Hey everyone! My name is Karina Garcia! I made this account in 2012 but started making videos on Feb 11, 2015! I love sharing DIY videos, reviews, and a little bit of makeup tutorials here and there! I'm goofy and very comfortable in front of the camera. I love engaging with you guys! Thank you for being with me in this super fun journey! I'm also the founder of Craft City!\n\nBUSINESS INQUIRIES: [email protected]

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  1. Chad Fields


  2. Itz_Lisa_Playz

    Congratulations for the baby girl

  3. Pogchamp ;-;

    6:18 was the MOST satisfying

  4. Chubby girl //

    I’m legit crying right now 😢😢

  5. MxchaChan

    When u put the subtitles on it says Starbucks slime instead of store brought slime XD

  6. Sana B

    Ive never tuched and octopus befor what dose it feel like is it soggy?

  7. Rouie Light Feliciano

    For a cute pretty girl names Rouie and alana, Ro'se :)

  8. Criss Peña

    Esmeralda, rubí, violeta, Sherlyn, Kassandra, mireya , Amelia, Victoria, Sandra, Elena, Adilene , Angelica, Linda ( Herlinda/ lynn),

  9. Em


  10. Sana B

    you could acshuly go outside and throw your slime in the bin like i- i just dont know xD

  11. Charito Dominguez

    It's 1year tomorrow January 20

  12. irem Mutlu

    Omggg karinaaa😍😍😍

  13. Utam Singh

    U are nice love u ❤️💜💚💛💛💛

  14. Natalia Misiti

    Her name should be Isabella or grace

  15. Nikta Poulad

    Zzz lol

  16. Honey_bee twins

    Eve one in the comments who loves slime put rice in your slime it’s AMAZING amazing crunch and it feels good on your hands.

    1. Honey_bee twins

      I recommend

  17. Sabina Sophia Lagumbay

    Guys the mystery box came in my birthday

  18. Emin Göçmenoğlu

    Sen tam bir malsin

  19. Maddy Bingham

    the pig is nearly the same size as her. they're both so fat XD

  20. Limelight & Arianator

    I've been watching you since last night lamaoooo

  21. pxstelline

    Her: Hey skinny gurl! Her: Uh, who you talking to

  22. • shiny shadows •

    I have been watching you for 3 years now 😁

  23. Sabina Sophia Lagumbay

    If u think shes lazy to be more energetic have mercy shes preagnant

  24. magical slime

    Your red slime didn't be clear you put a nother video

  25. Xx_BossMan_xX2 Gaming


  26. ItsZaraPlays

    Wow your squishy is so big


    How to make activator or borax can you put a video


      Can you say of to make activator video

    2. Charli Kleeman

      AADHYA K DINESH she should lol

  28. Briana McGinnis

    uh a good baby name is putting eachothers name together

  29. Heidi Herrera

    Here are some names you could consider maybe: Merely(u might have to search to see the right spelling) Zoe, Deedee, Marcy or Maricela, Adeline, Naomi.............that's all I could think of. Congrats!!!! btw on ur baby girl hope everything continues to progress well!

  30. Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Hhhhhhhaaaaaahhhhhhhh sooo relaxing I love you

  31. Sheriff Salahudeen

    Omg that's a lot makeup

  32. Memoree Bond

    It’s the snatch the wig off for me 😂😂

  33. Jasleen Kahlon

    At 5:02 I was laughing to hard

  34. Caroline Arriaga

    who else loves when the slime pops?

  35. Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Are fimo slices candy?

  36. Jasleen Kahlon

    At 1:45 that made me grin too lol

  37. Rachel Guron

    Congratulations! God bless your family ❤️ and can someone tell me what song this is 😍🥺

  38. Ayat Al Demas


  39. Mikaela Angeline Mendoza

    That sound tho

  40. Athbah A. AlRashoud

    Hey girl hey

  41. •Jayleen• JA

    Who’s watching this in 2021 😳

  42. Sara Anderson


  43. Alexis Gonzales


  44. Laay Moon

    A baby name for a girl could be Gabriella or Ariana

  45. Mitch Lang

    8:40 The one time you need your brain for a test but your brain is like NOPE!!

  46. yennhan ban

    I like karina so #karina

  47. GachaLacha Vids

    Bring the baby to the world

  48. Ant The great

    If you were pregnant 2 months ago wouldn’t you be 9 weeks?

  49. XX Funtime candy Cat

    Who’s watching this in January 19, 2021

  50. It’s karma

    This might sound weird but I eat ramen noodles with pickle juice

  51. Adalberto Arguello

    I think the name Madison or Lily is a good name

  52. Ring Animates


  53. nahum formento

    I was 6 years old now iam 11 years old

  54. Melissa Masina

    Mia is a good name

  55. Shi min Pang

    Wait can you actually try to mix that small pigment slime into a giant one?

  56. wilder deomenes yauri aburto

    Hola last amo mucho

  57. •{That Girl}•

    You saying “gorl” and “she” referring to slime: Me referring to literally EVERYTHING as a person: 😗👋👉👈😬

  58. Kassidy Jade

    Iris Shay Garcia!!! Iris - in Greek mythology is the goddess of rainbow! Since she is your rainbow baby! 🥳🥳 Shay - Hebrew name meaning gift! Soooo happy for you guys

  59. Разия Кулжанова



    Your wasting

  61. Разия Кулжанова


  62. Hafsa Naz

    4:29 this is 4 u

  63. rifat rahman

    '1:26' 🤐 I would stick to *𝗚𝗲𝘁𝗳𝗮𝗻𝘇.𝗽𝗿𝗼* () 📲 that's where we get ours

  64. Meadow Brown

    It is not bad

  65. Elanah Archer


  66. Jessica Belcher

    I miscarried my first baby (before I could even really register I was pregnant), and went on to have 3 healthy boys.

  67. Jessica Rowan

    Does She Have A Twin! Cause That Girl Looked So Much Like Her!

  68. Carolyn Fleckenstein

    My 9 yr old brother has been eating peanut butter and pickles for 3 or 4 years, is he not telling me something?? Should I be concerned?



  70. Sidhak Kaur

    Where do you live?? I m 10 year old

  71. توته الكتكوته


  72. Keira O'Reilly

    me in 2021 lmao

  73. Seherr Desai

    7:52 sssniperwolf??

  74. Ta'Liyah Jones


  75. Weston Mclean

    Who is here in 2021

  76. Zunique van Rooyen

    Who is scrolling down to see if the recipes work me lol

  77. Ryan

    her name should be "Alora"

  78. Weston Mclean

    Who is here in 2021

  79. Grace Kuwonu

    Girl names: Julissa, Marisa , Leanne, kada,

  80. Harper the Blonde demon

    Karina how did u get the slime out of ur hair did u cut it cause i did