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  1. prod. jacob

    bro like you cant even call this bad this shit is a masterpiece 😖

  2. Jonathan Pagsanhan

    All dislikes can hit bout it

  3. John Doee

    Call MilesMovingService next time

  4. John Doee


  5. Xant

    6:09 When i slide in some wet wet

  6. Hazael Acuna

    I don't even laugh like you you like hearing Miss and like remembers how to speak at times but didn't forget and slips man this s*** crazy and little boat fat as f*** had to get that out LOL

  7. Crimson Eros

    man 1:45 broke my heart..... you can tell the Z Queen is happy. her baby boy put her up nicely.... that's what I wanna see from my momma...... I'll get there one day.... not as fast as kodak did, but it's going to happen one day. Edit: God FUcking dammmmm so glad to see kodak out.....miss your music fam..... been too two concerts and i would love to shake your hand one day..

  8. LoveJones

    Lmao this ain't no Kodak....believe your intuition ..

  9. Faisal Alshammari

    this trash

  10. Joseph Sylvester

    Me: buying new speaker Seller: put a music on To test It Me: playing this 😂😂😂

  11. Andrei Butnaru

    koko a pus melodia asta pe 3/7/2021 <3

  12. HBK_YUKO


  13. no name

    kodak momma wippin up that pressure 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥

  14. Jonathan Chambers

    Just ordered 3 Sniper Gang T-shirts

  15. Oscar

    Anyone know what Ferg was drinking

  16. Isaiah Bell

    1:25 what song is that??

  17. Demi Hendrix

    this 2016 ass video lol. still love it tho

  18. football world

    I wander how it feels to be rich like Kodak😞

  19. football world

    I wander how it feels to be rich like Kodak😞

  20. Musha III

    He don't even sound or act the same smfh it's a fucking clone u niggas is so simple

  21. Gamerboy45

    Zoe sake pase 🇭🇹🇭🇹

  22. kosner adelahti


  23. La’TrayW.

    Rappers are evil and promoting evil and your guys don’t care just because it sounds good. The Elites, the rich and the KKK, are a Satanic occult behind the reasons our country, our black neighborhoods are in such chaos. They bring drugs, guns to the hood and black people fight over these things and call it respect but we are being manipulated by these evil people. Honestly it’s the truth. Now they push these evil artist into the media and rewards them with rewards and money so they can continue to distract and manipulate us into wanting what they have. May God have mercy on your/our souls. It’s the end of the world and the media wants you distracted till then.

  24. Ronald Becton

    Of course he not a clone he just simply lost wieght in jail....you don't eat what you used to on the streets

  25. Joshua Stratton

    His grill looks like braces, that's pretty cool.

  26. Lanre Akerele

    *The song is so good that it makes your face be slapped 🖐️ across by the beat so hard* 🔥🔥🔥

  27. Yoga With Finnbarr

    Them boys wanted starch

  28. Gabriel Santiago

    Can you tell them to lower there fees , thank you.

  29. Jessy kigen

    That dude ain't Kodak..lol they playing with your fucking mind

  30. joeys jeeps

    Yachty has a old white Jewish man vibe. Like he a ooertunist. Since when boat was talking about gangster stuff.

  31. Damien Ford


  32. Thomas McGill

    Me: Mom whats for dinner Mom: Macaroni with the chicken strips Me: 0:30

  33. Knikker Banaan

    I dont get why he always wearing those medium priced items like stussy when he has got soooo many clothes

  34. Bryce Holcomb


  35. Bryce Holcomb

    I really hope Kodak stays outta trouble cuz I really don’t wanna see him in jail

  36. ChanceTheTrapper

    1:47 song??????

  37. Tumelo Muller

    Blxckie killed the freestyle

  38. kid zay

    I would give every thing up to go back to 2016

  39. Tee Growl

    Yeaaaaaaaaaaa 🥂

  40. blackboaba

    4:38 chance run me your gta account bro

  41. Begaiym Kazakbaeva

    Dopest shit I ever heard I swear visuals r fire 🔥

  42. Young Ogee

    Kodak acting like a young pinky from Friday with dreds...we directing traffic nigga

  43. Ashton Anderson

    U should have Virgil design one of your rooms

  44. Cappuccino

    Was he a good freind of lil yatchy before? Isent lil yartchy a plant? Brocolli mind brocolli?

  45. Chosen Bride

    No that's not him you lying young male

  46. tsunami papi

    gucci got the best smile of all time 😂😂

  47. Chess God

    Lil yaty ain't taking no chance eating food from Kodak Mama ...won't put kno Voodoo curse in me

  48. Jesse Swaney

    What a garbage way of living life..

  49. Young Tobbie

    Who thinks we should make a song together?

  50. Marcell Sárkány


  51. thee_3arthgod

    This dude said he dont like fruit. Grow up dawg lol

  52. thee_3arthgod

    I like Yatchy music but it's just something about his demeanor that I hate. Comes off as super cocky and makes me cringe.

  53. Lasagna Boi

    First listen: thsi is trash 2nd listen : still trash

  54. fritzclaro

    14:00 released?

  55. Lorenzo López

    Is the first time I hear he said gleee

  56. Caden Lovatt

    4:18 song name ?

  57. sisi no

    Not hating but rappers like yatchy are like only fans equivalent for dudes

  58. theundergroundrailroadd

    If you really think Kodak a clone you a certified dumbass 😭😭

  59. Matthew Wilcox

    Life really was hitting different back then.

  60. An'War El X

    Sheesh man. People are t so slow anymore. We can SEE

  61. Chance Roberson

    2021 wit it

  62. TBM Trizzy

    Them beans hitting bruh 😤

  63. Poop Pee


  64. Well-known_trav

    5:28 drop it 👀🔥💯

  65. SportsNewsToday

    This song always makes me think about life and everything.

  66. Kyle Me play roblox

    Bro love the cereal

  67. Keshia K

    I like the song '66' by Lil Yachty ,a lot better

  68. Keshia K

    I must be getting older or something because the video doesn't even match the song ,like nothing in the video even has anything to do with the song ..However I like the song because of mostly the music ☺️💞

  69. Bj Dailey

    Why bruh kept hugging yak tho 😭

  70. Brayden Crawford

    If he isn’t a clone then why in his new music video he has his old tattoo and these other vids he don’t

  71. izz

    Take me back to summer 16

  72. Del3rd WitDaFacts

    Faux locs and faux braids..but they both are for real g a y.


    stupid hard

  74. David Kim

    The vagabond grain cytologically scream because surgeon extragingivally rule alongside a synonymous fibre. quarrelsome, chemical flame

  75. z a n e a f k

    the first bit was insane but i didnt get a word of it

  76. Elvis Kabeya

    Kodak superstar...the lifestyle make me crazy and Much jewelry More money Business

  77. Anita Robinson

    look at Gucci Mane lmao

  78. La Sutancia

    Why y’all got to adress people like he don’t know his self he not a clone

  79. z a n e a f k

    this song is acc good

  80. Maleek jones

    Niga wack af