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  1. Ace_txlips

    i used to have the iphone 4 and think i’m RICH but i love the squared edges like the iphone 12

  2. vasu sharma

    Intro fail at 0:01 😂😂

  3. S R I R A M

    wow the same topic but different matter and mrwhosetheboss version


    Awesome 😁

  5. Bobbie Crawford

    "show me a vacation spot" All voice assistants: Haha we would but you cant afford to buy a plane ticket. We can see your bank account info

  6. Eliseo Embrador

    Literally any sentence this guy said, i got more terrified.

  7. Chayse Htwo

    I cant even afford the 70$ phone ;-; just my good old Obama phone ;-;

  8. Bobbie Crawford

    “Don’t use this wallpaper” People: use wallpaper Phone: dies People: =:0

  9. ThugMan420

    Does this not remind you of rob jobs😂

  10. 10takole

    Episode 69 of things I want and can't afford

  11. 10takole

    Episode 69 of things I want and can't afford

  12. Shazeb Khan 1991


  13. Kamleshwar Patel

    Also fast A14⚡

  14. PRP

    Bro why there is no 12 pro max?? Next time plz add it

  15. Siddhant Posti

    Interesting 🔥🔥

  16. Bobbie Crawford

    Imagine paying $800 for a phone that comes with 64gbs of storage 😂🙄

  17. R R

    Wait for Apple's lawsuit for "copying" the iPod nano

  18. Anshik Kumar Tiwari

    Am not generally fan of any actor or youtuber but for Mrwhosetheboss, I AM.

  19. Nyenye zoldck Fan

    Give away??


    There is nothing wrong i own it and I can use the cameras to take a selfie when open so they addressed all that no problem

  21. Cien x cien

    I got a xperia e5 back in the days.... PURE BULLSHIIITTTTT

  22. Amused- then0

    Uhhhhhhh rфb jobs are ready make these types of vids

  23. Dragoon 1302

    Do a review on redmi note 8

  24. Salman Naeem Chaudhary

    i bought this broke again bought

  25. Anshik Kumar Tiwari

    We already knew the result😄

  26. Krysmond Sobrown

    Well done

  27. Sangeeth Lal

    How can I get it?

  28. Keshav Taneja

    That means that in the future, we will be running on humanOS. Lol

  29. Saarthak Kothiwal


  30. brianadhd

    It's over mrwhosetheboss I have the high ground 😈but I have a mid range phone😂

  31. Vance kang

    U should be comparing second hand with second hand ... Obviously second hand prices are GG to be hard to beat in value

  32. XXX Saiyan

    well lets meet again in 5 years when this video will be recommended again.

  33. Bobbie Crawford

    I don’t know why I’m watching I have an iphone

  34. Raman Kumar

    I really interested in those things that I can't afford.

  35. elchamber

    I was surprised to open my 6S box to reveal the original accessories still in them. Cable and wired headphones still there all those years.

  36. iamsmrit

    Never had an iphone and i guess i never will have 😅 thing all kidney lover will say 😂

  37. Sreerag Kayamkulam

    Snapdragon s20+ available in uae??

  38. Mani Shankar

    Hey samsung battery test please who wants a test please like so that he watches

  39. Keyur Parikh

    World needs to thank Samsung for being a leader in the mobile 📱 technology industry. Apple thinks it stole the show, but in reality it really stole idea's, they never innovated. And if you look at the stagnation of the iPhone design its preposterous how people can still purchase iPhone and not demand more from the manufacturer. Samsung gives you everything, things that you didn't know you needed until you knew it existed.

  40. ANY thing

    i am want a phone

  41. Billy Manalang

    Im still using my Samsung s9. No notch, good cameras, great display, great speakers.

  42. elchamber

    The iPhone 4/4S had the ability to change the back plate.

  43. Srikanth Kumar Chanakya

    2:57 😂

  44. Test Account

    Me: Trying to watch an Apple Video USfilm: Shows ad of the latest Samsung S20 FE version What USfilm was thinking? Ans: Guys, forget about apple. We hate them. Samsung is way better both in people and products.

  45. Srikanth Kumar Chanakya

    0:39 😂 Hahahahahhaa

  46. Dissapointed Venom

    Is it OK for an iPhone 10?

  47. RAHUL Kumar

    Me using Samsung m31 having 6000mah battery to watch these noobs😂😂

  48. Jason Tech Vlogs

    I’ᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎG TO ᗩᑎYOᑎE⛤ 👈ᗯᕼO ᔕᑌᗷ TO ᗰE 👈 No unsubbing 🔥 I'ᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT 🔥

  49. Robo Zech

    im the boss

  50. Nicolas Kowalski

    I understand and agree with most of your points about Sony but the bit about review unit did sound a little like sour grapes about not receiving review units as early as other reviewers.

  51. Noah Droge

    if you could do a ipod touch series that would be amazing and you definitly get a sub

  52. AppleHead

    Well now I have to try my hardest not to put that as my wallpaper even though I want to


    You want a charger? Are we a charity to you? Apple: WRITE THAT DOWN WRITE THAT DOWN

  54. Emerald Mechanic

    We are supposed to be the most intelligent lifeform on this planet and people belive in magic big brain shield.

  55. Dr JAS

    10G can pick up frequencies from thousands of years from the past.

  56. Maher Elkhaldi

    Black berry and blackberry OS

  57. nael zuhour


  58. Joe

    Chinese companies are banned from the US when they are a threat to US companies... Example... Tiktok surpassed Facebook as most used app and then the US wanted it banned... Same reason why we don't get Chinese cars... Why would someone buy american automobile when they can buy a more reliable car at a fraction of the american cars price... America loves capitalism till they get the short end of the stick...

  59. nael zuhour


  60. nael zuhour

    Yeah I think they all look the same but the iPhone 11 Pro Max is better no they are actually the same

  61. Mecha 390

    I just realized 5:42 how does the universe work

  62. namdev potdar


  63. Carol Smith

    Did an all-nighter working on this one - hope you found it interesting! Also...I've got a second video dropping later today, any guesses? 😈 Edit: Check out the new OnePlus 8T vs Google Pixel 5 here:

  64. Abhijeet Leslie

    I see some Rob inspiration🤩 Great job btw ❤️

  65. Devang Sharma

    Like Apple or not, you have to admit their phones are the most aesthetically pleasing on the market, even today.

  66. Joshua Medina

    Have fun giving the CCP all of your information and i do mean all.

  67. Joshua Medina

    Lol good luck with that they are going to loose the ability to keep up unless they find a way to purchase modern chips

  68. TheDeathmail

    Is it wrong that I want the swipe to change brightness feature to be on my phone without root?

  69. PKD Phukan

    I am in remi note 8 pro

  70. opzz xsin

    i phone 13 be like 1. buy the box 2. then charger 3. phone

  71. リドラーの

    Think that u r combining that 16x telephoto lense with p40 plus's 10x telephoto lense

  72. Fezza Manezza

    Is it stolen tech tho?

  73. Number 9

    Many thanks for your video

  74. Tehn00bA

    This video was supposed to be longer, but Google heard him talking about this info and shut him down.

  75. Brandon fortaleza

    But doesn’t that mean people can see what your doing 😳

  76. Sidd khan

    hi dear.. are u muslim??? reply must thanku :)

  77. Amir Sohel

    IPhone 12 pro is good but I don't have any iPhone

  78. Amir Sohel

    I don't have any iPhone

  79. A KUMAR

    When the iphones falled my phone also falled