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  1. Eliad Goldwasser

    Media guys standing doing nothing 😂😂😂

  2. Chjael

    The best track runs are with Gee🤙

  3. Tim Conti

    Whats with a Video of the Gear of the Riders , Shoes , Protectors, personal Gadgets?!?!

  4. Lewis Wood

    Is it just me or does Loic Bruni need to come ride hardline

  5. James Wilkinson

    I love how he is talking about sky on the phone then I get an ad for sky

  6. Lukas Bormann

    Why tf is redbull not allowing the guys to post there pov from the qualifying runs in the 24 hours after, wtf 😂

  7. Keaton English

    announcer needs to take his mask off... smh everyone is 6 ft

  8. 劉俊明


  9. Steven H

    "yeah man we've been training our asses off..... nah man you know what we've been doin'" hahaha

  10. Jamil Wynn

    looks so fun!!

  11. François Kawasaki

    Is nobody going to mention the Alpha Tauri shirt? x)

  12. Black Downhill

    Sick 🤟🏼

  13. Ghost DB

    Show we didn't know we needed, stoked keep that positive enegry!!

  14. Dan Abt

    For my Rob Warner Halloween costume I'm going to wear shorts, tall white Adidas socks, baseball cap and windbreaker. :-) I love Rob.

  15. Tom Small

    Speeded the video up to make it look like he's going faster reality he's going about 5 mph

  16. tdyerwestfield - OFTW OG

    Sounds like a rider favourite. Looks amazing. Hopefully the UCI stops suffocating riders and provides some support to help riders get into and stay in the sport.

  17. Helal Mohammad


  18. JustaBiker

    Goona be a sick race.

  19. Iver [Mr.#143] Gamre

    This is riding level over god...

  20. iPlayPok3r

    "that was smoother than last night" that's what she said

  21. iPlayPok3r

    I thought 1440 was the resolution 😂

  22. ahcene mouhoubi


  23. patient kagare 2 official

    You so fantastic keep enjoyingusfilm.info/fire/atyBrKmabKZzpdQ/video.html

  24. BikerBarrett

    "Riders absolutely loved it" Brendog - That's soo wank!

  25. anon003

    Why in hell they were a mask outside?!

    1. broxy55

      Who cares dude, they're racing. It's likely the one way to even get close to the inside circles of athletes and teams. There are many rules in the various sports that are 'sport-sing' right now. Do what you gotta do.

  26. Youtube Account

    I take it this isn't a ski resort, what do they use for a lift system?

  27. MySecretMachine

    Gotta love Rob, he brings something special to these World Cups! Oh and btw. 6:15 is Kaos racing in Tahnee's kit? Such a Lousa! KIDDING.... love the guy!

  28. Brave Fart

    _"Not sure what this is."_ Blindly hitting a 25-30 ft drop.. 🤣

  29. Alan victor


  30. hoystyler

    1:15 Mikayla Parton?

  31. Romain J

    "I'll get my pole out your way" 🤣

  32. stealfwayne

    Why hasn't this had more views / likes: astounding competition and rider and great footage. It deserves more.

  33. Lukáš Bartošek

    4 cams on the last flat section + finish camera... Looks like fun. Upper portion of the track looks super promising. Hoping for the best cam angles. Either way brilliant commentary by Gee.

  34. Paul Herrmann

    warner: those jumps aren’t that big, they are really small also warner: won a worldcup, but can’t jump these

  35. Kev’in Bike

    Thanks for this video

    1. Red Bull Bike

      you're welcome!

  36. Noel Castillo

    Brilliant track!

  37. Jarrod Lang

    I broke the 666 likes to 667 likes!

  38. erick edsg

    Which is the name of the song in the background? It sounds great for some loammy edits.

  39. C B

    Thanks Rob. Be safe mate!!

  40. Dim Willow

    amazing track..race day will be mint

  41. sp00n

    THANK YOU for FINALLY uploading in 4k! Much less compression artifacts on USfilm compared to 1080p, you can actually see the surface and roots and rocks now instead of some slurred mush. (Unrelated side note: you can also see that the GoPro still struggles with digital stabilization as soon as he enters the darker section of the forest.)

  42. mr kat

    2:31 : did he say the B words?

    1. neppucc

      whaha he totally did

    2. Nobody knows me

      Same thoughts 😂

  43. Gabriel Bridger

    woah, F1 t-shirt on rob warner?! (alpha tauri)

    1. Gabriel Bridger

      Due to the team being labelled same as the brand meaning they are 1 company

    2. Gabriel Bridger

      @Hannes Schmiderer therefore the t-shirt is associated with an F1 team meaning it could be labelled as and F1 t shirt

    3. Hannes Schmiderer

      @Gabriel Bridger Yes, but Rob does not really wear a F1 shirt. Rather he promotes the fashion brand - as of course the F1 team does.

    4. Gabriel Bridger

      @Hannes Schmiderer yet also a branded F1 team

    5. Hannes Schmiderer

      AlphaTauri is a fashion brand from Red Bull.

  44. TAWEE L.

    No Red Bull.

  45. Rik Von Himmlick

    I really like Rob Warner but I'm confused is he hetero or homosexual?

    1. k mc

      Both 😍

  46. Kemaso

    Didn´t somebody tell Rob that his mask was upside down? Poor Rob 😂

  47. left hand story

    Great video,nice Great video,nice sharing,I love it👍😍........ love it👍😍..........

  48. Tommy Clancy


  49. joss67uk

    Best track Ive seen in a LONG LONG time, Ive got my snacks and Bull, Im ready for it :)

  50. Douglas B

    Anyone know how bad Gwin went down in time training?

  51. Michael brown

    This is quality quality stuff

  52. Erik Posch

    kolb <3 <3 <3

  53. mark poniente

    good luck...

  54. Ganiscol

    4:43 - Rob and his pole enforce the track limits! 😂

  55. RyanG

    *9:00** at this moment he knew, he fucked up*

  56. Simon Pemberton

    Great job Gee! Looks like an awesome track!

  57. Anthony Thomas

    0:20 dating-girls.online

  58. Роман Гурянин

    0:26 sweety-girls24.online

  59. arvin8

    its kind of funny how these new kids think this is physical while it is just a normal downhill track for older guys...

  60. FlyingMeta

    moist and dusty? sounds like....

  61. Tommy ballhead

    Robs sky bills due 😂

  62. Sean Anthony

    Where's Finn?

    1. Sean Anthony

      ​@Red Bull Bike Thanks! Must have missed him. When I didn't see him interviewed by Rob or Wyn I was curious. Let's gooooooo!!!!!!

    2. Red Bull Bike

      on track. ripping.

  63. chris

    Best thing about world cup racing? The energy Rob Warner brings to it.

    1. Rudy Kaytazov

      @Red Bull Bike Rob is the man for sure

    2. Red Bull Bike

      No Rob Warner - no World Cup. 😃🙏

    3. MemeGod51

      And just how chill everybody is, everybody can joke around when stopping and they all are just overall nice people

  64. G. WilsonDH

    Lousa is an amazing track! I hope next year we can all go there to watch the races with a big noisy crowd... Great racing ahead!

    1. Red Bull Bike

      fingers crossed, arms crossed, everything's crossed! 🤞

  65. b S

    Love the trail, font dig the halloween child chopper mask that does absolutely nothing against the rona

  66. skilly B

    the one who is the fitest and can pedal the most on the last section will definitly win the race!


    Woderful you're great


    Rob. Hello darling

  69. Matt Love

    Great video!

  70. Mtb Manu

    Wow . No other words To describe that run

  71. Gaston Piche

    Hopefully it stays dry, looks like a fun course!

    1. Tommy ballhead

      One good rain shower before the weekend to make it hero dirt i say

    2. Red Bull Bike

      we have nothing against a few drops of slip and slide either ☔️😉

  72. Miftahul Rizki

    1:44 this guy sleeping

  73. Elias POLO

    Lestgo Amazing i Love Riding bike

  74. Dan Hanney

    Rob is comical genius.

  75. Khulna Biker's Zone