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  1. Dmanboy2025

    What did you major in college ?

  2. Heidi Hinderman


  3. The unlucky Family

    This is the best chanel on USfilm for me like he's really funny

  4. GrayestGorgon55

    "Y'all listened to a screaming skittle"

  5. Karthik Story Time

    My favorite part of the video is that the ghost slammed the door

  6. ynrfh uwhiv j ebrkevjgjv

    Hi bro sup


    How you fail lunch tho 🤣🤣🤣

  8. Flamingo Fan 1#

    sauce 1/4 uh what you want to order uh no you can't have water cups cuz you ain't gonna get water huh taking your time get a number 5 only thing I'm loving the the clock hits 5 you you can get my socks I don't care if you're struggling dis McDonald but no I'm not loving it soo.

  9. Cherry Lundgren

    The 'Ok, Millennial'... classic

  10. Karthik Story Time

    Kyle you are the best

  11. Pug Man

    I showed this to my dad and cracked up laughing

  12. OTF Juxstify

    I'll play ya'll like chess imagine losing is my favorite part

  13. Robyn Batman


  14. Sour Buddies Gaming

    damn bro this my 1st vid im watching from u ima definetly sub.

  15. Its_jason_BTW YT

    If you ain't green like me you just a knock off that's my favourite part old reply to my comment

  16. Ethan ProStar

    Has to be one of the most 🔥 Raps I’ve heard from you bro

  17. Fluffbomb 347


  18. Vex got Editz

    where is it on spotify.

  19. Asauni Diaz

    This lit

  20. Mimi Zamira

    Can you please rap with this name Zemira pls I subscribe and hit that Bell button

  21. Alex Amato

    **Welcome to the Space Association** Here, we talk about: Space Rockets Tanks Games Planes Helicopters Planets Stars and Much More! **So Come on and Join To Check It Out** discord.gg/zPqh6xZt6r

  22. JTGames andMom

    The best thing in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Somai Russell

    That’s how they be so true

  24. Journee Burse

    From laughing to breaking the phone so funny

  25. FlopyNoodle

    I would like a shoutout

  26. tigo

    Yo get this to 500k likes

  27. FlopyNoodle

    I love your videos Kyle they funny as hell

  28. Amari Goodwill

    Ay ay ay ay ay ay ay ay yo yo yo

  29. Cdark YT

    Study drop make it drop Love you!

  30. Target_edge

    mo one talking bout how the vid is 4:20 minutes long? no? Ok theennn

  31. Flamingo Fan 1#

    How is there so many of you

  32. Amari Goodwill

    Chicken wings chick3n wings hot dog and boloni chicken and macaroni chillin with the homies

  33. Flamingo Fan 1#

    How Is There 3 of you

  34. Jk Kingdom

    Yup the ladss 🇮🇪 Ireland

  35. Dakotah Tyler

    Oh my gosh! It’s my sister and I!

  36. U33_

    Mom and dad are arguing again



  38. Erey Ajayi

    Aye call do a giveaway nd give me somethin😁😁 Av being a sub since last 2 yrs nd av watched all ur vids

  39. Captain Glance

    I just played kahoot with my math teacher and I got first with the name Kyle Exum

  40. Natalie Crawford


  41. Christopher Raymor


  42. Coolpanda BTW


  43. Brody G


  44. bushybacon1122

    Best thing about Kahoot! I ever head best thing ever

  45. Shadow - Z

    The good beats tho

    1. Shadow - Z

      And bare

  46. Mujana Sudi

    Killed this

  47. Astral G

    4M not no 1M

  48. Wolf Queen

    Nobody: Not even 2090 century: The child: u listened to a screaming Skittle?

  49. Daniel Jarbath

    Give this man an SSS+

  50. MonkeyPlays


  51. Kurupted spamer

    POV: it’s 2020

  52. 2cool 4u

    My favorite part was when the little kid said, "Sorry, I don't speak broke anymore." HAHAHA

  53. k a e l y n

    3:31 is when it starts

  54. Lorenzo

    What’s the song at 5:06???

  55. Bob Man

    When he left school he forgot his phone

  56. Jesse Nosa

    Good luck responding

  57. Rico Calva

    When that breakdown with only drums and 808s hit was crazy

  58. Jesse Nosa

    This is one of funniest video I watch this year keep up the good work

  59. Føxy Uchiha

    “Yall listen to a screaming skittle?” Lmfao

  60. andris _xo_xo


  61. Grand Children

    One sus two sus red sus blue sus hahaha

  62. DrhpTudaco

    i dare you to sing patlayam devam

  63. Torr_Lethal


  64. Blade Power

    This song is actually 🔥 just like ur skits

  65. ToonFireboy

    All those people who disliked are his classmates who got the question wrong and are mad

  66. Uncultured Swan

    Why is this popping up in my recommended...3 years later

  67. wolf x savage country


  68. Now that's sinister plushtrap

    HEY SIR! yeah? Did you just dip your donut in your coffee? yeah why? GET OUT! ok but.. GET OUT! *sigh says no dunkin' donuts

  69. Nathaniel Arevalo

    My Brother And Sister are the ones that try to get me introblue for SOME SHIT DID NOT EVEN DO

  70. Big noob lol

    these people destroyed the like button wait im not the youtuber

  71. MysticalYTOfficial


  72. Saul Martinez

    So lite