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  1. raptor

    KD plus Harden is literally the entire team

  2. Beemツ

    tyler johnson still in the NBA i didnt know that

  3. Kendal Greene

    Refs tried to give the game to phoneix

  4. Marq Andrei

    "Obi Toppin, hoppin to the roof to bring the troop at number 2." MY GOODNESS GOATMENTATOR

  5. AquaAtia

    At the start of the game I made a stupid bet with my Nets fan friend that if they came back I'd change all my social media accounts to be Nets or Irving themed. RIP me lol

  6. Harris Bobroff

    Pelicans must practice 3 points more!

  7. Mr. E.O.M

    Those Hawks jerseys are 🔥🔥🔥

  8. Aniket Karmkar

    He makes it 1000 times better

  9. MT NENO

    I wish the announcers were actually at the games . Shits be sounding so weird

  10. Faith Thornton

    Crazy..BROOKLYN on fire and LA seems to be cooling OFF🤔

  11. Tweet Her

    9:04 his release ugly ngl 🥶 but still green

  12. Mallu Moto Vlog

    Have we figured out the identity of goatmentator? Because he must be protected at all cost.

  13. Daniel Riddick


  14. freee trial

    Why would USfilm recommend me this it’s like they want me to suffer from ptsd

  15. Zachariah-Bin Yisrayl

    He doesn't have a superstar on his team helping him.....and he STILL has GSW in the playoff picture. THAT is mvp material.

  16. Bradley. Missick

    Lonzo ball sucks.lamelo is better than him

  17. Quintini

    the girl at 1:07 got ignored lmao

  18. Gangster Spock

    Anybody knows the track name that was played in the timeout?

  19. Zinqzz

    Bring him back!

  20. Faith Thornton

    Brooklyn with the SPIRIT of The RUKER'S Park. They going to the CHAMPIONSHIPS..kid😳

  21. Gucci Gamez

    James harden: makes a two Commentator: cold blooded three

  22. Kyle Roberts

    I love Dort. But why did he fall down at the end? 😂

  23. Sayaan Thayaparan

    What makes LaMelo great right now and for the rest of his career is going to be his unselfishness and ability to pass the ball

  24. Israel Harney

    Honestly, they should rank these highlights based on Goatmentator best bars

  25. John Holland


  26. sucidal S12K

    Where is Durant.... Nets are playing in a stunner mode even without k.d

  27. Harvey Salas

    Look at the Utah jazz

  28. Marques Jones

    bro definitely some gas

  29. Brian Vicknair

    I don’t know why the Pels didn’t take Bledsoe and Divincenzo instead of hill man damn would have been perfect for the Pels.

  30. Stevie Wee

    Who is Fred Van Vleet? I thought it was Fleet

  31. Ousman Diallo

    All that chuckling from C webb when Zion does something is a very sneaky way of trying to rain 🌧️ on Mr. Antetkoumnpo parade and trying to steal Mr. Antetkoumnpo thunder. Jealous towards AFICANS by African American is real just pay attention.

  32. _Asad4

    Tell me another player in the league that gets double teamed every play curry is so underrated generational talent!!

  33. MrDane634

    The play by play is painfully boring

  34. Trey Taylor

    Imagine bron finishes that dunk😭

  35. ZThe Real

    They look better than the Deron Williams Jazz

  36. Drake Villanueva

    Draymond green trade Andre Drummond

  37. 1MA Mike Bandz

  38. Jayce -


  39. Goku Kakarot

    The wizards are winning it all, they are the only team that can prevent the nets from making it out of the west, no seriously, the wizards have the nets #

  40. Jaskanwar Singh

    Harden change the whole team

  41. Jacey Gaither

    For anyone wondering, the NBA already released the last two minute report that said that Booker WAS fouled by Hayward on that last shot attempt. It was a clear missed call that cost the Sun's the game.

  42. Jay R

    Can I get a pick n roll/pop with Obi Trice? A back door pick for a baseline lob? Get Obi goin. Kid has attributes but he can't win iso right now. No handle, weak post game. He's the future, design some plays. Run. C'mon.

  43. Mr. Stranathan

    Murray that was your Shot bro..

  44. Who Gaurav?

  45. Be Ni

    The recorded crowd is annoying tho. Too much hype. This is not a finals game. Sheesh.

  46. cuteboysss

    I wonder how steph curry would do in this.

  47. mark teri bascon

    Zion makes dunking looks so easy.

  48. James Smith

    The travel when he first gets the ball in that first dunk is hilarious. I thought I was watching the NFL for a second lol

  49. Jaden Rivers


  50. Ari Salim Marcus

    "A little Dwight on Dwhite crime at number 9". this guy is genius.

  51. Jaden Rivers


  52. Nick Fullenkamp

    Tyler Cook is actually a pretty solid defender👀

  53. joeyd

    Kevin Hart ........ go the fuck home!

  54. John Briglin

    Lonzo could average 20 if he didn't hesitate so much. He's been much better at scoring this year than ever before.

  55. Jimena Villatoro

    2:50 to 3:23 me when I finally win a game: