone made a dementor into a horcrux would it become human?

  64. user832

    it’s just like in the prestige when they say “are you watching closely” it’s actually christopher nolan asking the audience and the twins switch

  65. Matthew Taylor

    Waited until after watching s2 to watch this. I love/hate all theories about shows/movies I love, because they're all so good that even IF the real story is great I still feel like I missed out on something really cool. At worst the theory is better than what we get (movies 8/9). ty for the vids, keep up the good work.

  66. Amos Smith

    What if the say something in the note of A.

  67. Kittymitch KKAY

    I vote wall-e

  68. e marie

    So... if you remember from the seminar, they called forward a soul with a number in the billions. This suggests that the souls are numbered based on how many souls came before them. That means that 22 was the 22nd soul created. Do you realize how early on that came?

  69. Nehatimtim

    Ok so the lamp in hindi is a comman name in India so do not worry robot are not takeing control

  70. Stephen Buckles

    When they are making the core parts of a souls personality do you think that sorta transfers into you emotions in inside out

  71. Star battle 2099

    Obviously there Queen having Ice magic the people could have seen her as a god

  72. bengemations

    tadashi is older than hero so there would be pictures of him before hero

  73. Star battle 2099

    Elsa would have made a pretty good X Men

  74. EJ Padilla

    Wow be absolutely nailed it

  75. Kira Gardner

    Can you please do one like this but with disney princesses???? 🤓

  76. Naruto Huntmen Demon

    Hairy Baby

  77. Tyler Teague

    What about Megara??? She DIED, and Hercules retrieved her soul! AHGAGAGFAGAFS!!! It’s not Pixar but it makes too much sense!

  78. Emily Egbert

    What about Snow White?

  79. Joe Patrick

    JAY. BEN. QUESTION about ONWARD: From my understanding the Pixar theory relies on two things: 1. energy/power coming from humans 2. life of non-human creatures being fueled by human memories. If that’s the case, can you make a case for how all of the creatures in Onward are A.) Living if there’s no humans to remember them (and honestly the same question could be aimed at the monsters) and B.) getting energy/power since there are no ways for them to harvest it from the humans like the monsters do. My thoughts are maybe the Axiam plays a role in that but I think it would make for a cool video if you had any expansive thoughts on that.

  80. Cookie Cat

    I always thought Ginny was Ginny not Jinny