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  1. Alexander Zima

    “U only need one scoop motherfucker”. Stg Steve will always find a way to piss off Brad🤣🤣

  2. Charles Flynn

    Are u still friends with nelk??

  3. Dezmon Randolph

    Brad that tar that you sent me slaps omg you a real one

  4. Alexander Zima

    Brad the biggest brother on the planet

  5. Unknown Artist

    What are the circles on Brad's shoulders?

  6. Mcauley man8


  7. tomko

    Dont ever call a man out in his own home!

  8. Blake Thomas Selph

    So this is going to be another zoo but with food and smoothies? I'm lost.


    Brad. Work on those listening skills. Get those ears in the gym

  10. Sam Taylor vlogs

    Bradly Martin no USfilm can lift more than me -the beast /Eddie hall is a USfilmr so (“are you sure about that”)(worlds strongest man 2017)

  11. Claus

    If i could sub, for the rest of the fuckers, who haven't yet i would Brad :P

  12. Matt


  13. Chai wala Modi

    3:26 thts sexy 😁

  14. son of Mercury

    This guy sold my sister and me weed and told us if we said sum he was going beat the fuck out of us, we moved to Mexico I know he won’t survive if he comes here.

  15. Dennis Lara

    Brad was playing vitale was to he just took it to far cuz he was drunk🤣

  16. Raymond Woods

    We should have known that Steve wouldn't give a shit and rock the fuck out of that hair. P.S. Steve's girl has huge milkers.

  17. Gamov3r 232966

    So cool to se you guys appreciate old school cars

  18. Hayden Cash

    Drug deaaaaaaaler

  19. Nick Brodeur

    Lol why Brad take this so personal?

  20. Logan Scott

    Steve just trying to be the next Dom. There ain't ever gonna be another Dom man

  21. Your Friendly neighborhood Poop Dealer

    Brad snook Some cocaine into Steve’s pre-workout

  22. kelsey torrez

    Logan won the contest he clearly did more and lasted just as long well done 👏

  23. Sabrina

    their content is getting so repetitive 😬😬

  24. Emma Skeins

    'i learned a lot from you man ' yea like how to sell bad drugs to steve

  25. Nick Breezily

    This is pure gold👌🏾


    Why'd you try and sue nelk brad. Is this real??

  27. Brandon Williams

    I would want the cop

  28. Brandon Williams

    The cop so hot lol

  29. Ethan Sanborn

    Brad what don’t you understand it’s the liquor you have to take up the money with not Steve the liquor calls the shots bud

  30. Ethen Holt


  31. Ethan Sanborn

    Brad gotta post the link to the drug warehouse on Instagram so I can get more of your fire product

  32. Az Tv

    Asian girl tryna make small talk, "really waitin on that room number hook up" 😋😁

  33. Az Tv

    Steve is big Tony's son keep that on the High low 😁

  34. Eduardo Nunez

    When Bradley said this is Steve won’t do it and Steve did so much better

  35. PrivateLifeMason

    brad just so you know we appreciate you

  36. clorox Bleach

    That’s not wrestling that’s just Jiu jitsu

  37. Colton Poitras-Rodh

    Best videos I've seen you can see all the points of view basically no cuts litttearally lit bro

    1. Colton Poitras-Rodh

      My 19th bday today btw aha js...

  38. tomko


  39. OGCoD Playerz

    Brad stop delivering drugs to my house all the time.

  40. Chris Almendras

    Brad is the type of person to eat at a restaurant and take a bite for the video and leave

  41. Cool Pup

    This guy came in a tank top hahha

  42. Joe Pelanconi

    Bradley, your getting close to 1 mill subs..........congratulations 👍🏻🏋🏼🚭

  43. Greg L

    It’s all an advertisement for teenage boys. You are the lowest of the low

  44. Ausburn96

    We DO NOT need to defund the police, if anything we need to fund them more money to get better training because this chick does not have a clue what she’s talking about. “ Bring the gun up to your face to stop the bullets” WTF!?!?!

  45. Killerboytr Gamer

    Does anyone know the name of the music they had in the background when the fight was over

  46. Kaitu

    Drug dealer feeding his client after smoking 500 grams of weed

  47. Gaming Maniac

    8:04 The way he said “is that my weed”

  48. K London

    The blond girl is soo beautiful

  49. Az Tv

    Either him or Justin beiber in disguise 😭😁

  50. Az Tv

    Was that dude from tracers an twilight tryna get a photo with Brad 🤨🤔😆🤣😭😁😄😁

  51. ItsTonyLindo

    Lmao wow, Jake Paul's acting like he's Conor Mcgregor with his Ego, but no one can do it like Conor,

  52. Jack Goodwin

    Fake weights

  53. Lane BENNETT

    What’s wrong with his arm

  54. Az Tv

    Yo that was really really Ed tho?!? 😭😆🤣😁😄

  55. SaorR

    1:36:48 your welcome

  56. Az Tv

    This is the greatest content ever" !!!!!!! 😭 Brad you can't ever leave man! 😁😄

  57. Charboys

    Is he still friends with nelk

  58. Az Tv

    Brad tryna get to Steve like watchin a guy try & argue with a homeless man you just never win 😆😁😄

  59. vlog killa

    when steve shot the gun shit had me dead😂

  60. Az Tv


  61. Sonak Shah

    Why are they ads

  62. Alexander Zima

    That Iranian dude is scary but nice lmao

  63. Cole Gooch

    Damn bro

  64. Crazy Panda

    brad meant 23 - 1 year olds, u know bradstein lol

  65. Al Weiser

    Wow I saw the Navajo County Complex sign 😁 so you went thru Holbrook,Az 😉👌

  66. tee

    Bradley pees a lot because he takes drugs 😂