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  1. Monique Aesthetics

    how long does the battery last?

  2. Ryan Parshall

    I wonder why didn't she at least back out one of the vehicles and park it down the street a ways just in case her house did catch on fire

  3. Gabrielle Tran

    Wow!. You are lucky to have a good person that living right next door. Hope everything goes ok.

  4. Carrie Elaine Johnson

    Lol. He was like holy crap all I’m trying to do is save lives fudgggeee!

  5. Ready To Go

    Wow! Heart stopping scary! Wonderful neighbors

  6. Dingle Berry

    My neighbors would be the ones to set my house on fire. They suck

  7. Carola in Paris

    oh goodness, she is so lucky

  8. Chase Harnish


  9. Ὓὄὗʀ L·ἷғἔ Ṃᾄҭҭἔʀṩ

    Thank God, bless this man. Ring is undoubtedly a must have for every family. I know I sound like a commercial but Ring proves time & time again to be beneficial & a necessity.

  10. Quazai26

    Great neighbor to the rescue!! He saved 3 lives!!

  11. E Cox

    "I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU THAT!!!" Glad he still helped her, but he was so mad she didn't answer 😂


    This guy is a HERO!

  13. Lamborghini God

    The fire neighbors.

  14. Phhattyy


  15. Warhammer40k_fan

    I wish I have neighbors like that and I'm pretty sure everyone else want one like that too but my neighbors are terrible

  16. Weird Roaches

    Open the fudge

  17. Kelly Ross

    Good neighbor❤️

  18. Christa Huss

    her: Ling Ling move! Me: *laughing* NO DON'T MOVE!


    thats literally so kind and amazing- i wish i had neighbors like that lmao,

  20. Twin V-Twizzy

    good neighbors

  21. Dapo Az

    God bless them they are heroes God bless and God bless all

  22. Carbon Lux

    Thank God for good neighbor!!

  23. MattOutdoors&GAMING

    Ring is so helpful!

  24. ColeTheGamerBowl

    Are they okay?!?!

  25. Chad Jones

    First like and comment

  26. Sherri


  27. Johnny

    Man wakes up, grabs his camera phone.

  28. LondonBridge Fallingduran

    Team work 😂🤣😝

  29. Madeleine Phipps

    Hahaha, it just wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving 🦃

  30. 5PM Online Jam

    Aw that face si so Damn Cute . Why dogs are so Cute ???! We have 21 pack in our home and all recued . Plan to get this door ring bell soon hehee

  31. the rp brothers rolblox

    Omg i like dogs reaction when they hear doorbell ring sound lol curiest moment

  32. El Hungaro

    😆I would've needed a diaper change.... Than That was scary.... 🤔

  33. El Hungaro


  34. adriancito arroyave

    I kinda laughed at the part where he shoos the woman away😂💝

  35. Trebor

    Sorry not today thankyou 😅🤣😅🤣

  36. Deborah Phillips

    Awwww! Such sweet caring kids!!!!!

  37. JESUS is LORD over all

    This is tooo funny... dogs just make me laugh... Gods creation is beautiful....

  38. D A

    Why is this dog outside unattended? Irresponsible! “Did you ring the doorbell?” Dog: “No, it was the f....ng Avon lady!”

  39. Ellen B.

    too bad the ring system doesn't have a feature where a bucket of water drops on the shιtty neighbor

  40. Dawn Christensen

    I adore Crows. This is one reason why.

  41. Tonya Sager

    Omg, gorgeous animal

  42. Vickie Tracy

    So cute!!

  43. Angela Gak

    Hahahaha, amazing. SO freaking cute.

  44. Queen Esther Vergara


  45. A A.R

    Excuse me sir, do you have time for our lord?

  46. Victoria Anastasia Krupp

    My hawwwwrrrtt! 🥺

  47. Victoria Anastasia Krupp

    When your Firefox browser is down but you still wanna see who won the election

  48. lrd

    Now all you gotta do is teach him how to use the toilet and you’re all set!

  49. Tonya Sager

    I wonder why he does this

  50. Tonya Sager

    This is awesome

  51. Tonya Sager

    I totally respect the guy for trying to help her, but she would have to walk back to his house which would put her right in the path of the coyote

  52. steven muller

    The license plate thing was a bit much..

  53. Lo Rivera

    I miss my dad 😥

  54. Bryan Kautz

    Oh no!! It's a "pooch porch priate!!!"LOL 😂😂😂❤🐶

  55. DaGachaCookie

    Gobble gobble


    Neighbor should protect other neighbors. Whatever happened to America.

  57. Greysen Caviness-DeMone

    Getting a ring video doorbell but it’s going to be here next week

  58. Greysen Caviness-DeMone

    Getting a ring it’s just coming next week

  59. Dylan Flores

    fbi: federal boi inspector

  60. Honora Goodridge

    This whole video is hilarious! From Mercy's first response to the look on the white cats face to Ling Ling!

  61. Alexandra Nemteanu

    Wish we had security cameras back in the day before the house became a brothel. Parents would scare away all the boys before they entered the door.

  62. trend trend

    Stupid video

  63. Elwood P. Dowd

    My dog has a key.

  64. persia danielsson

    This is real fox news

  65. Joris Popplin


  66. tim

    If that dog starts playing nock a door run, then I'd be in bits 🤣

  67. ICUP

    Or just watch your dogs

  68. A. R. G.

    Oh my goodness. The cats helping by covering the camera for her dog sibling. Oh my goodness this video was cute.

  69. Hype Boi

    You know damn well they didn’t see no toy story he took her straight to the house and bagged her and dropped her off at 10:30 lmaoo

  70. Malhar Tembey

    This is my time with Hannah you get away 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  71. malay bender

    Baby damn near gave granny a heart attack running like that. She was about to turn into Madea real quick 🤣🤣🤣 you can tell she don't play about her grand babies

  72. Crystal Lewis

    Go Ling ling !!

  73. StarlightLilly

    Weird dog