Welcome to our little slice of life.
We’re Simon and Martina, Dr. Meemersworth the cat & Fudgy the dog, hailing from Toronto, Canada 🇨🇦
We lived in the bustling city of Kichijoji located in West Side Tokyo for 5 years 🇯🇵
Before that, we lived in Bucheon City before moving to Seoul (South Korea) for almost 8 years ❤️🇰🇷
👩🏼‍💻🎥 We organize, study, film, eat, import, edit, upload, all of our own videos. We may not be pros, but we love our job and we love chatting in the comment section with the community 💗
🧬 🤔 “What’s up with Martina?” Sometimes I chat about being "sick" in our videos. I was born with hEDS (Hypermobile Ehlers-Danlos) and I’m pretty open talking about life with a chronic condition and how I push through the pain and depression that comes with it using my technique of Build A Ladder usfilm.info/fire/mpaufGV8p7WLr9w/video.html
It might come up from time to time...when I’m not busy eating 🍣

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  1. Lucas Vidal

    Honestly you could do the same thing with a frying pan. :/

  2. Lucas Vidal

    Martina eats licorice and doesn't understand how people can enjoy it. I see Martina eating ridiculously spicy food and think the exact same thing.

  3. Naughtysauce

    So cool to see Spudgy soo active

  4. william wallace

    might be time to tone down the zazziness

  5. coraphoto

    You’re a badass. Thank you for opening up and for being an inspiration

  6. Celia Clements

    Yesss I would love some funny informative videos about neuroscience!! Go get it Simon ! Love this character development!

  7. Sarah ohyeagirl

    Simon “the ducks are robots.” Me: “the birds work for the bourgeoise...”

  8. Andressa Dos Santos

    Soooo I ended up here again after 10 years again while looking thru my favorite saved YT videos. This was right after I was introduced to kpop and wanted to learn some of the dances. I listened to some of these back then but I didn’t because a true kpop fan until 2014 when I watched this video again and the old algorithm recommended me none other than Boy in Luv by BTS. And from there the rest is history.

  9. Katherine Lopez

    Lol that level up! Glad you guys are doing great 😁

  10. sharky

    People who don't understand are babies.

  11. Danielle Nicole

    <3 I'm so glad you're taking the time for yourself <3 As you said, we were concerned for you, and this makes me happy to know that you're heading down this new path

  12. Do Do

    I was very sad to know you are already not in Japan.. plz take care of yourself and we always wait for you 😊 You guys made us Japanese know about some goodness of Japan😊 I'm really thankful to you guys😊

  13. Hung Chau

    wow its been so long since i've seen this video good memories

  14. Phi Ndlovu


  15. Krysta clear

    When you're ready, would it be possible if you do a video on how you meditate? I know there's lots of videos made on this, but I'd like to see you're own input on it? I have difficulty with it and just seeing it from another view might help?

  16. kris Sharp

    “I got you to think of a number.” 😂

  17. Naughtysauce

    00:38 Why is this man holding Simon's hand!?

  18. Giggles

    This video scared the shit out of me ... something is not right .. this channel used to make me happy now it’s just depressing... good luck to the both of you but I’m out 👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾👋🏾

  19. Cristina WOW

    Multipass! I love The 5th Element

  20. randall alfaro

    knockin boots luke bryan

  21. Hannah N.

    wow im so sorry these comments are so toxic. I love you guys and it’s okay to not be okay. USfilm and the spotlight can be so draining we’ve seen it before, ITS OKAY TO LEAVE WITHOUT EXPLANATION YOURE A HUMAN YOU DONT OWE US ANYTHING. We watched you because we enjoyed you as people, you aren’t a product.

  22. Lacinda Beggs

    You've got beautiful peace, an amazing 6-pack, a killer body and a face

  23. Megsztr __

    Better days will come Simon. You will feel it. You will

  24. Bogo Togo

    ok, a good start, but honestly, nobody gives a s$&@ about this stuff. What happened with you and Martina. That’s all anyone cares about. just fyi

  25. Evange

    Did Martina cheat? Because that's the vibe I get.

  26. Jake Faulkner

    I started shooting at 14 and handled the recoil better than this dude😂

  27. ChevronsandStripes

    I haven’t watched in a while (took long USfilm break) so this was a bit jarring to see such a massive to me change. Good to hear you’re making changes to improve your life! Cool that you’re back in Canada! I so out of the loop that I don’t know what the rumors are but I hope all is well and wish you all the happiness! Sorry about having two car accidents and being injured! That suck and I hope for fast healing!


    THE GRAPES THE GRAPES I LOVE THE GRAPES IN KOREA. I went to a grape farm (I think it was my parent's friend's farm) and we picked and ate the freshly picked grapes and also went to a pear farm and the pears were so juicy and sweet.

  29. kh417

    When he said he was “connected” it reminded me of the Boy Meets World episode when Shawn joins a cult and people say they are “centered.”

  30. kh417

    This is strange

  31. Kyushu Kita

    Japanese are fighting and having arguements in the comment section👀

  32. Ana Lourenço

    8:25 - "I'm also a big fan of bunnies" my mind: "BUNNIES ARE PUFFY!" \m/

  33. Jap Jap

    Waaaaah this is too fun! You guys are amazing! Thank you for the recommendation! Love you!

  34. Live True Enlighten

    This video causes worry. Acting like one is going to address the elephant in the room and then not doing it is rude. Even if others have been rude to you, it is not right to also be rude and especially to the innocent.

  35. Rachel Sullivan

    I'm really happy you are happy and I am wishing the best for the both of you! So when I say this don't take it the wrong way cause it's mainly a joke but also a little bit not.... Did 2020 break you? Like for real this feels like the "for real guys.... honestly I'm 100% ok don't worry about me" talk before someone snaps. I just hope everything really is ok and I am keeping you guys in my thoughts and hope if you guys ever need it you'll let us all know if there is anything we can do.

  36. Josie H.

    I love coming back to this video, because while I love flavored water, I love watching you guys die a little with each sip 🤣 you can really tell how much you hated each drink.

  37. B K


  38. B K


  39. Daniela Araujo

    Bruh, I am so happy that you’re feeling more satisfied with the things you’re doing! I hope you get to achieve cool things with your new interests and goals! 😊😊

  40. Bao Henrry

    He touch his banana before ????

  41. AFaith

    Hey Simon, I've watched your videos for a while and I am glad to see you again. This is maybe my first time commenting but let me tell you, this video came at the right time. I don't know how I missed it, it just showed up on feed today. I am going through really hard times right now and that message at the end felt just like a message of heavens for me. Thank you. I love your vision and I hope you can share more of it in the future

  42. Red Rosalie

    Winter is better. I feel like I can breath with the crisp fresh air.

  43. Cat MacMahon

    Glad to hear you are physically okay. Also glad to hear found a good spot mentally. I could definitely tell that meditation has helped you. Your manner though calmer, seems more at peace. Sending you both good vibes, thoughts and love. Continue taking care of yourselves first. Your best comes out when you've cared the best for yourself.

  44. Allison Merz


  45. ScienceFiction

    I just want to put this out there, if Martina and Simon decided to stop making youtube videos and focus on themselves, I would be more than happy with that decision. I love them both so dearly and love the updates, but honestly they deserve to pursue their own happiness outside of youtube. It would be sad because I wouldn't have their "company" anymore, but they deserve to live out the life that feels good and right for them. I know many of us feel that way. We love you and always only want the best for you. ❤️

  46. Rachel Taylor Beauty

    Watching this in 2020 seeing what Martina touched......

  47. Naughtysauce

    I know we don't get these type of videos anymore, but I'm glad to have the ones we have.

  48. Jen Morales-Correa

    :: hugs :: You are very kind for having taken the time to pop in and say hello to us, Simon. Thank you for this update. And also for letting us know that you are investing in the health and wellness of your Body & Mind. This is such a positive and wonderful turn of events! If and when you are ready to share more of your Journey with us, we are here for You <3

  49. Rohwynn

    Its like you turned into a thousand year old sage who discovered the meaning of life. Uh, that was a compliment btw...in case that didn't translate well lol

  50. Shawly Isaque

    Love this video

  51. TheQuietCheetah

    Simon, you're the best. Hope both of you stay happy and healthy~

  52. Bless You

    I'm not going to read other comment because I can just imagine some of them now. Please just know that your business is really no one else's business. You may have put your lives out in the public but you also have the right to stop whenever you feel necessary. My personal hope for both of you is peace, love and happiness wherever you are in life. 💜

  53. Mari-Anette Fabre

    This is how I imagine Onigiri Miya from Haikyuu would look like. Then there’ll be frames photos of all the V.League players 😂

  54. max trance

    Simon, i just hope that you are not doing too bad, please take care

    1. Simon and Martina

      I’m doing great. Seems like I didn’t say that enough in this video. Maybe I should say it louder next time :)

  55. PunkPanda

    Phew at the beginning i was worried you joined/ started some cult, because there was some really creepy vibes, but hey nice to know how you are doing

  56. Trinkuh2

    this seems like he joined a cult.....he doesn't look healthy in the face and he doesn't look fit skinny but not eating skinny.

  57. Pac Ky

    Zoro brought me here

  58. Djou HellBout

    These hate comments give me all the cringes. 국뽕 짓거리좀 작작좀 합시다. 개인적 경험인데 뭔... ㅋㅋ

  59. Ariel Lavender

    I loved seeing J-town and Miki!! I squealed when I saw her, it was like seeing a secret celebrity!

  60. April Dinh

    am i the only one search tsukamen after trash taste podcast? :)))

  61. Rafael De La Nuez

    It’s sushi...😱😱😱😱

  62. melon445

    You kill my brother

  63. Fuzzyfezz

    Love you Simon I'm wishing you and your loved one all the best 💖 Thank you for what you do

  64. Rosa Tardi

    I miss them in videos together i just watch the old videos cuz the new ones make me sad

  65. u140550

    i've been busy, and haven't seen there recent videos; but can anyone give me a brief summary why they left asia/japan?

  66. Ruby H.

    People be talking about that work grind what about that mental and self care grind

  67. Alepap

    4:04 I didn't even get to fire full auto in the army and first rifle she fires, he's like yeah go full auto wtf

  68. Hoppelpinguin

    Like, I'm sure the hand really hurts and I'm sorry you have to go through this, but damn that part made me laugh.

  69. Irlan Azevedo

    Não entendi o porque a legenda é em português se aqui só tem gringo


    its so easy to fool these westerners !! hahaha

  71. Tiffany Placencia

    Honestly, being stuck in the house all day with someone can cause a lot of relationship problems. Especially since they changed their environment and 2020 is just really stressful... I am sure they need time away from each other, and to visit the people they have not seen in awhile. Hopefully they can come together and live with each other, but these changes can become permanent.

  72. Meg Marie

    bro. this is flat creepy and i don't buy your heroin-like serenity.

  73. MusicholicV

    His voice sounds like he works for Headspace now lol love that for you Simon!

  74. 2jw

    What in the hell???!!! What's going on?

  75. Amalie Rove

    Scary how mindfulnes is changing peoples minds 😬 but good Luck 🍀🙂

  76. Zoe Vanth

    I feel this.. I have an autoimmune disease that affects my mobility etc too but I’m too scared of the backlash from public if I need to use a chair so I just stay home.. Also, so many chairs are not very...nice haha. I’d love to find something one day though. Love this video xx

  77. Dawn Araki

    Hi Martina! I love shopping at Japanese stores too, although it's slim pickings in our area. I get over excited when the one tried and true store has Onigiri for sale. Salmon is the best. My husband gets that smelly seaweed one.😂

  78. gaewww

    🙌🏼👏🏼🖐🏼 I’m wanting to work on my own health journey so I applaud you for your goal and with you sharing it with us. Just sending so much love and positivity towards your way. I’m looking forward for when you are ready to share more of your journey with the rest of us. Until then, stay healthy.

  79. ランディバース

    japanese word ' nyuto ' means nipple.

  80. Kelly Cohen

    That piece of tempura at 6:34 kinda looks like the tongue Gene Simmons **wished** he had.