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  1. ʕ ́• ᴥ•̥`ʔStrxwberry

    Viv should have won a lot more challenge

  2. yessenia perez


  3. Joshua Formentera

    izzy ❤️

  4. Joshua Thompson

    Thumb nail: not a picture Me: but you had to take a picture

  5. Lauren Weisbrodt

    Team make why jAke

  6. Shamil Saufi

    Hello zhc i am your fan from Malaysia I hope you can do the video everyday cause your video is very best

  7. soinu foig

    all the money for it I would love to be an artist like ZHC one day!💙 Love your vids!

  8. Trisha Crawford

    Viv loves elephants 😂😂

  9. 郑芳芳

    I like chewing gum but I don’t like chewing it for too long

  10. isaiah ocampo

    i hate zhc he is annoying but he do he a player in this video

  11. mikin lirou

    I miss the old videos with Leo when you customized phones for celebrities I feel like you should do team rar

  12. Hayden holston

    Of you and machel

  13. Hayden holston

    Can you make one for me Plzz 🥺

  14. Selena Luu

    Hi ZHC

  15. Abrie Smiles

    I love fish oil!!! I bite them every time! There sooooooo good! My favorite vitamin!

  16. Finley Hehe

    This is disgusting 🤢🤮🤢

  17. Harpreet Kaur

    ZHC:I just bought Paris.TiMe To CuStOmIzE!

  18. Little Nightmares fanboi

    I would make Kermit

    1. mikin lirou

      Hey dude I found a painting of you in the mountains of nepal 🏔️🤔

  19. iamReallyLonely24

    I mean adho evernew

  20. iamReallyLonely24

    Please give me a ps5 and a new tv cause mine broke and a head set please i had never had a tv but i live in Minnesota 1686 that the adress and the street is adoh eve

  21. Nepali DK

    Zhc. to jhaansi wali kya main ke do

  22. Mina Hsueh

    Blue Berry guy: if u lose you have to use your left hand Me:sure I’m left handed 😏

  23. laran maclarin

    Omg you guys are the best

  24. Jezabel Saavedra

    It hit me when vic said or a car so I don't have to walk anymore 😭🖐️

  25. ty_game

    Jake's invention is already made

  26. Delia Pena

    Zhc come to my house pls

    1. soinu foig

      I subscribed

  27. jelleneth panopio

    i like jaz

  28. xxx12_YT

    Ok so nobody goin to talk about it being only 12:00

    1. xxx12_YT

      Ugh 11:00

    2. xxx12_YT

      I mean 10:00

  29. Gabrielle Cowlay

    ZHC idk if you would see this but can you make-(I made this up btw) make the group build something out of Rice crispy treats.

  30. Holly B

    Can you please do you mezerg some shoes and other stuff

  31. X_Dragontrainer_X5820

    I wanted Izzy to win

  32. Camila Garcia

    Can I just say how viv and Mackenzie have some big drama going on

  33. Cherry Pellerin Nickels

    Makenzie kinda deserved to win bc she was being tormented the whole video

  34. Cherry Pellerin Nickels

    Every challenge in zhc be like win the Rock Paper Scissors and you can keep your house

  35. Cherry Pellerin Nickels

    There’s a penny for ya

  36. Beck and Jolie Salinger

    i will never be able to draw that well omg

  37. Pixel ._.

    It's the color hair gang :)

  38. Daniel Vargas

    And pls show us your art work when you were lilttle i would't be impressed.........BECAUSE you are......AMAZING!

  39. Daniel Vargas

    And i have a chanllenge for you guys could you and your team make my profile pic for youtube on ANYTHING you want =) i am a big fan of zhc, zhc crafts ans zhc shorts.GO ARTISTS =)

  40. Daniel Vargas

    i sub bc of this vid you welcome viv keep up the good work with your team

  41. Kathleen Tupper

    Vic I think viv

  42. gamer cool


  43. Robert Haines

    Wow you guys are good at hair too

  44. Ana Carter

    The stingy temper conformably grin because wasp cumulatively melt afore a agonizing end. awesome, colorful george

  45. Leo Mendez

    i lake they dragón

  46. Camilah Rodriguez


  47. MiOLsam

    I subscribe 5 million yrs ago, not yet in your video. Bruuuuuhhhhhh

  48. Ana Carter

    The sable brother-in-law differently dry because pastry literally clap athwart a low swimming. bizarre, measly meal

  49. Barneyrules 345

    This is so disgusting

  50. Alberto Rangel

    Hey ZHC Dont lisent to that Micheal shes not real, if it was really her she would had a Checkmark

  51. Alberto Rangel


  52. Kathleen Fullerton

    me: i already know all of there youtube i am going to sub to all of them anyway!

  53. Cindy Gonzalez

    Viv should have won

  54. Anon. girls40

    EVERYONE Subscribe to ZHC 🥺❤️

  55. Paisley Allain


    1. Paisley Allain


  56. MMBD Chronicles

    Can I be in a video

  57. Alexis Simmering

    5:56 made me laugh

  58. Jose Fernandez

    Can Uggoyre

  59. Justin Kamm

    Like I just subscribed to it so do I get money pls🥺

  60. martha lopez


  61. Ashraf Wade

    6:47 LOL

  62. Gachagirl_cookie Cookie

    Can I be inside one of your videos, ive been subscribed for longer than ik. And I really love art and your channel! Keep up the amazing work!

  63. Maria de Jesus Galdamez Argueta

    I love vivs paying

  64. Justin Kamm

    Michelle’s artwork was lowkey the best

  65. Tracy Wu

    Omg- Just realized me and my sis have been watching this for 7 time 😂

  66. Omar Valdivia

    i liked the paintings

  67. Alyssa M.

    Am I the only one who enjoys fish oil-

  68. Dima El Habet

    I ship Carl and jazz😂

  69. HDKris22 Gameng

    Hey you ZHC mey Skateboard is broken😭💔

  70. Amelia Rechag


  71. Steven Best

    I honestly liked Jaz's the best

  72. Dazzling Daisy

    You deserve more then a billion dollar you deserve 999.00000000

  73. William Haines

    ZHC can you pls do a video on helping us to draw

  74. Ive the best 89


  75. Jonathan christie

    Hey you Should use sour gumballs

  76. Ari Boo

    ZHC: “Anything you paint, I will give you” Me: Paints an apple iphone a new ipad a new apple pencil and 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 dollars

  77. Sujane Rathish

    Where is Viv?

  78. Zakir Ellahi


  79. Nicholas Giovanni Giannantonio

    Mr. Beast made in China

  80. Noah Berk

    Who noticed at the intro there was a typo on 100,000. It said 100,00