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  1. Qurrat-ul-ain Taufique

    The only reason that she learned this in half an hour was because this isn’t real lightsaber duelling they are teaching


    Saddest thing in life is wasted potential

  3. FalloutFan2580

    Irs funny COVID happened right after this😂

  4. Kal. 78

    La serie fue de MEJOR a PEOR. Los últimos episodios fueron LAMENTABLES. El guión malísimo. Empezó siendo algo espectacular y terminó siendo la misma mierda de siempre, con situaciones ridículas, estúpidas, sin sentido, muy a corde con la mierda del cine de hoy. Veré la segunda parte por la ambientación del universo Star Wars, que es lo mejor. El personaje de Mando no se sabe si es bueno, es malo, es buen guerrero, es inútil... Una mierda. Al final, otra serie que estropea las cosas bien hechas de antaño. Tan difícil es hacer un guión? Mierda de políticamente correcto todo.

  5. Fabyolo

    Why are these comments so rude. The High republic is gonna be an insanely epic event.

  6. CWI Video

    *When you realise that 90% of the dialogue is from season 1...* ...you just get 100% more hyped from the fact that they don’t spoil the mission!!

  7. For Derp

    I was hoping for ahsoka Why are youuu here

  8. Lord Tao

    First time I heard about A Galaxy's edge game YEAH!!!. . . . . "oculus quest". . . it's VR. . . Oh well maybe next time

  9. anime c-dramas kpop

    This music should've been in the movie.

  10. Abhilasha Sharma


  11. dogo games

    this is so sad don't forget the phantom menace to the rise of skywalker

  12. Danny Kim

    toni braxton

  13. robloxman274abc

    She died aged 60. In 2016. She was to young to die. She sadly suffered a heart attack on an airplane.

  14. Baby Yoda

    the way this is

  15. Duncan Ferrier

    Alao cute

  16. Lee Wong

    The first season was sensational. Let's hope Disney don't ruin it like episode 7,8,9. You've got a winning formula... stick with it.

  17. Ian MD

    Dis is de wei

  18. King

    Mandalorian : Oh you playing Minecraft The Child : ........ Mandalorian : I like ya cut g

  19. marco c

    1:28 Love it!

  20. Temp

    Isn't he a little short to be a storm trooper?

  21. Vaporizer

    I love episode 9 man

  22. Bolt

    Would have been a slick way to introduce Revan into canon by saying Mandalore The Ultimate instead of Mandalore the great :(

  23. Zero Cool Kid

    this is how you do it !!!

  24. Julia Muriel Dominzain

    my mix

  25. Michael Quinn

    Gonna be the best movies of all time

  26. Bobby A

    Why why why can’t we flush the last 3 turds masquerading as Star Wars movies??? Let’s just pretend Rey was a bloody stool that is thankfully gone. Make The Mandalorian the new Star Wars movies. Please 🙏🙏🙏

  27. EbonKing

    Don't over use this is the way in situations where it doesn't make sense

  28. Manni Paul


  29. Bailey Danseglio

    It's gus fring!

  30. Dave McKay

    Jar jar in a toyota, can't unsee.

  31. Dave McKay

    The artwork is otherworldly.

  32. Xo_amber 133

    The shots where Luke uses his Jedi powers to retrieve his lightsaber from a distance were achieved by having Mark Hamill throw the lightsaber away, and then running the film in reverse. Mark Hamill had to bang his head sixteen times on the ceiling of Yoda's hut before director Irvin Kershner was satisfied with the scene.

  33. XxPandaPotatoxX


  34. Xo_amber 133

    During the shot in which Salacius Crumb (the small, annoying, rat-like thing that sits with Jabba in his palace) is chewing off C-3PO's eye, Anthony Daniels had a panic attack while in the C-3PO suit. While filming, he didn't actually say his lines (all of his lines were dubbed in post-production anyway), but repeated "Get me up. Get me up." over and over. This is the take used in the final cut.

  35. Xo_amber 133

    George Lucas was so sure this movie would flop that instead of attending the premiere, he went on vacation to Hawaii with his good friend Steven Spielberg, where they came up with the idea for Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) after they found out Star Wars became a success.

  36. VJ Rei

    The kind of movie where you leave the theater and feel pity for the suffering of the people in line to watch it... if they only knew....

  37. Josh Spring

    That isn't the original trailer

  38. krisman 1

    Spoiler alert she is someone

  39. gaddadnittiosjunollnio

    Hate Disney any body know wen expand will start again

  40. Louis-Philippe Dallaire

    it's so sad that she gone

  41. Jonathan Hoffman

    Is it just me, or does the bantha totally say 'where?'

  42. Jacob Moore

    Honestly that planet at 0:02 seconds looks a lot like bespin from the empire strikes back am I the only one who thinks this

  43. ZeldaSiege

    3:23 he said it boys

  44. That one German Kid

    Been waiting a hot minute for this!!!!!!! Can’t wait 😊

  45. German Wojtek


  46. Keanu Johnson

    “This is the way”

  47. Sam Da Beast

    Am I the only one who absolutely loves that black lightsaber?

  48. eb49273

    In my opinion, this is the BEST Star Wars movie. I don't care what you think, so save it.

  49. Bandyto

    Mandalorian Pog

  50. Bandyto

    Let’s gooooo bois

  51. Ronia Aime


  52. LolWalker

    Still better than Star Wars 7, 8 and 9.

  53. Revolving Destination

    Looking forward to it, pretty cool 😎

  54. Jun Lim

    i like this show

  55. Marsh Jellow

    They really didn’t need to advertise this, everyone was already going to watch it.

  56. Dino Pro


  57. Naufal Zaim

    Nice brow.. I like

  58. Naufal Zaim

    Nice brow.. I like

  59. Kamil Hakimi


  60. Alpha Evan

    Why do I feel like cara dune is gonna die in season 2?

  61. Hockey Fan 87

    Why is there so much hate for this movie. It wasn’t great but it wasn’t horrible.

  62. Tex

    This is the way

  63. AB

    Do u know da wae?

    1. misolou fout

      Can't Wait Man!!! Hopefully (well I know with Filoni n Fav at the helm and not Kennedy) it will be as good if not better than season 1!!

  64. Aquaa

    claim your here before 1m token here

  65. Cobra Cinema

    We were so excited when this trailer came out but now we all pretend these movies never existed

  66. 6monem

    Disney cant make 3 movies any good but succeed at a decent series on a budget.

  67. Michael Galas

    0:40 Yay looks like the blue guy from the first episode is returning, personally I call him chuck

  68. Henry Wong


  69. Arcqui

    And then the fandom was shattered forever. All of this because of people who doesn't understand that, yes, people can like this movie and can have opinions about it.


    *"May the force be with you!"*

  71. Leemz 0

    The best thing to come out of Disney star wars

  72. Declan F

    1 week!!

  73. Igotwect

    I really wish that some confirmation on Ahsoka, Boba, or Rex appeared in the trailers. All I can do is hope for the best.

  74. Beta Gaming


  75. Aviation Gaming1564

    This is the way, I have spoken

  76. Luis

    Honestly, the prequels got better after the series, without the series theres a lot of blank stuff in the prequels

  77. fercho rps

    Me: I am a huge fan of original trilogy. Me: I am a follower of prequels. Me: I hate the disney's "trilogy". I do not need more..... Jon Favreau: The Mandalorian Me: 😲😳🤤🤤 I NEED MORE THIS........

  78. walter kolpons


  79. thedarkknight803able

    Awesome! Video. Candy corn!😁👍🏿

  80. ZSC Studios

    The moment you realize that this is almost as long as the original but this is only one movie instead of three