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  1. Mariya Bush

    3:21-3:33 hit different 🦄

  2. Jamari McClish

    Bro I live in lancaster Idek they played them

  3. deformed donkey

    i'm 14 and i'm 6'4 but my dad is 5'6 and my mom is 5'3

  4. Brittany Sims

    he said it was Julians fault he was late that is cap

  5. A I

    What happened to the eating tacos with tako fall video


    7:19 that little kid on the court😂🤣

  7. kai dont care

    June 26

  8. Millie Jones

    Why do people have to be so horrible, he isn't cocky, he is incredibly talented, he probably does train 8 hours a day because he wants to be the best, stop being horrible, he has worked hard all his life and he deserves to be the best in the world. He doesnt deserve all these hate comments and rude people being horrible to him. He may be homeschooled and he may have alot of money but talent comes from hardwork, not money, ok yes he may have enough money to get personalised training and whatever but he still had to work hard to get as good as he is, even if you gave the richest person in the world the time and facilities, they still have to work hardtk achieve their goals. KEEP GOING CHASE, LOOKING FORWARD TO SEEING YOU IN THE 2026 WORLD CUP, YOU CAN ACHIEVE EVERYTHING

  9. H10 K

    People r hating on this kid I get y but u can’t just say he is rich and poor people would do a lot better but he does have quality and I bet he could beat u in a match

  10. ImJustOmar

    9:49 - 10:42 sounds almost exactly like Favbl's Demon To A Ghost. Just listen to the music.

  11. Erl Teague

    The pale sleep univariately reduce because children equally share lest a minor jet. upbeat, whimsical regret

  12. Koeit

    Imagine high school James in this lmfao. Shit would be a joke

  13. officialEnvyClanleader

    That boy melo landing on his arm hard that was hurt

  14. Zion Muhammad

    Why does this look like it was recorded on a droid

  15. Ethan-Cole Sipapate

    Some more Jalen Green

  16. Chase of Spades

    Part of the reason he’ll never go anywhere. “I get a bucket, THEY get a bucket” then it’s the “team” who starts turning the ball over.

  17. NFl Rankings

    Another rich girl music vid that’s always ends up being shit

  18. Esco 24

    when being thirsty goes wrong

  19. Bens NBA and nfl videos

    “I came from the trenches bro”

  20. Spazzin

    That mans has a zen

  21. Darren La Rosa

    Bro when the next ep I’ve been waiting ot?????

  22. Quazygrabri

    Who feels mikes gettin to much clout no disrespect or nothin but man

  23. Quazygrabri

    Is this guy really injured cuz he was goin craz

  24. Jaydin Charleson

    Well all know why Julian like to go get his back rubbed 😂

  25. Jaden YJ Teng

    Why do I feel that Mikey Williams height isn’t increasing at all


      because its not he just has bounce

  26. Zuhayr Saleh

    Mikey: Comes on as a sub Overtime: Noooooooooooooo wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  27. Jordan Parker Show - Personal Finance & Investing

    Looks like me in high school except it doesn’t

  28. SpicyyHotJ

    Melo when I first saw him: my name is mello and I get buckets Me: you mean braces ooooooo Me now: my bad I didn’t mean it

  29. Joe Bob

    Ya no one gonna stop u bro u 6 foot 10

  30. E K

    That boy is one of my biggest inspirations. All good to you Chase!

  31. BigDug 101

    5:27 people just walking in wondering why game 7 of the NBA finals is happening

  32. Dank_Alpaca 702

    Meechie is like alex caruso no cap

  33. Simão Carneiro


  34. ProDoc18

    This kids gonna be short when he’s older. Calling it right now

  35. jeong seok

    ganzi zirine

  36. Chyro

    Step 1: have 9999999999999999999999999999999$ dollars

  37. Abdelrahman Fawzy

    Doja is cute <3

  38. Yt qt kyro

    Did anyone hear pumpkin

  39. MemeTastic Inc.

    You can underwork you can overwork or you can develop the mamba Mentality and do all things

  40. bouytt guyt

    8:19 oh shii he’s alive

  41. BaseAttic 01

    at 5:55 he double dribbled by accident

  42. Fa’aaliga Ualita

    That football kid will definitely make it to a D1 school but not Julian lmao

  43. Xiyea Official

    Oh wow this song is actually good when you turn off the volume

  44. DeyluvvJD

    "he sick but that didn't let it stop him" he not sick all he did was throw up 😂😂 prolly was jus working hard😂

  45. Amartey Tv

    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God god bless:)

  46. Amartey Tv

    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God. god bless :)

  47. Amartey Tv

    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God. god bless :)

  48. Supaa

    3:33 poor kid got elbowed in the face 💀

  49. Amartey Tv

    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God. god bless :)

  50. Amartey Tv

    Read your bible and praise Jesus and God. god bless :)

  51. Moosnax

    51:40 when ppl up north try to be someone from kentucky and down

  52. Joseph Stalin JoeStar

    He looks like a mutated minecraft skeleton

  53. hahahaha hahahaha

    lamelo dont run it 😂💀😭

  54. 1kUnwanted

    Overtime be all over Mikey meat, but good stuff though no cap

  55. weed man

    You never see him in the nba real talk jbh

  56. Radu Yamu

    Is it illegal to film in the locker room?

  57. Alejandro Reyes

    Jamie get kinda annoying like he acts like jaden is good at basketball or she’s a princess and there are not close to being the best hoopers and Julian is only known cause he short asf

  58. Lil Energy


  59. Rob

    Needs to go to Australia

  60. Just A Gamer

    The acting is so bad😂

  61. Carlton Mobile

    I love nle

  62. Nicola Bean

    The handy mother-in-law developmentally challenge because activity especially wish within a motionless wallaby. lazy, terrific cathedral

  63. Marcus Martinez

    Like the snooki from highschool musical made a song

  64. Kandice Wiltshire

    Coulda swore I saw Chris staples

  65. Reckless Jit

    I thought he got that in 2020😭 idk maybe I’m trippin

    1. bouytt guyt

      Mikey: breaths crowd: LETS GO MIKEY LETS GO MIKEY

  66. Denver Callahan

    Dude gets on my damn nerves 10:54 lol

  67. ForThe Ball

    Lake Norman is playing better match after match 🔥👏🏽