I'm JoCat! I am a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and hobbyist animator.
Known as the J in HIJEK: usfilm.info/cold/vmCD9D9pbS-Q7NIUMX5OGg.html
I post a video (almost) every week!
I also stream on twitch where I play games or do art or maybe even work on future videos. come watch! - www.twitch.tv/jocat

Here I do videos that I feel like making, including:

Character Creator Critique - a look at the positives and negatives of different games character creators.

A Crap Guide - sit down and shut up while JoCrap learns you all the ins and outs of different games, hobbies, and anything else that tickles your pickle.

J-Overly Edited - a lets play with more editing than is ever necessary for a single video.

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  1. SlaterReactsHD

    Since some DM’s allow a Gunslinger subclass or whatever it’s called... *B I G I R O N O N H I S H I P*

  2. m3x0r4x

    I like both girls and boys so double prize for me

  3. nikkicoyotie

    are artificer decks no longer a thing? Or are colourless lands gone? Also, I'm sure they'll have an exploding cookie in their next rendition of unglued... HAHAHAAHAHAHA I'm old. ._.

  4. HumbleVladimirTheGreat

    meanwhile, on the opposite side of the "having standards" spectrum usfilm.info/fire/g5eGZ6iLqsuY1LI/video.html

  5. Pablo Tort

    Well this is akward

  6. Isaac BlackBerry

    That was smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth

  7. Carter McGrath


  8. TheMike0088

    who is the singing ditty girl on the right? She seems super familiar.

  9. halo1011998

    beautiful references and video man

  10. Dragon Denki

    is this how we prove we're not gay now?

  11. facundo torres

    Nearly 3 million views

  12. TheMightyOtaku

    This shit is perfect! The antithesis of my being. ❤

  13. Actor Man

    Me when women

  14. SIKE

    mans been saying what I have since I came out the womb

  15. Tau Empire

    0:27 hmmmmmmmm this reminds me of something....but I don't know what....*hmmmmmmm*

  16. Saintu

    Lohse!!!!!!!!!!!! im so glad she's here aaaaaaa

  17. SuperCaitball

    Lesbian anthem right here.

  18. Nekoamai

    Every time this pops up in my recommend I need to watch it, this is my religion

  19. Nicholas Pilon

    hey peepee poopoo watermelon can be funny if it came out of nowhere and is completely unrelated

  20. Nox

    Someone should make an fnf mod

  21. Fr33man Health

    I'l take everything exept the small chest and 6 packs

  22. Gabriel Medeiros

    9:38 nice arm bro

  23. Ari

    I'm glad to see lesbians have an anthem now

  24. Sevkips EMBaguck

    I see

  25. THE END終野