Charlie Green (CG5) is a singer/songwriter/music producer.

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  1. The kid with a quest

    Pink was rejected

  2. Juandi_7w7 2.0

    -CG5 MOMENT-

  3. Ban

    is white sus or not

  4. Nint EGLO

    Make a UNUS ANNUS song pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease

  5. Александр Кукушкин

    The lesson what we have-Never trust crewmates who is too cute.

  6. Ashneeth Manda


  7. Adrian Bunda

    did anybody see the danganropa reference? 2:15

  8. Юлия Смирнова


  9. Cristian Mateo López García

    Ese cafe se parece por qué yo descubrí al impostor al la de tres xd

  10. sarah mcpherson

    you lying to me bruh ? (thats what people are like when accused)

  11. Loura Gomez

    good song

  12. Ka ser

    I LoVe ThIs ViDeO So MuCh

  13. Braylon Burke-Whitfield

    This is fire

  14. Ian Gaitan

    brown: dont lyning to me me: why brown:.............

  15. terrabyte

    when you realize that theres 2 greys

  16. Omar Paredes

    i love this music

  17. ninjagodbotlol

    this song is to good

  18. *Itz*Eevee*Playz*

    so something i noticed was that before quarantine there were few songs about among us, but now, during quarantine, is that there are among us songs being posted every week or month. and they all rock.

  19. Loi Xua

    Pink: Let's eject Brown. Brown: No u

  20. javon stokes

    Sick 🤟

  21. Jonah Owens

    Too edgy for portal in my opinion.

  22. Federico Arrojo

    Mfw Elsa’s the impostor

  23. Articuno27XX

    1:20 is my fav

  24. David Orellana

    #warrior #gang

  25. misterplan 123

    people are getting likes from random words so..... my heads hurt

  26. Life Channel


  27. Efe Koç

    *Jordan does scan task in medbay* Brown: imma just ignore this and sus you

  28. Phontos

    2:17 Nice Danganronpa reference.

  29. just a normal stickmin

    this is mr beast view status

  30. rayane raye

    0:54 Stop it Get Some Help


    he could feel it in his bones cuz the imposterity was in his blood

  32. Billidge H


  33. Nicolas Castro

    Amazing Vid ÙwÚ

  34. Billidge H

    You are amazing CG5

  35. Klaudia Wieczorek

    Gotta keep my calm

  36. Shino Chan

    The reason why I didn't like pink anyone cause they *sus*

  37. Wither boy black

    do scp 096 next

  38. Billidge H


  39. •Bearycute•

    My teacher when going over a math problem: 2:22-2:23

  40. rayane raye

    Among us became too popular to be true

  41. AJplays

    **kills using cactus** Him:Cactus did it"

  42. Preeti Gupta

    Ya'll did a great job animating this!

  43. May-line Hellevik

    Love you too

  44. Lol Memes

    Bro cg5 should get invited from Nintendo for Luigi's official voice who agrees.


    Super and Cool Song! I Like Among Us!



  47. myGREEN

    MAKE MORE!!!

  48. Camponey

    im not lyin, its so easy to draw among us people. 🖼🖌🎨

  49. DA MotoNeko

    Awesome video, I especially like that one of the workers was actually a detective. I'm surprised there wasnt a twist with the him being the imposter but he ended up saving the day like a boss :D

  50. Lydia Snowvalley

    I gave long horse a name reggie XD

  51. carlos rafales


  52. KourtneK

    I am a fan i subscribed and liked i dont know how to ring the bell GG for 1 milleon subscribers or more

  53. TheFuriousH2O

    I think the story goes as black didn’t know he was the imposter until later on he started knowing he was.

  54. Raul7thBeat

    Resuming: Orange never do tasks Brown "sus" every single crewmate Pink killed every "sus" possible CYAN EVOLVED INTO WHITE Brown has a sus note (Death note) We don't met Blue alive, only his corpse Orange cheated bringing Orange back to the Skeld

  55. OmarPlayz

    cartoon cat?

  56. Chickes An Trains

    10m 1y

  57. ZackAttack541

    2:16 my favorite part of the song

  58. Camponey

    my brother used to have duolingo, he dosent use it anymore....uh oh

  59. The joke

    I just like the picture when he drops xD 3:07

  60. Ryan J Studios

    this is the same song with the pickkingdom 1001 players

  61. Anna Halpern

    wow its so cool! great job!

  62. Elijah Webster

    Cool 😎😎

  63. Raul7thBeat

    Brown: report every dawn body Everyone: he's safe Brown: Attacks orange as self-defense Everyone: he's sus as hell

  64. ZackAttack541

    The skeild looks like a flying turtle

  65. Lunezz

    0:38 you meant everybody but pink was sus 😂

  66. Siva Rathika

    Smash this light button if you love this song | | V

  67. Ay'Jah Phillips

    scar diss is not for kids

  68. Eduardo Lozano Garcia

    i like the song

  69. Beop 101


  70. Unavailable

    He reminds me of Harry Potter

  71. Abigail Jarvis

  72. Superpeople 1

    Pink is not sus

  73. Paul Justin C. Canotal

    u deserver more subs than a 1.8m cuz the song is great!

  74. Serge Raybean

    Brown's pretty sus I haven't seen him do a single task this entire time

  75. It's Time For Whale Time

    Black:your a sneaky litlle impostor arent you arent you