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  1. MP_YTP

    It’s not April fools day and I can’t tell if this is a joke or not😂

  2. mushroom head

    Put RGB in the mask lol

  3. Gautham Krishna.H

    One thing I appreciate about masks right now is that I can make all sorts of faces without anyone’s notice

  4. Sensai Saitama

    7.1 Breath

  5. David the penguin

    Why is my wallet running away

  6. Owenfang Lewiswoop

    Now can u make me a gaming fridge

  7. Kanthana Wachirasrisirikul

    Where i can buy this in thailand ?

  8. notDestroyer

    And it only costs 300$

  9. Caos09

    People in 5 years: Thats how Razer corporation begin gain influence in industrial machine production, consumer products, health foods, the transportation industry, tourism, cosmetics, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. It's when their labs created the beta virus or B-virus that caused the current zombie pandemic.

  10. paguze

    hey i want this

  11. Punnatut Aroonpanlop

    Welp time to breath at 60 fps and don’t forget to add some ray tracing to the world with RTX

  12. tox1cxxx

    Fake for razer

  13. HRu [Official]

    finally, breathe without bottlenecking

  14. Jon Pelton

    It isn't even April yet why the April fool's vid already

  15. Mushby

    So for gamers?

  16. Beastly

    the mask is RGB wtf

  17. El Gi

    can you gnostic hymn using razer gold?

  18. OCTO HAM

    The only bad thing with this mask is that it’s translucent it would look cooler if it was not

  19. Yeetboy748

    did anyone realize it was uploaded in April 1st :/

  20. Seth Kun

    The battery bloats after 4 hours of use

  21. OSDownfall

    Bruh no thanks lol

  22. NUNOX

    Take my money <3

  23. Andreas 282

    Its still too fast for april fool

  24. Levi Bull

    Yes but when you breath out Is it going to be a propulsion of air that can help covid spread further ..... Just wondering cause that was the problem with n95 masks

  25. phntmz_

    *breathes in rgb*

  26. Lemonadetv

    hope it works

  27. Dark Ron

    not enough rgb

  28. IG0Rツ

    whats more uselees the bred toast or the mask

  29. Daniel Baker

    People seriously worry about CO2 poisoning in a mask?

  30. KGF_V1P3R

    Teacher: Why are you so late for school? *sorry i had to charge my mask*

  31. Anxiety

    this is a new gen of gaming 60 fps 8k omg

  32. John Deutsch


  33. Lalith

    Hope this mask lets me speak faster to finally beat my gf at her argument

  34. exSerce

    When you actually can read the equations at 1:17 *wait* *this* *is* *wrong*

  35. Damian Cables


  36. 베니Bennie

    120 breaths per second

  37. Lalith

    I hope my voice won't lag or shutter


    What if it’s raining is it ruined?

  39. Kurt Brasen liwanag

    i can now breath in 4k

  40. Andrew W

    Horribly produced i couldnt even finish the video cuz of that shitty loud music

  41. L .j

    Only for $200

  42. The Aslan

    when will it come out and how much will it be

  43. Carlos Matielli

    The correct thing in the wrong moment

  44. Dieguini_2K

    i thought it was a VR .__.

  45. Master GamingYT

    Nobody: Razer: RGB Mask

  46. J P

    Damn.. can’t hear shit u selling because of your drown out music

  47. Gazzy 98m

    Finally i can breathe RGB

  48. bravedog

    Does seem cool with good features but is a major cashgrab. It's probably planning on being around 110$ and im not willing to spend that much for a face mask.

  49. Calby BBQ

    The rgb helps filter out 99.9% corona

  50. Vinayak Nagyan

    Can you play cyberpunk 2077 on it ?

  51. ❤Miruhara❤

    Does it RGB tho?

  52. Chrys amarione Idorot

    a powerful mask

  53. Elias C.

    And it only costs $6000

  54. igamingpublic

    music is loud

  55. RushNReady


  56. Preston Leesburg

    I thought this was fake it looks so dumb on your face

  57. Multi Popcorn

    No ones gonna use this you would just be bullied

  58. Mend

    Don’t worry guys, their calendar had an error Like why would a gaming company make masks...right?

    1. awexeee

      what's wrong with that? it looks amazing and it probably is

  59. Holy Fatboi101

    That thing must be able contain my puked blood after I bought them

  60. wuhto

    I breathe at 240 fps.

  61. Davido Loco

    man this would've been nice A WHOLE GODDAMN YEAR AGO when the pandemic wasn't almost over

  62. Jumbie & MHR

    How mucho? What is the denaro?

  63. GiraffeNoise11

    When is this coming out? I need to know.

  64. Beanle

    is it 0.5ms?

  65. DeclawedTV

    Wtf are u doing you're a gaming company and you can't even make a mouse that lasts a year why are you taking health into your hands LMFAOOOOO

  66. Yog Sothoth

    The RGB is what actually stops the virus

  67. Earth Bday

    6,000$ I say it’s ganna be ( prob more)

  68. Red_Phantom DXD


  69. brutalikcz

    Better not to wear mask at all.

  70. bad aim Parker

    Does this actually have rgb. I wanted it before I saw that lol


    I want one😁😁

  72. 57mph

    “For gamers by gamers” I don’t know man


    60 breathe per second

  74. Zac Gilbert

    So how long was this in develop for ?? Before covid ?

  75. Chad Plays