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  1. jan aueni

    I wonder why navalny is still alive

  2. Human Torch

    A Vox video made by people who arent entirely economically illiterate and actually make sense? Im shocked!

  3. LaLa Lo

    God speed to this man, I hope some how he stays safe and lives through this. Putin is an evil, power hungry man

  4. Alex Cline

    Really powerful story. Thanks for publishing it.

  5. Arasf Daghighi

    Who knows what “they” are doing to him in prison.

  6. slorr55

    Ohh Novosibirsk, like Meteo Exodus

  7. Mitesh

    "Build a moment which would outlast his own freedom" Only some people would understand it correctly

  8. Olle Lindgren

    Short answer no long answer no

  9. Mari Hino

    Russia is just trying to have the revolution that other post soviet states had in 90s✨

  10. You UUMMAA

    Why don’t you talk about the terror attack by Uyghur during the 2000s before crafting these stories?

  11. Yekeen Sad

    Why are they talking about Twitter

  12. Trilegy •B

    Why do Russians like using poison???

  13. Mitesh

    The explanation was really good and innovative with the cards

  14. Peter Fox

    Be careful poisoning him. He’ll become immune or it’ll turn him into a superhero eventually.

  15. aryan

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  16. mike toucan

    Johnny is a big loss for vox

  17. aryan

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  18. XO Wayne

    Ads ads keep adding more ads vox

  19. G. Elliott Nielsen

    We have the next step. . . . but it will never see the light of day.

  20. Alētheiai

    *Deservedly* popular politicians need not fear democracy or opponents. Emphasis on "deservedly".

  21. aryan

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  22. Raphael Miller

    The trombone is an instrument traditionally associated with death.

  23. attovishnu

    Blow it up like Sarajevo

  24. James Cox

    If putin wanted him dead do you not think he'd be dead by now 😂

  25. Peanut Jones

    I'm still not seeing the difference between the US and Russia.

  26. aryan

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  27. विजय शाह

    I don’t think he understands anything important 😂😂😂

  28. Eata The pizza

    Finally a sequel to tsar Nicholas vs lenin

  29. arras888


  30. aryan

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  31. yung_ desskid

    Basically Navalny is a smart politician

  32. B0ssguy

    What are the chances any alien group that finds this has the same senses as us and could see? Or that they’re even relatively close in size to us and would be able to see the pictures at all anyway?

  33. legolas 7400


  34. toosas

    Navalny is working for his country and people, corrupt Dobby aka Putin is working to turn himself into the next tsar and his greed is bottomless

  35. Angelina Zhukova

    русские вперед

  36. Dean James

    In your video you claim several times "and other museum's around the world" so why just mention the British museum! The american one is probably just full of cheese and gun crime !

  37. AgentWuT

    Who ever is peeing in the sea stop it

  38. Thor Hultafors

    Navalny is a known Anti-Semite

    1. toosas

      you are a known putking troll aka knitted berrett

  39. Laurence Ellis

    "In America, business magnates influence state. In Russia, state influences business magnates (oligarchs)." Been trying to research the Putinist system but it was difficult due to a few reasons: websites & news articles not giving consistent descriptions of the system or explaining as a whole; most descriptions of Russian politics only explain the *formal* structure (i.e. presidency, Duma etc); & the system is quite out-of-the-ordinary compared to most other authoritarian regimes. This video gives a rough outline. Thanks Vox.

  40. DonkBox

    Vox, Navalny and Johnny are the 3 horsemen of the apocalypse

  41. Tom Tuduc

    Navalny survived many death sentences and put Putin to shame. Navalny an inspiration not just for Russians, who currently live in a deceitful prison. A concealed and disguised prison. Navalny' is simply brilliant. Can brilliance overcome dictatorship? Yes it can. It has done so in the past: Muamma Gaddafi, Saddam Hussein, Mussolini, Hitler, Pol pot, Idi Amin of Uganda, Mobutu Seko of Congo, Ceausescu of Romania, Slobodan Milosevic, Ferdinand Marcos, etc.

  42. Johnny Bravo

    I would say... if Police acts like bunch of criminals (snapping someone from peaceful protest) people should respond with self-defense. Respect is not given with badge - it needs to be earned.

  43. Daryl Spykerman

    Best video of 2021

  44. Sonnenblumen Kind


  45. Trent Gillespie

    There is a great documentary on Jack johnson by ken burns called unforgivable blackness....it is amazing

  46. AspenOfLyria

    Praying for Navanly’s long life. Because holy the guts one needs to run against Putin.

  47. FusionSenpai

    Dang, imagine if the canals were maintained. it could be the Amsterdam of SEA.

  48. WBaller3

    What a brave man Navalny is. Definitely worth the Nobel Prize. Cmon, the guy risks his life every second for a peaceful transition.

  49. DazikenHD

    We will never see the face of navalny after his arrest.

    1. toosas

      I think he knows that but he is doing it for the people not himself

  50. Jason Thai-Kennedy

    Please stop saying "Trumped up" charges - that loser is such a has been.

  51. Enes Talha Yılmaz


  52. Gabriel Martin-Fryscak

    Alexei Navalny is the hero that this monarchy that is now Russia needs, let us hope that he is well and that the will of the people will speak up and make Putin step down from his throne of a "Democratic" country.

  53. Perfect Fresco

    There’s too many people in Jakarta and the whole island of Java. There should be a mass exodus of the island and let nature take over again.

  54. Slivertdl Difmmamamama

    We want borders back, this video is great too but it’s such a shame it was cancelled

  55. Paul Lukwago

    Wow.. we need solutions to this so that our grand children may see the joy in coffee @Mzimacafe

  56. Ajit Singh


    1. toosas

      shut up putins troll

  57. Benjamin Hammerl

    Russian Bot Superthread down here hahaha

  58. Tom K

    No link to his channel in the description?

  59. Ranjeet Golkonda

    Oh man this is so well made

  60. Emmett Lenius

    Rasputin blessing has changed its mind

  61. Hussain Laghari

    Geography of Pakistan: @

  62. Santiago jr

    He’s going to get Epsteined and we all know it.

  63. Santiago jr

    Amnesty international just canceled Navaly because of things he said in the past.

  64. L C

    We destroyed Isis as soon as Trump got in! I'm afraid they will be back, now that Biden it is in control. Trump sure knew what he was doing.


    People we can stop this, stop taking out loans from banks they will collapse

  66. aryan

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  67. Raykibb

    The video keeps bringing up “Trumped up charges,” good one.

  68. Karthik

    Putin's hold on Russia right from the beginning is extremely clever and sophisticated. He weaponised the media, the elections, all the wealth Russia has in terms of oligarchs, and of course the judicial and executive branch of the country. Though the battle between Navalny and Putin may have started on the basis of morals, it's going to be decided on the basis of who's smarter and who plays their cards right. And this is the same regardless of which corrupt country we're talking about.

  69. Not_Real

    When Putin want you dead, your dead.


    Hillary Clinton did the same thing with all the people that work at private federal prisons, stole.all there 401k by saying she would close them

  71. aryan

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  72. happy feet

    This video is anti Russia ! Russia is the best country in the world ! Long live Russia

    1. toosas

      no it is anti Putin. Putin is not Russia, he is not working for Russia, he is only working to turn himself into the next Tsar

  73. aryan

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    Putin just did what AMERICAN government did to America

  75. Anastasia Yankova

    The saddest thing is that no one made a doll house for her after she passed away. '-'

  76. Martin Hiscocks

    What sea level rise? the sea cannot rise in one area and not another! there is no evidence of sea level rise in South Wales in the UK.

  77. Harry Pottah

    What's next? Being controlled by Bill Gates with his microchips is actually a good thing?

    1. History Centre

      Ahh, my gentlemen told me that if u sort things by newest first I will find guys like you. I am not disappointed