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  1. Gunduru Raghavendar


  2. Ram Raj

    Tim . Listen please . This is a new India . A young breed that cares two hoots for anybody's reputation . Ever thought there are dozen of Pants and Sirajs waiting on the wings to hop in . Just heard BCCI has extended the paternity leave of Virat Kholi so he can better babysit his new production . Hereon , for all Indian cricketers Skype or Zoom will do . How do you fit Ashwin or Vihari now in the team ? Cheers !

  3. A K

    Kohli is a good leader but he doesn't have great game reading skills.

  4. sudip shrestha

    This is history ...and thanks for beautiful game ...for every one who hate test ...need to watch beautiful the test is...fucking waking up early morning...

  5. Shriprasad Date

    Thanks for this interesting program. Loved to hear your views.

  6. Addi Mix

    Still he is not in his sences. Still in shock. Don't know what to say.

  7. babu sv

    One of the beat test player for india

  8. Sports ki baat

    Starc was the most disappointing...

  9. Sarathi

    Came to break our spirits, broke their hymen instead!

  10. Rohit The G.O.A.T

    Kudos Team India Great Captaincy By Jinx

  11. Guna seelan

    Tim Paine today head paine

  12. Cracx

    Koi Michael Vaughan aur Ponting ko burkha pehna do re 👻👻👻....Aur Shastriji k saath chakhne par bulao

  13. Sandeep Singh

    Aaj aapki jhoot hai sir. puri daaru ki petti meri taraf se agar kabhi kile to

  14. Prasad Rahane

    Rahane topu amthe

  15. Sujan Narva

    I think that tim paine played his last match for Australia.... he terribly failed as captain and player.... and even starc also didnt performed well... ca should appoint smith or marnus labschane as their test captain

  16. KSK Wonder Works

    We don't need Kholi to win games........... We don't need his verbal to show our Power.

  17. virender808

    Why the coach who tried to run down these young players is allowed to address the press ...he is the most shameless person...

  18. rajendra singh

    Thank you Harsha and adam, it was wonderful listening to you guys throughout this amazing series. This series was a great celebration of test cricket.

  19. rajat gauttam

    This man is the true meaning of gentleman.

  20. Ankon kumar Banerjee babu

    In previous test match ashwin was wrong....gabba test is the last test match for hin

  21. lee chong

    We will see you at Gaba, Once a man said ,and rest is history

  22. Subhajit Adhikary

    10 min silent for him who dislike this video

  23. Tushar Ankit

    Shastri Jee ek extra peg mere taraf se, cheers! What a game😎🇮🇳 Jai Hind!

  24. Indian Voice

    Do we have new test captain here for Future... Rahane he s... So much calms in the team... Thanks Kohli for taking break after 1st Match 😉😉

  25. Guru Rao

    GREATEST Test series EVER.

  26. Harsh Mishra Vines

    This is unreal ❤️

  27. Ritesh Chhabra

    Well done India..So Proud.. Greatest Test series win ever ! Also thanx to Harsha n Adams for superb analysis and for being with us on this incredible journey !!

  28. Ankush Negi

    This series is like watching lagaan movie..

  29. Kunhikrishnan Mv

    Poojara is great❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  30. Satyajeet Pawar

    Wonder ful Analysis and Chatter. Loved every minute of this Show..

  31. Sanat Attavar

    Rahul Dravid - honing these youngsters in the under 19’s / India A should be celebrated alongside these magical team. Hare Krishna!

  32. Prasanna Surange

    Dravid must be so proud of Pujara today.....he was literally a wall today....took everything on his body !!

  33. Tech Life

    *Licking up kohli every moment. He praised kohli on live tv today after match. Doing it now. Wrote foreword in his book can't think of any captain doing 'what virat has achieved by winning test series in Australia' in the middle of this series. We love Virat & know he is our captain & done well but unnecessarily bringing him in between this series & belittling Jinx's & team's effort. Not done head coach*

  34. Sagar

    Australia was no match to India in this series

  35. Sarbrinder Singh Brar

    Credit goes to Rahul Dravid for moulding the India 'A' teams for the last 3-4 yrs, which provided a solid bench strength in the face of injuries.

  36. Biswaranjan Mohapatra

    Who says Test cricket dies out , this is the still a greatest format of world cricket . This series will be a memorable series ever in the world cricket .

  37. Ronny Reen

    Let's not forget Shubman Gill's excellent start!

  38. Indrasena Reddy

    A delight to watch and hear Harsha's commentary, incisive and human. A great combination needed for an effective broadcaster. Great work from Harsha, always a pleasure to hear about his insights. Was looking for a welcome break from him after hearing the pathetic and self-obsessed commentary from Sanjay Manjrekar.

  39. suneel menon

    Harsha, you have to take note of God's intervention. The rain and team injuries.

  40. Aditya Daoo

    You r the pride of all of us... We all were emotional that moment when pant hit four... You are gonna go long long way ahead.... Hats off to ur character and bravery.... U deserve all the credits... This is still a unreal feeling... The resolve show was unbelievable... Thank u so so much... For this historic win... Keep going and stay strong.... Every Indian 🇮🇳👳today is proud of this feat... All d best 💯👍

  41. Sri Varshan

    Most sweetest episode, really love this

  42. RT. Studiio

    Bahut gabba gabba kar rahe the, tum logok liye to hamari India A team hi kaafi thi🤣🤣

  43. Aritra Daw

    keeping aside the trolls and all...have to admit...this was the best test series where both sides gave their best! ind aus always a series to watch!! congrats to india and best of luck to both the teams for wtc final...want ind v aus in final as well🔥

  44. Rajkumar sharma Sharma

    Yeh Mera India I love my India aus teem jisa genda khel khala or juty pare

  45. Sync squad Games

    I think after this match your captaincy and your career are on the table

  46. Pradeep Thombare

    🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱 🧱🧱🧱Pujara🧱🧱🧱 🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱🧱

  47. Amit Kumar

    See You Team Australia in FINALE of Test championship Trophy. Come back stronger, we love to play against tough teams.👍

  48. Architect Vijay

    Can't wait for another india vs australia series


    Rahane has time & time again Proved his Captaincy skill when the team needed the most. Congragulations to Team India & the Support Staff for providing us with such a fascinating series win❤️👍🇮🇳

  50. rohit bandari

    This is a perfect team effort ---gill / Rohit /rahane/pujara/ Vihari/jaddu/Ashwin /sundar/thakur/ pant/ bumrah/siraj/Saini/nattu .....everyone performed at various phases .kudos to team

  51. Subhashis Mandal

    Still crying.

  52. shri kant

    Everything apart, i would say Tim Paine is actually a handsome man. he has a potential to become an actor look- wise...

  53. Jitendra Kumar

    Please Harsha, write a whole book about this test series. They totally deserve this! Huge respect for them, and you Harsha!

  54. Rishabh pant 17

    Series ended with a epic win, this win answered to the abuser and for those who says that India loose series with 4-0."

  55. Joydipta Banerjee

    Team India has shown you the (ground) reality. Come out of your superiority complex - in both of your speech & attitude. The sooner the better. And this applies to your other team mates as well.

  56. Gaurav k

    'I am not afraid of an army of lions led by a sheep; I am afraid of an army of sheep led by a lion'.- Alexander the Great I think that kind of sums up the difference between Ajinkya and Paine's captainship. Paine had far more accomplished team, whereas only Ajinkya could bring out the best from each of his team members. Hats off to this man, truly stood up for his name the 'Ajinkya'. PS : just look at intimidating Aussie bowling lineup.

  57. Sudipta Brahma

    As a cricketer one should show respect to opposition. Uncalled for conversion with R. Ashwin.

  58. Sibanarayan Samantaray

    They literally got defeated by a India A side

  59. Milind Kane

    What a ravishing chase...!!!! The young India has shown the fearlessness with the brand of Cricket they are becoming used to now & will be known for years to come.... Every time, when it comes to stopping Australia it has to be India since years now. Fantastic series, one of the greatest match ever & unmatched rivalry these two countries bring pn the table....Absolutely privileged to see the entire Day 5 live......😊😊😊😊

  60. Urvesh Shah

    Rahane should speak little more at such scenario, all credit is taken by Ravi Shastri...🙄

  61. Ra Sat

    This series victory is what movies are made off. India got demolished in the first test and still showed courage and strength with a young team and came back from the ashes and win the series. Phoenix

  62. ratheesh aba

    Rehana u r a good leader,want to see u as captain again ⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘⚘

  63. Rahul Chandel

    I still can't believe. These guys are just awesome. I am still in tears(joy). No words 😇😍🍻🥳🍺🥃

  64. David Warner

    Australia should be banned from cricket we are losers can't even win at home Zimbabwe is better than us

    1. Seeking Truth

      If Australia is banned from cricket Imagine cricket without Australia 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  65. Ramesh Rajagopalan

    For Australia, this was lightning striking twice in a similar place, but with even more of a jolt. In the Ashes, Ben Stokes was a one-day wonder, put right in the next match. This was a six-week, four-match wonder, and there is no next week, quote from Sydney herald.....

  66. Kunal

    The Aussies got Tewatiyad.

  67. Vrajesh Parikh

    Parents blessing always helps

  68. Harish Nawane

    Paine's time is over as a captain

  69. Gauranga Phukan

    First test pink ball ka nahi hoti tu ,India 36 par out bhi nahi hoti,,aur practice ki jarurat hain pink ball ke sath..

    1. Gauranga Phukan

      Not really,,your team also played good cricket..

    2. David Warner

      Australia should be banned from cricket we are losers can't even win at home Zimbabwe is better than us

  70. Krishna Prasad

    Oh how am gonna miss the feeling of opening a newspaper tomo and read a peter roebuck or a Nirmal Shekar on this win

  71. Jitu Singh

    Who is here after Brisbane test😝😝😝😝😆😆🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔


    Who's after India won the series? 😂😂😂 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  73. CR7

    RAhane is a lucky captain for India, u cant belive a test match win in Australia without KING kholi, jasprit , sami , ishant , aswin a cool .calm and good game reading skills, leading from the front in MCG

  74. Mani Iyer

    We should thanks and remeber dravid making great junior team as a coach, he is always an inspiration.

  75. priyankush choudhury

    Shastri probably bathing in Beer, although he deserves all

  76. Ro Man

    Adam! Hope you get to read this comment. You are an incredible host and covered the series really well. Hope we get to see more of you. Best wishes!

  77. Sunny Boy

    You are not worthy man to lead great Australian team.

  78. Mitan Srivastava

    why are they keep raising our huge population... its so rude and irresponsible

  79. rakesh veettil

    Kohli will regret for travelling back home to be with his wife while team required immense support.....but faith, hard work and leadership rest is history....🇮🇳

  80. Muhammad Hafeez

    Good bro love you all friend lets