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  1. Larry Ross

    *how tyrannical governors are destroying the restraunt industry*

  2. James Bono

    The narrator sounds like Charlie Murphy.

  3. Deborah Thompson

    Anyone else see the difference in the reactions when they get tear gassed at this protest vs the blm abuse on cops ? The blm protest cried and claimed they were victims for not doing what they are told .

  4. Anfifelo

    Real patriots using the flag of the country of georgia in the caucasus. Idiots dont even know their own history

  5. S. S.

    She was just showing the card. She is not there to attack.

  6. Gordy Kilcollins

    Overactive Imagination

  7. SealAngel

    Thank fucking God Biden won!

  8. Johnny Utah

    ussardi needs I nice cold Italian jail cell along with the rest of his crew !

  9. Free Dpr

    Kiwaiti money is SOO STRONG, as of 2021, 1 Kuwaiti DOLLAR- 3.29 USD (as of 1-17-2021)...that's why American companies LOVE it there, thats the #1 reason they are flooding the market

  10. M B

    An interview with a con-artist, another example of a media outlet getting played.

  11. Colorado Brad

    11:31 You have more than two choices. Get an education and then run for office and get elected by the people. Good luck with that.

  12. SealAngel

    These idiots actually thought vandalism and violence was going to change things????

  13. Hafeez.ur.Rehman Minhas

    These people think they can control this fish using these techniques? That's not going to happen in centuries. The only way is to use a FISH that has the ability to eatup the Carp Eggs and children and a Fish that can be controlled easily. My own suggestion is to use a fish that was on the brink of extinction. Its called Mahaseer which is a river fish and eats plantation as well as baby fish.

  14. S Higgs


  15. CmR chachi

    I’m one of those one hit and quit and I get so fried off that one hit. I don’t always want to be ripped. Just a tad toasty

  16. Johnny Utah

    Actively tracking down abandon property and seizing them !? Really.... 😂😂. I guess the mafia got their asses kicked out of Palermo. Now they have moved to Venice ..

  17. Jamdouglass

    these people are fighting the good fight in the face of such danger.

  18. Belz Bistoque

    I feel so much for this man, his life and the perspective of this report.

  19. John Dough

    shame on the officials in charge of this city. But this must be fixed from the ground up - the people must vote these crooked people out and vote those who care about the residents in.

  20. Daniel Madarshahian


  21. CenturionxVII

    Hes a Joke! Must be bored in life.🙄

  22. xZak

    If you’re just out shooting random people and houses, I get why people are mad. But if there’s real beef and they’re having a paintball war, I see no problem. No guns, all fun.

  23. Joey Harper

    Democrats are hilarious, They seem to defend criminals but end up blaming ACTUAL victims.

  24. Javire Hernandez

    It is impossible to get people to collect plastic bottles, but people will collect aluminum cans because there is no monetary incentive to collect plastic even though there is an incentive to collect it for environmental protection to which we all depend on. It cost a lot of time and effort to attempt to eradicate this problem in the video, and it carries an enormous cost, in fact over this time it has put a nice dent in that market, however it can only work to a certain degree, Advances in technology increased making it possible to catch more abusers, but it also is used by abusers to counter law enforcements' efforts using their technology. The problem is dynamic, One of the factors on the distribution (profit motivated) side is people who market this matter, have to have a way attract prospects that requires advertisement, this is where law enforcement has had the greatest success, and after arrest interviewing suspects, and witness gathers valuable information on the progress of distributors and any new techniques they may be using, to develop further ways to catch them. They then use collected records to catch prospects. However there is also a problem whereas people engage in child abuse and manufacture matter and distribute not wanting compensation, and there is people who seek to observe it although in a sexual nature, the underlining reasons are more akin to it being taboo, and or a way to occupy the mind and a sense of accomplishment as deranged as it may be, and would not actually harm any child. The core problems of trafficking for monetary gain is incentive, environment, culture, social acceptance, education, and the necessity for the nuclear family. In todays society so long as there is diversity of culture, acceptance by government for progressive, and liberal ideology, the problem is due to get worse. Then there is the problem in the judicial system, at least in the US, there is inequality in the selection of suspects (government ignores minorities) and the variance of punishment. In Democrat run states for a first time offense of simple possession of CP, it is a misdemeanor, in republican run states it is a felony with mandatory 1 to 10 years in prison. The obvious reason is felons can't vote in federal elections, the biggest problem is both types of charges either a defendant pays a fine and goes home, or due to the risk of loosing at trial takes a plea to stay out of jail. Because the cases never see trial, problems in the system go un noticed. One might also think the market consist of distributors and prospects, this is not the case, it is a multi billion dollar market on both sides of the coin, and for this reason it will continue to get worse. This problem was here for thousands of years, since the beginning of man it is indeed a product of the human condition, it is not genetic but it does increase with social acceptance of sexuality as seen in bay watch as an example, and the destruction of the family unit, along with decreases with economic opportunities. Situations like covid lockdowns causing lack of finances with depression,, and allowing our jobs to go to China will indeed undermine law enforcements efforts and put more children at risk......Thanks for reading I hope this gave you more insight to the dynamics of this problem based on my research.

  25. Free Brit Is Back!

    When a religion that allows child marriage invades..

  26. Nick M

    Watching this makes me realize it’s really about control of land/ nature. US needs the Opium supply and the Mx will deliver it.

  27. Gno

    Vice is as shitty as CNN though.

  28. M ab

    whoooow ,eindelijk wordt dit gezien zo als ik het in 2015 zag, de duivel komt te voorschijn in 3 gedaante 1 hond 2 slang 3 mens, stel je voor nog 4 jaar whooooow , dank uw voor de video TOP.

  29. A 37

    So, seatbelts? One could argue the same thing. Why would anyone be opposed to tougher rules to get a gun?

  30. Shamiso Muzorewa

    "I am sorry that your president didnt fucking win stop acting like a toddler" - 6:00 I wonder if they are telling each other that since trump did not win. They are the ones who had an attempted coup in DC

  31. Ridhi Anand

    "Our religion says this is our land, respect our religion" My religion says white house is ours, respect my religion.

  32. Mental Physics

    All I can say is my girlfriend would be pissed if I surprised her with this one night.

  33. ComputerFiguur

    if i had been in a school with some of these kids, i would probably be in prison now... the teachers need so much patience here, seems very hard

  34. Spaceman Craig

    Eww that guy is racist 🤢🤮

  35. The Watery Crab

    Funny how you call him white supremacist when the first clip is of him giving African American churches props... 🤔 STOP LYING AND CALLING HIM WHITE SUPREMACIST

  36. Пламен Иванов

    “You see Indian and Chinese coffee”... ummm they are not from The EU. India is UKs former colony. I have thought you have some special rules about the people from your ex colonies.

  37. Collins Holland

    Geez just a poor lady who wanted Dairy gone cuz she tired of gettin the shits!

  38. Jacob Jorgenson

    The gravy seals

  39. Melissa Dosch

    Wow im so glad i moved out of northern va before this happened

  40. The Desi Lifestyle

    Just adapt and open a ghost kitchen. It’s so much cheaper. You can basically operate out of a home kitchen.

  41. Mesrop Madzharyan

    Is she was number one i don’t want to see who is last lol .

  42. 2dclxvi

    Q followers are the same sort of people who'd join's just another cult of magical thinking that's masked by pseudo facts to hide the lie/con.

  43. Johnny Utah

    Sounds like a Mafia scam - Vice

  44. Mary A

    Dont try to profit in the name if refigies

  45. Mesrop Madzharyan

    Toilet paper lol .

  46. Lilian Nalubowa

    African dictators u greatly make us suffer. Don't u think its high time to work on the political stability before u think of economic stability??? You mess politically and every thing is lost, including lives, otherwise we r still lamenting and pointing figures at the western countries What is so difficult with peacefully transitioning of power and listening to voices of the people your leading?

  47. Slowed down Music

    Vice. News is fake news

  48. DS Rai

    Now he's no longer President Putin will withdraw the funding thats been keeping his businesses afloat.

  49. Stop Deleting My Accounts Youtube

    even if the election were to have been stolen from trump i wouldn’t give two shits! i would be even more happy that it would have been taken from him and his supporters. that would make my day. just the thought of trump and his supporters actually winning the election just to have it stolen from them like candy makes me giggle like a schoolgirl. a part of me actually wishes the election would have been stolen lolololol

  50. Ryan Ballein

    Watch the movie, The Free State of Jones.

  51. ricky ortago

    Winnipeg dont have real gangs they jus tryna be cool🤣🤣🤣

  52. Gomez1915

    Relocated to Mexico in 2015. Never returning to the USA

  53. Luis U

    If you’re looking into becoming a psychiatrist, it’s the best decision you’ll make in your life. Lol

  54. Charles

    Failed to report on other ethnic tensions and targeted killings done by the tplf vice news once again trying to portray their side of a much complex issue and not looking at all sides.

  55. Bojan Smeh

    Airbnb is a problem in every place not just venice

  56. Milad Milads

    As always allah akbar before killing people ..ya great religion of peace hhhhh

  57. Danny Boahhh

    This girl ain't got short term memory loss. BLM DID kill police officers. One of them was black too. "Whats his name?!" You don't know. Your propaganda machine never told you. And no, you didn't get called a terrorist. You got called Nobel, and celebrities/politicians bailed you out. Quit playin

  58. PhantomMatrix

    I am surprised more than one sheet came out of that machine! lol 1:40

  59. Jp Mugisha


  60. The Desi Lifestyle

    It does not matter what they do. Venice will be underwater by 2050. They should just migrate to the nearest mountains before the mass migrations begin.

  61. L. Ron Hoyabembe

    ADA baby

  62. Anne Moody

    Lol big time

  63. Joaquin B

    Otakilk is really good especially the chocolate ones

  64. Charles

    Liberal vice news trying to portray Ethiopia as a hostile nation just amidst Sudan and Egyptian aggression.

  65. The Wizard Games

    LA is a city because of oil It got populated oil workers LA was basically a desert I don't think its a good thing But at the same time, California is the largest importer of Oil From Alberta, Alaska, Mexico, and the middle east. I hope that they can fix it, but then wed have to be more connected to the middle east (which is bad)

  66. Shaun Cummings

    Love watching arrogant America fall apart. No one had the guts to stand up to narcissism in 2016

  67. Charlotte Corley

    Laughing at the stupid people doing this. Damn

  68. MoF

    this made me stop washing my hands.

  69. Tuba Commanda

    The crusades 3

  70. Firme Traxx

    MVP someone draft her to the NFL 👍

  71. Logan Meline


  72. Joe Bonner

    The alligator bait and kkk member using 2 hung black men as a swing while he read the paper got me boiled!🤦🏾‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️

  73. k g

    Eritrea has had the same president for almost 30 years. Same issue.

  74. Brotendo420

    Come on everybody, I'm pretty sure black lives matter.