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  1. Alberto Martinez

    I want one in black 😁

  2. Michael Butkus

    Sad to see so few trucks on this list but it's a good list anyway! I submitted my truck hoping it would be on here since us prerunner guys are kind of under represented, but hopefully there's more vids like this so all of our vehicles can be shown and judged by James and Nolan

  3. Tj930

    I love Porsche

  4. Yegor Sherbina

    Lowkey busted a nut when I saw the s15

  5. Carterthecargeek82

    I would buy that shirt SUCK SQUEEZE BANG BLOW Make that shirt

  6. JunimBC

    18:57 MO POWAH BABE ~missed this a lot

  7. Jackisback

    Anyone remember bestest? And miracle whip?

  8. RocketPunchArmy

    Quid hole made me spit drool. Wasn't prepared.

  9. Andy Brooks

    I couldnt handle it when you said "quid hole" XD

  10. No Name

    After shave one is goof

    1. No Name


  11. QRS365

    Bro, you forgot to mention the EVO Pajero EVO...... Whaaaat? Bro check it out. This list is incomplete....TBC.....

  12. Tastyhashbrowns74

    I can't wait for the next one, I want to send a pic of my car. It's a 2002 kia sportage 2L in line 4 with a 5 speed manual transmission, and it's the 2 door convertible 4x4.

  13. John Mayer’s

    What happened to this guy?!

  14. CitrusTheNile

    Damn it! I should have sent in my 1988 Porsche 924s SE!!

  15. Quazzar Andromeda

    Do another hi low series please

  16. Junior Clarke

    you missed " i live my life a1/4 mile at a time

  17. Jack Dolan

    Did I hear hi low tacoma??? 😳

  18. gaydes69

    y'all hinting at at getting some Tacomas made me fanboy squeal! I'm so exited for next season of Hi-Low!

  19. Geoff Q

    Montucky is a beer, pumf.

  20. Alec Vernarelli

    mine is a 1957 corvette roadster

  21. Inri Mendoza

    Can you guys make a part 2

  22. david raynham

    YEAAAAH my quid hole truck has a sucky hose too! Rule Britannia!

  23. Bang

    you didnt pronounce kragujevac nor zastava corrently lol, i suggest using google translate to see how to say it since idk how to explain it

  24. Oeri

    The real question is: Why was the truck there in the first place?

  25. Kiran Patel

    Review indian car brands

  26. Jacob Herman Dekker

    The 2 cv a car with a lot I mean really a lot of body rol fun fact that this tipe of car has done the dakkar rally back in the day

  27. Phillip Stearns

    Wut, I'm in daytona, its not dark. It's endless summer here.

  28. Eddie Escobar

    Dude they ...camaro what the hell the mustang isnt a car anymore lol

  29. treycen !

    owner of my project 94 firebird. such a beautiful and well built car. such a shame gm cut pontiac.

  30. Lody __

    What is the background music at around 21:15

  31. Disco Potato Hi-Low sounds like it's going to be a couple of 'Comas

  32. Gaspar

    What is the model of that lovely black car on the desk? :)

  33. lilfella

    New season of Hi Low Coming soon feat. some Tacoma's

  34. Gk 101

    Hi n Lo Toyota Tacoma ?!?!?!?!?

  35. Joe D

    Those were some cool ass cars!

  36. Driver Motorsports

    Brads R34GTR is a show and display car:) getting a single turbo in the next few weeks;)

  37. donnie hartman

    My neon would have been at least its got soul

  38. Amin Volta RC Garage

  39. JakeTheGreat 05

    Wow so I should listen to my driving instructor 😂👍

  40. Lemon_ Jooce

    You guys should start a new series dedicated to updating old up to speeds

  41. Patrick Carrillo

    Pro tip if your in Southern California LA Orange County area And you want a cheap car Like a BMW or Mercedes from the 90s go to Long Beach lien sales they got cars for days specifically a lot of BMWs it's like rolling the dice they can be pretty beat up but that's a great place to find a project car

  42. Dr.Prostate

    20k likes and Nolan shaves his eyebrows?

  43. rrett44556

    This car is in forza horizion, its SUPER op

  44. Karatas

    Again, James ranks all and Nolan agrees all :)

  45. Ethan Sheesha

    I say montucky on a daily so when I heard MONTRUCKY that just blew me away lol

  46. Lucas Stern

    please rename money pit "Quid hole"

  47. Kyle Homstad

    These are meant to be unwrapped over time. They are very strong and sniffing them directly is like drinking vanilla extract to get the flavor (it's horrible). The true test is to smell the car after its been in there a week or two. The smell may be totally different and more accurate to what the chemists are actually going for. I challenge you to commission 42 local fans to use each flavor for a couple of weeks, and then have a car meet and re-rank the flavors!

  48. ronald blackburn

    I got an interstate image ad right after pumphry said "lets do interstate crimes"

  49. sith dowell

    Aw shit! I missed the call to send in my projects! 🤦 I've got a 1997 LTi Fairway Driver(black london taxi). It's gonna get a bit of work (engine, gearbox, suspension, steering, brakes, completely new interior....) When/if it's finished I'll send you guys some pics. Keep up the stellar work! 😊

  50. Todd Pruett


  51. zCleanUp

    Where van i find the podcast?😅🔥

  52. Rampage

    5:00 here you will take som sort of proffesional class in highschool. we have the auto mechanic/truck mechaninc/transport class. so 1st year is just auto mechanic basics and then 2nd and 3rd year you get to pick what you whana focus on. i picked transport but you could allso pick auto mechanic and heavy mechanic (trucks and big equipment) after school you are a fully licensed worker and 99% of the time you have a job right after highschool. and college is just for people who whant to have a job that requires higher education. college is not mandatory for normal jobs like it is in america

  53. Trollfessor

    It’s actually a 4 word pun because it is considered a monster truck too

  54. NicePostMan

    This was the video i met donut

  55. donnie hartman

    I wanna challenge Nolan to a hi low series with 2 neon srt4s

  56. Товарищ Александр

    Those universal pin sockets are basically useless if the bolt is any more than hand tight. The pins just have way too much play to grab decently. Maybe if it was produced by a company that didn’t rely on infomercials and ‘as seen on TV’ isles for sales?

  57. joshua duhaime

    When your 2002 Ford Focus doesn’t make the cut :(

  58. ツMrZeno

    Is that R34 really owned by “Brad Nelson’s”?

  59. Ivan Čebuhar

    Make a series of this episode

  60. C.K.

    Congrats on getting into the dirt 5 game, made my day

  61. Yuuta Sai

    You can tell this was filmed during his week living in his car

  62. Roshan Tirisura Jagaduri

    where shakotan boogie

  63. Ford Mustang

    That car without hood you think is better than infinity im not the owner but you guys from Donut Media have bad TASTE...

  64. Tom Dwyer

    Where’s the up to speed in James’s dad

  65. rd95stang

    SMH, stopped watching after the c10 that EVERYONE is building

  66. Thee Jason Bourne

    With 4k entries you are gonna have to do some more of these episodes.

  67. Carlos Ramirez

    Do a Chevy Colorado

  68. Zach Hales

    Definitely do this again this was an awesome video to watch

  69. Enzo

    we love you too james

  70. Henry Collins

    I want to apologize, this made me cry. The passion all of the people who submitted these is so pure.

  71. Caleb Young

    I hope they do a high low on tacomas

  72. Andrew M

    quid hole..... LOL

  73. Sam Yadlovskiy

    My heart stopped when I saw the Silvia 💜

  74. Cherish Potluri

    15:39 Hi Lo Tacoma?🔥

  75. TVDayZz

    Imagine joining the Military, and you get to live in Japan, and but a JDM car and work on it

  76. Duo Maxwell

    Nolan shave you eyebrows then...WTF

  77. Brent Fair

    Mo’ pwease

  78. Kaeden Dansereau

    Nolan eating corn


    Does everyone else notice that the one guy you know who doesn’t even own a car always roasts your ride?