1. General Mango

    He is basically like Zoro from OP. He is really awesome and good at the game but has one really bad flaw lol

  2. jmarth mondares

    scarra looks like big ed

  3. Chocolatiey Boo

    Machine: too fast. Corpse: wAnNa sEe sOmE reAL sPeEd?

  4. Kokichi Winchester

    32 failed times to be exact

  5. Xychoz Nyte

    This man is a legend


    i dont get it is he doing it on prps or what?like i dun gt it its the task that is the easiest ofall

  7. シᑭOIՏOᑎ

    The card slide: Too fast, try again Corpse: *wanna see some real speed*

  8. cajually

    When your one of the best imposters... but you fail card swipe for 4 rounds

  9. ERUPT_DC Clan2

    I love his voice

  10. Spaceflight

    Bruh his voice is deeeeeeeeeeeeep. I'm currently trying to do master an impression of him to freak my family out.

  11. Joseph Mirosevic


  12. -_- HeterosexualityNotFound

    I was wondering why it was going so fast but then 8 realized it was on 2x playback speed-

  13. softygyeom

    pewds is so funny 😂😂

  14. softygyeom

    4:41 "good win" 😂😂😂😂

  15. Videoz For Fun

    Card swipe at 3:03, 6:10, 8:15, 11:07, 13:49 Finally succeeds at 13:49 Thank me later. You're welcome.

  16. Mareing Kautu

    Bro you dont need to swear dude

  17. Abilawa andamari

    Man, Pewds among us friend group is actually so chill. They even made up a hide n seek round just for fun.

  18. ae crago


  19. Jadelinne Salinas


  20. xXeEvEe4lifeXx

    I'm one of the ones that get the card swipe on the first try :>


    dudes voice so deep, it makes satan seem like a joke

  22. 11clock

    I think I know why you keep failing card swipe. Here is a hint: it rhymes with “moo last.”

  23. Neo_ Rose2026

    I can tell corpse wanted to just cry cuz he cant do the card swipe hehe

  24. Shadow Yt

    "every1 should watch anime atleast once" me:justdontwatchsilverspoonorcoconopico

  25. Lau Kai Sheng

    petition to make corpse the next smurf narrator 👇

  26. Adelle Stapleton

    Corpse’s laugh has killed my depression.

  27. Zone FN

    it was so funny when he kept failing card swipe😂😐

  28. Maitrik Patel

    What luck, he emptied trash twice and nobody was paying attention.

    1. C4MPER

      They have visuals off

  29. DANDGG

    Yo bro, can you sing some song, like Renai circolation? Please...

  30. rifty fishy

    38 times exactly

  31. rifty fishy

    38 times exactly

  32. Nate 112

    nearly 4 mil views tho so basically failed in front of 4 mil people

  33. Nate 112

    do it like u swipe to pay in the olden days

  34. Nate 112

    ive only failed my card swipes 4 times

  35. Constance

    Corpse was the cutest in this stream☺️

  36. boarman36

    Okay bros for sure doing that for content

  37. Mr HatDude

    Corpse should learn the term "deadass" in every language

  38. Jasiu654

    1:11 I love how everyone has so good quality, and then HE shows up- the biggest youtuber ever xDD

  39. OMG That Just Happened

    I hate swipe card

  40. Joshua Balmores

    2:09 Jack: it's scarra hundred percent Scarra(shook): Excuuuse me? I was killed?

  41. James Kim

    This is basically a cut up VOD of some funny moments from one of the first Among Us streams we ever did awhile ago <3

  42. Pio Dulce

    bro im kinda triggered that he failed that

  43. James Kim

    The fact that corpse admits his the imposter and still wins but fails at card swipe is the most iconic shit ever.

  44. Student Composer

    It’s not even that hard

  45. Gianna K

    Everyone: Being Smart And Trying To Figure Out Who The Impostor Is- CORPSE: crying because he can’t swipe the card

  46. joyce

    Im so happy corpse found his people !!

  47. Joe Russek

    corpse and his signature move

  48. LocalSide Scripter

    I think the max I've swiped card is 2-3 times

  49. brielle101

    Issa whole graveyard

  50. Mad Hatters

    XD The trick to card swipe is to hold it at the end. Hold it for like 2-3 seconds.

  51. isis mendez

    Corpse just does the tactic where he turns anyone against anyone quietly. It’s amazing

  52. Slurpp

    1:22 fuslie’s cat runs like naruto

  53. Lieke Joosting

    The flash: I’m the fastest man alive Corpse: hold my card

  54. Justan S

    .2mph is way too fast

  55. Lieke Joosting


  56. Aubrey

    Bro you just have to go slow the first half and then fast the the second half

  57. ViVous _

    To make up for his god-tier skill as imposter he is functionally unable to do this one task

  58. Destiny Samples

    Watching this live honestly killed me🤣🤣🤣

  59. Gaby

    the fact that he gets so nervous is so precious

  60. Gaby

    corpse really said: "you wanna see sum real speeeed"

  61. Catalina

    so who's gonna tell corpse those are wolf ears 🧍🏽‍♀️

  62. Hyper

    Poki is sooo pretty 🥺🥺🥺🥺

  63. TreasureTV Jackson

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  64. TreasureTV Jackson

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  66. Laro 417

    I dunno how u feel bout feedback, but wouldn‘t it be better if you put the facecams on the side there would technically be enough space and it wouldn’t cut out as much as it does at the bottom? Just tryna give good feedback. Love your vids!


    Search corpse you will find his music it’s fire

  68. jaemin's pokpok

    if someone could link the whole stream of corpse's pov here, that'd be greatly appreciated :)

  69. Yen Munoz

    the clip we've all been waiting for: 3:02 & 3:20 & 8:14

  70. DJ Dem

    Gotta love when Sykkuno dies but Corpse called Sykkuno sus so it probably isn't Corpse BUT- y'know gotta love that Card-Swipe

  71. Abby Tucker

    wait I literally played with u omg!!

  72. hoivan banla

    I love how passive-aggressive Corpse is "Hey Corpse, about that card swipe.." "Yeah, I've failed it 15 times so far, what about it?" "Corpse is giving me sus vibes" "You give me sus vibes" I love him omfh wededuh

    1. about49snails

      Nice copy paste nerd real original

  73. Geeky Cat

    he failed card swipe exactly 32 times, not counting the little clip from when jack was talking

  74. Josephine C

    You have to slowly drag the card across the thing LOL and hold it at the end

  75. Dr3amcatch3r

    Whenever I play this game the card swipe is my downfall. One time I had it as the last task and everyone else was just running around me like lunatics while I just kept failing it

  76. Jaylynn Bright Eyes


  77. Jaylynn Bright Eyes


  78. Lilly Wright

    I love Leslie's cat just running around in the background

  79. i need bred

    bruh do it fast three times while still holding it.

  80. Shush

    i laughed way too hard at “it’s killing time” literally the most unfortunate moment lmaoooo