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  1. Shweta Verma


  2. Ravi C. R.

    5:56 Translation =paws up button =Thumbs up button

  3. Sheeba

    What is McGee?

  4. vElevate

    It’s just a CACK roach

  5. Ravi C. R.

    Every dog while swimming was looking lovely Riley to me! 😁😂

  6. Devaranie Moodley

    Wow tucker wow

  7. Dara Parimala

    Are you bad dog

  8. Mongkeybuu Fifi

    GOOB IDEA me:*p e r f e c t i o n*

  9. Furat Merzah


  10. River Miller

    Oh wow

  11. Afsana Sargam st2021

    How to wake a dead human. 1.take a dirty sock. 2.put it on his/her head. 3.Shake her /his head. 4.shake your own head. 5.leak the body. If she screams, so you have to understand you waked the human

  12. Bohous Holub

    When he said oops my bad 😂

  13. princessMaddnes playsRoblox

    The title a special announcement:the thumbnail:l found undies😭,

  14. GameStudioz


  15. princessMaddnes playsRoblox


  16. Anchana(Namon) Nuengjumnong

    Does Tucker want Linda to spend time with other people or just him???😁

  17. GameStudioz


  18. Gaurav Kaw

    Soo funny reactions

  19. desirie Lacia

    jurnee is named jurnee but sometimes jurnjurn

  20. 4Bit Shadow

    How dare u linda for breaking my donkey 😥😢

  21. GameStudioz

    the dislikes are cat fans

  22. Samuel de Jong

    Do you have tiktok videos

  23. Arijit Chakraborty


  24. Nasir Niaz

    Tucker is being so rude but I still love him even though I am a cat person but I still LIKE tucker and I also like pearl and jurn jurn

  25. ImFlex Yt

    How cute tucker is

  26. SoooperHERO

    Do you go into the toilet when linda is pooping? (I know this is a weird question to ask but plz ask him)

  27. Blue Berries


  28. Arlowe Travis Lee

    Strawboobs 😂😂😂

  29. William afton

    Tucker do you love puppy’s Tucker do you want a puppy to stay for one day Tucker if you had to eat your mom and she was the last thing on earth would you eat her


    what!! salty linda toes .


    so funny linda toes tastes like cheese tucker even licked 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  32. Darkprince jj

    he is "tuckered " out

  33. Jiya dhillon

    Does tucker even know how to butt kick anyone 🤔 😳


    Very nice 👍👍 👌👌

  35. Nana Kay

    My third time watch this video. I miss tucker so much. Hop linda could upload more tucker video.

  36. Gaming Shadow

    Why does Pearl look like Corazon from pup academy

  37. Donalyn Pangan

    He wanted wooter

  38. Nahum Maqsood

    Make new videos

  39. BB

    Where can I get what you used in the bottle to prevent fleas and ticks? I'm looking stuff for my persian cat

  40. The point is I’m gay

    2:31 me and him have something in common😳

  41. Kawaii Wild Plays

    Hewo Tucker!! Anyways I got 3 questions 1. Is your fav color pink? Y or N? 2. Who is ur fav parent ur mum or dad? 3. are you adorable?

  42. Syris

    You have the cutest dog in the fricking world

  43. Prarthana Priyesh.

    They are adorable😍😍😍😍

  44. Paul Gary

    0:03 he looks so cute!

  45. Mandy M

    My cheeks hurt from laughing and I'm crying too,I miss my Golden from my childhood. She was an Angel,but of course they all are. Such beautiful natures.

  46. Coreene Tessa Dela Peña

    so funny HAHAHAAHA

  47. Coreene Tessa Dela Peña

    so FUNNY hahahaha love it

  48. The Fire Banana

    I don’t know if this works with other people but when I’m sad or mad I watch tucker budzyn and it makes my day a lot better 🙂

  49. itsme_kt

    Scrub a dub dub , Tucker in the tub!

  50. Leon Fox

    He is sooo cute

  51. Rajkumar Singh

    I want to get a golden retriever for a loNg time , and yours looks soo healthy! I wish to keep mine this healthy can you make a video about what you do to take care of him?

  52. Marcus Geske

    Aww there so cute

  53. royalty fans

    Tuker is the cutes dog in the world peral is cute to

  54. shoto todoroky

    Idk why but my pups always grow so fast like one day a pup next big pup

  55. Vivek Mahalle

    I love Chimken🎆🎆🎇

  56. Ali Msemakweli

    How dirty this lady

  57. Tausha Montgomery

    Do you want me to come over

  58. M.k Hassan

    beautiful dog.🥰

  59. shoto todoroky

    Awww that made me so sad pearl had to leave

  60. Diether Santos

    1:24 Tucker Supposed To Say: Aight Imma Head Out

  61. Santosh Patil

    Tucker you are so cute

  62. Arnel Simpas

    Oh hel is linda watching stranger things

  63. Neeta Deshmukh

    Plz answer this question Do u like human


    What breed is TUcker

  65. Jolin Topui

    Tucker is so cute

  66. Angelo Victoria

    Tucker budzyn has been subscribed from Angelo Luis Victoria and liked (notification too)

  67. shoto todoroky

    4:28 a war is coming

  68. Angelo Victoria

    Tucker is a good boy and he helps you with anything and treat your dog safe :) <3

  69. Deepanshu Chamoli

    Please share the secret in one video that how you care for your dog please

  70. Tips Xpertz

    Bad boi

  71. Srijana Tharu

    Tucker do you like to eat snow chew toys and who do you love Linda or your dad

  72. Ron Simons

    Oh my lord, totally Golden Retriever behavior lol. Very cute dog and I'd give 2 thumbs up if I could.

  73. MarianaDaGamer UwU

    Why does bubbles have a pink tail

  74. Neil Asher


  75. Gurleen Kaur

    The way he stopped her hand🖐️😂

  76. Kwynn Harper Pascua

    I wish this was me on meh friends but..CORONA VIRUS

  77. unoffical_J

    Idk y this still made me feel so single 😂😂 like even Tucker has a better love life then me😂💀😭

  78. Aparna Tiwari

    This made my day♥️ Tucker is so precious!! Kiddo💜🧿

  79. Ori

    When Tucker burped at you... my dog is a burping machine, and she burps in my face all the time. I am used to it by now

  80. Lisandro R3gino

    Say its hes wife