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  1. Johnny O'Rourke

    Hearing Ariel use the word "hood" is unsettling to say the least....

  2. sk n

    Dustin cardio and chin is underrated!!

  3. Nathaniel J

    *connor mcgregor scream*

  4. Pluto V2

    The Jake Paul thing 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  5. Renaldo Matadeen

    Conor has no place in a Khabib fight. K dominated and emasculated him. Conor ran from rematches after he won so why should K bless him with one? Conor taps when it counts

  6. Nome Cult Joe

    weekly 1-hr IAmTHEBay > weekly this

  7. Gabriel Guy

    My top three performances. Anderson vs griffin Conor vs Alvarez Max vs Calvin Let me know if u guys agree ?

  8. Herry Harvey

    Respect how McGregor grown 🐊talk like a big man now bro respect brother,,,

  9. 22 Redwing

    Why did Khabib face the worst of him when it was the biggest fight of his life? Because FEAR caused him to self sabotage so that he would have a built in excuse when he lost.

  10. Ravi Gurung

    Every fighter has second chance...why not Conor and Khabib? Who is scared

  11. A Best

    Knockout with a hard left. Finally something to watch. Watching this come the 23rd. Mcgregor 💪🏼😎.

  12. Tim D

    If the ufc was smart....Conor and Justin would coach TUF

  13. footballsoccer358

    Conor "it is what it is" Holloway

  14. A Filthy Casuals Guide To MMA

    When they fought the first time Dustin had the most wins in the feather weight division. 😥

  15. Liam Savy

    Does Ariel have 2 different color eyes or am I crazy

  16. Harry Miles

    Hard to believe Conor thinks he can still beat Khabib. Or that Khabib retired because he is afraid of Conor. Just talk or Conor is delusional. Khabib mauled him and also dominated him on the feet. I assert a second fight would go about the same way. And Conor has virtually no chance against Manny. Floyd carried Conor (Floyd admits to this in an interview) in their fight to make a show for the fans. Manny, even at 42 y/o, will KO Conor in the first round. Besides there isn't the interest in a Manny/Conor fight like there was in a Floyd/Conor fight.

  17. My Mum Wishes I Was Never Born Because I Capitalize Every Word In A Sentace

    People need to not get offended over them talking dustin up, they gotta hype it up not as many people will watch if people just count dustin out

  18. Wayn Smith

    Can't wait to watch it!

  19. graham dowling

    Down to earth no nonsense

  20. Renaldo Matadeen

    Dustin will make him tap. And then officially bury him after Khabib dug the grave

  21. Cookazor

    Gotta wake up extra early to watch these fights lol. Excited to see Mike Davis in again.

  22. Revolve!

    Instead of resisting the Conor Manny fight, Dana should say, yes do it asap. This way it can be done and out of the way and back to mma. But dana is stupid, will delay.

  23. Cody Snodgrass

    Holloway and kattar weren’t just “boxing”, they were kickboxing.

  24. Sean Mack

    Isnt this what robert Whittaker has done won again 2 high level fighters since his lost doesnt he deserve a rematch

  25. CanadaMoose

    Great interview

  26. Scott Beavan

    Still 720p, are you serious guys? How many billions is ESPN worth and they can't shell out for some camera's that don't look like DC is in a 90's video game.

  27. Alexander Hirst

    C'mon Gregs, you convinced me before and I had money on you for Floyd, you got a great aura right now - I'm still betting on Mystic Mac - Be good to ya fans, don't let us down


    255th comment right here 🤓guess according to comment numbers I'm finally winning at life now eh 🙈🤲😋🤣

  29. Najeeb Khan

    I don’t think Ariel has ever had a true loyal friend.

  30. Thane Vakarian

    DC scared of Max. He knows he’ll get blessed.

  31. Steelo B


  32. Deshaun Meekins

    Everybody who loses to this man got excuses 😭

  33. Emotional Content

    Does anyone really believe that Khabib retired because he’s is afraid to fight Connor? Does Conner really believe that Khabib is afraid of him? Connors mind games didn’t faze Khabib at all and Khabib beat the s#@t out of him! Khabib is afraid of no man and would still smash Connor. I hope mcgregor is focused mentally and physically and proves himself in the octagon and fights with his fists instead of his mouth because he was one of the best strikers ever.

  34. CanadaMoose

    Great interview

  35. A kind Troll

    Kattar should get up in the rankings just by resisting those 5 rounds

  36. Steelo B

    FOOKED DAT!if MAX won’t go up to fight Connor.we want Connor vs masvidal @170 he finished nate Connor couldn’t (doctor stoppage)

  37. Country Lawyer

    Holy softballs

  38. Blue Moose Orchestra

    Clearly, it'll be Conor McGregor vs Khabib 2 if Conor wins. That's the $100 million fight.

  39. Jermaine D

    Dustin will KO Connor in the 4th. We've seen Poirier get hit and come back and get it done. CM is an incredible striker but will be tired by the end of the 2nd. Then it's over with 👊

  40. Jayden Garrett

    I do agree with Daniel. You didn't see the best McGregor vs Khabib (Coke/Booze). People like to point to how inactive McGregor has been. Haters go "after 2016" because since the beginning of 2015 Conor has two more MMA fights & a boxing fight over Khabib over that same timeline. Oh, not to mention he has spent the last 2-3yrs chilling with his kids (A dad that is around.) Trust me its rough when you have a Dad but, he aint around.

  41. Dmitry Grinko

    100% Covno LOL

  42. Tony G

    Boring definitely won't be tuning in

  43. Alex B.

    mcgilicudys suit makes him look like Stephen Hawking at times

  44. CR Ri

    Keep hands up Dustin. Get through first 2 rounds, have more of a chance. Dustin boxing got better, we will see. Thank Floyd for all yo money McTap

  45. Demir Vintiere

    Keep stuttering when Khabib’s name comes up 😘😊😊

  46. TENNO Jaco

    Sign Brock Lesnar already Dana

  47. Chris Hardiman

    Ariel looks like he's been held under interrogation by the CIA in some darkened room lol

  48. Aaron Padilla

    Looking thin asf! What weight are they gonna be at?

  49. elllo govna

    Poierer is to easily hit.. hes for sure got a lot better than the first match but I still see mcgregor winning by knockout

  50. Josh

    Michael "The Glass Shard Lacerations" Chiesa

  51. Rise of Justice

    This guy, cussing Khabib. Has he no integrity and dignity. He got schooled by a non-striker. He got outclassed, he got tapped with the weakest of cranks on his neck. Khabib lost his father to covid, he lost the person who made him a man. And for Conor to call him scared after he cleaned, mopped and pasted the division, shows he is a very sad individual. And anyone who supports him is either as deranged or bitter. This man I hope gets schooled and humbled soon by Poirer if not Bring on Islam Makachev. He will destroy this liar.

  52. king kong

    It's all about khabib on mcnuggets week and he hates it

  53. Anower Hosen

    Look like khabib made him change his sounds

  54. B D

    @12:55 I saw Al at Victoria secret today

  55. Jonathan Mendoza

    DC was a laker fan 3 months ago

  56. Nick Schuman

    Max Holloway went into the avatar state in the fifth

  57. Rise of Justice

    A champion who’s never defended his belts. Real talent that is.

  58. Ricky Sovich

    Max yelling to DC.... You are eating everything I work for!! Lmao he always playin with DC

  59. Brandon Tinaza

    I hope Brian Ortega beats Volko for the belt then Max can come in and give us Ortega vs Holloway 2

  60. Rise of Justice

    ‘I’m im I’m - yeah yeah yeah’ - Khabib

  61. Nik P

    Technically Daniel Cormier is a half nugget

  62. Anand

    49:07 😂 watch Helwani's face when DC goes on a rant about Khabeeb's financial worth. The guy is dazed, on the verge of a blackout..!

  63. Gudjohnsen

    Connor feels like a more humble guy this years!

  64. Tim D

    Everyone knows the game plan is take Conor into the later rounds so he can run out of gas

  65. Josh Reilly

    Shouldn't be for the belt,Khabib just defended in November. Hopefully a dominant win by either man will bring him back to defend title.

  66. Bryan Rooney

    Nick IS the BMF. Please fight again Nick

  67. Joe B

    All the money and you can hear how he talks its not about money this man still loves to fight where gunna see a different level to conor this year

  68. Excuse My Tarot


  69. Junior Rodriguez

    That man is chilling chilling haha

  70. Sholula Alu

    How to bet on ufc im an Indian

  71. Why Watchme

    Khabib has decided that mcgregor will never be champion again.

    1. Bustopher McCumbus

      There's no such thing as a *champion in recess* in the UFC, so he'll either fight whoever's in front of him or vacate the title.

  72. Maria Nunez


  73. Jeena Garcia

    Ariel 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  74. Lewis Holford

    I really like Conor and fully understand that he fought Khabib at his best while Conor was at his worst. But to say Khabib is scared of fighting him is just silly. Khabib is 29-0 and has never even bled in the octagon.

  75. Maria Nunez

    The guy will advertise UFC again. He is a champ at that. UFC pays him to behave in a way that people looks at what he is behaving. He doesn’t fight enough fights like a real champ does.👎

  76. Graham Smith

    Still going at DC. Love it

  77. Reza M Abizar

    this boy is delusional

  78. Shiva Rainchild

    Hold on, Khabib went from not knowing what Netflix is to sharing youtube clips with DC? xD

  79. JustHappyPills

    I really like both these guys, kinda sucks one has to lose.

    1. Mitchell Cook

      Only magny fighting. Other dude just does interviews

    2. Blitzkrieg

      Feel the same way