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  1. Nobody

    TWO ads every 3 minutes? WTF???

  2. therev2100

    I guess blowing an almost perfect season isn't the worst season.

  3. Kyle Hessler

    @5:15 Shield guy got his wish to get Gruden back.

  4. gamingmasterdude

    Dang. If that freshman didnt quit football, we wouldn't have Brady.

  5. Karden Halpin

    Can the girl shut up

  6. Isaiah Richie

    “Hell, they might put my mama out there now. And imma beat her like a drum too” just different 😭

  7. Mr Rats

    Bill voice is so rocky

  8. Pranav Panicker

    This is nice cuz eagle's fans are toxic af.

  9. ianA

    Always have so much respect for this guy - truly a great person and leader in every aspect, on and off the field. I was gutted that he didn't get a win for the Eagles. I hope in some way he can help them make a playoff run this year, even if it's sitting Wentz at some point. NFC East is terrible!

  10. V ïçtør Ñ

    We need frank the tank gore back in san Francisco

  11. C and J gang Yessir

  12. ilyearer

    Vance Joseph sucks. He's lucky to even have that job in Arizona after the stinker he was in Denver.

  13. Mitchell Kim

    If not for David Moore’s holding this is a Dub for Seattle

  14. Jose Salas

    That endzone interception and that last one by russ shows why rodgers leads the mvp race

  15. Mitchell Kim

    Let’s just forget how Tyler Lockett Mossed Patrick Peterson twice and had 3 TDs

  16. Mitchell Kim

    Cardinals:Have 1 sack in an OT game NFL Network:Greatest team ever?

    1. Chitown4Life

      It’s not just about sacks. It’s also about forcing pressure and making the offense uncomfortable. If they’re uncomfortable, they’re not at their best. When their offense isn’t at their best, their defense isn’t good enough to compensate.

  17. Frank Martin

    Budda Baker is the best safety in the League

  18. Bobby Mechling

    Freddie Kitchen"s "Huh" seemed like he was judging Freddy Cox for using a Y instead of IE..

  19. Killa Beez

    Still my favorite player of all time

  20. Tweek TP

    These cardinals are not to be underestimated anymore, they are lighting it up right now 💯

  21. kagai44


  22. Isaiah Scott

    You have to feel bad for Wilson. Guys like Mahomes and Rogers are only getting sacked 1.3 and 1.1 times a game while Wilson is getting sacked close to triple that many times every game.

    1. Ezekiel Petters

      It has been said that the Seahawks have one of the weakest O-lines in the league.

  23. R. B. Smada

    I got a picture with him once when he was on the Bucs. It's too bad his career didn't pan out well.

  24. CowboyPanda

    Spain without the s

  25. Yiunit


  26. Rashad Harper

    Such an expiring story

  27. rxvrez

    4:13 gronk vibin

  28. Bob Olson

    Biletnikoff and Stabler are tied for my #1 Raider. Just win baby!

  29. Provoked Cosmic

    AZ shouldnt have won, the refs got payed or something

    1. Provoked Cosmic

      Seattles defense SUCKS, we need Jamal and a lot of things to fix up

    2. Provoked Cosmic

      ill admit russel did choke a bit, but seattle scored 2 td's and refs didnt count it

    3. Provoked Cosmic

      yet its true ppl are also sayin it, and they aint even seahawk fans

    4. Yusuf Mete Oran

      Ah,yes s Seahawks fan salty at the fact that they choked

  30. bludmakesgrassgrow

    3:02 Heeeey

  31. Andy Villarreal

    Fkn love it

  32. Andrew unicorn

    Little did hopkins know he would end up back on that sideline on the team 15:45

  33. caleb reichenbach

    Ryan Grigison, the worst GM in History of the NFL.

  34. banjo strings

    This Cardinals team is no joke!

  35. IVIR 808

    Such a nice video right here 👍🏼

  36. SavageAvery

    All Vance has to do is unleash Simmons and it’s over

  37. 17fused

    It’s crazy hot NFL films gets a clip from 2017 and still relates it to this video

    1. Jayden413 !

      Elite !

  38. Josiah Wise

    It good to see Arizona cardinals doing good I just want to see Larry Fitzgerald get a ring b4 he is doing

  39. Ladh 70

    Wilson lost MVP in this game

    1. TerrorWest

      @ResidentEye3 people don't care about qualities of an MVP. It's really just about monster stats.

    2. ResidentEye3

      MVP is not something that is earned/lost in a single game. It is what Wilson does next week that determines if he's still a candidate. If he retaliates and bounces back stronger, it shows resilience and dedication to get better, which are both qualities of an MVP. One bad game does not suddenly overrule his other 6 weeks of MVP caliber games.

  40. LemonLoma

    You realize the cardinals are actually not the reason the seahawks lost, shitty calls, and poor play calling lost the game

    1. TRYxMExSON

      Haha yep cardinals didn’t do much to win the game. The refs put up all the points and turnovers.

    2. Provoked Cosmic

      FR, refs fault

  41. Damon Moody

    Can’t believe they beat them

    1. ivan k_8

      This game would've been over pretty ealier if it wasn't for the horrendous Seattle defense and some uncharacteristic TOs by Wilson.

  42. MagmaPlayer craig

    Wilson looked like garbage in OT hahaha

  43. adam duncan

    We love the cardinals pass rush out in the desert

  44. Jakewist 4

    Yo why we lose noooo

  45. Sam LoParo


  46. Chris Bollmann


  47. Keith Cousins

    Anybody seen Sam Bradford or Josh Rosen lately? #SKOL

    1. Keith Cousins

      @Taylor Breckenridge Is that so? Well, what happened when you did that Google search for “keitherson, Kirk Cousins” then clicked/tapped the second result?

    2. Taylor Breckenridge

      Sam is finished or a team would've signed him by now. But as a Cards fan I hope Josh Rosen is developing better since Tom is on the same team with him. Vikings tho....... just keep it to yourself lmao

  48. Whatever Vids

    Such a great turnaround for the cardinals though!

    1. David

      As a Cardinals fan, I cant even believe how good this team can be. Kyler and Kliff completely changed this organization

  49. Colin Faith

    Oh man

  50. Jonathan Lin

    USfilm: 1 view Likes: 4...

    1. Keith Cousins

      #SKOL 😉

  51. Aditya Makam

    i have never been this early

  52. Owen Yates

    Almost first comment

  53. cap priem


  54. Steele Taysom


  55. chocolate_chipp_ 00

    Budda Baker... the irony

  56. Ted Grizzly

    Mike Ditka was a hater.He was mad The players loved him

  57. Keith Bowen

    Sell the team already..FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!!

  58. Francis Ruot

    hi saints fans how you doing

  59. Trey W-K

    2:13 I dont know why that made me so mad lol. Idc if I knew I was going #1 overall, after a lifetime of working for that, I'm crying

  60. Ravoks

    Nothing but respect for McCown. He gave us a chance in that playoff game and I won't forget it. To do that and play with an injured hamstring, he should have earned everyone's respect. Hope he can continue to coach and maybe come back to the squad as a coach in some capacity.

  61. SK Productions

    Dk is a gof

  62. Edward Shaw

    Justin looks like the person you would cast to play a QB in a movie

  63. I Don't Know And There's Power In That

    If he's not in the NFL HOF in 15 years I'm rage quitting

  64. Daniel Chae

    Oh how times have changed

  65. Lorenzo Official

    They should update this to add another jets team the “2020 jets” who coached that team?

  66. SiviliZe93

    Rumor has it that Peyton Manning still hasn't found out what "zap" means today.

  67. Purbl

    the 49ers seem so fun, this is coming from a seattle fan

  68. Big_Tastie

    imagine being a good coach. but having to go to a sorry ass team like the raiders...

  69. Nada


  70. D F

    Jeff Wilson Jr would be a featured back on ANY other team. The man steps up in a BIG moment and proves he’s a Big time player when it counts. He always lights it up when given more than 10 carries. He’s fast, good hands and will TRUCK somebody. He had 3 TDS vs the Patriots in a blowout Win before his injury. His injury looked to be out of desperation of trying to make one more TD and solidify his spot as “The guy”. If the Niners don’t see a franchise Back in him, I Promise you somebody else DOES. Maybe even NE. His performance and undervalued skillsets are what the PATS look for. He will be a star unless he stays in the Abyssal Running Back situation in SF. They Got Gold in their Running-back and don’t even see it.

  71. Caleb Roe

    His effort on the buddha Baker tackle was him making up for his blunder in this game

  72. Kyle Allen

    They have a good record when it come to hall of fame quarterbacks

  73. Matthew

    My guilty pleasure as an Eagles fan is being a huge fan of Dez. Always loved his game. The plays he could make were always crazy.

  74. Mariana Peña Meza

    Imaginense a Dios sabe cuantos metros en el aire y en canchas elasticas !!!!😁😁😁😁🎢🎡

  75. Zachary Neumann

    I'm here laughing bout how the Eagles CRUSHED the Vikings right after this.


    I cannot watch these buffoons any longer. I have the feeling there is so many Hall of Fame players left out of the leagues because of their ideocracy!!!

  77. John z


  78. James Rinehart

    #55 is the JJ Watt of Mic'd up

  79. GrimMaggot420

    I am absolutely terrified of heights but God damn what a view to watch a football game

  80. Hatched From A Football

    2017 will be up there in a few years.