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  1. John Hitman

    Please do a review on the iPhone 12 mini

  2. Recruta Airsoft

    I have a razer naga molten since 2013 and it's still going, I also bought a tiamat headset at that time, didn't like it but it did great for more than 2 years. I will definitely buy the new version of naga eventually, but from razer, that's all I'll get. For notebook I have a asus ROG and it's the second ROG notebook that I've bought and it's really good (not thin though), so I won't be buying another brand any time soon

  3. hienho15

    Dave is one of those reviewers who is like to be honest without sounding negative.

  4. Hind Terminals Pvt. Ltd

    This is shittest phone & after 5 & X, I downgraded to SE & gradually want to fade off apple & move to android The battery of this phone is pré-historic, forget all feature, display etc - it’s not usable at all - crap You have to charge 4 times in a day, that’s only if you are heavy talker - business talker not just chit chat I mean I had to buy 3 gadgets - wireless car charger, wireless desktop charger & power bank cover. So the light or pocket friendly form factor is a toss. Android phone on the other hand lasts days together , they do gr8 photos, videos, media & so on . For this price you get bomber android. This is my last iPhone

  5. Tatertot

    buy iphone pro do pro stuffs and after three months BOOM! battery health 84%

  6. Felipe Alves

    Still got my trusty XS Max. Not changing it for at least another year

  7. The Goal Is Life


  8. Diamond.

    Watching on my iPhone XS Max

  9. Kumar Vishal

    Liquid metal is so cool

  10. emacicc

    No jack,no expandable storage,no file mamager,no apps outside the limited app store....only idiots buy theese things to watch netflix and go on fb,android and windows for the win

  11. Nicholas Arduini

    Canada does has non mmWave 5G especially in Toronto. You might need a 5G SIM card.

  12. Tim

    iPhone 12 : iPhone 12 Pro iPad Air : iPad Pro

  13. ilum88

    Imagine bringing this beast out in an office meeting

  14. Buknoy

    It feels like if i have this phone, i feel stupid

  15. strafe

    Everyone: I'm waiting for the 13 Reality: 120hz comes with 25% prive increase.

  16. Reel Bytes

    Roses are red The new iPhone is flat I’m still kind of salty that they removed the headphone jack

  17. Mummy Napkin

    ...yeah I think I’m gonna buy an Xbox Series X instead lol

  18. shaikh hareth

    What if someone doesn’t use camera much then would the iphone be justified i mean apart from the camera system what do they have that the competition doesn’t yhea the apple ecosystem is something hard to get out off but I think its worth it leaving apple makes a whole lot sense to me thats my opinion

  19. eastcoastloveaffair

    Yeah since they changed the connection type, you have to buy a new charge brick so they are not saving the environment they are creating a bunch of trash. That part is obnoxious. Even in the iphone xr case, it comes with a usb-c cable and no brick...

  20. strafe

    It is so tempting to get one but I'm waiting for the 13 this is not it for me.

  21. Niraj Shrestha

    whew that was one hell of a compact review

  22. Armando Fernandez

    When are these phones in stores? I would like to compare them in hand against my iPhone XR.

  23. coloured pages

    0:42 the best part of video. PERIOD!!!!

  24. Levan Arabuli

    Same charging brick, same headphone jack, same Earpods.

  25. Senshai

    " it doesn't feel originally new to me"...well, this is apple we are talking here

  26. Roger Priestwell

    what's the RAM?

  27. Michel Bruns

    0:34 so they even lowered the pro screen resolution?

  28. Ashwin K George

    Everyone: No charging brick!!!!!! Me: having 10 different charging bricks.......

  29. Mr. Halottux

    Am buying it right now

  30. Michael John Lozano

    the refresh rates will be something to wait for, been using the ipad pro 2020, and yes I could see the difference from something like that of an ipad air 2019 which I replaced with

  31. Tristan Abraham

    I feel like a lot of reviewers don’t point out the 799 to 999 price difference is including less storage and a carrier discount on the 11. If you bought it from apple unlocked with 128gb the price of the 11 is 879. So, it’s not a $200 difference, it’s a $120 difference. I’m glad Dave talked about that.

  32. Arjun Nayak

    Apple Fans: We can't have a 5W charging brick for a $1000 iPhone. Apple: Ok. *Removes charging bricks from next-gen iPhone models Apple Fans:

  33. Corneliu

    What Casio is he wearing? Which gshock?

  34. n0De

    you missed out one key thing why the Pro is well priced tho and thats the storage. While the ip12 comes with 64gb, thats barely enough for nowadays and you will definitely want to go for the 128 and then the Pro one already comes with 128... Suddenly the price gap isnt that big and its just worth to go straight for the Pro one... ^^

    1. helenHTID

      Yeah this a point many have made. The price difference between these models this year is not that much and most features are all there, If you can afford to push for the 12 I'm certain you can push a bit more the pro which a better deal! As you get double storage and more camera tech.

  35. The Real One

    The “PRO" is just an a word to makes the phone cost few extra bucks making it 1k price tag😌

  36. Justin Schwarz

    So Amazon will put 450,000 more cars on the road to get us our chargers since Apple wants to “save the environment....”

  37. Goran

    S20 plus looks like the phone from the future in comparison to iphone 12 pro

  38. Dennis Johnson

    It's amazing how Apple suck people in with this iPhones every year. Even when they are almost the same. I'm just saying. I have the the 11 but i mostly use my 7 plus. Hard to beat finger print ID.

  39. Infamous guy

    Just because its apple you don't always have to be buy it or be impressed by it . A rich guy don't show his wealth but a poor guy tries.

  40. Zen Zero

    I'm more interested with the g-shock he is wearing.

  41. Alpaca Male

    High refresh rate is a meme

  42. Dennis Johnson

    Watching on my 7 plus iPhone. Lol. I'm good. My 11 is in the drawer.

  43. Lord Megatron

    Guys, don't buy this crap. Your current phone is good enough whether it's an iPhone or an Android.... Save ur money and get the PS5 or the Xbox... Way better

  44. Dageto542

    I really love the style you have in your videos, everything from editing to the way you use words to describe tech you have on your hands. Very nice job.

  45. 9and

    You are very good reviewer who doesn't fall for marketing hype. Most of the tech reviwers are fan boy with lack of technical insight . Good job 👍 .

  46. Sunil Ranjan Das

    You can weight lifting with this laptop🤣🤣🤣

  47. ALI AKIL

    Kesssssssss amak

  48. Nicholas

    The Magsafe charger, I just have one question. The benefit of wireless charging is you can charge the phone by simply placing it on the charging pad. The magsafe charger, does it require an action to "unplug" the charger from the phone? Because if it does, it defects the purpose of wireless charging. And it suddenly make a lot of sense that Apple opt to exclude the charging brick from the box.

  49. Firoze Temouri

    Why does the 12 look like it has thinner bezels at 0:35.... Tf

  50. Trumpalumpa

    Man, I'd really love to have the regular pro with 6,7". I much more prefer the aluminium colors and don't need the overkill best camera. Also 1300.- is really expensive. Guess, if this is the one, I will keep it for much longer now. I love phones but paying 1300.- every two years is just stupid and kills the environment so I'm fine with it. ps: Toronto is a beautiful city, just got flashbacks from my visit last year, that was my first time in north america actually^^

  51. Mr.Kelada

    Pressed liked the second you showed the brick.

  52. Charles A. Vernon

    Scratches at level 6, with deeper levels at level 7 :)

  53. blanknotebookpage

    Charging Brick 🧱 KEKW

  54. Kevin Francis

    Apple needs to bring back 'Dr. Woz' and create NEW hardware and not continue use the same with just alter the texture, materials, and colors.

  55. Dr Ahn

    what a masterpiece poors fuck off and get budget shitdroid phone

  56. Furkan Üner

    Dave the type of guy to be into hexagons

  57. ath student

    Your reviews are so analytical I love how neutral u can get (well, relatively)

  58. Mike Stanek

    Man...I'm coming from an Android and just received an iPhone 12 yesterday. After using it for a day I have to say it's quite a disappointment. Scrolling through news or Facebook is soooo slow and annoying. Watching videos that are unzoomed give you the feeling that you are still using an old iPhone because of the bezels. Charging seems slow. The UI itself is just not user friendly. I'm so used to pulling the notification shade from anywhere on the screen. With this thing you have to reach to the far left corner or far right depending on what shade you want to pull down. Doesn't make sense. It's not all bad though. The camera is great. Not amazing but I'll say it's an improvement over the 11. If you want good night photos though you have to set it to a longer exposure than the default. The phone is light. The flat edges are not a welcome design change for me. Like the rounded better. I wanted to like this phone but it just isn't for me. Widgets suck too. They hardly work right.

  59. Shmd

    Really no reason to buy the 12 Pro with that last point he mentioned.

  60. Gonzalo Martinez Roca

    I dont see many north Americans youtubers going hard on Apple for this iPhone. I wonder why...

  61. Plz, Help Me Reach 10K SUBSCRIBERS With Videos !!!

    Now i'ma sell my last kidney 😴😴😴

  62. Graham, King of the Britons!

    Pros don't need no charging brick, COZ THEY'RE PROS

  63. Muhammad luqman Khan

    I always complained how apple never included a fast charger in the box now I dont even know what to say😂

  64. Bjerkson

    Do you think the 2GB ram difference justifies the extra price for 12 pro?

  65. IT

    It’s horrible and massively overrated,,Steve jobs would be turning in his grave. No innovation anymore. Just churning out the same phone every year.

  66. Colin

    Great review. Just wondering if you think it’s worth upgrading from an iPhone 11. I saw the 12 in a store today and it’s visibly smaller than the 11. It didn’t feel comfortable to hold (although it was locked to a stand so I couldn’t pick it up properly). The display also looked underwhelming (and I’m comparing it to an LCD). The same store had a pixel 5 phone and that thing looked gorgeous.

  67. JayzPH

    Talks about the weirdness of pressing the air trigger without tactile feel, man the whole screen has no tactile feedback....

  68. GGori 99

    I think its just the blue color.. nothing is special

  69. Nuke Balan

    Fuck iPhone 12 unbox the damn ps5

  70. David Sell

    When the guy said he was from Canada, his calmness made sense

  71. John Paz

    I'll wait for you to review the mini and pro max before I decide :)

  72. sajjad aqeel


  73. Insyirah Azhar

    Can i know what is the light stick behind him?

  74. Isaiah Cox

    Pacific Blue color really reminds me of the blue that Google used on the Nexus 6. Looks almost identical

  75. Snowy

    The brick though =)))

  76. StayYoungDad

    Great insight re 120hz next year thanks

  77. Ashraf Hussain

    Damn out for 24 hours and a scratch already! This is annoying I’ve never used a screen protector but had to since the iPhone X as the screen just scratches more easier than the earlier models

  78. Don't Talk Zoomer

    Captialism is pretty bad. I was unfortunately that I paid over $900 to get a Dell Laptop with an AMD processor.

  79. Quarantined Lyrics

    Great video! Please do a review of the new Lenovo Slim 7 GTX (15'). Thanks.

  80. Alex D.

    Nice to see the red iPhone 12😎 it looks very awesome👍🏼