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  1. ՞

    I got a Intel Core i7 Processor ad when I have a i9 already

  2. Chris8456

    I have this desktop lol

  3. Rock Jonson

    I get so confused on where each cable goes into the motherboard..any tips?

  4. Jackson May

    Please brush your teeth

  5. A Dog

    you can also get forza horizon 2 on the xbox 360 ;)

  6. Z.K.G Productions

    Austin can build a pc but he can’t build a chair😂❤️You Austin And Ken

  7. A Dog

    1:55 i bought an xbox 360 s with 2 controllers fully working with mw2 for 30 pounds (40.75 dollars) at a charity shop FFFF and the 360 s is faster than the e

  8. RetroBlurs

    i bought a 30 inch moniter a gaming pc mouse and keyboard that costs around 689$ is that good?

  9. Zanth The Legend

    Why is this the only video where Austin looks absolutely ripped

  10. DHaas16

    Austin Evans is just turning into a LTT copy... what happened to your style? I liked when Austin Evans reviewed things; "Hey guys, this is Austin", not when Austin Media Group reviews a video...

  11. VincentSM Tran

    10:54 - Me when I see someone cough

  12. Simon Almirante

    1:52 I think I saw Linus for a split second there...

  13. rebecca

    That TV is way too high, like what the hell..

  14. Prabveer

    how much does this cost?

  15. Prism

    the fact that i use that keyboard at work is himarious

  16. DanxBG

    I liked the mustache!!

  17. Dragos 2.1

    Hi, i ve got some money and I need to upgrade my phone,what shoulf I get s20 fan edition or Iphone 11?

  18. Rockstar_ Clark

    It's FINE. I still play my PS3 every other day

  19. A.C.U 1

    How tf is that small laptop 500$

  20. Ben

    Skip to 5:50

  21. DavvV Savv1k

    Where is building the ultimate ps5?

  22. kletuskong2010

    wayment yall crazy bastards mightve just did something serious!!!!

  23. Lionsfn

    i want a new console sm

  24. nadie

    you can activate the subtitles in spanish

  25. Evan O'Brien

    Thanks very much! Just completed the upgrade (except with 16g ram and a 1tb Samsung SSD) and the difference is amazing!


    just the mic price is my full set up

  27. Lucas_TheOfficial

    ha try a bmw, everything you’re gonna have to fix or replace is usually on the bottom, and the battery is in the back inside the interior

  28. somehowNanas

    btw, i checked the bottleneck and its 77% BOTTLENECK!

  29. je modz

    this ran so much better on shower connections then anything like stadia or any other streaming service today does at 20x the speed....

  30. Seimi Ferry

    That last bit pissed me off the lucky b*stards

  31. ennuied

    it only took apple 14 years to make another leap

  32. Mark Streuber

    3 weeks in the beginning and it apparently took the dude 13 days to just make the base and put the pc together lol so dumb

  33. chase getz

    Asus gaming laptop is way better

  34. DemonMaster

    I tried this, and I had to restart my laptop.

  35. Redd Mumad

    My house kinda burned down

  36. Dakota Sensor

    Is that board one of the ones that needs the bios update

  37. Roshaan

    Only thing i liked was the chair 😛

  38. Grey chomper

    But I just bought a xbox series x I can afford this 😭😭 Lol

  39. Roshaan

    Aren’t you a little late

  40. AF Anonymous 2.0

    Is anyone selling a ps4 pro for 300$

  41. Kalpana Deka

    Ps5 v's Xbox series x

  42. Fetch FN

    Im so broke now

  43. Little ur Rehman

    Bro can you gift me gamming pc

  44. The Yeti_9


  45. RedCombatXT

    he got scammed by himself

  46. Yaseen Rajab

    Ayoooo 12 years ago

  47. Jermo Animates

    “Has the ps5 killed the ps4” No. Cuz not many people have it and I’m one of them. I also want it but I can’t get it cuz it’s sold out everywhere

  48. #1 Deadly Insaan

    try running minecraft to test the real gaming

  49. Turner P

    why do you have this youtube channel you are a bad USfilmr LoZeR

  50. OmegaMan

    Honestly that laptop is not terrible for $300.

  51. Minute

    O theres where my big screen tv went.

  52. _GreenBoy_

    Is that a model o i see on the table?

  53. Avhoy Gomes


  54. Some Channel

    Honestly chrome os is probably my second to mac os

  55. Harasser

    I have very sweaty hands, will that somehow brake the the pd5 controller

    1. ayaan ahmad

      What do u fink

  56. Noah Murray

    Man this nice

  57. Samuel Zandi

    bruh ken sucks at cs

  58. BaconArmy Member

    Pls bulid your own console

  59. Martin Labuschin

    1:06 you dont lose the compatibility with joycons. they still work with the Lite. you need to research better. 2:58 never mind, you're video is totally contradictory to itself.

  60. Carterthememegod


  61. Luke Davis

    *has an entire collection of laptops*

  62. MG

    Kept watching because of the Dreamville shirt.

  63. ZoMB1eNaUt

    Austin is there a way to private message you or ken for some information

  64. TheSatClan

    Austin: can I have a surface to sit on Chair right behind him

  65. Emil Rijsemus

    Bruh the 1 pound laptop has better specs than mine lmfao

  66. Lucca Carpanini

    2021 Monday 18th January

  67. Platinum

    My dream is to spend like 5k on Micro center haha

  68. Leo Dillon

    its 70 percent so nAHHHHHAHAHAHAHAH

  69. Goul truper og #

    build ultimate pc

  70. Approxitte Mc

    That gaming chair gave him 99.9% discount to all of the items shown in the video

  71. HUBBA

    really expenisve setup with 0 mouse room better bump up that dpi boi

  72. Uchia18

    Austin: "Aren't you happy with your youtube watching decisions?" Me: Yes 2:48

  73. F.B.I

    No it’s not worth it

  74. João Victor Trindade dos Santos

    Ahh... the little he knows...

  75. KhasvinBala

    Wait what! Its no way, its my first Phone OMG its still exist, I literly forgot about this phone until it apear on my recomended

  76. 1GSWT1

    Wow what an old video

  77. Hampus Eriksson

    1:08 that car behind them is a rainbow car

  78. Mateja Gavrilovic

    Not true nooob

  79. JustViggo 64

    Damn, that ps5 is huge