FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top cable network in both total viewers and Adults 25-54, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for almost two decades and according to Public Policy Polling is the most trusted television news source in the country. FNC is available in more than 89 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching 12 of the top 15 programs in the genre.

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  1. Kevin Miggs

    Wrong ,

  2. NoName Given

    If you wonder why people hate Trump, I can let you in on a little secret. The U.S.A. and the rest of the world fought a war to end fascism. We don't want it here. Trump is a fascist. Tucker Carlson and Fox are fascist enablers. ANTI-DEMOCRACY at play in the Republican Senate.

  3. Jason Hayes

    You cretins realize that Fox News own lawyers said in a court of law that Tucker Carlson is LITERALLY fake news, right? In the words of YOUR OWN lawyers: "Any reasonable viewer should be skeptical of the statements he makes. His show is not to be taken seriously." .. yet here you are... yikes

  4. Darren Roche

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂,scary how much fox news hates America. Fox news Australian owned dividing America

  5. trippel yong

    I would never vote Joe Biden

  6. ago1ca

    There isn’t a person in this world that can predict an outcome 100% of the time. I predict that this time he is wrong. And Martha, wipe that smile off of your face.

  7. C C

    The first time I liked a tweet on twitter years ago I immediately got banned. It was trump's. I never even turned back.

  8. M A

    Please stay home like Trump did during Vietnam.

  9. Tracey H.

    Nobody can predict an election. He has just got lucky. Most of us know when a candidate is going to win. It's usually on a hunch. The only way I can see Trump losing is because the media has destroyed his reputation and the constant battering of him has brainwashed most people. It is just like when we see a brand repeatedly on TV and social media - we became brainwashed and go by that product. Simple psychology!

  10. KMC Logistics

    And people who dismiss Trump's lies love him with a cult-like all consuming mania. Like Tucker, the poster child of privilege and entitlement.

  11. coenfilm

    Don’t watch CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, MSNBC, C-SPAN. Don’t watch ANY of their programs.

  12. Erik Konečný

    TRUMP IS WINNER - question of the national safety

  13. MelvinMcFly

    Fun fact, a judge ruled that this man is not a credible source of news.

  14. Jay Jay

    What is really funny is very few people supporting Trump in You Tube ever respond when you call them out. The Putin Bots are working overtime.

  15. The Truth

    Trump supporters only care about MONEY, the root of all evil, their 401K, and bank accounts, not (God values) Lives, Family and Morality!!!

  16. El jack Ryan

    Tucker the clown Carlson 🤣

  17. milton ritfeld

    And there are people still believing it. They are so addicted to fake hste fear news. It releases stress hormones.

  18. EvesConvo

    Lost documents=Bulls*** No cameras at location=Bulls*** Tucker is an entertainor, not a other words, he peddles in Bulls***

  19. Jackie B

    God bless America and president Trump 🙏💞

  20. gcampagn

    You want to know something? Even though they hate him with a passion, they still really like him for the money they make from hating him! And what happens if Trump loses the election? The media will certainly lose too because they won’t be able to make any more money from him! By the way, Fox too is also making lots of money from him! It all boils down to this: Fox is the good cop and the rest of the media are the bad cops! They are all riding on Trump’s coat tails, making a great deal of money with him! If he loses, they lose too! CNN might even go out of business because they have been talking 24-7 about him, nonstop. Let’s just say that the media, including Fox are all rats in the attic!

  21. The Astronomer

    That video compilation completely destroyed sleepy Joe.

  22. steve ratkaj

    It was like a switch went off in June 2016. I watched CNN every morning, but when Trump started to gain momentum, they turned on him BIGLY and they haven't stopped since. I immediately stopped watching them that very day. Four plus years now of 24/7 constant attacks on Trump. These people are SICK and PURE EVIL.

  23. fizzle bomber

    you would make a good running mate for that bozo mcdonald trump, tucker is biggest jagoff i've ever seen on a tv set in 40 plus years. go to hell scumbag.

  24. Coen27

    He forgot one key.. his oponent is a demented corrupt idiot.

  25. Felix Rivero

    I hope is right again.


    I hope the American are intelligent enough who to vote. Every country is struggling with the Corana virus and is waiting for a VACCINE.Covid is the only sunject that the democrats only want to talk and not the other things that were made. I don't think Biden will do anything better

  27. christine godinet

    Lol. Think this guy is about to break his record

  28. 山本言

    this accelerate their extinction

  29. Jackie B

    Trump MAGA 👍🤗🇺🇸🤠🙏

  30. sober Indian

    O m g how smone can suffocate a baby to die. God watching you have to pay for it. Thank you for saving her life hope she is doing good.

  31. Human Nature

    Trump hate latino's. He hate them so that he build a wall and separate mothers and children on the border. Latino's are not voting for Trump. Trump go's down in Florida it was close a few day's ago but the people in Florida wil vote against Trump.

  32. Simon Chen

    PAID to hate!

  33. Daniel Martinez

    Ah yes. Listen to this man who was deemed fake news literally, literally by his own company, lawyers and higher ups. And I quote " Fox News was pushing that Carlson is, first and foremost, not a provider of “the news” as we know it, or “facts” as we commonly understand them, and his audience knows this. They’re apparently in on the gag. Fox News doesn’t label Carlson’s speech parody because that’s embarrassing for a company with the word news in its name to admit; it’s not factual journalism because that implies some responsibility for the credibility of the information that you spew. Instead, Fox News lawyers claim, Carlson is not “stating actual facts” but simply engaging in “non-literal commentary.” I couldn’t have described Carlson or Fox News better myself." Only idiots listen and believe what he says. That tells you a lot about those commenting in support of Trump

  34. TheWlosser

    Promises made and kept. That's ALL THAT MATTERS

  35. Alexandria Simmons

    I’ve come to the conclusion they hate him resultant of his hateful actions and policies. So, yeah...makes sense to me.

  36. Bugsyzante

    Lost all respect for Carlson !!! They wouldn’t do trump the same courtesy he’s been pounded for 4 years !!

  37. Duuuval

    Excuses, Excuses in the comment section 🤣😂🤣😂. If he had picked Trump, there would be more upvotes from you sore losers 🤣😂🤣😂

  38. Pnoch Eowell

    Why do they hate Russia so much?

  39. Leland Love

    Hes wrong about the keys of 2020 because it was the governers that closed down the economies

  40. numbereightyseven

    All these commenters would be saying how wonderful his system is, if he was saying the opposite. Oh the immaturity and insecurity of fox viewers. [Knock yourself out replying. Notifications of replies to my comments are permanently disabled.]

    1. Ritchie Riches

      But you will still look anyway because that is the only way a soy boy gets his gratification.

  41. m ensor

    Трамп уничтожит Америку. Путин хочет, чтобы Трамп добился успеха.

  42. norman nishida

    We shouldn't be listening to YOU!

  43. Jackie B

    Obama evil 🦊😈👎

  44. Christian Deguzman

    Trump 2020

  45. Christiana Ampomah

    This lady is right. President Trump always fight for his country America. Vote for him to give you a great economy. The coronavirus is not only in America. Is in the whole world and every country President and Prime ministers are searching vaccine and cured medicine from scientists to their people so what Joe Biden is accusing President Donald Trump is wrong. The President is doing everything he can to bring those vaccines but Democrats and CNN news readers are playing politics. Joe Biden couldn't do much on corona. Vote for President Trump.

  46. Where is Justice

    Tucker is it from Russia?

  47. Nipsey Hussle TV

    Bout same way fox news did obama remember the tan suit 😂😂😂

  48. Flying Up

    Ok. I miss Bernie Mac so much so I’ll take his approach on this: AMERICA, you may think the MSM hates this talented, rich, popular great example of a guy that came onto the stage and just isn’t Left enough. This is a superficial explanation. The reason actually is still being handled on a legal basis. The Biden’s are the tip of the iceberg. The owners of MSM are threatened by Trump. Children and infants are threatened by the owners. This is why MSM is Fake News. Control of the narrative. USfilm deleted the channels exposing all, now running Fox News? Here’s the blowback!

  49. Rachel Lévy

    Whewww... I hope so much he is wrong!

  50. Maverick 69

    Great job Tucker!

  51. WAR ROOM

    I only listen to prophet of God they says Trump will win 2020

  52. Maurice419

    So these predictions have been on politicians, Trump is not a politician as he is a wild card. If he loses, then the dems played a better game of politics than Trump, but then I look at the 4D chess he has been playing against Pelosi and the Democrats and well, I have to say I think Trump will win. We will know by Nov 9th thanks to Kavanaugh.

  53. Amazing Guy

    Trump 2020

  54. James Kennedy

    Don't dislike the video bc of what he says. This just means everyone has to be sure to get out and vote.

  55. Khoo Siew Im

    The media of Ametuca are bunch of stupid and idiots . Good for Nothing. Trump is fightjng and protecting your counyry interest.and thecAmericans. Look at J.Biden and Hunter Biden corrupted dealing with china ccp regime Is the media also in the corrupted game too????? No wonder they hated Trump bcos no body wants the ugly truth being tear down in the public.. Thank God fir sending D.J.Trump to audit the political system of America. Well done. Great D J Trump. God loves you and so are the true Americsns.too.

  56. Peter Ness

    Tucker for President next time around

  57. peter gambino

    The USA, needs to eliminate completely, all of it's corrupt alphabet agencies, starting with the FBI, and then the CIA, which would automatically eliminate the most corrupt, the MSM!

  58. John Crazy


  59. Dan Erickson

    A cover up is criminal.

  60. Mike Maximus

    Wait so NOW tucker wants to back off?! Hahahahahahahaha FAKE NEWS folk's.

  61. Kommander Korb

    If Homer Simpson where here... Homer: "That's boring, you're boring everybody, quit boring everyone."

  62. Pasha Pindrik

    Time to start impeachment proceedings against Biden. Even if he doesn’t win. The bozo belongs in prison, regardless of his title.

  63. Christian

    If Jesus Christ came down to vote nov 3rd, who do you honestly think he would vote for Trump or Biden and why?

  64. Kevin B

    Fox News is a twilight zone.

  65. Pierre Vallet

    poor little millionaire founded by billionaires, fox news is not a mainstream media, good news

  66. pipperxxx

    Funny, he couldn't translate his own "keys". I smell a rat.

  67. 19Mark Joseph73

    The interview

  68. John Bowman

    CMON Man. No way in double hockey sticks hades this happens. Trump voter turnout will be massive on Election Day dwarfing any vote lead the 267 year old had.

  69. Lionel E

    My wife and I are life long Democrats living in CA, we're sick of this crap and voting for Trump 2020.

  70. Franklin Franklinson

    Trump 2020

  71. Ritchie Riches

    The Irony if Biden wins for the US. The US has been installing puppet governments for decades around the world and you will have your very own globalist puppet. Haha.... You guys are absolutely cooked with Kamel-Toe Harris and CO running the Joint.

  72. Elijah Boateng

    Jidhi Kathy

  73. Boon Docker

    Why? is always in my mind and who is the mastermind behind all of this? and how did they manage to get conspire with all these people behind the scene?

  74. Alethea Gittings

    Poor AOC. She's beginning to realize that she's gotta lie for that paycheck. Poor misinformed socialist.

  75. Bernie Villanera

    movie producers are scrambling now to produce the movie LAPTOP FROM HELL !!!

  76. J.P Mora

    Let’s prove him wrong ladies and gentlemen

  77. Jason Brown

    imo the left they cant beat trump, thats why they let a senile old man think he has a chance, because they knew along along he wasnt going to win, they had to run someone, right? may as well be a dude that doesnt remember what office he is running for

  78. It's Australia Day Every Day

    What a wicked web we weave when we practice to deceive We could always change the definition of media......... Media = Disinformation on behalf of

  79. Elizabeth Betty

    Praying for God to continue to use President Trump to hold back the evil and for good to triumph. Trump 2020! Keep America free! God bless America!

  80. virmortis

    No President has attacked the media as strongly as Donald Trump. No President has had more convictions and people leaving White House positions than Donald Trump. No President has divided the country more than Donald Trump. Let's ignore all these facts and pedal false narratives that make us look like idiots.