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  1. Jerry Newberry

    This statement about Trump, the wall, and the virus, just exposed your prejudice. The virus was getting attention that was proper and timely. You do NOT live in Texas where we have to support illegal crossings, crossers, and raise, educate, feed and employ a tsunami of criminals comming across our borders made legal only by whim and word of one party to the detriment of many border states for the support of socialistic ideas. Get your sxxt together and think!

  2. MisterMAYHEM935


  3. tura

    i think his BEST role is Kai Anderson only because how much work he put into that role. Cult was his best season because he played 6 characters and they were all murderers. he went through so much trauma and work with Kai and playing Manson was also traumatizing for Evan.

  4. Andile Jila

    Only here for scream Queens

  5. Amir Saqaei

    I actually don't want nothing with aliens

  6. ᴛʜᴇ ʜᴏsᴛ

    Jimmy is on the dust again...

  7. Christopher

    I have never seen this series. This break down makes it seem to convoluted for me to even want to attempt now. The whole series can be summarized with “cocaine is a hell of a drug” and that would be fine with me

  8. Will E Jones

    I hope this dude gets to play Mephiso.

  9. Scot Hancock

    Thank you guys! JAIMME BREWER! To me, she is one of the best actresses on AHS. In actuality, she is always fighting to show today’s world that she has embraced her difference, having Down’s Syndrome, and it makes her even greater than other actresses & actors.

  10. Tyler Krider

    My Top 10 + Honorable Mentions are... Honorable Mentions: Pepper, Nan, and Xavier 10. Donna (1984) 9. Lana (Asylum) 8. Mary Eunice (Asylum) 7. Winter (Cult) 6. Zoe (Coven) 5. Addie (Murder House) 4. Montana (1984) 3. Kit (Asylum) 2. Madison (Coven) 1. Violet (Murder House)

  11. Rowen

    I think American Horror Stories is a great place to end off the alien plot line. Have two main Sci-Fi episodes, one with some kind of AI and the other involving Kits kids.

  12. Damian Mittiga

    I feel like that AHS stories needs to tells us more Scathach, Marie laveau, Nan's back history and her life in hell with pap ledga, and tells more of new witches in history. Plus they also need tell us about little jenny and the new Antichrist child. But got another idea how about AHS should also tells more about the angel of death? Does anyone else think they should shows us more about the angel of death into AHS stories?

  13. LP JAH

    Can’t they just play the clips and not talk at all ffs!!!

  14. Its Nash A-bae

    July 13th 👀 that's my birthday nooooooooo

  15. Toomany Francis

    5:37 that is the Atreides solute as described in the book.

  16. Cocolee

    I thought she was last seen at the bar of the Cecil hotel?

  17. J Barnard

    I feel like Marie Laveau could easily be a part of series focussing on the Salem witch trials. How they coped differently to the witches during the this time .

  18. Alexis- Shannon

    What if Billie Jean Howard does go back to the Hotel for one last special. She knows if you die there you will be a ghost FOREVER (Cardi B's Voice) She's old and she's dying but she wants to live amongst these ghosts but they lead her into a false promise. Make her think she's going to die in the hotel but toss her out on the street for the last time

  19. Justin Colon

    My friend said that he would like to see something called doppelgänger wars with Sara Paulson characters that they fight each other for survive. But I find that a little stupid bc Madison from coven met billy dean howard and the people in the bunker met Sara Paulson with red hair, (forgot the name of the character she was playing)

  20. Aidan Gallaher

    Here is a good Idea what if they did an episode that is a kinda darker version of the rocky horror picture show

  21. A T Edits

    I have a question if the rick we follow is the smartest how come he couldn’t cure the virus or did he not want to cure it because he felt like that reality was so messed up already so he did that to have a reason to leave that one to start over in a new one

  22. Liam Alexander

    On the topic of Lady Gaga, I think it would make a great roanoke spin off ep. Could be a idea to see what happened to the actress who played the og supreme (Gaga), in a Blair witch story of her being hunted down by the real, and generally insulted, goddess Scahath. Think Drag Me To Hell.

  23. Ilija Ilić

    What about Jessica Lange??? The first queen of AHS!!!! We need her!

  24. Practical Gamer

    yay i’m excited

  25. tura

    ahs is my comfort show. every season is amazing (besides roanoke) but i absolutely loved it.

  26. Bella Rodriguez

    loved this !

  27. Jeon Jeongguk's _wife_Jessica

    Mind control through music is happening

  28. Hive Mind Militia

    Nothing says and is more American horror like racial terror. Personally I've found the origins of the tension between the witch covens and voodoo practicionars hinted at in coven season would be a good backdrop. Its mentioned that Tutuba had a hand in the covens origin and there is definitely a lot of racial tension and white supremacist tones coming from the coven members when referring to the voodoo queens and practice, until they need their help due to mutual interest of course. Would love to see this explored and flushed out.

  29. kikiwest2001

    I almost choked when you she was at the capitol riots 💀

  30. Tyler Shockley

    I’m thinking it’s Tig...

  31. Gaming Pro


  32. goutham ks

    Fuck you u white shirt possum looking fuck

  33. Richard McWolff

    The big question for me is what the hell was Ryan looking at off camera with a twinkle in his eye? It was distracting and curious minds want to know! LOL

  34. H Hasan-Mullings

    I will like to see Scathach, Marie Laveau, the funny Nan story and definitely the Voodoo bringing zombies. They mentions bring the devil for the next antichrist, a sci-fi story, Billie Dean bringing spirits out and true slasher stories. All of that stories will be on next top 100, make this the the hell of the thing!!!... .its going be fascinating!!

  35. Desi Merri

    I want to know what happened to Evan Peter's character, Kyle. Of all the characters he's played and revisited (via season 8) he's the only one that was nowhere to be seen.....

    1. Desi Merri

      @Cherry XTee Good point

    2. Cherry XTee

      He was probably killed for killing Madison

  36. Richard McWolff

    On Sarah, she's said in a few interviews when asked about her favorite character and that was Sally! I loved Sally! She was so broken but deep!

  37. Roslyn Marrero

    I really liked scream queens I thought it was a fun show lol but I think they like ran out of ideas by the end lol

  38. Strykr Pinoy

    Will we ever see a 3rd show is the question since Sutter is gone and he wanted to do the last show about Jax tellers kids?

  39. Jasmine Grayson

    “Delphine went to to the Capitol riot... she was there” 😹😹😹😹

  40. Care455

    Oh wow! I’m so excited.

  41. CJ Lorraine

    Yes! Marie Laveau spin-off starring Angela. Absolutely.

  42. Lucy K

    Wait wait wait. You’re telling me that GLEE could be in the same universe as AMERICAN HORROR STORY Brittany and Sam go to murder house😂

  43. Olivia Gutierrez

    my absolute favorites is asylum and season 5 haunted hotel cortex <3

  44. Jacob Castillo

    Scream queens cross over

  45. Courtney Calp

    Love this channel

  46. Kate Water

    when these come out i hope they post them on their channel

  47. Inked_n_Indigenous

    I’m a direct descendant of Mambo, and I just have to say that I absolutely LOVE Angela’s portrayal of her! Although a lot of it is fictionalized obviously, the key parts of her she absolutely nailed! Angela is one of my favorite actresses of all time, so we (Marie’s descendants) feel super honored that she was chosen 💜 I really hope Ryan does decide to choose her character as one they do in the spin-off, and go more in-depth with her life. There is so much he could do there. She led an incredible life, and helped so many people.

  48. LucianCorrvinous Son of Hekaté

    I think what you meant for a possible Laveau series to be detached, is that itw2ould be given a better sensibility to draw closer to a Black point of reference, especially in being respectful to the Voudun community and Faith....

  49. Junji, You Scare Me!

    I love this and I just can't wait, but can you guys do a thing for american gods season three?

  50. NoFacetheVoid

    So, if you are a writer on this series and know Sarah Paulson is down for AHS anytime, why not make the entire series with an Unsolved Mysteries type frame work hosted by Billie Dean Howard.

  51. Sania Taney

    the scream queens cast goes to camp redwood 👀👀

  52. Eric Stiles

    Damn I luv her when I found out she a nazi I love her even more

  53. Felicity

    Just to say my partcicular statement: Evan Peters' cast name should have been Ralph Peters - that would be the thing he had deserved and would be more satisfying for fans. Unless "Bohner" has another secret meaning than just to name a joke, this is the main problem of the reveal. Even Peters is the actor behind and that's why you also see probably the picture in WandaVision: It's the man behind Quicksilver who is literally playing his part (and just remember: He asked even Wanda whether he was fulfilling her exspectations with messing up with the kids and her husband) . And he did play now an actor playing the role of his life. I'm glad he wss able to act with the Marvel actors and actresses in his part. WandaVision is metafiction, somehow...and this idea belongs to the whole concept. Evan Peters did a very good job in all his Quicksilver-scenes, and raising the question of identity (--> Vision..): Is someone with Peter Maximoff's powers and character traits automatically Quicksilver? I guess, he was, as he was soemhow, although in my opinion, he was also different. Quciksilver is kind of open and the actor adds to the personality of a mere part. Fox Quicksilver wouldn't be the same without him...Yet, the impact of the MC-Multiverse is too big and they need to do it right. They just need to figure out. That's why it will be open until Disney decides to put Evan Peters officially into the MCU. Now that the fans truly want him, it's a big chance to return. WandaVision might have been audition for it...

  54. Daniella Militello

    I have the coolest idea for a season. Like a dystopian society kinda like 1984 (the book) where there is a sort of big brother watching over everyone and the thought police and that they are always being watched. Ryan Murphy would do that so well.

    1. Ryan Peterson

      Hell yes!

  55. Louise Emborong

    All the Roanoke Teasers. 🔪

  56. Yusef Ramirez


  57. bluelagoon28

    how ??? i dont get it.

  58. Daniel Kopp

    The Asian family from Roanoke who is murdered in the house needs an Asian Folklore murder story, but since its American horror story I guess throw in a cheeseburger & fries? Idk

  59. Edwin Sultan Manda Jr.

    Ryan's smile is so infectious, he's such a cutie. ❤️❤️❤️

  60. EryxUK

    Dani can leave because the "gravity well" is centred on Viola.

  61. Cody Conyers

    Billie Dean Howard playing the Rob Sterling role wouldn't be a bad idea.

    1. Ryan Peterson


  62. Kirsty Campbell

    On the last video, Greg mentioned the Loch Ness Monster and in this they mention Sgathach's voyage, but these are Scottish and Irish (Celtic) so not American for American Horror... I'd be so sad to see them butcher a Scottish monster.

  63. Prince Chavv

    In terms of bringing in fresh faces to the show, I feel like Ryan has been trying to do that since Cult, but many fans just refuse to care and only ask about Sarah Paulson and Evan Peters.

    1. Louise Emborong

      They don't give a f even though it was their faves' choice.

  64. Jason Placeres

    For the teen slasher episode they could take a route that’s sort of like “Ready or Not” where it’s at a rich family’s mansion where a newlywed couple’s partner, either the bride or groom, has dinner there but finds out that the family has a twisted game where they play hide and seek but those that are caught are killed by the family 👀 or something based off of “You’re Next” where a group is terrorizing a family but it’s found near the end that it was planned out by at least a member of the family to kill off their relatives

    1. Risotto Pose

      I guess we can tell what kind of movies your into

  65. Jason Placeres

    For the second Antichrist, they could make like every new antichrist he stronger, which would force an actual fight between the Supreme and Antichrist instead of just running the Antichrist over after being kicked out 🤣

    1. Ryan Peterson

      Hahah yes!!!

  66. Lavishlewinsky _

    GANG GANG!!!! I live these 2 together !!!

    1. Ryan Peterson

      Thank you!!

  67. Jason Placeres

    An episode about the adventures of Nan with Papa Legba sounds amazing tbh 💯

    1. Momentodebruh


  68. Jason Placeres

    What if they do an episode or season, like you guys mentioned, for Marie Laveau that’s based off of WandaVision where we see her go through different decades/centuries and the challenges and things she’s had to do to protect voodoo and herself 👀

  69. Spazzklown

    Did they ever solve the black daliah murder? Idk how to spell that word..

    1. Ciro Di Marzio

      You saw how they dropped? Like a sack a potatoes!! BENG!! LIGHTS OUT!! Hahaha that Maroon 5 dude with his girlie in Season 2 with Bloody face 😂😂😂😂

  70. Beniamin-Florin Kosztandi

    damn 0:30 i saw the intro and i m like " ok i found the movie " then i notice that s just the video intro...

  71. Haz & Lou 28

    I can't wait to for thiss


    I'm so excited for this!!!

    1. Ryan Peterson


  73. Fake Hub

    Fun fact: Simpson does not predict future, we copy there animation irl

  74. Danni Wolfe

    I loved the part in apocalypse when Montgomery was talking about raising lots of kids in the murder house and the guys face

  75. Anthony Villanueva

    AHS: Wet

  76. Scott Lindsey


  77. Scott Lindsey

    it's cool

  78. sꜺnisoo