Welcome to the official USfilm channel of your favourite flight attendant Jeenie Weenie
I create fun and educational skits of my stories from the skies.
This channel will feature some of these skits as well as videos that provide joy in my real life.
I also think I'm living in my own kdrama.
I'm so happy you are here!
Let's laugh together~

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  1. hogwarts is real smh

    her bag must have an extension charm

  2. Danielle Braga

    This reminds me from that store scene with Mr. Bean from Love Actually.

  3. Road Runner

    Deplugging your ears like the way mentioned in the video is normal, it automatically happens when you yawn and that's why yawning also helps to deplug your ears. It's totally safe. Medical Student here 🖐️

  4. Taylor LaGrow


  5. Devito SaysNo

    And then they all clapped

  6. Boba Tea Isabella


  7. Bro Fist

    What is the name of the song?

  8. itz Rain Toggle

    Why am i watching these backwards XD

  9. Angel King

    Thats creppy it was just like john cena you can't see me

  10. Alyson Clarke

    The nose trick also done by scuba divers and is almost necessary to not cause problems under water. I can also do it without plugging my nose and mouth, but it's not as strong a release for scuba. In the air it works okay

  11. Luis Nava

    BAHAHAHAHAHA “FuuUU...~ “BiTcHHh....|?”

  12. Cooper Rex

    I knew it when I saw the blue jacket

  13. PurpleSky

    let's take a second to appreciate that jeenie ruined a perfectly good shirt just for this video 😖😖

  14. Rose Flower

    That’s the exact thing that my family used to do whenever I ate too much of it and I said it was so good and then they just stuck a whole bunch up for me to eat later because they think that I’m hungry as hell

  15. Sam Wellaxe

    I kinda excepted Jeenie to throw the pregnant women off the plane....

  16. Samantha


  17. Namarta Singla

    Although I am an indian but i can relate so much

  18. samikshyaa_jennie

    Jennie:oh sh*t me: oops that's messed up

  19. Fresno Lance R.

    Lmao help I've been listening to Dominique all day bc of this

  20. DoggoGirl246

    You know when pets are in that area of the plane they’re put in and they’re in their carriers? What happens when there is a crash- are the pets left there to drown?

  21. Samriddhi Halder

    If there's one thing Koreans have better than the whole world is a good spine...

  22. Roi

    WTF LOL this made my day

  23. Undertale smh

    Plot twist, the lady didn’t have a phone and was lucky, and got someone’s is phone instead.

  24. Kritika 07

    If it's a designer bag and sooo expensive, isn't it supposed be not get ruined easily?

  25. aysegul Bilgic

    Sandra as a flight attendant in a plane crash be like: PAT PAT PAT BOOM BOOM BOOM Senior on bored be like: Get sandra a coffee Lindsay be on her phone the whole crash- please say i spelled your name right!

  26. anandhi balasubramaniam

    That moment when the doc says its just gas : *Awkward silence*

  27. Unrealistic Orb

    Me remembering this music from my childhood

  28. Sariga Chellissery


  29. Park Jamin

    I have a feeling that the girl was a saesang finding a way to go and meet jhope because she knew he was there👀

  30. IrrqtionalSn1per

    yawning is easy and quick

  31. Luis Nava

    Yay <D

  32. CRIT-_-

    Why do you can passengers pax

  33. Duchess Of tea

    It’s the Karen walk in the beginning for me: 👀

  34. Jazmine Marie

    My mom did that same thing to me except with ice cream bars lol 😂

  35. Everleigh Harris

    THE END GOT ME 👁👄👁

  36. jimin you got no jams

    I'm glad I'm here

  37. Bubble Tea for Life

    I'm so used to unpopping my ears that I can do it without even holding my noes...

  38. Lorin Turner

    Only issue is that for a mini makeover the costumer is supposed to do one half. It's meant as a tutorial not an actual make over.

  39. Joanna Lucas


  40. Aadya Gupta

    That was a nice tea

  41. Unrealistic Orb

    The best words he had ever said :Sprite?

  42. Kailyncutie 0520

    I think you look so pretty with your natural hair!!! It’s so beautiful! Love your videos so much! Do you what makes you comfortable! Love you girl!! ❤️🤩😊

  43. marivic romero

    Sprite? :D

  44. Bedtime Stories

    So it's not good to make judgment about flight attendants for not having proper education, but it's OKAY she makes judgment about ALL OF US who fly economy. What a projection

  45. Dion Sanchez

    She is so talented

  46. Punya Gandhi

    Blowing in nose tip can also be used in deep water diving👍

  47. Goldie

    “Sprite?” Alright, I may not be a bts fan, but that was the cutest thing ever

  48. Denelle Hensler

    Plot twist: someone is going to make a plot twist in the comments

  49. kim seokjin W.W.H

    The song in the background is about god

  50. Madelyn Toney

    WTH 😨

  51. Bedtime Stories

    She is ubset that a passenger bashed flightt attendants... SOOOO he solution is to bash 90% of society for flying economy!!!! SMH

  52. DreamBladeHalo

    This, everybody, is why you should never say anything tastes good to motherly people :’)

  53. Angelito Reyes

    Why the background music sounds familiar 👁️👄👁️

  54. That One Person

    The doctor - We all gon die you either kill your self or get killed Me - whatcha gon do 💃💃whatcha gon do 💃💃

  55. VB

    My go-to is the closed mouth nose hold ear pop. It's instantaneous relief and guaranteed to work almost every time. One time I got lock jaw on a flight though...didn't have the slightest clue what to do for that one.

  56. Preeti Banjare

    I am Indian. This happens to me all the time😂

  57. 이솔희

    진짜 웃겨요

  58. Carmelo Howard

    That's illegal

  59. Manoj Majeti

    That technique is called VALSALVA maneuvre. And yes it will work!!

  60. X A V I E R

    Lol y’all got moms like that? pretty pog

  61. • Yalnu Puff •

    Just eat them day by day dont worry

  62. Jennevith

    Me:OMG LOL so funny Karen:oh well look into her glasses Me: bit$h you dont watch Disney or sum not real eaither

  63. normal human

    this is the same thing with my grandparents I literally just ate a bag of chips and it tasted good and the next day there was literally 12 bags of chips on the table-

  64. Skandan S

    i thought i am the only one who knew that and couldn't explain it properly but you did that so easy 😅❣️

  65. JJ plays fortnite


  66. kevin

    Women aren't funny

  67. Tania Arce

    Omg this is to true?!

  68. Daily Entertainment

    Aww poor you and crew

  69. Brooke Fennema

    Honestly who would be that confident to say I will also shave off an eyebrow also he was probably confused why she was upset to see him but he does not know that she actually has to shave an eyebrow 😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  70. • SpongeThe FrickingBob•

    Me when I fainted at school:

  71. *Softest Lavxnder*

    My mother always wanted your job lol but she wasnt able to get it but she got somthing similar to it

  72. Tsuyu Asui

    Its the opposite for me

  73. Aaliyah Thompson

    She said JAB you in the thigh

  74. Denelle Hensler

    But lol the way she dances