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  1. carlos vega

    So what about the lakers with their superteam?

  2. Arthur Vallejo

    “You can’t be an all-time great and need help, it can’t be both.” Was Jordan an all-time great? What did he win without Scottie and Phil? This guy is dumb

  3. HapticFeedbackGames

    "Charles! It's ok! Because Lebron suffers for it!" - Rob Parker

  4. Michael Hamilton

    Barkley went to Houston

  5. jim anderson

    "nets are more organic than lebron and the lakers" ..... CAAAAAAAAAAAAAP

  6. LordBranniganThe

    Rob has no problems with superstars joining superteams now...unless your name is Lebron James

  7. Lee taptico

    When a guy says he's enjoying the learning process, he gonna be good at what he's doing and you can take that for data.

  8. Aaron Brown

    This dude doesn't watch the games.. He just looks at stat sheets.. A system quarterback is the greatest insult... If the system is so good, why is the system so bad when Curry doesn't play? Curry didn't even play last year... Such a bad take. And the last time Curry went up against Lillard, he swept them with a triple double in the close out game. But he had Durant.... Nope. Durant didn't play that series. But Curry had the better team. Nope. When taking Curry and Lillard off the floor, the Blazers had a better off, def rating, and won that time on the floor by an average of 7.8 per game. But Kerr had the better system... Nope, Curry is the system. Anyone who knows basketball knows this. Out of all guards, he is the 4th best finisher at the rim... Name me another shooter who was EVER in the top 10??

  9. sthao1

    its not about the peds, edelman just isnt a hall of fame player.

  10. Lyan Padrigon

    Didn’t Lebron go to the Heat as a free agent

  11. D 15

    Chuck still mad @ KD 😂😂 the same man who wanted to play with Clyde & Hakeem in his 12th season, guess what season harden & KD is in 🤔12th & 14th so what’s chuck problem? It’s hate 😁

    1. Doknot1999

      Irving, Harden, and KD are in their primes, but Barkley, Hakeem, and Drexler were not in their primes when they played together. The 2004 Lakers had Shaq, Kobe, Malone, and Payton, but only Shaq and Kobe were in their primes during that season.

  12. Lee taptico

    For all you betters, be patient. Wait until Barkley says the Nets "won't" win the championship, then go out and put every dime you have on the Nets.

  13. Aidan Glenane

    Rob Parker your the most hypocritical person ESPN

  14. Dre ThaLegendYT

    This is a opinion sir chef curry is a legend for life harden ad dame kyrie whoever you say better they those guys will never be the legend that curry is that's facts 🐐

  15. LiveWire Supply Co.

    What’s up with talking heads trying to bully KD off Twitter, it clearly doesn’t bother him.

  16. Karl Ascuasiati

    Houston destroyed themselves not keeping Jarrett allen and Caris levert...

  17. Black Viking

    This guy's points are wrong on so many levels

  18. Maurice Taylor

    Terrible take...this might be one the worst NBA take of all time. You know nothing about basketball 🏀 😒 🙄. Steph Curry is a true legend and champion. ***You're throwing rocks at the throne***

  19. Boot It Up

    Im rooting for everyone but the lakers

  20. Sayed Abbas

    Your trash for talking about Steph .. last time listening to your nonsense.. he change the game more than all your top five or top 10 players. Period

  21. D 15

    KD got a lot of haters 🤣🤣

  22. Highway Hero

    Rob Parker is so damn disturbed and confused

  23. Braxton Matthews

    Rob Parker literally is the biggest hypocrite in sports radio

  24. Van Gibson

    Its too late. We're in the storm. Its getting more and more normal. People blame Lebron. I go back to the Celtics. Paul peirce, ray allen and KG. They started this thing, not Bron. Bron going to Miami was a reaction to the big 3 being assembled. Free agents, trades. Doesnt matter. When you have superstars joining its bad. 2 typical LeBron haters. Bron Bron Bron..laughable..2 obvious Bron haters. I didnt like Bron joining Miami either but this whole thing that Bron ruined the league is bogus. I still think a healthy lakers win repeat but if the nets run the table for a few yrs then so be it. We just went through the GS, KG ERA. They dominated for 3 yrs. Injuries stopped that Dynasty. This is what the league, fans and media created but they blame the players for making moves. Smh..Goofballs.

  25. Lee taptico

    I'm gonna need to see more from Baker and apparently the Browns feel the same way.

  26. NoLimit Kha

    Didn’t Charles try to ring chase on the rockets tho by teaming up with other stars ? He sounds like a hypocrite

    1. Doknot1999

      True, but he was past his prime when he was in Houston. KD, Harden, and Irving are in their primes.

  27. Jaime Felix

    Not fan of KD , but Rob calling him sensitive when Rob was super sensitive when people make fun of his BS after the clippers got eliminated last season it’s just way too funny 😂

  28. Anthony Brown

    Charles left to join Hakeem who won back to back championships. Hypocrite smh

    1. Gregory GrObama

      Facts. Dream drexler and a great cast

  29. ChrisUnbias

    This is completely stupid..........look at the dislikes. Pure hatred for a guy that has redefined the way the NBA plays

  30. dayostical

    Notice Rob never answered when asked who he was rooting for, the man doesn't want to contradict himself.

  31. CG Alchemist

    who the hell is Jason Smith is

  32. Ant Tonytonyt

    Nets going to lose in 5 games to LeBron james or lose to the 76ers in the conference finals .

  33. Jared Thomas

    this is an ALARMING quote by t law man, wtf

  34. Lil Khaled

    But wasn’t Lebron and bosh free agents when they came to Miami ? 🤦🏽‍♂️ Rob again with obvious hypocrisy when it comes to Lebron

  35. Party Fevers

    The Damage controll is ridiculous. Bunch of paid off sell outs

  36. N Lew

    Arron torres, pg and ad is one for each team / while kyrie harden kd is 3," do some math" regardless or how they got there, THESE are three FRANSISE players, NO WAY there was no prior communication/planning strategically.. you're a sport analysts let's not act like these are KIDS, being ships to school by their parents chosing, Blake griffins himself said Kd openly recruited him, what make u think it wasn't the same, wasnt the same like the miami) and with Kyrie and Harden. KD and Kyrie talked even the season in which Kyrie were still in Boston and Kd having issues with Draymond.. and robs, I have no words for you man

    1. N Lew

      You" hates " how when team is way unbalanced but just because they happens not be anyone else not name Lebron then its fine? Tf, its all good ?

  37. AmaZment717

    Ok so Rob hates Lebron because he stacked the deck but when KD does it, then he defends it...Rob Parker is such a hypocrite and so bias and its getting sickening..the only reason he's defending Nets is because he picked them to win title...I'm getting so tired and fed up of the national sports media...its nothing but a bunch of liars, phonies, cappers, hypocrites and agenda pushers..Harden quit on his team and FORCED his way outta Houston and went to a team with 2 max players already there...how the hell can you defend that but get mad at Lebron...its all the same

  38. Josh Rennie

    Dis’service garnett not owner of timberwolves straight up💯

  39. Certi

    Bro I just lost brain cells listening to this dude 😹

  40. Muath Jamal

    lmao get ratio'd clown

  41. Lask

    Chuck is the NBA's voice of reason. Love him.

  42. Ghost Gainz

    Rob is a clown same thing he kills Lebron he won’t kill anybody else for

  43. Billy Cole

    Charles knows the top guys there hate his "are we dick boss?" Soft a*#

  44. Mike Watkins Jr

    This has gotta be one of the worst takes I’ve ever heard, not so much cause the take is bad, but because it’s full of false information... such as Steph being a bad finisher when he’s a historically great one for his position.

  45. JoeOfAllTrades

    on charles' interview with lance armstrong he says he never roots against anybody.. funny how he changed that tune

  46. Quan Berry

    All these media people are a bunch of punks

  47. Josh Rennie

    Hall of fame are for Individual players not teams want to inducted teams them call it hall of teams💯

  48. Prophet2Nations

    Didn’t know the Playa Haters started a radio show

  49. mogulmonaco

    Lebron tanked 2019 lol averaging 27ppg 7reb 7ast man if only he really played hard with all those young dummies rondo and lance stphenson

  50. knowledgeseeker360

    Shaq brought hip hop culture to the NBA not AI! People need to get that straight!

  51. cbmattzilla

    LeBron Wade and Bosh were all Free agents

    1. Ant Tonytonyt

      But bosh been had said he was going to the heat . And on top of that , bosh missed the playoffs in 2010 . He made it twice in the east . Never went by the 1st round . Bosh wasn’t all that z just good in a mediocre team

  52. David Barker

    Rob is a fraud He roasted lLeBron for doing the same thing and now you're standing with durant. Lebron was also a free agent

    1. N Lew

      Bro his famous " anything with Jordan in it is automatically triumy over anything else!"

  53. The Jas Family

    So Lebron leaving to the heat in free agency was hated but when KD and kryie do it it’s ok? Cmon now

    1. Ant Tonytonyt

      He didn’t leave for the heat per say . Kd left the gsw to play for the nets . LeBron mind wasn’t made up . Kd was . Just like it was when he blew the 3-1 😭

  54. Lee Harris

    Lebron was a free agent when he went to miami..what's the problem two bone heads

  55. Jared Thomas

    what ?! are you serious bro ? can't elevate teammates ? you gotta be joking lmao

  56. Shakeel Brown

    Nigga Rob really hates LBJ. He said harden and embiid were playing great but LBJ was playing well 🤣

  57. B. Wayne Presents

    I think you’re 2000% correct with everything you just said.

  58. Lee taptico

    Don't mention Lebron in the same breath as Jackie Robinson. That's an insult to Mr. Robinson's legacy. Don't do that.

  59. Shawn F

    Barkley didn't root for any Lebron team neither.

    1. AmaZment717

      True...that's why I didn't mind what Charles said...he kept that same energy when Lebron did it...unlike Rob's punk ass

  60. J-Rocc The Gr81

    Ok let me annihilate this dumb take. #1. The system made Steph? ok tell me what is "The system"? Explain what "The system is". I'm sure he can't. #2. If the quote unquote "System" created Steph then why doesn't this system simply make more Stephs? I mean this "System" should be just pumping out Steph after Steph after Steph. #3. Steph has missed 8 games and his team is 1-7 w/out him, but when he plays they above 500, and before he hurt his tailbone they were the 7th seed, and by the time he came back they were the 10th seed. #4. Last year he play 5 games and the team with "They System" went 15-50. That same system w/out Steph is on pace to win about 10 games this year without him, but with him they're on pass to win close to 40 in a shortened season. #5. The warriors are a top 15 Offense in the league when Steph is on the court, when he's not they're simply one of the worse offenses in NBA history. In an era of basketball where Scoring is inflated. #6. Saying Steph is a volume shooter?? Hmm Kareem Abdul Jabbar is the NBA's all time leading scorer essentially scoring all his points using one Move "The Skyhook". MJ is considered to be the GOAT, and his go to move was the Fadeaway. Shaquille O'Neal is considered to be the most dominant big man in the modern era and his go to move what dunking. So claiming that all Steph does is shoot isn't an insult, even though it's wrong, it's not an insult B/c if you can't stop his go to move, then why do I need to do anything else? Oh and BTW the one thing that Steph does best literally Changed the game of Basketball, not the NBA, BASKETBALL AT EVERY LEVEL!! Can't wait to see the egg on his face when the Warriors are in the playoffs. But he I'm sure he'll say it's because of Andrew Wiggings. Oh and BTW this notion that Steph needs help, Please tell me the all time great that won alone? ........................................... Guys are literally running and quiting on teams b/c they can't do it on their own....so please find another arguement this one is old and played out. And there's only one guy I'm taking over Steph and his name is Lebron James. Those other guys have never beaten Steph in the playoffs!!!

  61. king 2ggz

    Yeah do you forget they destroyed the teams they was on to get to Brooklyn

    1. SoMuchDev

      KD destroyed the warriors? Kyrie destroyed the Celtics? The pistons we're good? Houston you may be right then again only one player left and the spurs were winning without Aldridge so who suffered besides Houston?

  62. Julius Moore

    Cmon Chuck...stop it!

  63. Jason Lewis

    Steph not leaving klay😂😂😂 and they planning on getting kawhi in the off-season. Why would steph leave when he has another shot on winning the chip

  64. Demetrius Gresham

    I forgot about the PED use! Nah... not a HOFer. Hines Ward!!

  65. Sheg Ade

    How is it that none of the folks that call in or even Chris calls out Rob immediately for kissing KD’s ass over something he hates Lebron for??? And KD has done it twice now?!

    1. LordBranniganThe

      It makes me happy that the majority of people see clearly Rob’s BS

    2. AmaZment717

      It's because Rob is a bitch who screens the calls and only wants people that agree with him to call in...he don't want any smoke because he'll hang up on folks

  66. George Derby

    I've never even heard of this guy but I had to stop because I saw Steph Curry.... And oh my God what an idiot... Nobody will remember your name dude but everybody's going to remember Stephen Curry's name because he's an all-time great... Good luck buddy

  67. westcoasthype619

    you can multitask but in life you won't be great at something until you focus on the particular task. its too hard and too competitive to not give it your all. generally speaking im sure Trevor Lawrence works hard sounds like pre draft shenanigans

  68. Brandon Fentress

    Ooohh.....so this Aaron Torres is a mini Rob Parker I see

  69. Brandon Fentress

    I'm always curious how Rob is going to like something that he hated LeBron for

    1. Highway Hero

      I came down here just to find someone who said this

  70. Tony Shlean

    Torres going out bad talmbout lebron tanked 2019 with mentioning the injuries to him lonzo and rondo

    1. Ant Tonytonyt

      LeBron was hurt . Ya act like the man didn’t miss mad games from Christmas. And they won less than 8 games and lost like 14 come on now

  71. mr logick

    If he leaves smh

  72. Marcus Yosif

    Wtf is this title

  73. XzGin TheReaper

    I’m taking Steph over AD, KD, and James Harden.

    1. Jared Thomas

      not kd, but the other 2 yes

  74. Tony Shlean

    Homie on here lyin and cappin

    1. AmaZment717

      exactly..that's all they do bruh on a daily

  75. Patrick Provencio

    "KD and Kyrie were free agents" - the guy who hates Lebron leaving in free agency. Such a hypocrite 😂

    1. John Snow


  76. Hey Bro

    You REALLY gotta have some life issues to be actively rooting for this Nets team to win the championship... These dudes are hated across america for who they are as human beings.

    1. NoLimit Kha

      What’s wrong with wanting the nets to win ?

  77. 36 00

    My boy rob doing a world tour today

  78. Akindele Campbell

    If Charles was dissing LeBron, Rob would be singing another tune😂😂

    1. samuel gainey

      These talking heads are hypocrites. They praise KD for forming his multiple superteams but run Lebron's feet through hot coals. Obviously Lebron is held to a standard no 1 else has to be held to. Keep on moving goalpost.

  79. JustBlaze_ Stephano

    Lebron goes to the WEST and they ran away like simps...

    1. Ant Tonytonyt

      @NoLimit Kha he was just saying that as in that’s would have to happened. It was a joke . Ya haters took it way to far . LeBron was hurt . How he gonna go playoff mode whej for the rest of the season he wasn’t allowed to play back to back

    2. SoMuchDev

      @JustBlaze_ Stephano the Lakers won 2 more games than they did the year before after LeBron got there

    3. SoMuchDev

      @Ant Tonytonyt is that KD fault that. He got hurt? Who told LeBron to activate playoff. Mode when they were the 9th seed and only needed to win 2 games then proceeded to lose 8 of 10 games to the worse teams in the league. I could careless what seed they end up with the nets winning the whole thing

    4. NoLimit Kha

      @Ant Tonytonyt u do realize lebron said “playoff mode activated” and went 3-15 and missed the playoffs.....

    5. JustBlaze_ Stephano

      The Laker wore a complete mess before LBJ arrived! Put some respect on his Name !!

  80. Alguwapo

    If It had just been Kyrie and KD originally with their pieces of Allen, Dinwiddie, LeVert, Harris, Claxton, Jordan etc, they wouldn't have that much haters. But signing LaMarcus Aldrige(Get Well soon)Blake Griffin, JAMES HARDEN??? You gon make it real hard on yourself to root for lol

    1. Alguwapo

      @NoLimit Kha Harden is free to go wherever he wants to, I'm saying as a franchise from a neutrals perspective, it's hard to root for a team that has 3 mvp type players starting + 3 other former All stars. Most fans prefer the underdog to win chips for the story but Nets rn look like the big bad bully

    2. NoLimit Kha

      Harden wanted to go to Brooklyn tho, if ur the nets GM and James harden said he wants to be on your team your gonna turn it down ?

    3. Alguwapo

      @Blade Runner How am I salty? Kyrie is my fav player and I want him to win a ring without Bron lol Blake was just injured last year and he clearly weren't trying this year so he could get his buyout. Also LAs recent retirement was random lol

    4. Blade Runner

      Lol poeple were calling Blake Griffin washed not that long ago and LA just retired stay salty

    5. TheBXSavage

      I completely agree. There were dynamic duos across the league with good supporting casts. When they added JH and the buyouts, they pretty much became the super team villains.