1. Mego's Hideout

    The injuries are being healed

  2. Braedon Matthews

    Hey man, great to see you back!

  3. demonic savior

    1:36 did nairo speak another language

  4. Acid

    Good shit Nairo. Can't wait to see you back out there bro.

  5. claytoncd

    Shut up #locknairoup

    1. Keng Wee

      Have you seen the evidence against Zach?

  6. Opal Stigma

    Just imagine having your whole life completely unraveled after a child lied and made up the most disgusting things about you, maybe being forced to move homes or never see your friends again and have to take up therapy, I can’t imagine his struggle, I never watched nairo unless it was with samsora but he seems so genuine and kind.

    1. claytoncd

      It's a he said and he said

  7. Dy Dy

    We ♥️ u nairo

  8. natyx24

    Fuck yeah, man. Stay strong, and good luck with whatever comes next. We here for you!

  9. Keven Espinoza

    He'll yeah 1 smash boy is back hopefully. Now I wait for zeros to respond.....

    1. claytoncd


  10. Emcee Prophet

    I don't play smash competitively or anything like that but Nairo you're good people , it would be fun to watch your streams again

  11. Erick Dutan

    Damn what a tech...

  12. Luka


  13. Nicholas Hernandez

    Love You Nairo <3

  14. Dave Castro

    Why doesn’t stream on USfilm?

  15. Traxillia

    Nairo you are innocent pls keep movien forward and and stay positive

    1. Shalucard

      @shawn nairo was dazed during the action in question? Bullshit, how would they know he was dazed during the event unless all of them were there to see him sucking off zack and where were they if they say he was dazed and knew this was going down, you see how this is just bullshit?

    2. shawn

      @Shalucard >He allowed it False. Several of Zack's friends have come out in Twitter statements saying that Zack was aware that Nairo was dazed during the actions in question. Freezing up is a common response to being raped and is widely accepted as such in the psychological field.

    3. Shalucard

      He allowed it he's just trying to save face or whatever he has left of it.

  16. Edo Phoenix

    Nairo, it's QUIX! I had a name change, but maybe you remember me. Honestly I only found out just now but I am so glad that the accusations were false and after finding out what really happened, I feel so guilty that I was so quick to judge you simply because of disappointment of what I heard. But it makes me SO SO happy to know that one of my favourite Content Creators is innocent and coming back. Seriously, even when I left the smash community you were still one of the streamers I watched because you were entertaining and I just loved the mood you gave every stream, and also just your whole content in general. I am just so relieved, I hope you're well. I was an on and off Naifu due to money reasons but with the art that I drew for you all those years ago, I just felt happy that I could do something for you in the past. And I hope in the future I will be able to do it again soon. Stay safe, stay strong.

  17. Jonathan Aquino

    I always had a feeling that nairo wasn’t that bad of a person I had a feeling if he came back then that means he’s strong enough to know that what’s happened isn’t true

  18. fetus1

    I believe you nairo :)

  19. Michael VandeVusse

    fuck twitch if they don't unban you after getting a settlement

  20. Anne Noir

    I feel bad for once being against this man...

  21. Drew G

    Good for you buddy, this is why I always try so hard not to jump to conclusions before the facts are out there. I personally know for a fact there are some crazy ass people who will make that shit up, sometimes not even for money. So I'm glad you stuck to your guns, definitely sending good vibes your way and I look forward to seeing what comes next for you. Cheers

  22. Mantaray Slaya

    Im here for you! We all are, im so happy your doing ok!

  23. Christine Bailey

    Nairo's videos are starting to get recommended to me again! #UnbanNairo

  24. MrToxic

    The "Get canceled to wait a year until everyone else forgets" combo strat needs to get nerfed. Every USfilmr who uses this strat ends up having inexplicably good runs no matter what caused them to be in the "Cancel stun state" in the first place. It's a broken exploit, please ban.

  25. Marshtomp8

    Hey man. Just look how ProJared was able to make a successful comeback, if he can recover from his cancelling, so can you dude. Chin up man, we can make it happen.

  26. Shoenin

    Welcome back

  27. Eric Nguyen


  28. Dewex Gaming


  29. vuLcan 300

    I think you should come back if that's what you feel you should do

  30. Augur


  31. Augur

    Nairo coming back will save smash no cap

  32. Anon _

    I'm happy to have you back nairo. I was, sadly, one of the people who believed all the negative claims about you and looking back it honestly hurt my heart to think you would do something awful. But now that i know the full story i couldn't be happier to hear that things are going better than i thought and i hope things can only get better for you from here. Take as much of your time as you need to, we'll all be here waiting for ya!

  33. shane troy

    Man it actually make me feel sad, seeing the once so happy and bubbly you be so down. I know that there has been so much stuff happening with you in your life and I think it is crazy what people have done to you with everything, but I would just like it to be know that I and prob many others are happy that you are back, Ive missed the Nairo that used to make me piss myself in laughter. Even tho I was never one to watch any streams from anyone I was always genuinely excited for your next video to be out. I really hope you are doing ok and I wish nothing but the best for you in what you plan to do and ill always be here to enjoy anything you decide to put out. Much love man and may things be getting brighter for you man, WISH YOU THE BEST

  34. MedliMK8DX

    I really regret hating on Nairo when the situation happened. I believed it, and many others did too. Nairo, you inspired me to become a better smash player. Watching your videos made me feel better and made me want to practice in smash more. Without you, I wouldn’t have been such a huge smash fan. I would love to see you stream again!

  35. Fou-mage

    tbh, I never watched your content and I regret... but damn if you come back, I will watch everything you do and support you in every way I can !

  36. Dead Man Walking

    "Keep moving forward" - Eren Jaeger

  37. Alexandre Vallieres

    i can't wait for the comeback my guy! you da best

  38. ToasterToad

    I love the honesty

  39. Eian Siddiqui

    That how you make an comeback/ moving forward video. Genuine and sincere.

  40. Antavo Ssbu


  41. Quote _

    i love and miss you nairo

  42. William Zweifel

    Well fuck me I've long since stopped following the smash drama but this whole debacle has taught me how to just sit back and watch. I still think Nairos original apology made it clear he was guilty but now I'm just not sure. I also blindly thought ZeRo was safe. I'm just going to sit this one out. I do think he deserves the chance to make his point, and I think he should get a second chance if he can prove in court (which he may have?) that he is innocent.

  43. Blackcuts

    Where is the legal update? There is one legal outcome. Either the courts decided CaptainJack was at fault or you were at fault.

  44. Purple

    I am so sorry for everything that has happened to you Nairo I hope the future is much brighter for you now

  45. Sandwitch Zebra

    I said... regrettable things. I was obviously just another face in the crowd, but I can’t help but feel bad. I feel guilty. I’m sorry, man. Good luck. Hope the healing is going well.

  46. Sandwitch Zebra

    I just... feel bad. Like legitimately, I feel bad. Because I said some... regrettable things. No use in dwelling on the past, though, all we can do is learn... I’m sorry, man.

  47. Connor White

    Miss this

  48. Jibreel Onafeko


  49. Yamil Rivera

    I'm waiting for the greatest comeback of all time🙏🏼. I'll be so happy when I get a notification that you're streaming or uploaded a vid. Let's go Nairo!!!!

  50. Flutterboy PR

    When someone forgives, no one can remember. So just keep moving forward. But keep playing Smash, you need to practice more with Ryu man...

  51. Cujo

    Didn't you admit the allegations were true?

    1. Cujo

      @Brikitik King Just read it. It's another story without proof. It's Nairo's word against Zack's. The problem is to Nairo admitting in the beginning.

    2. Brikitik King

      Read the documents on his Twitter

    3. Cujo

      @Xurus What documents. He admitted and disappeared from the internet and now suddenly they aren't true because of some documents? Why would you admit to a false allegation in the first place?

    4. Xurus

      Please just go read his other documents before commenting

  52. Games3000

    I would love to see you stream again and watching your USfilm videos. You always put a smile on my face whenever I watched your content.

  53. Jonathan Deats

    Love to you see you back dude. Stay upbeat

  54. ihtusa

    The best Palutena player comes back! Show the world how to play her right!

  55. Joshua Yun

    no offense but nairo do be looking like donkey kong with that fresh looking beard

  56. AlienWarrior9 9

    20:23 what’s that song called?

  57. Anthony paris

    reminder that if nairo was completely innocent he wouldn't of made his first statement. a lawyer means nothing, especially when one side is rich. the truth will never come out. weird ass community willing to accept ppl like that back cya

    1. Derek Jimenez

      Nobody thinks Nairo getting a lawyer means he’s safe. If you think that’s the reason for people giving their support to him, then you just need to educate yourself on the situation. The fact that people are still unwilling to accept the fact that a minor can be capable of doing terrible things is disgusting.

    2. Anthony paris

      Both of them are guilty, ur just a child who thinks nairo getting a lawyer means anything. Dont worry youll grow up one day!

    3. Mookal H

      hey bro fuck you

  58. ArjunA AdjinnA

    Video showed up on my USfilm feed and I had no idea who you were but I watched the entire thing and just want to say one specific thing It doesn't matter what you have gone through legally you can always come out on the other side being your own person creating your own stuff.. I have been to jail 7 times but still ended up being a chief operations officer for a multimillion dollar company. I don't know your exact situation but if there are people who don't want to sponsor you because of whatever happened, then screw them because that shouldn't affect who you are and what you do with your life and how you express your passions such as streaming

  59. Kryss

    We Believe in you Nairo!!

  60. Name Last Name First

    We're with you Nairo!

  61. Peter shaw

    Good luck man, would love to see you make a full comeback if possible!

  62. Christopher Susi

    If this is your community, and you are true to yourself, then never give it up man. ✌

  63. Silver X

    wow ur actually innocent, I gotta admit i thought you were guilty... I’m sorry. we await your great return.

  64. JustJohn

    In my personal opinion, fuck what other people think. You came under serious bad light before, but considering the recent developments, fuck what people think nairo.

  65. Star Power*


  66. White Guy Leo

    I think this is a echo fighter

  67. Jakeem

    Wait what the fuck? What happened?

    1. Squiddy_101

      Omni made a good video about it. I really can't post a TL:DR about it as it's crucial to read the whole thing.

  68. Khay959

    All of this #UnBanNairo on twitter got me nostalgic as fuck rn. Hope big man comes back 🙏

  69. Zero

    I really miss you Nairo, I hope that I get to see you stream again, i'm glad you're doing well and getting help. We're here for you, all of us Naifus <3

  70. Faulty Is Tired

    @samsora where u at

  71. sponge bob review

    i miss you nairo

  72. Jesse Morton VO

    Oh boy, I'm quite lost. What evidence has Nairo provided that justifies his return? I'm very much in the dark here...

    1. Derek Jimenez

      Omni made a video on Nairo’s response and honestly, after the way we treated Nairo because some 16 year old kid blackmailed him, we don’t deserve him anymore.

    2. Zero Orez

      That he was framed for initiating anything with Captain Zack. I suggest you look at what he said on Twitter it explains everything.

  73. Poyoke1k

    come back please

  74. DJ Jamsta Sonichu

    Welcome back king

  75. Moe's

    Hope he sees what’s happening on Twitter right now. He’s number one on trending with #UnbanNairo at 150k tweets.

  76. Sidney TSG

    whenever this blue frame comes up I think I got a freaking notification on my phone

  77. Sidney TSG

    samsora carried by peach

  78. dragonmaster951753

    Im glad to hear you legally cleared your name. That's very important to do. You can just throw the papers in people's faces saying you are good

  79. The Warframe

    Some time passed, and now we are ok with what he did? Hilarious.

    1. Derek Jimenez

      Go Stan some Minecraft youtuber. You clearly only stick around to ruin the life of someone you probably don’t know then proceed to be confused after the allegations are proven to be false. The internet really is just a special kind of evil and the fact that real people make comments like these are the real knee slappers.

    2. Xurus

      You’re braindead

    3. Zero Orez

      He never even did anything wrong that’s the point. Captain Zack’s story was suspicious from the start because even in his own story and word he initiated everything and Nairo always asked to stop. Nairo came out with his statement and said that Captain Zack lied and framed him for being okay with it. Nairo was sexually assaulted and blackmailed by Zack against his will.