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  1. SickoPsychic

    My brother did the same thing to me once. He said, "I bet ya can't fit into this hamper." When I got into the hamper, he shut it and I started freaking the hell out cuz I have mega claustrophobia. He was like 120 pounds at the time, so it was nothing my little 6 year old arms could break through. So what I did (and this was out of pure determination, will, and fear for my life) I used my shoulders and feet and tried to break out of the hamper by "expanding" it. I somehow broke a double-layered hardwood hamper and my parents were really mad at me :/

  2. Sam Pelizzaro

    *inhales spider* *smacks lips* *DIES*

  3. Anna Lee

    i like the animal crossing music

  4. TheDutchDerp

    stupidity is not learning at all, you were learning so there is no stupidity here

  5. Snoopy smokey

    I'm the youngest of my family

  6. Kim Cooper

    Yo I have ur memories

  7. Toren 007

    If you had infinite money and could invent anything what would you make? A plate that appeared your favorite food whenever you want. Anyone else?

  8. Yogesh Kumar


  9. Yogesh Kumar


  10. Aidan Lane


  11. YellowRose 1331

    He might upload again in 6 months

  12. Salma Hilmy II

    Aaaaa you make me laugh so hard

  13. Christopher Whitney

    Boo! Ah! Stop you could of made me drop my spaghetti!*falls down stairs* My spaghetti:(

  14. Rahma Shifa

    Ur older siblings beat you too so I called the police on my sister. You can guess what happened next >:)

  15. ꧁Gacha Yang꧂

    Who saw? 0:39

  16. Coria

    i´m so dumb i got confused in how to correctly open a door

  17. Matthew Blacksher

    I have actually met someone who doesn't like music. I found it very hard to believe, but they really don't like music.

  18. Burgerjoose _

    “A me petting machine so I don’t get lonely” -Ice Cream Sandwich

  19. Cb _

    This is the first time I’ve seen Calvin and Hobbes anywhere except for my house

  20. Salma Hilmy II

    OOO MYYY GOD.. I just fell in love 😻

  21. Olivia Novoa


  22. Wcat03blu

    M Y F A N T A

  23. Wyatt Xu


  24. Wcat03blu

    Undertale sound effects :)

  25. Grochol BLUE

    I want depression powered car bc my car will drive so fast to kill me in place when i will crash on tree

  26. Dr. Bruh

    The school sucks #schoolbad

  27. Ani's Trash Can

    I dreamt about an undertale animation before the game even came out

  28. MrGuardian

    E All who read this shall now subscribe to this man

  29. Hungermantwo

    About that oreo thing, what if instead of only the cream. it had a thin cookie exterior

  30. Chatmoon

    "I don't buy it." "Well I went out and bought it"

  31. Flewmation

    U should post like every day


    Im just like who gave this man a knife

  33. j g

    Just discovered this channel. It's awesome! Hilarious without being vulgar or annoying. It's [being the critical point] super funny! Thank you for developing such a cool channel 👏👍😎

  34. DamonWeekly memes

    This here, is content

  35. Shaker ALsalim

    When I try monkey bar I fall down and kick the monkey bar and hurt my leg

  36. DamonWeekly memes

    You can break bones without you knowing. I took a step down the stairs; broken leg.

  37. ManavIsEpic

    Thanks *i have arachnophobia*

  38. Mihin Tai

    i never ate pizza..😶

  39. Mohit Jouhari

    I had same experience where I jumped from height ( I never jumped from that height) and just to show off I jumped and almost broke both ankles. One doctor said it's a fracture and the other said it's just a sprain. I did not want to believe it was fracture so I went with later. It had been 3 years this 24 Nov. And I still feel slight pain.

  40. Kristin DeWitt


  41. LOL Game King

    you should work on asdfmovies- h o l' u p

  42. Mason Stephens

    sorry, i have no favorite music...

  43. Duck Go Quacks

    Ur dumb, i agree, me too

  44. Sarim

    I don't break my bones, I break my mind.

  45. FestiveDonut

    How bout your animation app

  46. Thompson Doble

    i have an idea for the picture of the ice cram shortwitch channel: instead of a whole pizza its is a slice of pizza to indicate that it is shorter

  47. Leah Leah

    clickbait, but it's not. what psychology technique is this? Did the youtube algorithm finally know what I want?! Edit: Just realized I'm late and its the last day of November. Shall i beg for one in the comments? or secretly stare from a distance people enjoy their tiny ice cream sandwich enjoying a pizza

  48. GGianni

    A C Q U I R E P R O D U C T

  49. josh pugsley

    ive broke 2 bones but on both pain levels were 0

  50. Shandi Fey

    Him galking about the moon: My brain: is space even real?! "Panic ensues"

  51. Ichigo Kurizaki

    I’m the youngest because i’m an only child (P.S I got a phone at 7 years of age)

  52. Quirky View

    I have had a similar experience 3 times, dreaming of something and then it happened later and I remembered dreaming about it right after it happened every time. If you want a non-psychic explanation for your dream, maybe the camera barely started to shift downward before you jumped off one time and didn't notice, but your subconscious did.

  53. Artist Wannabe

    Sometime I do the headphone thing bc somehow my ears hurts when I wear headphone for a long time but in my house ofc bc I’m not an a hole😀

  54. Mr. guy

    Dunno if it's just me but i hate food fights. I just can't forget that there are people starving in this world even when i'm wasting just a tiny bit of food.

  55. Zachary Glover

    I had a dream like this about the movie Box Trolls years before it was released.

  56. Insoy

    Hi, I've watched this multiple times now. This is wholesome

  57. Kira Burney

    I don’t know I’ve avoided getting kidnapped a few times simply cause my gut told me something wasn’t right. But maybe I just have common sense I don’t know. I’ve just learned that if something doesn’t feel right it probably isn’t.

  58. Kingsley Dice

    Oddly, many things like this often "fly over my head", as my parents/sibling would say. Even stranger, I have an IQ of 167, but combine that with Asperger's, and I literally have no sense of humor, sarcasm, etc. So, this definitely was understandable to me.

  59. MinerDiamondGamer


  60. Adam Fox

    My friend doesn't like pizza 🍕

  61. Undava

    You actually press the left bumper

  62. Hunter George

    Sprains are worse because the sprained bone will never be the same it will always be weak

  63. Hunter George

    The pain never stops once you break it comes back like how dare you forget you broke me now let me hurt you again and again and again the pain NEVER STOPS

  64. Hunter George

    This is also me but I have a special state I call Dave he is me but when I reach critical mass of stupidity to the point where I cant talk or anything I also black out and get funny stories from my friends when it happens also fun fact I was in math one day and having problems as o do figuring it out then ot clicked in me and I knew what to do for all of 1 secound then I completely forgot how to do it also my math teacher once asked me what 18-5 was (for a section of a geometry question) so I was like hmmm 18+5 is 13 so I told him it was 13 was I correct yes but at the same time no I can go on with more times I go through moments of enlightenment over small things that everyone should know well I could if I remembered them but I'm sure you know the feeling from you're video now I shall go off and regret my decision of taking AP chemisty quantum mechanics are mean to me and my small brain I no have big wrinkle I got smooth brain

  65. Jeffrey Zhuang

    machine that pops your entire body and all of its joints then have arthritis

  66. Kaitlyn Hernandez

    I have seen this video many times. It is 11pm right now. I should be asleep. Instead, I am watching this video. Do you know how good something has to be for me to not just forgo sleep but to also forgo sleep for something I've seen before? And I didn't just get this in my recomendeds. Nah. I searched for square brain. Cuz I needed to wheeze so loud, at night, that I scared my cat out of a deep sleep. That is how good this video is. Edit: and now I'm going to watch it again.

  67. Pumpkin The Protogen

    You know I've had the type of dreams and it was places I would see like a few months or even years later

  68. 13


  69. Mr. McMemerMan

    Yeah, teachers are very lazy when it comes to punishments.

  70. gioyu comi

    I like how he just a s c e n d e d at the end

  71. Mr. McMemerMan

    Where are my free Bobux?

  72. Turtle Believer

    I was a kid and I heard a vacuum and I ran hit my leg on a toy box thing and my leg was NUMB for 5 DAYS

  73. Rachel Kim

    I am the oldest but I am the shortest

  74. Jackson and Carter's Paranormal Channel

    What was the music used in the beginning of the video? Just curious because it sounds good

  75. :\

    This is a mood, y'know.

  76. big dizzy

    4:46 trust

  77. Pokefan 473

    I do what I’m told

    1. gioyu comi

      W h a t I f s o m e o n e 3 D p r i n t s i t

  78. Whatevertv42

    I’m gonna freak out if/when you are on the left side of the video

  79. Rachel Buchen

    Nothing you mentioned made me think you weren't smart... well maybe the math, but like... everyone messes up the math sometimes. And everyone takes time to figure out why things are called what they are called. I didn't realize for a long time a ponytail (hairstyle) was called that because it looks like a horse's tail. But I was taught the phrase ponytail when I was like 2 and of course I never questioned it cause thats not what 2 year olds do. Then that shit just gets suck in your brain that way forever and it takes someone else to point it out to you, which happens rarely because why would people just say a "ponytail is like a pony's tail" when they think everyone thinks its obvious. Long message.... point is, I cant stand it when people call themselves dumb for this stuff. It's normal.

  80. Parakeet Animations

    Ice cream sandwich: thank you *ad starts*