The Grim Reaper's first apprentice. Because the world's medical system advanced so dramatically, she became a VTuber to collect souls. It seems that the lost souls vaporized by the wholesome relationships of VTubers flow through her as well.

In the end, she's a gentle-hearted girl whose sweet voice contradicts the morbid things she tends to say, as well as her hardcore vocals.

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  1. Chun hin Lee

    15:50 we're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do i 17:00 Calli attempts to murder the smart lady

  2. fishy potato

    all her songs are a banger and my mind can never be changed

  3. 紅海月

    日本語うまいですね👍👍 「マズイ」がイケボで刺さりました🎶

  4. Josephine Röpke

    Mehr deutsche Kommentare 😉

  5. NINJA Chheth

    It cool her make her hair is Pink The color of Sakura Tree

  6. かりんとう


  7. Malik

    Calli is playing crypto.... I see you're a reaper of culture as well. Truly refined taste

  8. Meherab Hasan Joy

    Subtitles are red too i love the song i wonder how much effort she put in this 😆

  9. Kirstein Becerel

    Nephthys, Goddess of Amenta gets drawn. Calli: "Ooh, good looking wife." Us and Chat: *"F E E T"*

  10. a fine addition

    2:12:10 As someone watching the vod because i didn't make it to the stream, this felt like calli talked to my soul.

  11. kamado diggy

    My typa music

  12. 87 Rabbits Productions

    Man, I am looking forward to the trpg. My never-gonna-happen-dream would be to run a game with Hololive EN as the players

  13. Kirstein Becerel

    I love Dagon, Lord of the Seas.

  14. Mr_DiomanTIK

    And I mean, you and the kana super, you're the best

  15. Mr_DiomanTIK

    I'm your new subscriber.

    1. Mr_DiomanTIK

      Only I'm Russian

  16. Keyser King

    Its easyer to learn german if you have a geraman speaking Person with this Programm becaus he could explayn you a bit about the worts PS i am german and not good at english writing😅

  17. Bliko

    i cant stop listening this music too

  18. Bliko

    i can't stop listening this TASUKETEEEE

  19. Sean R.

    This is the absolute best kind of chaotic energy.

  20. Itachi


  21. Kurisu

    Lol I remember watching this collab a long time ago. it was so much fun! It's crazy seeing how much each of them has grown and changed since their debut. They each have their own individual personalities and little quirks that make them all really unique and a joy to watch. I really like seeing them when they're all getting along with each other . . . they have a special bond that almost makes them like family. I'm so glad I discovered Hololive and these girls, and I hope to see moments like these in the future too!

  22. MrXometalox

    I agree, yellow was cheating.

  23. Skyuwerel Art

    2:30:32 is really something...

  24. 「Nexro宮水」

    Time to watch the archive !

  25. passer

    i cant believe she still playing this game

  26. Dark Phantom

    I think Fubuki should either worship Calli or just message Calli just to increase her Gacha luck.

  27. ハヤテトにじさんじまとめ


  28. nico ary

    Mori Calliope = Megurine Luka but with steroid and much Guh....

  29. MonsterDylan13

    Wow i like this. Oh omg you are fast af

  30. WhenStarsCollide

  31. Plague dctr

    Voice sounds familiar tho- I dont know if it really is who I think but its similar. Noice.

  32. Overhaul

    If they do end up playing It Takes Two, that would be enjoyable

  33. Winter Forest

    I'm purple, I'm barney.

  34. Yado Lina

    Amelia: The Goddess Ina: Wheel of Fortune Kiara: The Sun Gura: The Fool Gura will remember that....

  35. MHelmy Ehll

    2:31:06 Amazingly timed "Help!"

  36. C3000

    Need to play more of dis game plz

  37. Bluemilk92

    I love these watch alongs

  38. Uh Oh

    Wait I just clicked a link because I like the song so much and ur telling me this is calli?????

  39. Behind The Card

    Welcome to the cafe, hope you enjoy your stay

  40. Kevin Dub

    Mori knows how to make some catchy music.

  41. ApekingBobo

    we love you, happy birthday queen.🖤 and that japanese part tripping you up 2:15:45 was on brand enough to even add some charm to it, maybe keep it in with one of your songs sometime, if it sounds okay. adds a gap-moe touch.

  42. Jacqui

    Speed 0.75x kinda better 🤘

  43. Mr. Winters - KFP Dungeon Master

    It looks like I may be losing my role at KFP, but I'm sure Dad will be an awesome GM! Plus, my DM curse can finally be lifted! (I say, as I'm currently working on writing two campaigns and refining a third)

  44. Jonas Aguila

    Watch the stream 'til the end, Deadbeats... It'll bw worth it!!! ... ... ... Dad sure is such s DORK!!! BEST DAD!!!

  45. Mistral Oniichan

    This manga is basically about you Calli. Every part of the character, specially that last gyaru vtuber.

  46. Xallen

    Lol its kinda fun to see people say the beginning was very very cute and harmony and then they dont know this game is an horror-psychological genre. They didnt even see the plot twist and the "that thing" lol, idk it just fun

  47. ミシヤロMishiyaro

    This song sounds so good. Thank you tenihowa for your hard work, your composition is always amazing and thank you Mori for your amazing vocals!

  48. Tragic Unseen

    Did get the notification when this was live (thanks youtube) but at least I caught the end live.

  49. Zuhama

    Hello! I just wanted to happily say you're the reason I started watching Holo Live. You exhibit a lot of positive energy, And I genuinely, appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. Keep up the amazing work!

  50. Apex God Virus

    a song that got released on my bday pog

  51. Tragic Unseen

    First interaction at around 3:00.

  52. Hidden Canite

    You know what, I might join in the ShadowVerse train for the first time in my life.

  53. Inú Lican


  54. Kelly Chan

    I really hope Calli or Kiara will play against fans!

  55. Lightning

    Your songs really got me into the rabbit hole that is vtubers.

  56. AquillWise


  57. Nantonaku先生

    Was calli drunk during the ending? Lmao

  58. Daneal Faisal


  59. Kelly Chan

    Calli liquifying cards pains me.

  60. I fell down the rabbit hole

    1:04:16 Calli's victory dance is too sweet

  61. Kelly Chan

    1:30:17 Calli liquify Grea and Anne hurts my yurified soul.

  62. Gatiti XD

    this really sounds good too good 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 at the final calli fade away :,(

  63. Hermelinda Cuevas

    ........ i- i saw this video that it said it would start at 7:00, and this was, 3 weeks ago?

    1. Hermelinda Cuevas

      I mean 3 months ago

  64. Julius Kresnik

    Is Calli checking Kiara out in the thumbnail?

  65. MogarPrime17

    Man, this game's jam-packed with all of the things Calli loves: cool monsters, dope guys, beautiful ladies, and tons and tons of skrellingtons. No wonder she took to it so well. This was a lot of fun. Made me kind of nostalgic for my days of collecting Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The artwork for these cards is goddamn incredible. Good luck beating Kiara in your eventual duel, Calli. I'm sure you'll have all you need to come out on top. Also, and I say this without hesitation, that was easily your best outro yet. I was in stitches. Thanks, as always, for the top quality stream.

  66. Temporal Blue

    00:00:00 Stream Begins 00:05:45 Mori appears 00:08:22 ear touching 00:09:00 ear tapping 00:09:25 ear scratches 00:09:31 ear blowing 00:10:05 chatting 00:11:25 slurping a cold one 00:12:50 eating 00:30:20 plastic crinkling & popping 00:34:10 ear massage & singing 00:35:43 tapping 00:37:45 ear massage 00:39:40 lotion ear massage 00:42:00 break 00:42:50 Mori returns 00:43:30 snack time 00:47:00 ear blowing 00:52:50 Pocky shoving 00:53:30 ear tapping 00:54:50 talking 00:55:30 ear massage 00:56:10 sherif asmr 00:57:10 ear massage 00:59:35 ear flicking 01:00:12 ear tapping 01:00:40 light ear tracing 01:02:25 happy Gilmore 01:03:03 guh moment 01:03:57 snacks 01:04:49 talking 01:05:43 eating 01:08:47 water sounds 01:09:50 talking & laughing & eating 01:11:46 ear tapping 01:13:45 ear massage 01:14:45 technical difficulties 01:15:07 ear massage 01:16:48 lotion ear massage 01:21:00 ear blowing & tapping 01:23:00 ear tapping 01:23:22 ear blowing 01:25:00 break 01:32:30 superchat reading 02:28:46 stream end

    1. Temporal Blue

      In case you were wondering it took me 1.5 hrs to skip and rewind for all different time stamps

  67. Neuto

    43:00 •• So what was that thing about Ame's child

  68. Yugioh 0

    4:50 *KIARA DEMON*

  69. Kamen Ranger

    Even tho i dont know how to rap-

  70. erin mitchell

    Cali is by far my fav hololive member, I love her music SO much , I listen to this and live again constantly

  71. Minzenha

    uma das minhas vtubers favoritas👌😳

  72. nixsoup

    Probably my favorite song of yours Calli! There's just some weird aspect of love that i feel on it, it truly shows how much you dedicate yourself to doing these absolute bangers, and everytime they have something new that, while new, still feel like a Mori Calliope Classic. I dont know how you do this! Keep up the great work!

  73. pyrointeam

    Respekt. Gut gemacht.

  74. 111455

    i concur, cali is crunchy and spicy

  75. Cookie

    This song sounds like it could be a rwby song ;-; lol

  76. smokehunter rc

    this is so good i love it

  77. silversleek

    yeah, calli, based on your natural instincts playing that first game there, I think you'd be far more comfortable with a control deck of some kind, rather than an aggro deck.

  78. Robert Brown

    hi I love your videos you make laugh

  79. Marko Vdodovič

    If the stream is too long nobody will wstch it, who wants to look at two and a half hours of content every day, streams which last one hour are better

    1. Kuga Raian

      but WE are, watching her, u stooopid

    2. Mike Raizuly

      If you got nothing nice to say stfu