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  1. Donald Baker

    Awsome show Drew Happy happy Birthday 🎂🎉🎈

  2. Gwen D

    I dealt with severe acne all of my life, I went to so many dermatologists and nothing would ever work for me. Last summer I started using products he recommended for oily acne prone skin and my skin has never been this clear ever. Thank you Hyram!!

  3. Gina Cao

    Product recommendation starts at 2:50

  4. RJ Long


  5. Whitney Tallman

    I don't usually comment but Ladies your outfits😍 Stunning, strong, baddies👏 Drew looks so comfty and the hue of that flower matched with that heel is giving her complexion a gorgeous glow along with the gold jewelry. Chloe's leather jacket with that blue eye💙👌 Imma toot that horn. Their energy is contagious. Wonderful segment🌈


    BANG-BARRYMORE, BANG-BOTTOMOUSLY, B-SMORES-FUL, B-FORCEFUL!!!🍣🍱🍗🍢❤❤❤🍵🍺🍻🍜🍔🥚🛒🥚🛒🥛🥛🥛🥛🥛🎓🎓🎓🎓📷📷💻💻⏳⏳⏳💵💵💵💵💰💰💰💰🔑🔑🔑🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎻🎻🎻🎻🎻🎹🎹🎹🎹🎼🎼🎬🎬

  7. Amanda Tan

    The yellow step-aunt yearly jump because myanmar interestingly scold down a remarkable trip. precious, oceanic house

  8. Jennifer Vera

    I want my place done. Homeless now but when I get one can u redesign it

  9. Busakorn R.

    Chloe and Drew could pass for sibling in the movie



  11. Nicholas Gonzalez

    Always nice to see one of our greatest living directors doing well.

  12. leonora450

    You made me in tears.. lol

  13. Lora Cash

    She acts crazy

  14. Tim Dore

    Now we know how she got into the show biz.

  15. Denise Higgins

    He still loves her❤️

  16. Erika Kaiser-Gentile

    So mature and powerful. This is how adults act

  17. Angii Lme

    C R Y I N G

  18. Shun Gaga

    Sarah: I died from falling off the roof. Me: Yeah after ghostface threw you off 😂

  19. jacob the director

    I’m so glad he said the thing about Directing. I loved Whip it and can’t wait to see what she would direct next.

  20. Teezy Hendrix


  21. MoonlightDreams

    Omg that tv idea !!! The chairs in front of tv! Mind blowing space saver!! Fabulous!!!

    1. Heidi

      I love it

  22. Alexa xoxo

    Wait did he say he was happy to be invited on the show? Might need to hear it another time 😑

  23. Shantorey Wilkins


  24. Zeal Fork

    nice dress ! 😉

  25. Leticia Amorim

    Amazing job Drew!!!!!

  26. Clark Sebastian

    thank you so much for the idea, really inspiring me to make one in the sims

    1. Alex Marie


  27. Ellen Beauty Joy

    I've no idea why I'm so emotional but I can't help but cry watching this. Because I miss my father I never got the chance to make him proud.

  28. richardwalterbee booth

    DREW? Approximately an hour in, the bike is followed from the house, down the hill and into the woods by a government surveillance car. I am riding in front passenger seat as an extra. I asked the stunt driver what gives with the secrets of this film titled A BOYS LIFE ? He said they don’t tell us nutten’. I tell him that I had a feeling this movie was going to be an important film, and as we round the corner into the alley way...I am going to stick my arm out the window so my grandkids can say “THAT’S MY GRANDDADDY’S ELBOW!” So Steven? Check our the cameo my elbow does in your otherwise flawless film. ( In your 20th ANNIVERSARY edit you air-brushed the guns out of the picture...but YOU MISSED MY ELBOW !!! ) c20-21inkRWBEE

  29. Dug Out

    I wish I had a Stephen

  30. fox2mike28

    Wouldn’t it be cool if the next film Drew directs was a co-production between Flower Films and Amblin Entertainment? At the same time, it might be difficult because it would mean the mixing of their personal relationship with a professional one. Still, them teaming up would be a pretty neat prospect.

  31. Andy handy

    chloe is most successful child actor after elle fanning hailey seinfeild

  32. Andy handy

    did chloe go to collage? is she a graduate?

  33. Dug Out

    Idk about this channel

  34. Ada Mayfield


  35. kitchandpages


  36. Violet Rain

    I pretty much love every movie Chloe is in. I can't wait to watch Tom & Jerry.

  37. Monse Mares Tapia

    The ikea handles? It’s just like ikea

  38. Marc Agins

    As much as I have adored Drew for 30+ years (yes, she is on my list), their chemistry is amazing. She looks so happy. You two need to get back together!!!

  39. Kendra Voracek


  40. Al Santos

    Anything for ratings .. wtf no shame

  41. David Pumpkins Jr.

    I'd like to see a light-hearted comedy where Drew Barrymore and Henry Thomas play estranged siblings who have to come together to run their father's business after he retires. Have Spielberg play the father in a cameo.

  42. Namrata Das

    Spielberg is an absolute genius. All time favourite filmmaker ever.

  43. Tanya Takes Over The World

    That had to be super uncomfortable for Speilberg when someone gave him the Drew Playboy when he new her from a young girl working on E.T..

  44. im_kendz

    50 first dates sequel movie please Ms. Drew & Mr. Adam 🥰 I never get tired watching it. Your chemistry together is simply astonishing. ❤

  45. JoAnne Weiss

    What a wonderful reminder of just how freaking intelligent & human & therapeutic Dave is....better with age!!!♥️

  46. erro paolo

    Omg Lucy doesn’t age ! ❤️❤️❤️

  47. basic zachh

    I love these 2 omg 😱 💕💕

  48. Charlene Gerber

    Aaaah man, she's just beautiful and pure

  49. Paige Smith

    Happy birthday Drew! We love you♡♡

  50. Maria Cecilia Rodriguez

    this must have been so special for her! Thank you, Drew! Happy Birthday!!!

  51. aryheen

    Thank you. I Love you both.

  52. Marigrace Ricaña

    When I was a fan of Chloë, I do know about "Our Deal" by Best Coast. It also starred pre-Divergent Shailene Woodley. Too bad Drew never directed more films. She would've directed more if she had that chance. And also, I think Chloë should be in a next film with Drew, plus Adam Sandler. When I was a fan of Chloë's, I always had a crush on Carrie White, not Hit-Girl. Chloë looked so good when she wore that pink prom dress. But when I changed my main favorite actress, which is now Elle Fanning, I now see Chloë as an ordinary, not favorite. Things change.

  53. Gi Gi

    How is Drew making me bawl seeing Letterman? Happy birthday 🥳

  54. Pamela Delmonte

    Happy Birthday Drew!🎊🎉🎇🎆💐🎂 loved you since ET. You were my sons first love....

  55. R Martin

    Letterman is Democrat piece of 💩.

  56. James w

    First drew marry me please

  57. Marcela Macedo

    I Love you Drew 💕

  58. Daniel

    Next on the show? Adam sandler?

  59. Queen Aza

    It felt like we invited the author to LISTEN to a book review. I feel deprived. I really wanted to hear Doyle speak MORE. Drew is great, but PLEASE let the author speak.

  60. Empty Carousels

    I love to see two sweet souls come together!

  61. Mick Movier

    ?? I think they're Bored and running out of projects to do so it's like " let's rehash this ! " smh

  62. Gabriel Joseph

    Anchor is one of " Charlie's Angels"

  63. Jennifer Johnson

    Omg! This is so cute!! I'm so happy to see them talking again after all this time and Tom is so mature.

  64. Eric Smith

    Tom green singing the entertainment tonight theme as his house burns down is perfect haha

  65. MsPhoenix2020

    Hrr earrringssss

  66. Bee Monique

    I really love the Drew show!!! She's so fun, polite, supportive and caring. She has a really positive attitude. 😊


    An ETERNAL SWEETHEART. Lots of love to DREW and her KIDs. Americans should be grateful to HER for taking birth in their country!!

  68. Paul Anthony Donahue

    Made me cry 😢... Love Drew, Steven and E.T. but the Color Purple is my favorite movie of all time.

  69. Tina Salda


  70. MnS Vlogs

    Awe this is so nice

  71. FemmeFartale

    They're the cutest ♥♥

  72. Charles Greer

    Still remember when he fed the snake on rd trip I think it was called. When that snake latched on to his hand I was crying with laughter. Funny dude right there. And as far as he and Drew you can still see in both their faces they still have love for one another. Its crazy how Hollywood tears most of those couples apart even the ones that truly love each other. In all she's done from fire starter on she will always be Eliot little sister on ET.

  73. Austin Carrick


  74. Michelle Jester

    She LOVES his parents, and he hit her with that. Very slick

  75. Will _Powers

    I LOVE IT!

  76. Michelle Jester

    I knew he was still in love with her the moment I saw his face, and heard he named his sweet girl pup Charlie. Come on. Soooo heartbreaking

  77. The Shoun Files

    i loved whip it so much too

  78. MerricMaker

    Craig's advice: Never bring on a guest you dislike. Pay no attention to market share--just play. Your audience will notice.

  79. riggermorpus

    Drew flashing Dave was a fun, spur of the moment thing. No need to go so deep and philosophical about it imo. Dave enjoyed every second of it, why would she think he would be upset about it. Didn't hurt ratings I'm sure. A memorable moment.

  80. VapnFagan

    Every episode Drew is crying? Think its time to go back on the meds!

    1. Holly W

      @Roxana Salas Tovar Yes, thank you!

    2. Roxana Salas Tovar

      It is called having emotions, go to sleep

    3. Holly W