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  1. ThaTexanGamer1o1


  2. Quackers & Mi

    I want more smol boris, like it's his editor or something like lixan and Markiplier have their thing!

  3. Vergil Noone

    Yo come to greece next

  4. Conrail Fan

    I’m sorry I’m late had to send Lenin on a train

  5. ichigo__itachi gaming

    I never thought that I'd needed to see boris again. And im glad I did come see him again 😂😂

  6. Slav in Japan

    Ingredient Measurements list: Да

  7. Maca

    “Mmmm... That is the smell of flavour.” - Boris 2021

  8. José Félix Ontañón

    Hey, Spain here. Am I calling the Ministry of Foreign Issues of Russia? Yes, nothing important. It is just one of your citizens put sausages on the tortilla de patatas. Nice to see you understand the situation comrade! Yes, we will get the rid of him. there's a volcano around. Cheers.

  9. Christian Fiera

    VIVA LA DORADAAA!!! viva canarias!!

  10. Axon Drey

    Or you can pour the milk while you're laughing. Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha!

  11. Fire Cat

    What’s wrong with Hungarian flour 😢😂

  12. Dickson xx


  13. A Terol

    I like how you combined the two most famous spanish dishes, tortilla de patatas and the socarrat from paella

  14. Keegan KH

    Boris made gnome meme sound after tasting the Pan Cake

  15. S1LENT GHO5T Official

    As a Mexican, all I can say is... You're the only slav I know who actually nailed the Spanish with accuracy and respect. APPROVED!!!

  16. Vince M

    The old intro is back! OPAAAAAAAAA

  17. Tadeas Hirs

    What do you call anatoli? Doesnt matter when he is in the army again

  18. Fact

    0:42 - I feel violated

  19. Chaoz

    Why not mayonnaise Kiev?

  20. star light

    Just wait until he gets in nevada

  21. Erik Kocijančić

    Boris you didn't say bay leaf like in other cooking videos

  22. unknow unknown

    Why don't cook with hammer and sickle

  23. Panamka V

    i live in Latvia

  24. Austin Wortham

    I'm hungarian, and if you believe that, I have some magic beans to sell you

  25. Qw3rty

    40 yıl geçse bu adamın baklava yapçağını düşünmezdim

  26. Andrés Prima Coll

    Spain approves your Tortilla

  27. Kaylle Salvado

    these types of videos make me sleep for no reason

  28. NATASORI Music

    We need more Vodka optimized games

  29. Carrot Carrot

    make a whole series of smog Boris. also go into your gmail search up my username carrot soup and reply to email pls comrade

  30. MrSnikMan -

    Ну привет! <3

  31. Anonymoose

    ay blyat vadim followed boris to spain?

  32. Cravacke

    Artyhom is a good babushka komrade kat

  33. fjsnabsi

    Ive been watching for only 2 years and I completely forgot about your channel until I found you in my recommendations so hi-

  34. Gregorus Prime

    "The Bay Leaf" *heavenly chorus, organs, light from a part in the clouds*

  35. Mate397

    Hey now, don't you be dissing our flour, blyat.



  37. CFXTBogard

    0:31 Boris cooking Colombian Arepas???

  38. T. Cooper

    Just reminding: Hungarian flour you chose for blin was actually for pastry. Búzarétesliszt actually means: wheat pastry flour. What you needed is: búzafinomliszt - Fine wheat flour.

  39. rHiAnNeXjAzE

    he made my request To bring back the old intro Im happy

  40. Daniel Whitehead

    Inspiring burning of object.

  41. 1940

    I wish Boris will not be a Space Programmer

  42. Humberto Flores

    Really entertaining and the sound of the accent in his voice makes it a whole lot better

  43. Jacolionne

    Гэта лепшае страшнае, што я калі-небудзь бачыў

  44. Ramses Ruiz

    BInging with Babushka

  45. Dave S.

    First thing he does is reject the arepa flour. I'm heartbroken :(

  46. Chrisjan Kruger

    By Stalin's beard I love this Gopnyik

  47. Somkit Ruchirakul

    Next video playing games with 50cal

  48. Dat1 Elite

    It's almost like a biris is a character in South Park.

  49. Lego Antman


  50. Optic GD

    S pain

  51. MasterJohn

    is that plastic fork food grade? you could have given yourself cancer...

  52. 78Mrarth

    The look of the food made me barf !

  53. Vladimir Lenin

    as someone who just started learning python, im amazed at how complicated and long the syntax is. to print something in python, the code is *print("insert ur desired text")* and assigning values to a variable is just *insert variable name = insert value*

  54. Hieu Nguyen Thanh

    Everyone knows, Russia banned LGBTQ.

  55. Iuri Kalinin Kissner

    Hey Boris make a "how to slav your brazilian food" brazilian food is the best trust me

  56. Kurt Knispel

    Aa yes Boris shiting video

  57. Neil


  58. Toxiczdudez Gonefar


  59. consider the following 7

    Live stream cooking?

  60. Saqif Harzam

    He brought back the introoooo

  61. Iago Pérez

    Im from spain, and i can say in restaurants they dont usually do good tortillas, but i do some things like you to it in my house too, so tortilla can be done "freestyle"

  62. festus ewere

    Good one

  63. BammyQ

    Did he just grab a hot pot of boiling water with bare slavic hands!?

  64. Daniel Yon

    Greetings from Capitalist Arizona U.S.A.

  65. Daniel Yon

    I see Boris, I give like.

  66. Mr. Bread

    I use cold water so I could eat it faster

  67. T4eTurtleC1ub

    This video starts off with COCAHINA... No, flour!

  68. Slime playz

    Happy birthday artyom

  69. Jakub Izydor

    Therapist: Russian Hank doesn't exist, he can't hurt you. Russian Hank:

  70. Rigz11 XD

    6:03 Boris doesn't even sound surprised is that a normal thing in Russia? Wouldn't be surprised

  71. Seraph

    here is pancake recipe for the gopniks gluten powder: uncertain cow juice: yes kefir: maybe chicken produce: 2 for vadim, 2 in the mix lemon peel: some refined sweet grain: as much as it takes anise liqueur: this much salt: pinch mix in bowl lubricate cooking implement pour an amount in said cooking implement cook 1 min per side try not to flip pancake out of pan smell to make sure it is fun slather in your preferred semi-liquid enjoy

    1. Seraph

      I know it's in the description of the video shut up

  72. Firejen Firezan

    I believe while he waiting his cake to cook,hes not sit on his chair,but hes squat on it😂

  73. Kid Dankula

    Nobody: 0:29 boris doing the nomad death by electrocution sound in borderlands 2

  74. loti1488


  75. Vb Lv

    As spaniard i must say: DIMITRI! take your ak 47 & your vodka, ride your bear without tshirt and keep away from our kitchens (you still can drink all day, spend your money in our contry, dance napravlenie and jump from the balcons). Spasiba!

  76. endlessmasks

    are those papaya and orange jams?

  77. Quhark Atkali

    hey don't bully hungarian flour, you bought the wrong flour that was grounded less for specific pastries

  78. Erin Howett

    Isn't mayonnaise originally from Spain?

  79. TheMixerGame

    The sender give boris his own merch