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  1. Gonzalo Oviedo

    Yep I love Led Zeppelin !

  2. RITZ 01

    Thor Ragnarok theme

  3. kajal Kajal

    This is good

  4. Alex Rincon

    How much It will cost

  5. Brady Davis


  6. Miloud89Boujaada

    Ich liebe das Auto jetzt schon Hammer Geil. Liebe Grüße aus Germany

  7. Pradeep P

    100 miles in 10 minutes.. That's a Dope😍



  9. Jawad Jatt

    Ragnarok music in background

  10. Amit Anurag

    Is this true ??

  11. Misab N


  12. Ashish Kumar Nanda

    This one's level is even beyond the recent time's Sci-fi movies concept.

  13. Kobe Monteclar

    Me be like: Wait, that's illegal

  14. mcjogom

    👍Thank you!.👍

  15. Thejas K

    I am going to buy it...Universe will help me get one...777

  16. Jeff Stevans Paul

    jaw droppin be like . 😘🔥

  17. Anatoliy Soub

    Отличная реклама - в самом начале появления /продукт наносит ущер6 дорожной системе (со6ственно, передвигаться по которой он и 6ыл создан изначально) . 0:20

  18. Карен Альбертян

    Best gm truck!!!!! I need that one!!!

  19. Hemanth CK

    " If one can change the world, imagine what two can do "

  20. andre amin


  21. Melvin M

    0:12 Nothing a little green tape can’t fix 😂 how Elon stay winning without spending a single dollar on ads let GM pay for it ... btw Lebron owns a Model X and i8

  22. Daniel Clark

    Not interested in electric. Becoming less of a fan of GM

  23. Tom rizzo

    The brainwashing of America has begun

  24. Tom rizzo

    How can they say Watts for Freedom when you need a charging station I'm sure after a hundred miles good luck with that one out in the bush

  25. The World According To Joey

    Cool thing is I live in the nearest town only two miles away from this so I got to sit in traffic when they closed the tunnel for this ad😂 pretty cool sequel to the hummer from the looks of it with 4 wheel steering but we will just have to see how good it all holds up when they are sold.


    Immigrant song

  27. The650valentino

    When your brand new hummer EV does it’s “automatic lane change” and ends up killing your whole family plus a car full of kids while you were on your way camping.

    1. LB Robinson

      seems specific😂😂

  28. Stephan Bell

    Ummm..... My question is, why is GM bringing back a technology that failed in the early 2000s?...... Known as quadra-steer

  29. James W

    Why can't you just turn a little left then a little right and go through just the same? 😂😂😂 trash as usual from American made now a day.

  30. tdog 1996

    The one electric vehicle that actually looks good and I'd actually consider buying if everyone has to go to an electric vehicle

  31. Benjamin Burkhardt

    Remember when GMC offered four wheel steering in the early 2000s

  32. Joe Boivin

    What does it do in the infamous Quarter Mile . That’s the American Standard in speed deduction.

  33. Xploration

    This is a joke.

  34. Hereistheevidencedotcom navarroreportdotcom

    Why.... This is the most unnecessary thing ever made

  35. Cuda

    Just wait until it turns on the highway by accident and you lose an axel

  36. Ronald Anderson

    You sold this 1

  37. Jaybeem Hardscrote

    Hey GMC I've yet to see you demonstrate this crab walk feature in a scenario where it's actually useful. For some reason cars have gotten to pretty much anywhere in the 100 plus years we've had them and not one time was a crab feature needed.

    1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

      @MrZancruz if I ran the ad campaign I would put the Hummer up against a competitor who lacks the feature and show how only the crabwalk can help you get out of it.

    2. Jaybeem Hardscrote

      @MrZancruz yeah but my point was they haven't actually demonstrated that in this video

    3. MrZancruz

      4 wheel steering it's very useful in a vehicle this size.

  38. Tracy

    Is a FJ land cruiser by TOYOTA not a hummer

  39. Spartan 118

    Or just turn slightly to the left

  40. Cristian 03

    Pretty sure there’s a higher risk if you hitting the truck or whatever was to the side using ur crabwalk instead of turning left then right

  41. The Stig

    Can't wait to buy one and slap an LS engine in it

  42. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gross Misconduct

  43. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grooming Meatheads

  44. Johnny Foosba

    You might as well be pissing on Carroll Shelby's grave making an automobile all electric! No one wants that garbage! We want a mechanical engine rumbling and the smell of petroleum when we drive. Not a cell phone on wheels that the government has full control of at the touch of a button. We don't want to have to report back to an electric charging station to be able to keep going either! Don't buy into this Biden Electric Car Push!! Get this garbage out of here! 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮

  45. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gagging Mechanism

  46. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Goofy Midgets

  47. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grotesque Monstrosity

  48. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gargantuan Mistake

  49. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Gigantic Malfunction

  50. Tricky Dicky Ball

    GM Grossly Mismanaged

  51. [J.P] _

    Or just angle the turn?

  52. Small Brain


  53. No WackyTobaccy

    Your in a hummer just go thru the truck

  54. Chris Leal ‘-‘


  55. carz 79

    Still better than the Mach E

  56. Jonathan Kenton

    I rarely find new vehicles interesting, but this is fantastic. Makes me excited for the future of the automotive industry.

  57. Troy Lyons

    Keep it

  58. Simon Beaufont

    I am so happy that the cdc has a company car

  59. thelegend 8965

    Its fake

    1. Jaybeem Hardscrote

      What is?

  60. ZUZU 1

    This is Equivalent of that scene in Justice League where Wonder Woman Moves 1 inch to dodge a Bullet 6 feet away

  61. Damian Gutierrez

    Arnold Schwarzenegger will tow the Tesla cyber truck with this Hummer EV pickup & say hasta la vista baby !😎

  62. Super Duty 455

    Officially out of ideas, GM.

  63. Alex Couch

    Is that LeBron talking?

  64. festus ewere

    Nice video

  65. Eli Eaton

    Put a hemi in it

  66. Yong Yea

    Welcome to countless service expenditures!

  67. General Zod

    Since it is a GM product, it will turn into a money-pit when that warranty expires. That steering thing alone will cost thousands and thousands to fix when it malfunctions and it _will_

  68. beboystyle

    Prob should have made it look harder to do without having the technology so the features can really impress us!

  69. J T

    A feature I’ve lived without and never needed! Awesome!!!!

  70. WITE FOX

    Why the cgi...

  71. M B


  72. kolim jone

    It’s great that GM has committed to these two EV models. They seem to be pushing hard with the technology and if they didn’t, their competitors surely will.

  73. bcvbb hyui

    4 3 2 1 😅

  74. Gaming Bros

    They showed this last year lol

  75. John Reynolds tablet

    Has control of the spring I wish I had the money

  76. John Reynolds tablet

    Geez that's a nice truck

  77. Sceptical Drax

    Down goes my bank account