An Amazon original motoring series with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

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  1. Jacob

    Why is every comment about the crash?

  2. Ernest Nyarko

    Kiss a radar

  3. aviator_131

    prawdziwe bagiety xdd

  4. Lord Pidda [TJB]

    RIP Fucking ! Its called Fugging now. but BUT There still are Oberfucking and Unterfucking.

  5. Timolio

    How could someone waste such a big good looking sandwich?!?

  6. Ruby Tuesday

    It begs the question that who in their right mind shopping for a good 4x4 would buy one of these? In Auckland, they're mainly driven by Chinese housewives picking their kids up from private schools.

  7. HeddaShooter

    anyone know what episode this is from?

  8. Sasha B

    E brake

  9. Rauf Sahin


  10. Pal Kaler

    Beautiful cars, hatts off reinventing them.

  11. Glen Booth

    Yes the boys are where they rightfully belong 👏👏👏 Can't wait for this

  12. TomCollierBlog Nation

    This is nothing, come to the real detroit 😂

  13. Jim Taylor

    Business must be booming for *Careless Airways* .

  14. Jimmy Vingadassa

    La Réunion 974 lo frère

  15. Juhoko

    these legends, finally again. if somebody should be immortal, it is those three lovely chaps

  16. Marvelous

    Спиздили идею у КОКОКОКостика)

  17. JohnJaggerJack

    Water?! Never touched that stuff, fish shit in it.

  18. JohnJaggerJack

    Angry old men*

  19. tejw2012

    Re new TG and GT, in both instances there is one worthwhile presenter and two hangers-on. Clarkson is a journalist who can drive, Harris a driver who can present.

  20. Max Waily

    Porsche : Why did I give the car to Hammond.

  21. Bounty Hunter


  22. JCBP

    Poweeeer!! Vamos que lo esperamos el 18/12 😍

  23. bruce wayne

    should've got a toyota

  24. Adam Grzybek

    rubbish! volvo v70 from that time is much better car, every mechanic knows ford is a piece of shit and floor is rotten after few years

  25. John James Rambo


  26. kyle mahendran

    he is still a live

  27. Matthew Baynham

    Jeremy's car needs fossil fuels that are massively subsidized by the government to a far greater extent than May's car.

  28. chris ince

    Mad Clarkson in his War Rig, a right sight to see in England to be sure.

  29. Thomas Goode

    blown fuse is probably what happened or the alternator decided to die

  30. Sandwich Anomaly

    I suspect that the H in hunt is supposed to be a C for obvious dirty reasons

  31. Danny

    The 3 Blokes came to save 2020!

  32. I'm Interested In Apathy

    The Grand Tour would be totally ruined if they really did become more american.

  33. CuTTeP Denisov

    очень ждем!

  34. kj Ford

    Jeremy Clarkson : *uses a car as a brake* _'sometimes, if you listen very closely, you can hear my genius'_

  35. WolfPackCool4123

    Wait did I just hear the GLA soundtrack???

  36. Satan Overlord

    In which episode was this

  37. Tyler D

    I read the slogan at the end as AmazonShitCarShow. I guess my teachers where right, proper punctuation is important.

  38. Tree Sap

    The boys are back

  39. Alexandria Stark

    This trailer literally beat most of Hollywood produced trailers by far 😂

  40. Can you please Just sub? Nothings wrong with asking

    0:18 look at Hammond indeed

  41. Tyler Eckart

    The CCP is a joke and no Westerner should even be there.

  42. Alex Bahia

    It was very easy. Come on you can do better than this.

  43. Ivy sOlaR


  44. Freedom Of The Press Network

    my old car used to make the key 9000000000 degrees and it was especially a joy in the summer

  45. Tobiwolf

    amazon prime SUCK

  46. A MJ

    God bless you all. The Gospel is 1Corinthians 15:1-4, Ephesian 1:13, 2:8-9, Roman 3:23-26. Without blood there is no life and without Jesus BLOOD no eternal life.🕊️🎺🎺🕊️

  47. Treeman

    0:55 The exact moment when you realize the car is a piece of shit.

  48. Mrcharlieize

    I think Clarkson once wished to be the nastiest person in he world.

  49. Catatonic Galaxy

    love these guys..

  50. Alpha Wolf

    Amazon-shit-carshow 😂😂

  51. TheDaedalx

    China delayed because it wasn't necessary. Why build roads for cars when boats and planes don't need roads? Now China is building an economy to rival the West.. Capitalism. Unnecessary development. Now the earth is polluted forever with nonsense that will soon be useless, like the "great wall of China".

  52. Igor Abrazumov

    Тот случай, когда Бентлю скопировали у Русских

  53. Nikolas IVRIT


  54. Ryan Martin

    Hitler and Stalin both failed. Turns out Mao was an even nastier piece of work.

  55. Ben W

    Has clarkson ever mentioned about sitting on a large tank of highly explosive liquid with the 1,000 other car reviews? And that the liquid literally explodes to move pistons and move the car? Batteries though, oh no... lol hes just a stubborn old guy. I'm sure he plays it up a bit for the show though.

  56. TheCCPfearsANZ

    I love how their fist bump was an aggressive punch and they both did it

  57. Devon Auhorn

    I can´t wait for this to come out!

  58. Luke Dupin

    This video was brought to you by the peoples republic of China.

    1. Drew Senna

      I mean like, they're exploring China

  59. XL 82

    "Im just gonna do a quick brake test ight?" "yeah- **oof** "

  60. Mathieu Thomas

    Acting childish 🤣

  61. Austen McLEAN

    They got that Bentley from ‘Supercar Challenge’ hosted by Shane Lynch from Boyzone, recognised it straight away!

  62. CMG O1


  63. Samuel Bomorse

    Can't wait for this!

  64. cella360

    I pressed the 'like' button so hard that i have made a hole in my phone now

    1. Bujf vjg

      watch out for your fingers, it may be a black hole!

  65. Asa Yagami

    Idk man, Id be scared to drive on chinese roads, they cut so many corners in construction

  66. Jouni Airplane Video's

    Ofcourse without the panda 4x4 it would be a disaster

  67. Dan The car guy


  68. bored in quarantine

    In the words of paddy mcguinnes, it's a rental, don't be gentle

  69. aiboyswich

    How did ferrari not sue them cause they like t sue companys or sease and desist people

  70. Keston Decker

    This is one of the best Grand tour moments imo 😂

  71. Jared Fehr

    Sooooooo happy! Literally got Amazon prime for them, was on the verge of canceling...

  72. Shashlik 79

    That's not tame

  73. Jailbreak _79

    Has it been released?

  74. Kolunio k

    I can't wait to see this!

  75. _ARMEH_

    Go build new cars

  76. Jean Baptiste

    stig with a vw gti or even swift would have easily beaten them all.

  77. Ash Kharait

    "Bellend" lol

  78. Pyrdacors Rollenspielarchiv

    The guys always had a weak humour but this was not even funny enough for a pityful slowclap. We germans are responsible and when we lose our license we fucking take the punishment.

    1. plata593

      your comment is cringe

  79. Exotic

    Wait why isn't he driving a Dacia Sandero?