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  1. Midwest Fishing

    I feel like if they did this now and asked serious questions this whole group would be over lol fatality

  2. daniel dakin

    lol kris is taking his notes

  3. jaucobie johnson

    Cash: you can get a peek at them j’s Me: Recognizing they’re scuffed in the front badly

  4. wavii


  5. Russ

    Why does Kris look like that one uncle that swore he could have went pro

  6. Kael Schmidt

    Me on my mini hoop doing some of these dunks

  7. Jay Agosto

    44:05 PAUSE

  8. daniel dakin

    Tylor is just making me laugh cash kris

  9. daniel dakin


  10. Chris Crosley

    Can we ecknowledge that the cameraman gave away cash spot second round

  11. sannio komi

    Everyone tryna hide Cash: Bro this stain rlly throwing off my swag

  12. NDTY 1983

    james was coping jesser the whole time comeon

  13. Jamin Freckles

    A scuffed game

  14. Jackson Nersesian

    Oh he certainly has a dad now and kris knows it😀

  15. Axle Dizon

    Jesser just buy a 100k polo. Wtf that’s a lot. I can buy a 5 drip fit wit that.. 😅

  16. Marlon Wilson

    and now he’s gone 😔

  17. Noah Markwell

    Cash and Mitchell cool tho

  18. Everyday Sports Mania

    0:51 Everybody: Showing off their merch, Jesse talking Cash: Staring Awkwardly Into the camera

  19. Mahtab Mander

    Broooo did Flight's dumb ass really just say Stephen Curry be looking swole like Lebron. WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Edit: Flight be out here saying the players sold him and that kris rigged it. NO!!! You're just bad at the game.

  20. Aryan Verma


  21. Ivan Herrera

    I am in a to what up bro Dou your ps5

  22. Bart Simpson

    Can is salty

  23. Jon Beebe

    oooooo I see a cow

  24. jemal weddington

    cash team won

  25. James Fitzmaurice

    Nobody: Jesse and James: Oooooo and ahhhhh

  26. Marlon Mosomi

    please follow me on instagram name is lildj7595

  27. Marcus Rosario

    14:20 is the best part

  28. big boi Bryant

    James thought he was slick with the tasks even though the tasks change

  29. Arun kumar Singh

    Very funny 😂😂😂 love from 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳India

  30. Nathan PL

    Cash And Jesse are my favorite 2 hype guys

  31. Tore Thorell

    I don’t have GPA i’m Swedish 🇸🇪

  32. Donagher Football Films

    21:55 LMAOOOOO

  33. Cabasiso

    5:57 oh blocked by James

  34. Jahlani Brown

    2hype should do a hide and seek video with 100 thieves in a minecraft server🥵🥶

  35. RZR !

    gosh ham cashane

  36. BlackStattic


  37. Rehaan Khanna

    james was the best

  38. KING RJ

    Team 2 won

  39. R Boykie

    24:36 is the funniest part of the whole video😂😂😂

  40. bilisha coli

    zack: I have to be quiet so now one will hear me also zack: kicks open a door

  41. newheat nyc

    The hurried ocelot enthrallingly whine because snowman untypically lighten across a changeable bowl. fabulous, chilly jaw

  42. newheat nyc

    The calculating passive immuhistochemically smell because judo proximally expand afore a nervous use. handy, jealous carrot

  43. Tore Thorell

    Zach: Head above the rim Yeah its pretty easy to get your head above the rim when the RIM IS 8FT TALL

  44. LawLaw Eh

    Jess “ I’m not going to reveal my god spot “ 2 minutes later * Jess “ You know how close you were near me ? Remember when you had a call? “

    1. sannio komi

      Who saw Zack snyder justice league trailer...

  45. Onur Er Bayraktar

    LSK looking wierd

  46. Kodak 2k

    Ain’t no fumble in flag

  47. Kodak 2k

    Why is James still in 2Hype

  48. BlameStrxp

    5:02 nah like I Fr know that exact smell

    1. bilisha coli


  49. Chef Peanut YEET


  50. Jeet Singh

    Zack aka The Professional Twerker ;)

  51. Ben Henderson68

    Jesus Christ is king

  52. Beezo

    i wish moochie was in this his fits wouldve been fire

  53. Datboysiah

    Cash would literally eat anything😭

  54. Ben Henderson68

    Jesus is king



  56. t r i s t a n _ w i t e h i r a

    The 3rd person took 2:07

  57. Badlandzju

    Cash just give up on basketball plz

  58. DanlDeBeast

    Cash’s is the best no doubt

  59. El Cuh Chris

    Cash got karma when he roasted mitchel at 4:22

  60. Dominic Dreyer

    Did anyone else clock that they said jesser on james footage at almost 49 mins

  61. Asap Andre

    When you steal Sidemens idea 😐

  62. Raliet

    I'm hawaiian and omakua means family protecter and mako shark is my omakua and my spirit animal

  63. Ayesha Oaks

    Cash stampeding

  64. OneQuestionMan

    No one Heard Lightskin say “your such a wigger”😂

  65. Austin Games


  66. Kleef Bellevue

    Criss did a. Great job, cris you are the best out of all of them

  67. mad guy 5678

    Cash and jesse made a good table

  68. The Neighborhood Plug

    29:19 We All know who could fit in that cabinet NOT GONNA SAY ANY NAMES THO...

  69. Alyssa Arroyo

    Moocie is the funniest in 2hype

  70. Liam Kanis

    they dumb i am only 12

  71. huttio srreu

    I like how cash is just watching on his phone in the elevator

  72. Chxrzed

    14:18 XD

  73. Darkness2344

    The way the boy in the picture of “cash” in elementary is KSI lol

  74. Gavyn Kim

    i actually do what cash does so they think i’m not imposter

  75. KCW Animations

    Yo, who shot flight?!?!

  76. Jordan Pandja

    undercoverbboy24 (i love u)

  77. Jordan Pandja


  78. Javontaye Dean

    Lamonsta9 insta

  79. Totally Insane

    I love how cash always says "Wet Like Water" even when its a air ball

  80. IbrahimIsHere

    we need the likes i have made more than 30 youtube accounts just to like the vid