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  1. Mauventures


  2. Marcus Ampoloquio


  3. Ana Merlos

    Impostor kills dad

  4. Jamille Usi

    If this hardcore they my dead like in aMonG uS lol

  5. Ana Merlos

    4:18 lemon is crying

  6. J Hing

    Dark vader

  7. Carmax1982

    well the real scary thing is when you go to the market and the lights turn off and you hear a kid crying I want to go home and you see a demon

  8. Kenny Myers

    Dude if this is biggest i love these videos

  9. ganesh chhantyal


  10. Ana Merlos


  11. Ana Merlos


  12. J Hing

    I think I lost my mind

  13. Dipti Biswas

    Omg Minecraft I will like to this video

  14. Kuszav YT

    10:27 What is this thing? A glitch? Or what?


    Yay minecraft time

  16. xnml cat gamer

    me when I sew black cherry sharpening diamond sword: chuckles i'm in danger


    this is minecraft

  18. Liu Hong Shing 3D16s

    Cool! i will subscribe you because i like this video

  19. Bimala Paudel


  20. Lusanda Hlela

    Ninjas in this episode

  21. JPK

    10:23 how is jeff killing and your mum getting killed the impostors are ninja and Your mum

  22. Jm Restullas

    It's among craft

  23. Kintankristan Elauria

    8:38 Banana Be like: Oh guys Mt foot is stomping cuz its lagging Your mom Be like: Hey My Head suddenly Move Forwards

  24. ninad shinde

    When the pets will return. I think they should go onemore time in minecraft

  25. 누나Noona

    Ninja is back

  26. Mehrab's Activity

    create earth map in Among Us STA Ninja play in the Earth map and all play in the earth map!!!please🥺🥺🥺🥺

  27. Bec De Vera


  28. Aman Vishwakarma

    There a 5 teleported in jungle And Red one come in between

  29. EnderDragon boy 6169


  30. Sokha Ueng


  31. Aaron the Maker

    I thought Your Mom was an imposter and not Jeff now look at 10:24 this is so stupid

  32. Chaedon Lunas

    poop: henry will never kill someone also henry: ROBBING STREAK 999999999999999

  33. Huyling Lim

    New airship map among us

  34. Pakhi's LIFESTYLE

    STA studios subscribed a long time ago Please play on the airship map

  35. Danial Syahiran

    STA Studios: We make the best among us animation ever Innersloth: Hold My Map

  36. Kashvi Pal

    Among us but crew mates can teleport :2nd video?!

  37. Chaedon Lunas

    Purple I just hate doing this task The task: DIVERT POWER

  38. Jewel Macailao

    STEVE THE AMONG US Stevong us

  39. Jollyjar plays


  40. Rhoshan Nair

    Put Godzilla edition

  41. Mason Nti-Brew

    Everyone shoutout Steve

  42. Light The Electrohog

    ninja is back yay!

  43. Rodwin Ratuiste


  44. Lynelle Nathaniela

    ,What is grist?

  45. Akshatha nair

    Hi, I love your videos but next time can you do among us but it's the airship?

  46. Chaedon Lunas

    Hey mr ghost man cant you just leave and join another lobby?

  47. Chaedon Lunas

    1st one be like: Ghost on the ship Me: NO VISOR NO VISOR WE WILL MAKE YOU ONE OF US

  48. Felix Niehaus

    Admint have not a door

  49. Artie Argue

    Poop and henry stickmin best friends forever 1:24 1:28 4:00 6:12

  50. Lion

    Hi snow ball

  51. Chaedon Lunas

    Im confused but on hide and seek didnt your mom vent and somehow banana is the imposter?

  52. Tab a


  53. Kazue Ballesteros

    And I have a Great Strong NETERITE SWORD 🗡️

  54. itsvinz plaz

    When is someone dead it can respwan

  55. The_crafterofminecraft _

    i love minecraft and u made my day thank you and i love among us too

    1. The_crafterofminecraft _

      btw its a happy ending :D

  56. Chuy Chuy

    Dude I,m waiting for part 3 of the love story of sandy and snowball I wanna see what happens please upload this next

  57. Chuy Chuy

    Dude I,m waiting for part 3 of the love story of sandy and snowball I wanna see what happens please upload this next

  58. Zainab Inayah Mohd Shukur

    *Mistake Fact : they didn't talk in the portal they were supposed to scream and steve isnt blocky And steve's Face is Messed up*

  59. Strong Wang

    When ninja came back as imposter, Justice served for all the vids ninja wasn’t in

  60. Strong Wang

    No matter what, snowball will still be with sandy

  61. Strong Wang

    Minecraft VS Roblox

  62. poopookatboois

    Wheres snowball??

  63. GAMER B3NT3N

    I knew it was ninja and your mom because they're acting suspicious!!!

  64. Strong Wang

    Yo playing minecraft, I like ya cut g, ahhhhhh...

  65. Zeallan Manumbas


    1. Zeallan Manumbas


  66. Umran Mirza

    The red guy look like player

  67. Alexander Angelo Largo

    Jeff join the imposters

  68. Itota

    Wait The nether portal is supposed to lead to the nether But the portal lead to the among us area

  69. Karen Laking

    Anyone who's watching this plays among us and minecraft

  70. Red Ninja

    Our prayers have been answered, it’s the Ninja!

  71. Mar Lina

    steve retuns1111!!11!!11

  72. Shana's Gaming Adventures

    sad at the end but at the start its happy teamwork at first but broken teamwork and the end because potato killed snowball and said "WE WON WE WON WE WON" and dances all around them (snowball and sandy)

  73. Jabin Mado

    Steve is Herobrine, is he?

  74. Quek Tzin Hou

    Wow minecraft

  75. Savam Chaudhary

    Blaza is dead but he come back

  76. Sudha Devi

    And hero brine

  77. Melvin Cariño

    can you make a video of novisor

  78. Sudha Devi

    Wither skeleton

  79. Sudha Devi

    Wither boss