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  1. Yomyzu 0

    Bam about to be 69-0


    😂 I'm with you on this one kev these guys would all be yes mike no mike how high mike if they were in Tyson's presence

  3. DemocracyUS

    Annoyed that the otherwise talented Native US Black person doesn't tolerate free expression by certain other powerful Black males. Instead, uses talent to obsessively remake someone's image to their negative liking under the guise of helping them in front of the masses. Or shuts down an individual's right to free speech altogether. It is a serious flaw. Tell the unnamed person that un-obsessively uplifting and inspiring without causing pain is the only way.

  4. Bs Was here

    This is all racism for the Asian people and the kids

  5. Kasan Warren

    So a whole generation damn near of fathers don’t raise they children then want respect gtfoh

  6. Israel Lugadiru

    Wow. Worship music. That's amazing

  7. Antonio Hayes

    This dude said I loved you in pimp chronicles 😂

  8. Marcel Van Der Westhuizen

    This was so fucking hard to watch omg the childishness...

  9. Johnny 2k

    Please do the rock lmao



  11. Julien Stepetin

    This man Reggie look like he’s juicing

  12. Eachan Lazlo

    I want to see Kevin Hart Vs Nate Robinson!

  13. David Gomez

    Do gervonta Davis !!

  14. Roman Maldonado

    But he Melo mad it

  15. Alexis Orejel

    Get Gervonta Davis on

  16. Joshua Alejo

    Rip Headphone users 1:29 ☠️

  17. Taj Walker

    Sooo we got ride 1 2 About last night Big mommas!!!!!!! thts not my moive .....give me a sec jumanji😂😂

  18. A. Ronaldo

    He considers himself as one of the best after his match against Luke? Who tf does he think he is

  19. lima Harnot

    Anybody else think Casey looks like a drugged out Russian without his glasses? 😂😂

  20. Ginger Truncale

    Chelsea is so flirty... omg

  21. Ginger Truncale

    She said “I like your body.”

  22. Ginger Truncale

    That old guy was so uncomfortable 💀🤭

  23. Sean O'B

    That psychic looked completely unprepared for them.

  24. Louisiana_Boiii9

    Bruhhhh . “I gotta uppercut cause you’re short” 😂😂 “ I gotta get lower” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  25. Bold Bronze


  26. Haily McCrary

    kevin hart is just like his character from jumanji

  27. Shivraj Kadam

    The INDIAN flag behind is hang in wrong way .The Safran colour should be at top. Kevin love from INDIA

  28. Ginger Truncale

    When Kevin died I almost peed my pants

  29. Guadalupe Zepeda

    God bless you man and all of you stay safe

  30. Roblox Player

    This sensei is so nice my sensei would tell to do 100 push-ups is I something wrong.

  31. Jēšše Rōž

    That’s rojan rondo what are y’all talking bout!


    we need international players on cold as balls

  33. D Lugo

    Mark Cuban is for the people! I

  34. Jaymie Dumont

    Jumanji looks different here

  35. DeJountae Washington

    He gives me old Justin Beiber vibes.

  36. Jason Kendrick

    Pimp chronicles! 🤣 some1 had to tell him they dislike each other

  37. King Mojo

    I haven't seen Kevin Hart special but I do agree that if he's going to run with the nofucksgiven then he needs to approach it with nofuckgiven.

  38. D Last Istaro

    They met in the back seat right after the video....

  39. Hai NHu

    That first girl was so sweet for singing for what she thought was a random elderly stranger. And she did it without even thinking about it, that's awesome

  40. Th4M4st4r

    The ring girl ( 9:50 ) is crazy beautiful.

  41. TheTruthTyStick402

    I know none listens to fans but I think you should get some of that Marvel Money and try out for Howard the Duck bro I'm just saying no body better and Kevin you know you'll make money off toys,games other appearances in movies .just keep me in mind bro

  42. TheTruthTyStick402

    I know none listens to fans but I think you should get some of that Marvel Money and try out for Howard the Duck bro I'm just saying no body better and Kevin you know you'll make money off toys,games other appearances in movies .just keep me in mind bro

  43. 1200 Gaming

    That special was funny as hell. In fact I can't remember one that Kevin had that wasn't funny. Keep winning

  44. Terry Rashbrook

    When Kev called that lil blonde hair boy “Lil Bruce Willis” I died internally 🤣😂😂😭😭😭😂🤣

  45. Deion the Don

    18mil “ it’s a 1 of 1” you know you can do with 18 million

  46. Christian

    I died when the lyft driver fist jumped chance 😂. Love that.

  47. John Carry

    “EXOQution” 💀💀

  48. marctastic

    Lmao the first time I seen Darrel smile 😂😂😂

  49. VMD D

    ears in tacos.

  50. Keila Blizzard

    Tiffany look so cool on this outfit, like 80's Barbie ^_^

  51. Jesus Perez

    Definition of CRINGE 😭😂

  52. orang3

    $700,000 dollars 😂🤣🤣

  53. bob bib

    thats people that take things way to far sad



  55. allee L

    okay i love kevin and adam and i think this vid is really funny but the disrespect to the native wear is not cute🙂

  56. Eronita Costa

    I love how kourtney and Kevin look so small compared to the players 😂

  57. Keila Blizzard

    Kevin face is priceless XD XD XD

  58. Eronita Costa

    On your mark get set...DAY PEEN. LMAO

  59. Eronita Costa

    “W-Why you growling like that...?”

  60. KauadoMcpe Paizante

    hi i am roblox kaua

  61. KauadoMcpe Paizante

    O kaua do roblox

  62. KauadoMcpe Paizante

    Oi sou o kaua

  63. Tajaun Christopher

    Ol boy in the black shirt got those hands better not sleep

  64. Me

    Oh my god it’s 2pac

  65. Beau Abbott

    rugby is the greatest sport

  66. Daniel Lyndsey

    Victorville Ca STAND UP!!!!!!

  67. inkbandit13 Perry

    Damn he do deserve more then a text..💯💯💯🤣🤣🤣

  68. monica

    this is my favorite episode ever LMFAOO I LOVE PETE

  69. Sarah Liss Maggie Jeffrey

    As soon as he said you don’t belong here, I thought of the film Get Out before he said it! 😂

  70. Angel Hani

    Season 3 is HEREEE!! Who do you hope is on this season?

  71. Angel Hani

    Caption this photo from an episode of Cold as Balls! New episode out today!

  72. Landon Galloway

    You should do a thing where you pick up one of your friends be Wizards that would be good